Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home

Posture exercises are becoming increasingly popular among people of completely different ages. The popularity is due to the fact that the lifestyle becomes inactive, most adults spend time at work in chairs at the computer.

Instead of active games, children choose a phone. Therefore, many have to forget about direct and beautiful posture. Only correct exercises can change the situation.

The essence and basic principles of exercises for direct posture

In any business and sphere there are fundamental principles on which all other actions are built in the future. This also applies to posture exercises.

Complexes should work on 3 tasks:

  1. It is necessary to use all the muscles. Often problems arise due to lack of workloads. First, with the help of exercises, it is necessary to include most of the muscles in the work.
  2. It is necessary to increase the strength and tone of the muscles. To prevent pain, it is necessary to strengthen the strength and power of the back.
  3. Train your shoulders, abs and gluteal muscles. They take part of the load from the spine and redistribute it among themselves. A healthy back is impossible without a strong abs, priests and shoulders.

The problem of back pain has been puzzled for a long time. For the first time, a physiotherapist from Sweden Marianna Zakrisson-Forschel spoke seriously about this. In the late 1960s, he created a slide program with sound, allowing you to learn about all the back pain. After other doctors, in classes lasting more than 4 hours, they began to study the structure and functions of the spine, working mechanisms and exercises for correction. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home

The lectures raised questions:

  1. How to fix an existing problem
  2. How to prevent its occurrence

Now courses where they study the spine exist in many universities and hospitals. Future specialists will learn about various techniques, receive instructions. The work of a Swedish scientist gives general information about the functions and mechanism of muscle work, shows basic exercises.

All countries have their own approach to study and treatment.

In addition to Swedish scientific works, there are 2 more:

  1. Canadian science papers. Help for patients here is based on psychological problems that cause back pain. Self-knowledge helps the patient to study the pain and function of the spine. During work, the doctor pays special attention to stress and anxiety, which most often become the main cause of discomfort.
  2. California science papers. The main emphasis is placed on training to control pain and back function. Some patients and doctors, in order to better understand the principles of action, pass obstacle courses that improve the functioning of the spine and strengthen the muscles.

Indications for starting exercise for direct posture

Exercises for direct posture are not always needed, because not everyone has defects in the work of the spine. Unfortunately, there are several problems in which they must be done.

  1. Pain during prolonged walking and high loads in the back. The main problem, in the presence of which it is necessary to correct posture. In the future, pain can intensify and disturb a person in a dream and in everyday life.
  2. Severe headaches. A curved spine can put pressure on the nerve nodes, which as a result leads to unpleasant sensations in the head. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  3. Sharp pain when leaning. They indicate a violation of the muscles in the lower back. Often this occurs precisely with improper posture.
  4. Shoulders at different levels. With curvature of the spine, the shoulders are also deformed. One of them may be higher, the other – lower.
  5. Stomach ache. A curved spine compresses organs and may interfere with their function.
  6. Difficulty breathing. With improper posture, the lungs are not fully opened, air circulation is disturbed.
  7. Well-worn shoes. The spine is the main support of the body, with improper functioning, the entire motor apparatus suffers. With a curved back, worn shoes are a common occurrence.

Contraindications for performing exercises for direct posture

Exercises for direct posture can not always be performed:

  1. Tumors If available, it is better to temporarily limit physical activity.
  2. Intervertebral hernia. Here you can not completely exclude the exercises. But before starting training, you must definitely consult a doctor who, based on the pictures, will be able to determine the nature of the formation, its location. The training plan strongly depends on these data. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  3. Kidney disease. They are not a contraindication for the complete exclusion of loads. If a child or an adult has kidney disease, it is also better to consult a doctor before training. Perhaps, instead of exercises, he will prescribe massages and therapeutic exercises in the hospital.

Useful recommendations for patients

Posture exercises are people with a medical background. In addition to them, there are several more secrets and rules that can facilitate the patient’s life and make his posture straight.

