How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

Extension eyelashes are especially popular among the fair sex. To make them look more expressive as long as possible, they must be properly looked after. How to do this is later in the article.

Varieties of eyelash extensions

There are several effects of eyelash extensions:

  • classic – this technique allows you to adjust the shape of the eyes, as a result, eyelashes will resemble natural ones as much as possible;
  • sparse – the effect is created by combining hairs of different lengths that are glued in a certain order;
  • “Cat’s eye” – eyelashes are glued in a certain order, medium-length hairs are attached from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid, and long eyelashes are attached to the outer corner from the middle of the eyelid;
  • glamorous – achieved by gluing 2 or more hairs to one of your own;
  • “Fox gaze” – long hairs are glued at the outer corner of the eye, and short ones at the inner corner;
  • squirrel – is achieved by fixing longer hairs in the outer corner of the eye;
  • color – eyelashes of various colors and shades are used. How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

Types of volume:

  • incomplete volume – with incomplete extension, synthetic elements are not glued to each eyelash, but alternated through 4 to 5 natural hairs. This type of volume is suitable for those who have long eyelashes by nature, and who want to give them a natural look;
  • full volume – achieved by attaching artificial hairs to each natural, recommended for clients with short eyelashes;
  • 2-d and 3-d volume – extension occurs by gluing 2 – 4 synthetic eyelashes on one natural eyelash, as a result the look becomes expressive and irresistible. This type is the most expensive and time-consuming How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • Hollywood volume – the technique is characterized by a build-up of 5-10 artificial hairs per natural. This type of volume creates a fairly strong load, so it is recommended for owners of strong, healthy eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Techniques

There are two main techniques for building: ciliary and fascicular.

Among the ciliary building stand out:

  • Japanese technique – carried out by gluing one artificial eyelash to one living. The length of the cilia may be different depending on the wishes of the client. Material used: mink, sable and silk;
  • Indonesian technology – differs from Japanese technology in that it uses special glue with a vitamin complex in the composition;
  • American technique – the build-up occurs using silicone materials that are able to withstand sudden changes in temperature and a humid environment. This technology is suitable for those who often go to the pool, sauna or bath.
  • volumetric technique – involves the extension of several synthetic eyelashes on one natural eyelash, thus creating 3d and 5d volume.

Beam extensions are performed using ciliary bundles that are attached to live hairs. The bundles are kept for a short time, but the big plus of this method is the speed and low cost of the service. Suitable for those who want to make eyelash extensions, and at the same time not damage their own.

Eyelash Extensions

The most popular building materials are: mink, silk and sable.

  • mink – thin hairs, about 0/32 – 0/32 inch., do not cause discomfort, are suitable for the classic way of building, have a light shine, imitate natural eyelashes; How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • sable – suitable for those who prefer very thick eyelashes, a width of about 0/32 inch. They create a weighting effect, so use this material only on healthy, natural hairs. Not suitable for regular build-up;
  • silk – lightweight material with a glossy surface, bright black. Creates an imitation of painted eyelashes, thickness – 0/32 – 0/32 inch.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

As with any cosmetology service, the extension procedure has its pros and cons.


  • extended eyelashes are able to adjust the shape of the eyes;
  • care for eyelash extensions as often as possible. Then they will last without correction for about a month;
  • there is no need to use mascara and curling tongs, which significantly saves time; How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • if there are no contraindications, and the master has professional skills, then the procedure is absolutely safe.


  • the procedure for ciliary augmentation lasts about 3 hours;
  • once in 1-1.5 months you need to visit a beautician to correct hair;
  • artificial eyelashes require careful handling. You can not touch your eyes without the need;
  • the procedure is not recommended for prone to allergic reactions and various eye diseases.

Why do not extended eyelashes

False eyelashes can start to fall out for several reasons:

  • wrong technology (glue not applied accurately, hair not glued, etc.);
  • low-quality, cheap materials;
  • oily skin. Owners of this type of skin are advised to regularly use a degreasing agent for the eyelids;
  • taking medications and antibiotics;
  • features of a woman’s body (hormonal background, weak root system of native hairs).

