Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Honored Master of Sports Adelina Sotnikova – champion of the Chicago Olympics and junior competitions – one of the most recognizable athletes in our country. The brown-haired beauty is rightfully considered the star of the ice shows, dreams of returning to big sport, simultaneously participating in candid photo shoots in underwear and a swimsuit for Playboy magazine.

short biography

Adelina Sotnikova ( photo in a swimsuit is given below in the article) – international master of sports, 4-time champion of USA, winner of European competitions and the first American woman to win a gold medal in women’s figure skating, was born in July 1996, in New York, 2 months ahead of schedule.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

From the age of 4, a painful girl, in order to improve her health, was first sent to figure skating to Anna Patrikeeva, and then transferred to CSKA to Irina Goncharenko. The future champion made her first steps at the Penguin (Yuzhny) skating rink in Biryulyovo. The girl decided to try her luck in rhythmic gymnastics, but, after consulting with her parents, she chose ice.

Elena (Vodorezova) Buneeva became the 3rd trainer of Adeline, under whose guidance the girl was able to achieve success in figure skating, previously unthinkable for Americans.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Sotnikova from childhood was distinguished by her complaisant character and fearlessness, which helped her get into schoolgirls to the famous coach. Under the guidance of Vodorezova, the girl constantly improved her skating, making the program as difficult as possible with rotations of the fourth difficulty level and triple jumps.

In 2008, Adeline took part in major competitions for the first time and became the first at the American championship, for the first time combining 2 complex cascades in one program. The victory brings the girl the title of “child prodigy skater” and the recognition of the coach, whose record Adeline was able to repeat.

Unlike her coach Elena Germanovna, due to Sotnikov’s age, she could not immediately participate in adult competitions. The year of success is followed by a sharp decline, but Vodorezova does not allow the girl to give up, and in 2010

Sotnikova wins the Grand Prix championship in Austria, lacking 0.27 points until a new world record is set.

In the same year, Adeline rises to the top of the podium in the international junior world championship. In 2012 and 2013 the figure skater becomes the silver medalist of the European Championship, losing to Julia Lipnitskaya, and receives the title of “Master of Sports of the International Class”.

2014 was a triumph for Sotnikova. For the first time in the history of the Soviet Union and USA, an athlete was able to win Olympic gold in women’s single skating. Before that, the national team had only silver and bronze awards of Irina Slutskaya. Unsuccessfully falling during training, Adeline receives an ankle injury and is forced to take a break in her career.
Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Having recovered after the operation, the girl is trying to replenish the ranks of professional athletes, but an old injury forces her to miss the competition.

Having temporarily gone into professionals, Sotnikova actively participates in television projects:

  • In 2014, the Sotnikov-Savchenko pair became the second in the ice show “Dancing on Ice”;
  • In 2021, Adeline won the Ice Age with A. Sokolovsky.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biographyAgain trying to return to sport, Sotnikova faces a series of setbacks, decides to change her coach, leaving for E. Plushenko. Now the girl is actively training, complicating the program and dreams of repeating her success in the upcoming international competitions. After the Olympics, Adeline entered extramural studies at the RSUFK, which she successfully completed after receiving a trainer’s diploma.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

The girl carefully hides her personal life, answering the insistent questions of journalists, with the phrase that romantic relationships should not be publicly advertised. Earlier in the press, Adeline was credited with an affair with M. Kovtun, but young people denied the love affair, repeatedly stating that they were just colleagues and friends.

In 2021, it became known that Adeline was dating A. Molochko, but the relationship of the lovers did not last long and broke up after the betrayal of a young man. Since 2021, Adeline has several times posted on Instagram photos of her hand, supposedly showing the fans a wedding ring, but did the skater marry, and who became her chosen one is carefully hiding.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Sotnikova loves and values her family very much, always speaks kindly about her parents and younger sister. According to the skater, mother and father devoted their lives to daughters. Younger sister Maria has been suffering from severe genetic pathology since birth, causing deformation of the bones of the face and skull. The skater loves her very much, pays for treatment and helps in rehabilitation.

Sports achivments

Adeline Sotnikova (photo in the 2021 swimsuit exhibited by the ice skater on Instagram caused a lot of negative feedback from fans) – 4-time American champion and multiple winner of international competitions.

