Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

One of the new directions in the beauty industry is keraplasty of hair. It aims to protect their structure from harmful effects. This procedure is suitable for lovers of using a hair dryer, ironing to create a styling, because it allows you to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance of curls.

What is keraplasty, cost

Keraplasty of hair is a restoration in which keratin is used. Keratin is a natural protein that affects their structure and appearance. But not all women contain it in the same amount. The disadvantage of this element leads to brittleness, thinning and dull color. Most of it is in dark curly hair.

Keratin is destroyed due to exposure to chemical components, adverse environmental factors. Through the use of a special composition applied to the hair, the voids present in the hair structure are filled. This procedure returns curls elasticity, shine.

Keraplasty hair restores the balance of beneficial substances, saturating them with keratin. The ends of the curls are sealed, which helps to prevent their cross-section and fragility. As a result, the hair becomes soft, silky and supple.

The cost of this procedure depends on the length of the curls:

  • short – from $ 54 .;
  • medium – from $ 95 .;
  • long – from $ 122.

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

Keratin recovery can be done at home. For its high-quality performance, you need to use professional sets, their cost starts from $ 27. This procedure is not done in all beauty salons, but due to the effect, it becomes more popular.

It is necessary to consider not only the cost of a keratin repair kit, but also specific hair care products. The stability of the result and its maintenance depends on them. Therefore, there is no need to save on cosmetics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Keraplasty of hair is such a restoration that is more effective than most such medical procedures.

Its advantages are:

  • increase in hair volume;
  • restoration and strengthening of the structure of curls;
  • shine appears;
  • all products included in the product are natural, therefore the composition is hypoallergenic.

The keratin recovery has practically no disadvantages, which also influenced its popularity.

But there are some disadvantages:

  • keratin makes the hair heavier: if the roots are weak, the hair may fall out;
  • unstable effect;
  • high cost of the procedure.

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

The disadvantages include difficulties in finding a specialist who can provide quality service. Before it can be asked to show the tools that will be used in the work to get the desired effect from the procedure.

Indications for use

Keraplasty allows you to return beauty and health to dull brittle hair without injections. In addition to recovery, after this procedure, a protective shell appears at the curls, which reduces the harmful effects of adverse environmental factors.

Keraplasty should be done if:

  • staining or perming was done;
  • hair is often exposed to high temperatures;
  • there is a thinning, brittle curls;
  • you need to add shine to dull hair;
  • you need to protect curls from the adverse effects of the environment;
  • it is necessary to add volume to thin hair.

It should be done to women after 40-50 years, because at this age, hair aging begins. And after their saturation with keratin, their rejuvenation occurs – they again become silky, shiny, and the color is more saturated.

This procedure contributes not only to improving the structure of the hair, but also to maintain their beautiful, well-groomed appearance. Keraplasty helps to maintain a saturated color after staining.

Contraindications and possible harm

Keratin hair restoration is a medical procedure that has contraindications for use:

  • women during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with skin diseases.

Natural components are one of the reasons why you need to choose products from a professional line. Then the procedure will be safe not only for hair, but for the whole body.

What is the difference between keraplasty and keratin straightening

The main difference between the procedures for the purpose of their application. Keratin straightening – chemical hair straightening with the effect of restoration. Most products used to complete this procedure include formaldehyde or another chemical that helps straighten hair.

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

Therefore, after this service, curls lose volume, especially if they are thin and curly. Keraplasty is aimed at restoring the hair structure, their treatment, so if you need to grow their length, get rid of dryness, without changing their structure, you need to choose this service.

When straightened, the curl is exposed to high temperatures to seal keratin. Due to this, straightening is carried out. This service is not suitable for owners of a short haircut: a more aggressive composition can adversely affect the scalp. Keraplasty can be done on any length of hair.

Keratin straightening has a more aesthetic focus. And with keraplasty, filling occurs naturally. Therefore, keratin straightening has a more persistent effect. But keraplasty has a cumulative effect, which allows you to restore curls and return them to a healthy beautiful appearance.

Which is better: lamination, botox or keraplasty

These procedures are similar in many respects, so it can be difficult to choose and decide which one will be more effective. It’s worth choosing based on the condition of the hair.

< td style="border-color: #000000" width="160">Very deep restoration of the hair structure

Criteria for comparison Keraplasty Botox Lamination
purpose                      Hair restoration and strengthening
Effect on volume Makes hair more voluminous (if it is not straightening) Does not affect the volume Curls become voluminous due to thickening of hair
Color effect May make shade softer, add shine The effect is more noticeable on blondes, because it eliminates yellowness It is better to do in the process of staining so that it turns out to be persistent; adds shine to hair
The effect of the procedure Deep restoration and strengthening of the hair structure. But if lightening was done and the tips are badly damaged, it is worth choosing a different repair procedure Protects curls from the negative effects of the environment, chemical and high temperatures. Gives more cosmetic than healing effect
Care Features Use of sulfate-free shampoos and keratin masks Do not use deep shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoos are best. Any care, except the use of deep shampoos
Effect duration 1.5 months – 6 months Depends on the initial condition of the hair From 2 months and more 1.5 months – 3 months
Cost Depends on the length of the hair, the average price is from $ 68. It also depends on the length of curls, the average cost is from $ 54. Similarly, from the length of the hair, the average price is from $ 20.

Botox should be chosen for those who have very severely damaged hair. For example, if there was an aggressive effect during a perm or after discoloration. Lamination is suitable for those who want to additionally protect their curls after staining or before vacation.

If the hair is not in a lifeless state, you can choose keraplasty.

Before the procedure, a diagnosis of the condition of the hair is mandatory. Despite all the beneficial properties of keratin, it can lead to their loss. It may be worth using one of the hair restoration and protection services listed above.