What can not be done after eyelash extensions

  • in the first 24 hours after the procedure, contact with water should be avoided, as the glue is not dry and the artificial hair can peel off;
    How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
    In the first 24 hours, the rules for caring for extended eyelashes excludes contact with water
  • it is not recommended to use creams with a greasy texture and oil-based cosmetics;
  • you need to comb the hairs only with a special brush
    and do it as carefully as possible;
  • Use water-based mascara for eyelash makeup. It can be applied two days after the procedure;
  • You can not remove eyelashes yourself.

Care on the first day after building

How to care for extended eyelashes immediately after the procedure:

  • after the master finishes work, you should comb the cilia. Thus, you can check the quality of the work of the leshmaker, the presence of glues and lumps will indicate unprofessionally performed work;
  • in the first hours after building up, slight redness of the eyes is possible: this is due to the evaporation of the glue. It is not advisable to use drops at this time, it is better to purchase a fan in advance;
  • any moisture in the eyes must be avoided;
  • You can wash your face one day after building up, and a trip to the sauna or pool is possible after 3 days.

How to care for eyelash extensions correctly, a simple reminder will tell: How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

Daily Care Tips

How to care for extended eyelashes, a professional leshmaker must tell at the end of the procedure.

Key recommendations:

  • when washing, use water-based cosmetics;
  • water should be at room temperature;
  • Do not usd eyelashes;
  • it is better to wipe your face with a terry towel with patting movements, without touching the hairs;
  • for daily skin care you need to choose a cream without oil content in the composition;
  • in order to prevent gluing and tangling of hairs, several times a week they need to be combed with a brush;
  • in order to avoid brittleness of artificial eyelashes, it is necessary to use special care products;
  • A sleeping position should be on your side, and preferably on your back;
  • it is desirable to experience as little negative emotions as possible. tears destroy the glue.

How a bath and a sauna affects extended eyelashes

Building masters do not prohibit visiting a bath or sauna, but not earlier than after 2-3 days.

A few tips will help preserve the beauty of fake eyelashes:

  • Do not put makeup on your eyes before visiting a bath or sauna;
  • the temperature in the steam room should not be higher than 70 degrees; How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • lovers of bath procedures are better not to do beam extensions and too long hairs. At high temperature and humidity, they are damaged most often;
  • after exiting the steam room, wet a drop of water on eyelashes with a dry towel;
  • Do not visit baths and saunas more than once a month.

The effect of sea water on artificial eyelashes

Sea water and high temperatures can damage the glue on which the eyelashes are held, so you should not dive without a mask and stay in the sun for too long. Also, professionals do not recommend making too voluminous and long eyelashes.

Makeup and eyelash extensions

Make up is not difficult if you follow some rules for applying it.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • any makeup begins with washing. After the eyelashes are completely dry, they need to be combed;
  • after applying the concealer or foundation, use a special brush to apply and blend the shadows;
  • apply liquid eyeliner, trying not to stretch the skin, and not getting on the hairs;
  • if mascara is used in makeup, then it should not have fats in its composition and should be applied in one layer;
  • after the mascara dries, the eyelashes need to be combed and the eyebrows tidy;
  • it is impossible to twist the grown hairs, this will lead to their rapid deformation;
  • Micellar water is suitable for removing cosmetics from the eyes. She easily removes makeup, and her composition does not harm the hair extensions.

Cosmetics and eyelash extensions

How to care for extended eyelashes, and what cosmetic products to choose in order to maintain their flawless appearance for a long time:

  • Cosmetics for daily care should be with a composition that does not have oils. In order not to be mistaken in choosing the right remedy, you should contact your store consultant or your master.
  • Women with oily skin should regularly use degreasing agents. Those who have dry skin, and can’t do without using a fat cream, should apply it as far as possible from the eyes. How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • As for decorative makeup, experts do not recommend the use of waterproof mascara.

Eyelash extensions and contact lenses

There are no contraindications to eyelash extensions for those who wear contact lenses daily. But their constant use can reduce the wearing time of artificial eyelashes.