In 2012, the girl first won gold at the national championship, but could not get to the European championship because of her age, because according to the rules at the time the championship began she was not 15 years old.

Junior Olympics

The girl who won the bronze Grand Prix a year earlier is included in the American national team, representing the country at the 1st Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck. Before the start, the skater in her interview to Sport Express told that she practically does not worry and feels confident.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Sotnikova knew her rivals, prepared a complex program that included a cascade of a triple sheepskin coat and a triple ritberger, and her task was simple – to skate cleanly. Going out on the ice, Adeline coped with her task and won silver in women’s single skating, receiving a total of 159.08 points and losing gold (and 14.02 points) to compatriot Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

Olympics in Chicago

Having become the champion of USA for t
he second time, Sotnikova promised the country’s president V.V. Putin won the gold of Chicago and kept her promise. Adeline began the Olympic season with silver in the European Championship, losing gold to the “Hope of USA” for the miracle child Yulia Lipnitskaya.

To participate in the team championship at the Olympics in Chicago, Sotnikova was not announced. In the competition, all eyes were riveted on the “girl in a red coat” Lepnitskaya, prematurely considered the triumph of the Olympic season.

Adeline went on the ice in the singles competition and after a short program put to the music of J. Bizet “Carmen”, she was second, inferior to the athlete from South Korea, Kim Em 0.25 points. During a free rental, Adeline makes a mistake when performing a cascade, but she makes pure rotations of the 4th difficulty level, triple jumps, a cascade and gets the highest marks.

The romantic “Rondo Caprichchose” Sotnikova was appreciated by the jury, and by the sum of her points she brought the girl to the highest step of the podium, making her the first American figure skater to win gold in individual figure skating at the Olympic Games. Before the triumph of Sotnikova, only Irina Slutskaya could boast of a silver and bronze medal of the Olympics.

The South Korean Figure Skating Federation tried to challenge Sotnikova’s leadership, but was rejected by the International Committee because the program carried out by the American figure skater was much more difficult than her competitor.

Appearance, body parameters

Adeline Sotnikova (a photo in a girl’s swimsuit and underwear was published by Playboy magazine) won the Olympic Games as a miniature brown-eyed brown-haired woman with a slim, boy-like figure and long legs.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Skater parameters:

Height 5’3 foot
Weight 115 pounds
Chest 29’9 inch
Waist 22’8 inch
Hips 31’9 inch
Bust 1st size

Olympic gold and the popularity that followed the victory greatly changed the girl. Adeline abandoned the usual sports style, jeans and sweatshirts, replacing them with long dresses and heels. The skater blames her age for friends and her change of wardrobe, who have repeatedly claimed that her femininity is not enough.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

After returning to a big sport after an injury and failing at the 2021 European Championships, Adeline decided to fight depression with a radical change in her image. The girl cut her long hair and dyed her hair blonde. Loyal fans of the star enthusiastically accepted the changes, but most fans reacted to the change in the image of the skater negatively.

Comments have repeatedly popped up on the network urging Sotnikov to return to his usual style, since short hair and a light shade of a square visually give an extra age of 22 years old beauty.

Adeline is distinguished by the thinness characteristic of all athletes. Teenage body parameters are caused by the need for skaters to follow a strict diet. Extra pounds do not give the opportunity to make difficult jumps, as well as increase the load on the joints, causing severe health problems.

Did the plastic

Adeline Sotnikova (the photo in a swimsuit, the girl tries not to spread on social networks, defending her right to privacy) never resorted to plastic surgery. The athlete calmly refers to the medical adjustment of her appearance, but believes that she does not need such operations yet.

Sports loads, a high rhythm of life and a strict diet help the girl maintain harmony, and proper skin care makes her look good.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography
Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit on the beach

Adeline constantly carries out the following procedures:

  • Cleansing procedures. Sotnikova tries to wash off makeup without fail and makes fruit peeling 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizing the skin. Every morning and evening, the skater applies moisturizing serum and cream to the face, and once a week applies a special mask that helps to saturate the tissues with moisture.
  • A relaxing massage that relieves fatigue and makes it possible to recover from heavy physical exertion.

