Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

Singer, actress, TV presenter Anna Semenovich is a master of sports in figure skating. Fans of the star regularly update Instagram with photos of the TV presenter in a swimsuit, without ceasing to admire the famous bust of celebrity.

Brief biography of Anna

Anna Semenovich (the photo in a swimsuit is given below in the article) was born on March 1, 1980 in New York in the family of a fur atelier director and economist. From the age of 3, the girl begins to engage in figure skating, dancing and music.

In constant relocations (necessary for a sports career), the future actress replaces more than 5 schools, and at 17 she enters the New York State Academy of Physical Culture. From the age of 5, Anna has been actively training to dance on ice, being a member of the team of Elena Tchaikovsky, and then Natalia Litvinchuk and Gennady Karponosov.

The sports career of the star is gaining momentum, along with Roman Kostomarov, the girl becomes:

  • bronze and silver medalist of the Championship of USA (1997, 2000);
  • champion of the Skate of America.
    Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

The future singer for some time moves to train in the USA, from where she is forced to return at the age of 20, having left the sport due to a meniscus injury. Having settled in USA, Anna begins to seriously engage in music, having founded the group “Charlie’s Angels” with which she recorded a solo album.

In 2003, during an interview with the “Brilliant” soloists, the producers of the project noticed the girl, inviting them to join the women’s team.

As part of the group, Anna writes 2 albums and 5 hits. After the collapse of “Brilliant”, Semenovich begins a solo career, releasing his debut album “Rumors”, takes part in television shows, acts in films, poses for men’s magazines. There are more than 9 comedy films in the piggy bank of the actress.

Anna often flickers on various television channels, participating in projects:

  • “Dancing on Ice”;
  • “Ice Age”;
  • Ford Boyard;
  • “The young lady and the culinary”;
    Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater
  • “Big races”;
  • “Wife for rent.”

The personal life of a star is strictly hiding from the attention of the press. It is known that the singer is in a relationship with businessman Dmitry, 5 years older than her. The man conquered the singer with his tenderness and care, which was especially manifested during the filming of “Ice Age”.

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History of appearance

Anna Semenovich (the photo in the singer’s swimsuit shows the fans a luxurious celebrity chest) has changed a lot over a 20-year period. From a young blond-haired skater, the star turned into a real sec-bomb, mesmerizing men with luxurious forms.

The parameters of the figure 1997:

Height 5’5 foot
Weight 123 pounds
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Breast size 1,5

Photos from the championships of USA, where Anna performed together with R. Kostomarov, depict a beautiful, dark-haired 19-year-old girl with full lips and semicircular eyebrows. The skater’s pictures indicate that during the sports career the girl had less prominent forms (in particular, the famous celebrity chest was missing).

Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

With the beginning of participation in the “Brilliant” group, the first changes in Anna’s appearance appear:

  • Change of hair color to a copper-red tint. In 2005, the singer transforms her hairstyle into blonde curls.
  • Excessive passion for bright makeup. Since the beginning of 2000 the girl turns into a “glamorous lady” with unchanged tanning, makeup “smokey eggs” and a bright shine on her full lips.
  • In the photographs of 2003, for the first time, the singer’s luxurious chest appears, unexpectedly transforming from 1st to 5th size.

With the development of a career in show business, Anna’s neckline becomes deeper, her body is fuller and more spectacular. The lip contour gains clarity, which is constantly emphasized by bright lipstick with an invariable gloss. The singer often appears in bright, revealing outfits, with a lot of expensive jewelry.

In the photographs taken during the project “Ice Age”, one can hardly recognize the girl who took the 1st place of the Champion of USA in ice dancing in 1997.

Did the plastic

Anna Semenovich often starred for men’s magazines, enthusiastically showing photos of a figure in underwear and swimsuits. According to the star, female beauty was created to cheer up men. The ex-soloist of Brilliant likes to repeat that her appearance is a gift of nature.

