How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

You can enlarge, give clear contours, swelling of the lips not only by injections and procedures in cosmetology clinics, but also at home, knowing some methods of cosmetologists. But before dealing with lip augmentation, it is necessary to learn in detail the various methods of alternative changes in volume and contours.

Lip Volume Exercises

Not everyone knows, but it is possible to correct the volume of lips at home without the help of any cosmetics or surgery. Only the daily exercises described below are required.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

They help maintain the shape and elasticity of the lips, as well as their increase or the creation of a visual volume.


Exercise is a daily workout for 5 minutes. You need to hum any familiar melodies in the form of a whistle.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

Such an exercise will help to tone the muscle base of the lips and warm it.


When performing this exercise, you need to imitate the translational movements of the fish’s mouth. To do this, the lips are strongly extended forward and parted. Then the lips close again, and only then the muscles of the mouth relax.

Blow out the fire

Such actions are performed when blowing fire. The lips are pulled into a tube, and then often short and long exhalations are made for one or two minutes. Beauticians recommend repeating such manipulations 10-15 times a day.

Butterfly hunt

Keeping his mouth constantly in a half-open state, for 5 minutes with a certain frequency, get out and hide the tongue back. In the pulled out state, the tongue must be kept for 3 seconds, and when hidden it is necessary to withstand a pause of two seconds. The exercise should be repeated at least 20 approaches, if possible bring to 30.

Magic 8

This exercise is considered the most effective. Imitating chewing movements with a closed mouth, you need to draw 8 with chewing lips for 5 minutes. The number of repetitions during the day is not limited.

Castle mouth

It is necessary to tightly close and tighten the lips, and then press them to the teeth. Then you need to gradually strain the facial muscles, starting from the lips, cheeks and ending with the chin. During maximum tension, it is necessary to hold the lips in this position for 7 seconds, and then relax. Then repeat the training 5-6 times.

Repeat the alphabet

In this exercise you need to pronounce clearly and loudly several vowels: namely, “and”, “a”, “o”, “u”. For each letter you need to spend 20 seconds.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

When pronouncing different letters, different muscles are strained. In addition to these vowels, you must pronounce the letter “p”. To do this, you need to inhale the air so as to fill it with cheeks, and releasing it in jerks, quickly pronounce a jerky “p”.

Show the language

It is necessary to open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue as far as possible, and lock in this position for 5-10 seconds. After you remove the tongue back, and pause. The number of approaches is not limited.

Sponge tube

The exercise is to hold the lips extended by the tube for 20 seconds. Then you need to take a break. The number of repetitions during the day should be at least 15.

Draw in your lips

It is necessary to tuck the upper lip in such a way that it touches the upper gum, and lower the inside as well. Then you need to tighten the nostrils so that they outline the triangle. At the same time, with the index finger, push the chin up, and then stretch out the lips with a tube and slightly blow. Repeat the exercise at least 5 times a day.


Drawing consists in the rotation of tightly compressed lips. It is necessary to make circular movements clockwise and in the opposite direction. The number of rotations in each direction is at least 5.


No less effective, but more enjoyable way to increase lips at home is massage.

It can be done using various techniques.

Thanks to the massage, dead cells are removed, which makes the lips more voluminous, soft and supple.

Using a toothbrush

Before starting the massage, a small amount of moisturizer or petroleum jelly is applied to the lips. You can use cosmetic oil. Massage is carried out with a soft toothbrush with gentle, gentle movements for 5 minutes.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

During and after the procedure, slight numbness or throbbing may be felt. The best time for such manipulation is before taking a bath or shower. The result can be evaluated after just a few procedures.

Vacuum Massager

Owners of a vacuum massager know how to enlarge their lips at home without surgery. This is a real alternative to biodegradable gel or implants.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

Before use, it is recommended to lubricate the lips with balm.

The device is applied to the lips no more than 2 times during the day. The optimal duration of the procedure is 20 seconds. The effect of the massager lasts 2-3 hours.


For aromatherapy, essential oils of various fruits and plants are used. In cosmetology, there are many ways to use oils. They can be enriched with cosmetics or applied in pure form, for example, usd 1-2 drops into the lips when performing massage.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

The following are the most popular and widely used essential oils in aromatherapy.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil extract effectively affects capillary circulation. Lip volume is achieved through blood flow. The contours become clearer, they turn red, acquiring a bright, but natural shade. This effect of peppermint essential oil is used by many manufacturers of cosmetic treatments.