  1. Constant surveillance. Every adult must necessarily teach himself and his child to control his back always. Only constant attention to its position will help save from curvature and improve the condition if there is already a problem.
  2. Constant training. A healthy lifestyle significantly extends its duration. To keep the muscles in good shape, you do not need to lift large weights and do complex exercises. It is often enough to walk, climb stairs and do exercises.
  3. The correct position. When a person sits or lies, it is best to always keep your back straight.
  4. The right furniture. This applies to a chair in the workplace, a mattress on the bed. They should repeat the bends of the back and serve as support for her. This is especially true of the chair in the workplace. The mattress must be hard. In addition, it is better to choose models that redistribute the load and pressure, relieving stress from the spine.
  5. Walking with a book on his head. She holds only with proper posture. Such a simple exercise will improve both back and gait. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  6. Breaks in work. When sedentary work, you need to rest for 10 minutes after every 1.5-2 hou
  7. When tilting, it is better to keep your back straight, do not round it. If this does not work, then you need to bend your knees.
  8. Comfortable shoes. In everyday life, it is better to give preference to comfortable sneakers on a small platform. High heels are best left for special events, because they give a strong load on the spine, causing curvature.
  9. Corset. With sedentary work or one where you need to be in a standing position for a long time, you can buy a corset that will help correct posture and redistribute the load.

To increase the effectiveness of the complex exercises, you can implement 3 actions:

  1. Be sure to do a warm-up. It will help to warm up the muscles and turn them on.
  2. Be sure to perform a hitch. This is the final stage, which allows you to gradually reduce the pulse, relax the muscles after exertion and reduce pain after training.
  3. You should buy a gym mat. An indispensable thing in home training. After all, you can not perform exercises on the bare floor. This increases the risk of injury.

The main set of exercises for direct posture

Exercises for direct posture are done in a complex for which additional equipment is not needed:

  1. Lunge. It is necessary to make a deep and low version. To do this, put 1 foot forward, after you need to sit down so that the hind leg in the knee touches the floor. After you need to reach up, feel the spine. This position persists for 60 s. The exercise is repeated 10-15 times on each leg. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  2. Stand by the wall. The initial position is at the wall at a distance of 11’8 inch. Next, you need to lean on it with your palms, achieve a right angle and do not round / bend your back. It should be straight. In this position, it is necessary to linger for 40-60 s. Exercise helps improve the condition of the shoulder joints and improve posture. Repeat 5-10 times.
  3. Cat pose The exercise is taken from yoga, which involves all the muscles of the back. Starting position – stand on all fours. On inspiration, you need to bend your back, linger for 5-15 seconds. and round it as you exhale. The movements are carried out due to the work of the spinal section. The exercise is repeated 5-7 times.
  4. Raising arms and legs. The exercise is intended for direct posture and strengthening the muscles of the body, performed 4-6 times on each side. Starting position – stand on all fours, then you need to raise the right leg and left arm to form a straight line with your back. In this position, you need to stay for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Leg grip. Exercise is performed 5-8 times. Starting position – table pose. Using the muscles of the arms, legs and back deflection, it is necessary to raise the right leg up with the left hand and stay for 30-45 s. The head looks forward while the body and pelvic bones are in normal position.
  6. Dog face up. Another yoga exercise that perfectly strengthens the back muscles. Starting position – lying on your stomach. Now you need to raise the upper body and rest your elbows on the floor. In this position, it is necessary to withstand 40-60 s. During execution, the head and neck are relaxed, the gaze is directed forward. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  7. Swimmer. Exercise is designed to improve posture and strengthen muscles. Starting position – lying on your stomach. Next, you need to raise the arm and the opposite leg as high as possible and linger for 10-15 seconds. After you need to change the side. During the execution, the chest, pelvis and stomach remain on the floor, the neck is relaxed, the gaze is down. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  8. Separation of the chest. One of the most effective exercises in the struggle for a beautiful posture is performed 15-20 times. Starting position – lying on the floor, arms spread apart and bent at the elbows. Next, you need to tear off the chest from the floor, without relaxing your hands. Movements are performed due to the muscles of the back, neck and head are relaxed.
  9. Separation of the chest. Another variation of the previous exercise, performed 10-20 times. Starting position – lying on the floor, arms crossed at the back of the head. Now you need to tear off the chest from the floor, linger for 10-15 seconds.
  10. A boat. The exercise is performed 5-10 times. Starting position – lying on the stomach, arms straight, crossed on the lower back. It is necessary to simultaneously raise the chest and legs, which should not bend at the knees. In this position, it is important to stay for 20-40 seconds.