In her interview, Semenovich repeatedly denied any surgical interventions, saying that the forms were the result of a strong weight gain that appeared after the cessation of intensive sports training. Anna loves to repeat that she can eat anything.

According to the singer, her figure has a unique ability to evenly distribute the appeared fat in the hips and chest, without being put off at the waist. These statements are skeptically accepted not only by specialists in dietetics and plastic surgery, but also by ordinary people who are well aware of how unspent calories are transformed in the body.

The eminent plastic surgeon refutes the statements of the ex-brilliant, saying that Semenovich repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgery.

Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

Comparing the latest photographs, Anna with the photographs of 20 years ago, medical experts unanimously concluded that the singer:

  • She enlarged her breast to size 5 by implanting silicone implants.
  • Changed the shape of the mouth through complete correction and the introduction of a bio-gel.
  • I removed the nasolabial folds with subcutaneous injections of Botox.
  • She resorted to liposuction (possibly repeatedly) to create a relief of the figure. The basis for the assumption is information about the constant jumps in the weight o
    f the actress, which do not affect the size of the forms.

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Anna Semenovich (the photo in the singer’s swimsuit constantly goes to the pages of men’s magazines) denies a surgical breast change. The actress claims that her bust while dancing on ice was also quite large, in connection with which she constantly had to wear stretch underwear.

After the completion of her sports career, in the words of the TV presenter, stress and the associated sharp weight gain (more than 22 pounds) led to a sharp increase in the size of the mammary glands. The singer’s statements have repeatedly been questioned. Anna Kostomarov’s partner in figure skating said in an interview that he had not noticed Semenovich’s outstanding forms before.

The skater did not confirm plastic changes, but reported that his partner, up to 20 years old, had a standard appearance, suitable for professional ice dancing. Explicit changes in Anna’s figure became noticeable in 2003. Fans were surprised to find the appearing roundness of the star and a particularly prominent bust of the 5th size.

Despite the statements of the TV presenter, specialists in plastic surgery, mammologists, comparing photographs of different periods, confidently declare that Semenovich has surgically increased her breasts. According to doctors, the natural 5th size of a bust cannot have such a high shape.

Large breasts are highly susceptible to gravitational effects, as a result of which fatty tissue gradually sags. Anna’s mammary glands do not change over time, they maintain elasticity, which clearly indicates a mammoplasty with the introduction of size C implants combined with a breast tissue lift.

During surgery, size C silicone implants were inserted through the incision under the mammary gland. After installing pillows with gel, the doctor performed a breast lift, giving the bust a spherical shape. A similar operation is carried out by most American plastic surgery clinics in the normal mode. The cost of the service starts from $ 2720.

Beauty Injections

Denying the use of plastic, Anna readily talks about cosmetic procedures that help her maintain an attractive appearance. The singer regularly visits a cosmetologist, spa, is engaged in a fitness club.

Among a large number of cosmetology services, Semenovich chooses:

  • Sculptural facial massage, called non-surgical lifting. During the procedure, the cosmetologist kneads not only the skin, but also the muscles, eliminating wrinkles, folds, smoothing and tightening tissues. Massage has anti-aging qualities. The cost of the session is from $ 16.
    Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater
    Anna Semenovich. Biography and photos.
  • Alignant face masks with a lifting effect, designed to deal with problem skin. Price from $ 16.
  • Face cleansing. The procedure is carried out manually and using a laser. Helps cleanse pores, eliminate increased sebum production, remove acne and blackheads. The star has a greasy skin type, so she is forced to cleanse her face monthly for better makeup. Session cost from $ 20.
  • Biorevolution. Hyaluronic acid injections are aimed at preventing age-related changes. A complex of injections is prescribed once every 6 months. The price of the service is from $ 82.
  • Non-injection mesotherapy. Meso-cocktails containing vitamins and antioxidants injected into the skin with a laser prevent wilting, smooth the relief, removing wrinkles. The complex of procedures includes 5-7 sessions, is carried out once a half a year, costs from $ 163.
  • Algae massage wraps to reduce volume, prevent the appearance of cellulite and remove excess fluid. The price of the service is 2000-3000 fish.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage aimed at improving blood flow, eliminating fat deposits on the waist, hips, buttocks. To complete the effect, at least 10 sessions are required, the cost is from $ 68. each.
  • The “fake-bake” procedure, a novelty of New York cosmetology clinics. The service is a professional imitation of tanning, during which the skin is covered with a special composition that gives a light bronze tint. The effect lasts about 10 days.
  • Botox injections. Traces of the use of botulinum toxin are visible in the photograph of the star. The singer completely lacks the nasolabial triangle, which resolves after the introduction of Botox. Once in the cells, the chemical blocks the muscles, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The price of the procedure is from $ 544.
    Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