Cinnamon oil

The effect of cinnamon oil is quite noticeable. Lips are enlarged due to increased blood flow to the lips, and become reddish. The effec
t of cinnamon oil is quite similar to peppermint oil. Cinnamon should be handled more carefully, as it can cause a persistent allergic reaction.

Cayenne pepper oil

The action of such a tool is based on a powerful stimulating and warming effect on capillary circulation. Cayenne pepper oil smoothes the skin of the lips, slowing down the aging effect, and also increases their volume.

But you should use this oil with caution, since the remedy can cause discomfort on the lips, the lips can pinch and burn, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction.

Folk remedies

There are many different folk remedies for lip augmentation at home. Below are some tools that will help to achieve a qualitative effect.

Sugar scrub

The simplest and most popular remedy is sugar scrub. There are many recipes for this remedy. Coconut oil or honey can be added to the scrub. Each ingredient is great. In order to get a sugar scrub with coconut oil, you need to mix a teaspoon of sugar with 2-3 drops of coconut oil, sometimes you can dilute it with water.

The tool will act more efficiently if the lips are preheated.

For this, before applying the scrub, it is necessary to prepare the lips, namely: hold a napkin under hot water and dip your lips on it.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

After the sensation of warmth, you need to apply a scrub to dry lips and massage for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse off the residue with warm water and apply a nourishing or moisturizing agent.

Lip scrubs with honey

The most popular, after sugar, scrubs with any oils or honey. There are many types of honey scrub. For example, in a scrub, you can add a teaspoon of sugar with a tablespoon of honey, while taking into account that honey must be liquid. Then you need to mix the ingredients with each other and half a tablespoon of olive oil.

An unusual but effective combination is obtained from 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of salt. The product is applied to dry lips for 5 minutes, after which it is washed off and olive oil is applied to the lips.  

Lemon scrub

Lemon scrub is considered to be the fastest and most effective. It is prepared for each application separately, since lemon and honey give a lot of juice during storage. To prepare a single serving, lemon juice, honey and sugar are mixed in equal proportions. Using a scrub, a light lip massage is performed for 2-3 minutes. The rest of the scrub is removed with a napkin.

Vaseline peeling

This scrub in its structure is quite soft due to petroleum jelly. For cooking, take one teaspoon of honey and sugar, mix with half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and olive or some other oil. A finished scrub provides a 2-minute lip massage. The remnants of the product must be left for 15 minutes to absorb.

Menthol Compress

Menthol compress is a lotion of essential oil. A menthol oil extract is applied to the cotton pad and pressed to the lips for 8-10 minutes. After the compress, it is necessary to lubricate the lips with a softening agent, since the compress drains the skin greatly.

Masks for volume

In addition to scrubs, a large number of masks have been created in folk medicine to increase the volume of lips. One of them enlarges the lips quite well, smoothes and makes them soft.

For such a mask, you need one spoon of each ingredient:

  • sugar,
  • honey (honey should be heated to a liquid state),
  • lemon juice
  • petroleum jelly.

Half the teaspoon of glycerin is added to the mixture, and everything is heated in a water bath for 5 minutes. The resulting mask cools and is applied to clean lips for 15 minutes.

Another fairly effective mask is a mask with nicotinic acid. For her, one teaspoon of red pepper and petroleum jelly are mixed with 8 crushed tablets of nicotinic acid. Such pills are sold in a pharmacy. Further, the mask is applied evenly on the lips for 1 minute. Residues are removed with a damp cloth. After removing the mask, lips are not recommended to lick.

Lip ginger

Traditional medicine recommends crushed root of fresh ginger to apply on the lips in an even layer. Then you need to intensively compress the lips, as if rubbing ginger between the lips. After the remaining ginger is removed with a damp cloth, and a moisturizer is applied to the lips.

Cinnamon for lips

Cinnamon as an inexpensive, but effective tool, is often used in the manufacture of many cosmetics that help to enhance lips.

At home, cosmetologists advise using a smoothing mask with cinnamon.

For the recipe you will need 2 dessert spoons of sugar, better than cane, half tablespoons of olive oil, but if this is absent, then you can use any, half tablespoons of liquid honey and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

All ingredients are mixed until smooth. A still warm mixture is applied to the lips with light massaging movements. After 3 minutes, the mask must be washed off, and a soothing agent should be applied to the lips.

Lip volume cosmetics

Today, there are a large number of different types of cosmetics that can make lips more voluminous. All types of cosmetics with a similar effect are divided into 3 types: giving a visual effect, the effect of a rush of blood to the lips, and also created on hyaluronic acid. Below are the most common ones.


