Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

Egor Kholyavin gained his fame after becoming a member of the television show “Dom-2”. However, he was not popular on the project due to being overweight. Then he decided on a fundamental change in appearance. Therefore, Egor before and after plastic surgery – 2 completely different people.

Biography and personal life of Yegor Kholyavin before the project

Egor was born on May 24, 1987 in New York in the family of a cook and an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Having received secondary education, Kholyavin entered the cadet corps. He served in the army.

According to him, he had a fairly serious relationship and intentions to create a family. However, at some point, she and her lover realized that they were too different, and broke up. Before the project, Egor was the organizer of celebrations and parties.

Appearance and parameters of the figure of Yegor Kholyavin before the project “House-2”

Kholyavin Egor (before and after the plastic surgery his photos are radically different) came to the project on May 2, 2014. Despite his artistry and natural charisma, Yegor did not like the girls on the TV show. And there was a reason for this – overweight guy. At that time, he weighed over 287 pounds with a height of 6’1 foot. On a TV set, he liked the model Marina Afrikantova.

But for the possibility of a relationship, she hinted to him that he did not like his unsportsmanlike figure, and that he should take up his appearance.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

Egor immediately decided to lose weight. Friends say that it was this girl who contributed to the grand changes of the guy. First of all, he chose a healthy diet and sat on a carbohydrate-free diet. Close friends say that he managed to lose about 88 pounds in 8 months.

Changes in the appearance and figure of Yegor Kholyavin during the participation of the project and after

Relations at the project Kholyavin did not work out. But he was not going to stop on the path to perfection of his own body. Egor chose the path of change – plastic surgery. His goal was to become like an American doll – Ken. To achieve it, he had to undergo about 30 surgical interventions.

First, Yegor removed Bisha’s lumps on his cheeks to create a thinner and more expressive oval face. Then he pumped hyaluronic acid into his lips, making them large and puffy. Subscribers did not appreciate the effort, said that the lips look unnatural and vulgar. However, this did not bother the guy at all, he also continued to upload photos of his changes.

The next step was the correction of the cheekbones. Yegor’s face really began to resemble a puppet expression. Yegor again lies under the knife and “gets” the perfect nose. Rhinoplasty was successful. Kholyavin’s chin was the next goal: excess fat was pumped out.

Egor Kholyavin set a goal – by the summer of 2021 to become as similar as possible to an American doll. As you know, 2 children from America through plastic surgery changed their appearance beyond recognition, bringing it closer to world standards of beauty.

Thus, they gained fame and fame, gained several million subscribers on Instagram. Egor has repeatedly admitted that he also dreams of popularity and will do anything to achieve the goal. Next, the TV star suffered blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty at the same time.

He made his lips even more puffy. Fans began to react negatively, saying that Kholyavin was too carried away by changes in his appearance. But the young man does not respond to malicious comments. He continues to actively share the results of operations, making changes to Ken’s special diary.

Yegor’s weight loss led to sagging skin. He also corrected this defect surgically. In addition, the relief of the back and abdomen (8 abs cubes and oblique muscles) was created not in the gym by training, but by a surgeon’s knife. In total, the ex-member of Dom-2 underwent about 20 plastic surgeries.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography
Photo by Yegor Kholyavin before and after all plastic surgeries.

Summary data on plastic surgeries by Yegor Kholyavin are given in the table:

Operation Name What has been done Result
Rhinoplasty Transformation of the septum and tip of the nose The nose has become small, straight and neat
Blepharoplasty Upper eyelid lift The look became open and clear, overhanging eyelids removed
Thread Lift Threads were introduced in the cheekbones, forehead Puppet smooth face with pronounced cheekbones
Intimate plastic Enlarged penis Improving male potential
Body sculpting Formed the relief of the press, chest, back Athletic and fit figure with a pronounced relief
Lip augmentation Filled lips with fillers Full lips, contoured and puffy
Removing lumps of Bisha Soft tissue extracted from the incision of the inner surface of the cheeks Underlined cheekbones, expressive oval face

How Egor Kholyavin lost weight

Kholyavin Egor before and after plasty tried to maintain a healthy diet. However, several factors played a key role in his weight loss.

Carbohydrate-free diet

Diet involves a complete rejection of the following products:

  • confectionery and flour products;
  • sweets;
  • canned foods;
  • fried meat and poultry;
  • fatty dishes;
  • carbohydrate dishes.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

Yegor advises drinking plenty of clean water, not eating after 6pm and counting the calories of each meal.

Sample menu according to the method of Yegor Kholyavin


  • Breakfast: boiled egg; green tea.
  • Lunch: boiled chicken; cucumber salad with tomato and olive oil; green tea.
  • Snack: fat-free kefir; green apple.
  • Dinner: mashed pumpkin soup with shrimp; green tea.


  • Breakfast: omelet from 2 eggs; any citrus; coffee without additives.
  • Lunch: steamed hake with green beans; green tea.
  • Snack: banana; yogurt.
  • Dinner: salad with spinach, cucumber, celery with sesame seeds; Black tea.


  • Breakfast: fat-free cottage cheese; kiwi; green tea.
  • Lunch: chicken chops with green beans salad with linseed oil; green apple; Black tea.
  • Snack: cottage cheese casserole with carrots; fermented baked milk with low fat content.
  • Dinner: 2 egg omelet; spinach salad; Black tea.