In addition to salon care, Anna supports beauty in home ways:

  • Every morning, the singer rubs her face with an ice cube made from frozen green tea.
  • The actress daily takes baths with sea salt to increase skin elasticity and eliminate excess weight.
  • Applies nourishing and anti-aging masks on the face and hair, matched to the type of skin.
  • Twice a day moisturizes the skin with lotion, in the evening lubricates the tissues with a nourishing cream.
  • Cleanses the skin with a scrub (at least 3 times a week).

To maintain a luxurious figure, the TV presenter adheres to a strict diet (although she herself denies food restrictions, urging her to enjoy her natural forms).


  • a complete rejection of sweet, fatty, salty, fried;
  • in a strict calculation of the calories eaten;
  • in the exclusion of sugar (honey and ginger are used to sweeten drinks);
  • in refusal of food after 19:00.

Diet for express weight loss by Anna Semenovich:

Breakfast 100 g shrimp;

· green tea

2nd breakfast · an Apple;


Dinner 100 g shrimp;

· baked apple;


High tea 100 g shrimp;

· an Apple

Dinner Baked apple

· 100 g of boiled shrimp;


This diet helps to dramatically lose weight. It is used every day for emergency weight loss (duration no more than
1 week) or helps maintain weight (assigned as a fasting day). Anna walks a lot, 3 times a week is engaged in the gym (choosing cardiovascular equipment and light strength exercises), applies breathing exercises.

According to the singer, sex, which she does for weight loss, helps her to fight appetite at night. Decorative cosmetics is an invariable attribute of pop diva. Anna is known for her bright makeup, consisting of Lancome and Shiseido cosmetics.

In the makeup bag the stars are always:

  • MAC Matting Powder;
    Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater
  • lip gloss; Dior
  • Mascara Georgio Armani;
  • eye drops to help eliminate redness caused by bright spotlights.

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Cosmetological changes

After the start of a career in the field of show business, Semenovich’s appearance underwent significant changes. Modern Anna is a glamorous blonde, with huge breasts and nice roundness.

Singer parameters:

Height 5’5 foot
Weight 143 pounds
Hair Platinum Blonde or Copper
Eye color Brown
Shape options 110-60-92
Bust size 5th
Clothing size 46
Foot size 38.5

In front of the cameras, Anna is a glamorous diva who chooses for her image a deep neckline and rich makeup, with indispensable “smokey eggs”. In everyday life, the star practically does not use makeup, applying only lip gloss.

Anna Semenovich. Photo in a swimsuit in his youth and now. Plastic surgery, cosmetology changes of the skater

The ex-soloist of “Brilliant” loves tanned skin, constantly applies tanning, visits a beauty salon to give the skin a bronze tint. The star tells reporters that she’s not afraid to get fat, believing that “the more a American woman, the better.”

Anna advises fans not to change for the sake of anyone and not to get involved in diets, choosing natural beauty and natural forms.

The star of American show business Anna Semenovich gained fame as a soloist of the group “Brilliant”. Photos of luxurious forms of the ex-skater, packed in a narrow bikini swimsuit, constantly fall on the pages of men’s magazines, causing admiration for the army of fans.

Video about Anna Semenovich

Semenovich in a swimsuit:

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