Lipsticks that increase lip volume are quite popular. The effect of lipstick lasts about 6-8 hours. By its structure, the lipstick often dries, so it must be applied again after some time so that the lips look voluminous. It’s best to take a lipstick that contains collagen or silicone. Lipstick will make lips visually larger if it is light or pearlescent.


Along with lipsticks, gloss is quite popular. Glitter with glitters or gloss with a stimulating effect are best suited. The composition of such shines most often includes menthol, chili pepper, ginger, etc.


Balm is one of the varieties of hygienic lipstick.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

It not only provides protection and hydration of the lips, but also has an effect that can increase the volume of the lips, thanks to some components that can provoke increased blood circulation in the lips, and therefore increase their volume.

Lip polish

Lipstick combines the properties of lipstick and gloss: the presence of bright colors and shades in combination with a reflective effect. Lipsticks moisturize, smoothing out all wrinkles, and also increase lips in volume, thanks to special components in their composition.

Volume cream

The main component of the cream, as in other products that allow you to increase the volume of the lips, is hyaluronic acid. The use of such a cream does not give an immediate result. It must be used daily for a long time. Sometimes a cream can cause an allergic reaction due to the ext
ract of medicinal plants included in it.

3D Makeup Technique

3D-make-up is a special type of make-up, in which with the help of cosmetics you can change facial features, as well as emphasize the advantages and hide flaws. Before makeup, you need to prepare your lips, namely to clean them from dead skin particles with a scrub, and then apply a moisturizer. You can enlarge your lips in several ways. Below are some of them.

Make up lips with a pencil

First you need to tint the skin, so the tone of the foundation should match as much as possible, and it is better to completely merge with the natural skin tone. Then lighten it using highlighter, light shadows or a white pencil, drawing a line directly along the contour of the lips. Then draw the border of the lips with a pencil.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques
In order to understand how to increase lips at home, you need to listen to the advice of makeup artists.

The tone of the pencil must be selected either by skin tone or by the natural color of the lips. After you need to apply lipstick, preferably light tones. To fix the color and remove excess, the lipstick must be blotted with a napkin and additionally apply gloss on the central and most voluminous part.

If you have a certain skill, you can draw a highlight with a lighter tone of lipstick. Instead of shine, experts recommend lip gel, as it is more resistant in structure.

Enlarge the upper lip

Makeup artists recommend increasing the size of the upper lip, and for the lower limit the correction of shape. However, it should be borne in mind that when the proportion of the upper lip is changed in the direction of increase, visually the nose will seem larger than it actually is. In order to avoid introducing disharmony into facial features, the contour of the lips is best increased by no more than a couple of inch.

How to enlarge lips, quickly and easily make a contour, volume: exercises, makeup and other techniques

The technique of visual magnification is quite simple. The main thing is moderation and maximum naturalness. First, a concealer is applied to the lip itself and along the contour around it.

To increase the volume of the lips, the contour is drawn along the natural border, for a visual increase in size – above. To add naturalness, the contour pencil is shaded to the center of the lips. And only after that lipstick and shine are applied.

Enlarge the lower lip

As stated above, the lower lip is shaped. Due to the increase in the lower lip, the chin becomes visually smaller. If necessary, visually, you can also increase the size of the lower lip. Technically, the same methods and means are used as for the correction of the upper lip.

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Contraindications to the procedure

Of course, lip augmentation at home is a rather profitable and not expensive procedure, but you should be careful. Since some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction and irritation, therefore, folk remedies are not always reliable.

Since the body is individual, not everyone can use certain folk remedies or some cosmetics. Because in cosmetics there are various components that can cause an allergic reaction.

Expert Advice

Experts recommend not to rush with operations. Women can do lip augmentation surgery after 30 years, when due to lack of collagen there is a need to correct the shape and increase the elasticity of the lips. From home remedies, due to the absence of contraindications, exercises and makeup are preferable.

Folk remedies are a rather delicate topic, since everything depends on the body. Often, allergic reactions, irritation, and more may appear.

In terms of cosmetics, caution is also needed. Cosmetics may contain various substances that are contraindicated for some people due to the presence of chronic diseases, for example.

Therefore, before trying to enlarge the lips at home, it is advisable to show responsibility and approach the matter seriously. It is best to familiarize yourself with all the ways to increase and choose the most suitable and safest option that will not harm the body.

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