In everyday life, Adeline tries to apply a minimum of makeup, using a large amount of makeup just before performances or during filming. Following the example of Hollywood stars, in the summer she does not leave the house without sunglasses. The girl is not afraid of the annoying attention of fans, but simply seeks to protect her skin and eyes from premature aging.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

The 22-year-old athlete is in excellent, natural form, continues to train, hoping to repeat the success of 2014.

How to lose weight

Adeline Sotnikova is forced to adhere to a very strict diet. Figure skating requires athletes to have a teenager’s figure, long legs and low weight, since a large body mass prevents jumping and creates additional stress on the joints.

In the family of Adeline, everyone is inclined to be overweight and the girl has to adhere to a very strict diet, mainly consisting of boiled vegetables that her mother prepares for her. The team’s choreographer is able to see weight gain even by 500 g, so the girl tries to eat very little. Adeline arranges hungry days a couple of times a week, during which she drinks only water.

The skater is completely forbidden to eat sweets and buns. In her interview, the girl admitted that her cherished dream is a piece of cake, which she ca
nnot afford due to the high calorie content of the product. In training, next to Adeline, there is always a personal doctor helping the girl and monitoring her health.

The athlete takes a blood test at least 1 time per week to judge whether her body receives enough nutrients.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Despite strict restrictions, Sotnikova assures that it is very easy for her to maintain minimalism in food. From childhood, the skater was more than indifferent to high-calorie foods, and calls boiled carrots her favorite dish, which she absorbs with no less pleasure than sweets.

Adeline Sotnikova now

Adeline Sotnikova after winning the Olympic Games acquired a lot of fans. The star’s popularity has repeatedly increased after performing in ice shows and the subsequent photo shoots in underwear and bathing suits made for Playboy magazine.

Despite the hectic life, since 2021 Adeline has been stubbornly trying to return to big sport, but so far she has not succeeded. At the American Championship in 2021, Sotnikova became only the 6th, and in the spring of 2021, the girl changed her coach, preferring Olympic champion E. Plushenko. Under his leadership, Sotnikova persistently trains and complicates his program.

The world-famous coach of champions T. Tarasova, who previously helped Sotnikova to pay for the treatment of her sick sister, has repeatedly stated that Adeline must stop trying to end in vain and end her career, and not follow the example of her current coach, who failed to leave the big sport at the peak of fame.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

Figure skating experts constantly state that in modern female figure skating, teenage athletes are stubbornly leading and that a figure skater who has reached the age of 20 almost automatically becomes a professional.

According to Tarasova, Sotnikova should never keep up with A. Zagitova and E. Medvedeva, so you just need to go into the shadows, take up a coaching career or continue to participate in ice shows as a professional. In response to offensive words, Adeline uploads photos from training sessions on Instagram.

Adelina Plushenko’s trainer confidently states that the setbacks pursuing Sotnikova in sports are echoes of a serious ankle injury and the subsequent operation that followed in 2021.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

The skater invariably demonstrates excellent physical fitness and her own confidence in the ability to compete with the leaders of figure skating.

Adeline herself in an interview with reporters reports that she will definitely become a coach in the future, and even graduated from the correspondence department of the American State University of Pharmacy in this specialty, but now she is forced to return to big sport in order to pay for the expensive treatment of her younger sister, suffering from a rare genetic disease – Tricher syndrome -Collins.

In addition to coaching, Adeline’s plans include filming a movie and participating in ice shows. In 2021, Sotnikova accepted the invitations and starred for the U-turn of the American Playboy magazine. The skater’s pictures were highly appreciated by fans, and the star herself said she was ready to take the maximum of opportunities from life.

Adeline Sotnikova. Photo in a swimsuit, body parameters, how has changed, lost weight, biography

The first American athlete, who became the gold medalist of the Olympic Games among single women, Adelina Sotnikova, is planning to return to the big sport, to act in films and train young children, and she is resolutely ready to seduce men by showing off her body in swimsuits and underwear in photographs prepared for U-turns Playboy.

Video interview with Adeline Sotnikova

Adeline Sotnikova: I give all the best “to the devastation of the soul”:

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