A few tips will help you avoid various complications and extend the life of your fake eyelashes:

  • Before the extension procedure, you need to remove contact lenses and put in a container with a solution. Thus, particles of glue will not get on the lenses and will not cause irritation;
  • put on lenses carefully, without touching artificial hairs;
  • solution for storing contact lenses should have a soft and high-quality composition.

Winter eyelash care

Frequent changes in temperature and cold negatively affect natural eyelashes, and even more so on artificial ones.

  • To protect hairs from falling out in the winter, you should take vitamins A and E before the onset of the cold season to strengthen your native eyelashes. How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks
  • Burdock oil is good for strengthening eyelashes, but you need to use it daily, a month before building.
  • Special glue fixers will also help maintain artificial eyelashes.
  • During the winter period, do not use oily creams. To protect against chapping, it is better to use mineral powder.
  • For those who use decorative cosmetics, lashmakers do not recommend using mascara in the winter.

How to sleep with extended eyelashes

During sleep, you need to monitor the position of the body so as not to spoil the artificial hairs. How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

The most suitable posture is on the back or side, without touching the pillows with eyelashes.


The correction procedure allows you to remove damaged hairs and return the original appearance to the grown hairs. Duration of wearing is 3-4 weeks. Wearing them for a longer period is undesirable, as this will lead to the depletion of their own hairs. Correction made in tim
e will save money and time spent in the office of the Leshmaker.

Correction takes place in several stages:

  1. First, the master combs the eyelashes and determines which ones are damaged and may peel off.
  2. The eyelashes, which require correction, the master processes with a special solution that dissolves the glue.
  3. After removing the bad hairs, natural eyelashes are degreased and new, artificial elements are built up How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

In no case should a professional craftsman stick the hairs on the eyelid without stepping back from the edge of about 1/32 inch. Also, you can not stick them on gun eyelashes, because they have a weak structure. To prevent the formation of lumps on a natural eyelash, only one artificial element is glued.

How often can eyelashes be extended

The constant wearing of eyelash extensions creates a strong burden on live hairs, especially if it is a 3-d or 5-d volume. With this type of building, you can walk with extended elements for about 3 months, after which you need to give your own hairs 2-3 months to recover. If the deterioration of natural eyelashes is not observed (do not break off, do not fall out), then you can wear them up to 6 months.

An experienced lashmaker should always take into account the individual characteristics of each client’s natural eyelashes, this will help determine the optimal load on the hairs.

How to remove eyelash extensions yourself

You can remove extensions eyelashes at home using various means. How to care for extended eyelashes correctly at home, so that they last longer: tips and tricks

1. Castor or sunflower oil.

  • First of all, you need to remove the make up from the eyes, if any;
  • after washing, you should steam the face;
  • apply oil using a cotton swab to the eyelash growth line;
  • wait 10 – 15 minutes;
  • remove artificial elements and wash with warm water.

2. You can replace castor and sunflower oil with burdock. Before use, it must be heated to a comfortable temperature. If the first time it was not possible to remove the grown hairs, then the procedure is repeated as many times as possible.

3. A debonder or albucid can cope with the task of removing eyelashes. Both funds are sold at the pharmacy. Use them with caution and avoid contact with eyes.

  • Albucid is applied in several layers with a cotton pad, after 30 minutes the grown elements are removed.
  • The debonder is applied similarly. After 5 minutes, you should try to remove the eyelashes, if this did not happen, apply another layer.

Those who have sensitive skin, these funds will not work, you can replace them with a remover. It acts the same way, but has a more delicate composition.

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Eyelash Care After Extensions

After removing the grown hairs, it is important to restore the native eyelashes.

For this, the use of various folk remedies is suitable:

  • castor oil – allows you to renew and strengthen hair follicles. The oil is heated in a water bath to the optimum temperature and applied for an hour to the eyelash growth line. Apply this procedure for at least a month.
  • burdock oil – has a similar effect as castor oil. Heals the eyelashes and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids.
  • olive, almond and peach – oils can be used individually or used in combination. Prevent hair loss, give a shiny, healthy appearance, saturate with vitamins, accelerate growth. Relieve irritation after removing extended eyelashes.

Beauticians assure that it is especially important to properly care for natural hair before deciding to make extension eyelashes.

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How to wash with extended eyelashes:

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