Procedure Technique

This service is now being done not only in beauty salons: having bought funds from a professional line, it can be carried out independently at home. In order to obtain the desired effect from keraplasty, it is important to consider all stages of its implementation. The duration of the procedure depends on the length of the hair – from 45 minutes. up to 1.5 hours

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

  1. Start by washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. This contributes to the disclosure of hair flakes, which facilitates the penetration of keratin into the hair.
  2. The strands are dried with a towel. They are applied keratin, which is in a liquid state. It is sold in ampoules. The tool is evenly distributed, starting from the tips and rising higher to the roots of the hair.
  3. Keratin, penetrating into the hair, acts on it from the inside, filling all the voids. It is left on the strands for 10 minutes, it is not necessary to wash off the product.
  4. You can have additional thermal effects by hiding your hair under a towel. Keratin can penetrate deeper into the structure.
  5. Then a mask is applied to the hair, which allows fixing the product in the structure. It is also evenly distributed along the entire length. Then the hair is again removed under a towel and heated for 15 minutes. The mask is thoroughly washed off.
  6. For a couple of minutes, conditioner is applied to the curls, then they wash their hair again.

Keraplasty of hair is such a restoration that has a cumulative effect. The procedure must be performed several times to get the result. Made at home, it will give no less effect than that performed in the cabin.

To do this, you will need:

  • sulfate-free shampoo;
  • liquid keratin;
  • special mask and air conditioning.

Keraplasty can be repeated after 3-4 weeks. It is during this time that keratin is washed out. Keraplasty is recommended for courses, especially for girls with severely damaged hair and low keratin content. Having done several procedures, the hair structure will be completely restored and strengthened.

The effect of keraplasty is different and depends on the quality of the means by which it was performed. The main thing is that only natural components should be included in the composition so that the procedure is safe for the hair.

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox

  • Paul Mitchell – the advantage of this brand is that it does not contain formaldehyde and preservatives. This brand refers to professional products. The disadvantage of the kit is its high cost, due to high quality. Keratin, which is part of it, is fully consistent with the human protein. Due to this, keratin acts better in the structure of the hair. Wild ginger extract allows you to make curls very soft. And the extract from the Hawaiian plant normalizes the water balance of the hair, saturating it with nutrients.
  • Keraplastic – the composition of this brand includes proteins derived from wheat germ embryos. Among its components are vitamin complexes, essential oils and other useful minerals. Protein is also perfectly absorbed, which provides restoration and strengthening of the hair structure.
  • Nexxt is the most budgetary tool, only gel is included in the kit. In addition to keratin, the product includes vitamins, essential oils and amino acids.
  • The Golden Silk series is a American brand consisting of shampoo, conditioner and spray. An additional ingredient in the composition is hyaluronic acid. Due to this, additional hydration and nutrition of the hair occurs.

The quality of the products used affects the outcome of the procedure itself. Therefore, you do not need to save on buying: a home procedure will be more profitable than a salon. It will also be possible to use funds several times, which is important for keraplasty with its cumulative effect. The above sets can be purchased not only in beauty salons, but also in cosmetic stores.

What are the results of keraplasty

Keraplasty is considered a more effective procedure than masks, lamination and shielding.

What result will girls and women get after it:

  • Instant saturation of hair with keratin.
  • Strengthening and restoration not only from the outside, but also from the inside.
  • Curls become voluminous, but without the effect of “fluffiness”.
  • Shine appears.
  • Thanks to the protective shell, hair is less exposed to the harmful effects of physical and chemical factors.
  • Hair becomes denser, more elastic.
  • It is a preventive measure against split ends.
  • The shade of dyed hair may slightly change.

The result after the first procedure will not be so noticeable, because the effect is cumulative. Some consider this a drawback: after all, then it needs to be done often (after 3-4 weeks), and its cost is high. But not a single service (except Botox) will give such an effect to hair as keraplasty.

Hair care after keraplasty

To save the result from the procedure as long as possible, you need to choose the right care.

  • Sulfate-free shampoos. They act on the hair softer and practically do not wash keratin.
  • Staining is best done before keraplasty. The color saturation will last longer and there
    is no chemical effect on the hair.
  • Wash your hair 3 days after the procedure.
  • At first, you should not use accessories to create hairstyles.
  • You need to use combs with soft bristles.
  • Any styling products must contain water soluble silicone.

You need to try less to affect the hair with high temperatures, despite the fact that keratin creates a protective shell. Be sure to use thermal protection when using forceps, “ironing”. All products (shampoo, conditioner) must be of the same brand. And they must be suitable for a certain type of hair. You can also make nourishing masks to improve the condition of the hair.

Keraplasty hair. What is it, indications, the difference with lamination, botox
The effect of the keraplasty procedure.

If it is not possible to perform keraplasty, you can use tools that include keratin. Although the result will not be as spectacular as after the procedure. But this is a good option to strengthen the hair and improve their condition a little.

Girls and women who have tested keraplasty remain satisfied with its results.

The main disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure. But thanks to affordable rulers offering keratin repair kits, it is becoming more affordable. It is also noted that the result appears after the first procedure: the hair becomes softer, shine appears. Therefore, keraplasty has more fans.

Keraplasty of hair is such an effect on their structure that is suitable for owners of dull, brittle and colored curls. Quality products are the main component of the success of the procedure.

If you buy care products containing keratin, this will help maintain the amount of this substance at the right level. This procedure not only strengthens and restores, but also provides protection to the hair. Keraplasty is a popular service that is only becoming more popular.

Useful videos about keraplasty hair and its rules

Instructions for conducting keraplasty:

Keraplasty hair at home:

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