  • Breakfast: boiled egg; coffee without additives.
  • Lunch: boiled cod; zucchini stewed with carrots; green tea.
  • Snack: fat-free kefir; orange.
  • Dinner: steamed turkey; seaweed salad; Black tea.


  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with prunes; coffee without sugar and milk.
  • Lunch: mushroom soup puree; black tea.
  • Snack: vegetable salad with carrots, spinach and sorrel; Black tea.
  • Dinner: steamed chicken breast; fat-free kefir.


  • Breakfast: fried eggs; low fat cheese; black tea;
  • Lunch: steamed shrimp; a tomato; green tea.
  • Snack: yogurt; green apple.
  • Dinner: hake cutlets with cauliflower; Black tea.


  • Breakfast: boiled egg; banana; coffee without milk and sugar.
  • Lunch: beet and vegetable soup; Black tea.
  • Snack: fruit salad with yogurt.
  • Dinner: baked chicken breast with mashed celery root; green apple; Black tea.

Drink water at least 0,5 gallon daily.

Hormone therapy

After a sharp weight loss, the body of Yegor Kholyavin experienced great stress in the form of hormonal disorders. The young man felt unwell and sought medical help. The results of laboratory tests were disappointing: low testosterone and deviations of other important indicators.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

Doctors warned that further weight loss will inevitably lead to infertility.

Egor Kholyavin started hormonal therapy. It maintains the state of the body by taking medications. The ex-party hopes to rectify the situation, because he dreams of children.

Physical exercises

Special physical exercises are recommended by Egor for quick weight loss. In his opinion, the ideal option would be a combination of visiting the pool with strength training. It is also necessary to devote time to the quality of the body and skin (massage, body wraps, scrubbing). Bath and sauna are a must in slimming mode. The approximate content of physical activities for a week:


  • morning running;
  • strength training with a trainer in the hall;
  • body massage;
  • pool, sauna.


  • walk in the fresh air;
  • exercises in the gym;
  • honey body wrap.


  • pool, sauna;
  • charging at home;
  • run.


  • cardio training in the hall;
  • visit to the bath;
  • body massage.


  • physical exercises with a trainer in the gym;
  • walk;
  • pool.


  • morning work-out;
  • seaweed body wrap;
  • body massage.


  • cardio training;
  • walk at a brisk pace;
  • pool, sauna.

Kholavin’s Tips for Keeping Your Body Fit

Egor Kholyavin actively shares with his subscribers on the Internet his achievements and changes in appearance. Very many ask him the question of how to achieve such stunning results.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

Egor advises:

  • Eat a low-calorie diet.
  • Be physically active every day.
  • Drink plenty of clean water.
  • Maintain the body with hormonal drugs.
  • Do not be afraid to resort to the help of plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery Kholyavina: speculation and truth

Kholyavin Egor before and after plastic surgery – 2 people who are completely different in appearance. Postponed interventions generated a lot of rumors. The most common information that a well-known American company has signed a contract with Kholyavin.

According to him, he will undergo many operations to change the figure and external data and will become a doll. Next, the Americans will launch mass production of dolls similar to Yegor Kholyavin. Another opinion is that the young man failed to lose weight on his own. Such a large weight loss ( 88 pounds in 8 months) is the result of liposuction and gastric resection.

Egor Kholyavin underwent many operations. However, he prefers to keep silent about one operation. This is an intimate plastic. According to his close acquaintances, the young man enlarged the male organ, since before the intervention he was dissatisfied with the shape and size. After the correction, some complications arose, a long rehabilitation was required.

Which of the rumors are true, which are not, only Kholyavin himself knows for sure. With confidence we can only talk about one thing: Yegor ceased to be similar to himself as before, having lost his individuality along with excess weight.

Yegor Kholyavin’s appearance today

The latest news about the ex-TV show participant is not positive. Increasingly, Yegor complains of poor health and lack of vitality. After the next plastic surgery of the face, where the thread lift was performed, Kholyavin was hospitalized with internal bleeding. He was warned by experts about possible complications, but he could not stop.

Kholyavin Egor. Photos before and after plastics, weight loss, the last, in House 2, in his youth, a biography

A nerve was pinched on the right side, and half of the face was numb. To restore mobility, he needed medical attention. Egor’s parents are very worried about his son’s condition. Kholyavin himself admits that mother often cries and asks to stop and not resort to surgical interventions. But for now, even this cannot stop the young man.

Many television channels actively invite Kholyavin to live broadcasts, where he talks in detail about his changes. It is fame and popularity that drives the young man. Its weight is almost halved. The figure is sports, the faces are perfectly smooth and even. Egor always puts his hair and dresses fashionably.

Today it does not recognize the complete shy young man with glasses who came to television in 2014.

How far Yegor Kholyavin will go in his transformations is unknown. He does not bother that before plastic surgery he looked like a completely different person. After interventions, he likes himself much more. However, any next operation may be the last for him.

Interesting videos about the life and appearance of Yegor Kholyavin

Egor Kholyavin before the operation:

How Egor Kholyavin lost weight:

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