This complex can be done at any time of the day. The main thing is not later than 2 hours before bedtime. All exercises will take 20-25 minutes. To diversify the complex, replace unloved poses, increase the load, you can add the following 9 exercises.

  1. Dhanurasana. Another yoga pose, which is translated into American as a bow pose. Exercise must be performed 10-15 times. Starting position – lying on your stomach. Next, you need to grab your feet with your hands and linger for 20-40 seconds. The chest and stomach are torn off the floor, the pelvis is motionless, arms are straight, neck is relaxed.
    Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
    Almost all yoga exercises are suitable for creating a direct posture.
  2. Strap. The most popular and effective exercise in strengthening the abs and back muscles. The starting position is a static pose on the elbows and toes of the legs, the body creates a straight line, the buttocks do not rise up, the back does not bend or round. In this position, it is necessary to linger for 40-60 s. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  3. Strap. A variation of the previous exercise. The starting position is a static pose on the toes of the legs and palms. The body is straight, the press is tense, the buttocks are tightened. In this position, you need to be 40-60 s.
  4. Dog face down. The next yoga pose that perfectly strengthens the back. From the position of the bar on the palms, you need to raise the buttocks up so that the head and back create a slide. The body should form a straight line. With the help of the buttocks you need to reach up, making the angle with the body sharper. If you do not have enough flexibility, you can bend your knees and tear off your socks from the floor. In this position, we are delayed for 40-70 s.
  5. Inverted table. You need to sit on the mat, stretch your legs in front of you, place your palms on the floor next to the
    buttocks, straighten your arms. Next, you need to throw back your head and raise your torso parallel to the floor, resting on legs and arms bent at the knees. In this position, it is important to linger for 30 seconds.
  6. Twisting. Starting position – lying on your back, arms laid aside. The left leg needs to be thrown over the right, twisting the back so that the shoulder blades remain pressed to the mat. At runtime, it is important to feel the spine stretch. In the final position, you need to stay for 1-2 minutes. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  7. The pose of the child. It can be done after any exercise, where the back muscles are very tense. It will help reduce stress and relax. Starting position – kneeling, arms extended. Next, you need to lie on your stomach with your stomach, to increase efficiency you can turn to the sides. The child’s posture can be maintained for 20-40 seconds between exercises; at the end of the workout, it can be delayed, possibly for 1-2 minutes. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  8. Stand by the wall. Effective and easy exercise. You need to stand against the wall, the back is straight without deflection in the lower back, shoulders are straightened. In this position, you need to linger for 40-60 seconds, so that the body remembers it. To increase the load, you can perform squats several times. The main thing is not to tear your back from the wall. The exercise is performed 5-10 times.
  9. Crossing hands . Exercise helps to relax and stretch the spine. The starting position is a kneeling position. Next, you need to sit, turning your legs under you, cross your arms together behind your back so that the right one reaches the level of the head with the elbow, and the left one wraps part of the back.

Result fixing

If the exercises give a result, you can complete the complex. The main thing is to adhere to all the necessary recommendations. Otherwise, the result will be lost.

  • You need to continue to train and lead a healthy lifestyle. Without physical exertion, muscles quickly lose strength and tone. No need to lift heavy weights and engage in serious training. It is enough to constantly walk, walk and sometimes go to the gym.
  • Swimming. It perfectly strengthens the muscles of the back, relaxes the body. Swimming is good for the whole body:
  1. strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  2. reduces the load on the joints;
  3. gives flexibility;
  4. minimizes the risk of diabetes;
  5. burns a lot of calories.
  • Constant attention. You need to monitor posture after passing a set of exercises.
  • Massage. To improve the effect, you can try therapeutic massage or various physiotherapy.
  • Stretching and gymnastics. It will help relax the body, reduce pressure and redistribute the load.

Opinions on the methodology of doctors and patients

To understand how effective a set of exercises is, you need to know the feedback from patients and doctors. Other people’s opinions will help determine whether a particular patient will have a result.


  1. Reduces headaches and backaches. As soon as the muscles are stronger, they will help the spine more, keep the body weight, the pain will decrease or disappear completely.
  2. Strengthening the whole body . To make the back straight, you need to do exercises for all muscle groups. This will allow the body to look much better and more beautiful. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  3. Helps to develop a healthy lifestyle. Most scientists are sure that only regular small loads, good nutrition can greatly extend a person’s life. Back pain, its curvature will become the starting point in the acquisition of a healthy body.
  4. Prevention of diseases of the internal organs, circulatory system. When the spine is curved, it compresses the organs, clogs the vessels, disrupting their proper functioning. When the posture is straightened, the problem disappears, the risk of complications is reduced.
  5. Gives self-confidence. A crooked back spoils the image of any person, especially girls and girls. Thanks to an even posture, shoulders are straightened, the breast increases and the stomach disappears visually. From the person side it seems 7 -9 pounds worse.
  6. Resumes growth. This applies to children. A deformed spine inhibits growth. Once the situation gets better, the main development processes resume again.
  7. Fatigue, depression, a feeling of stress and discomfort disappear. Canadian scientists are more likely to associate emotions with a curved back. As soon as the problem disappears, the mood improves, the uncertainty and fatigue caused by constant pain disappears.


  1. It takes time. It is always necessary to allocate time for training. Each person has 15-30 minutes a day. Moreover, any complex can be divided into several parts and performed when there is time.
  2. Not an instant result. No problem disappears immediately. Especially when it comes to health. An integrated approach is needed here, understanding that it takes time to get the result.
  3. There are limitations. In any field, there are some facts that impede implementation. Fortunately, the problem can always be solved in other ways. To improve posture there is a therapeutic massage, corsets and physiotherapy.

When to expect the effect of exercise for direct posture

Exercises for direct posture are uniquely effective. True, the result is not always visible quickly. On average, the first improvements can be seen in a month, then progress will go faster.

The data varies greatly due to 5 factors:

  1. Degree of neglect. The speed of occurrence of the result directly depends on the initial data. If the degree of curvature is small, then an improvement can be noticed after 2-3 weeks. If the situation is worse, the result can be expected for more than 1 month.
  2. Compliance with the rules. Only full compliance with the rules can speed up the process. For example, wrong stool slows down time by 20-25%. Exercises for direct posture in the gym and at home
  3. The regularity of exercise . The complex must be performed constantly so that the muscles gain strength, and the spine remembers the correct position.
  4. Visit to the doctor. A competent specialist will be able to supplement the complex with other exercises or procedures, based on the data and condition of a particular patient. His recommendations can help speed up the process.
  5. The presence of restrictions. If due to health reasons it is necessary to reduce the load, choose a different method of treatment, the speed of obtaining the result may slow down.

Exercises for posture, with the right technique and constant monitoring after, can greatly change life. They will make the back straight, prevent the development of
diseases and heal pain. Posture must be monitored by all people, the proper functioning of the spine is a key part of a healthy life.

Posture Exercise Video

Beautiful posture in 5 minutes a day:

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