Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Every woman wants to look attractive and beautiful. To do this, you can use professional cosmetics, which are used by cosmetologists in beauty salons.

Professional and conventional cosmetics: what are the differences

All cosmetics are divided into several types:

View Explanation
Simple You can buy in any store and supermarket.
Professional It is used by specialists who work in spa salons.
Suite Designed for persons of VIP category and is considered the most expensive.

Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists, unlike simple, effective. It is made on the basis of active substances that penetrate even into the deeper layers of the skin. Its effectiveness can be seen in a week, the difference will be obvious.

For each professional series of cosmetics, a line for home use is attached. Such funds are used to consolidate the effect obtained in the beauty salon. In terms of effectiveness, they are similar to luxury series cosmetics.

Frequency of use

Professional cosmetics deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. But its prolonged use can have the effects of allergies, so it should be used only after consulting a cosmetologist.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Such cosmetics are designed for a specific skin type, taking into account individual characteristics. The same applies to hair care products: for a certain type of hair, your own shampoo and balm.


All professional products are clinically tested and tested, which confirms their positive result. To produce such cosmetics, manufacturers are required to use only high-quality substances and the latest technology, which makes it expensive and effective. Inexpensive analogues do not pass clinical trials, therefore their quality is low.


Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists are sold in bottles of impressive volume , and simple products in small bottles and tubes. Also, inexpensive cosmetic preparations are available in bright packaging, which is difficult to ignore.

Application Tools

Simple cosmetics are intended for individual use, so brushes, applicators and sponges come with it. Nothing of the kind is attached to professional tools, since they are applied with special sponges and brushes.

Classification of professional facial cosmetics

Professional face products are:

  • middle class;
  • selective;
  • Salon
  • medicinal.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Middle-class products consist of medicinal substances, but manufacturers use the hot squeeze method to make them. Selective cosmetics include elite products owned by companies that have their own research centers.

Such cosmetics can be bought at specialized cosmetic stores.

Salon products eliminate skin defects. Use such funds only after consulting a cosmetologist. Medical products can be bought at pharmacies. Remedies can act superficially or penetrate deep into the skin.

What are the professional face treatments

It is difficult to imagine a full face care without taking into account the type of skin. After all, drugs that are suitable for dry skin can worsen the condition of an oily dermis.

Given these points, experts are developing products for different types of skin:

  • for greasy skin;
  • for dry;
  • for combined;
  • for troubled;
  • for sensitive;
  • for aging.

Spanish professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics from Spanish manufacturers is popular with cosmetologists due to excellent quality. Brands of this country select such substances for cosmetics so that girls can keep their youth longer.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Spanish cosmetics has:

  • Unique composition including:
    • diamond dust;
    • molecular biofilm;
    • black caviar;
    • pearls.
  • Brands that manufacture face products produce capsule serums.
  • Naturalness. In Spain, a lot of its exotic fruits, grapes, honey, olive oil. All of them oblige the country to produce bio-cosmetics.
  • Huge range.
  • Acceptable price.


Professional cosmetics is designed to solve the aesthetic problems of the skin of the face and body:

  • dryness;
  • irritation;
  • pigmentation;
  • oily skin;
  • acne
  • rosacea;
  • cellulite;
  • sagging skin.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

The brand includes a series of home care products:

  • The KHRONO AGE line includes natural plants and high-tech solutions. Means of this line can strengthen the skin structure and provide effective protection against photoaging. Cosmetics stimulate the skin structure, ensure its youth, correct wrinkles and resume skin activity. The composition of cosmetics includes vitamins A, C, E, as well as olive oil.
  • The LUXE GOLD line includes 2 active innovative components: black caviar extract and gold, which deeply nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from appearing. Such products are intended for dehydrated and tired skin.
  • SASDERMA line is aimed at solving almost any skin problem. Cosmetics can be used at home. Its characteristic feature is the active use of nanotechnology. There are lines with vitamin C, hyaluronic and glycolic acids.


Spanish natural cosmetics, which also produces nutraceuticals.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Among the products produced there are nectars for the body with a sensual aroma:

  • The Absolute Beauty series includes active substances and guarantees a long and instant result. Each product has been tested in laboratories.
  • Eternal Youth Series with anti-aging effect. The composition of the funds includes natural oils, plant extracts.

The cost of all lines of the AINHOA brand starts from $ 14.

German professional cosmetics

Cosmetics from German manufacturers are safe, do not include substances harmful to health in their composition. Also, cosmetics can be used at home. It is develop
ed by dermatologists, and it passes tight control. All products are universal and can cope with any skin problem.

Dr. Baumann

Dr. Baumann cosmetics includes vitamins that are necessary for the functioning of the skin.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Therefore, the entire line of products of this brand is effective and safe at any age:

  • The Jean d’Arcel line is a series of cosmetics designed for the face. Creams have high and low molar structures that protect the skin and provide it with moisture.
  • The BeauCaire line is designed for young girls who are just starting to use cosmetics. It has a light texture and helps against acne.
  • White Secrets line whitening. It includes lotions, emulsions, creams. They even out the tone of the face, and prevent the appearance of age spots.


Highly effective professional cosmetics made on the basis of carefully selected substances of high activity. Its constant use can relieve any skin problems.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Cosmetics heals and gives beauty, as well as takes care of the skin and prolongs its youth:

  • The Trend Edition line consists of creams and masks that stop the collagen breakdown process by attaching active substances. As a result, collagen production is restored, the skin acquires elasticity and firmness.
  • The Skin Regeneration line consists of tonics, cleansing mousses, lifting creams. Means restore the hydrolipidic barrier. The constant use of creams of this line make the skin supple and revitalized.

All funds of the German brand cost from $ 27.

Israeli professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists from Israeli manufacturers include minerals, as well as salts of the Dead Sea. Vitamins A, C, E regenerate skin cells and trigger metabolic processes in it. Products comply with European quality standards and are constantly undergoing clinical trials.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021
The figure lists the features of Israeli professional cosmetics for cosmetologists.

The effect of using Israeli cosmetics is immediately apparent: the skin becomes healthy and supple.

In addition to sea water, cosmetics also includes other components:

  • fruit extracts;
  • gold;
  • oils;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • marine collagen;
  • proteins.

The cost of Israeli cosmetics begins with a figure of $ 41.

Barbara wolf

The Israeli brand produces decorative cosmetics.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Brand funds include:

  • ginseng;
  • milchow;
  • rose flower;
  • minerals;
  • salts of the dead sea.

The brand offers more than 400 items of decorative cosmetics, which has healing properties and does not contain allergens.


The brand includes more than 200 items of cosmetics, including lotions, tonics, brighteners, nutrition and rejuvenation. Using the means of this brand, you can quickly and safely achieve amazing results in the treatment of acne. The Comodex line is made for problem skin care.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

The following drugs are included in it:

  • soothing masks;
  • gels for local correction;
  • cleansing tonics;
  • serum;
  • protective matting creams.

The Muse line protects the skin and provides a moisturizing effect.

The line includes:

  • serum;
  • masks;
  • nutritious;
  • night and day facilities.

Korean professional cosmetics

Such professional cosmetics are popular all over the world. It is of high quality and efficient. Koreans focus on skin lightening, anti-aging effects and UV protection. The cost of Korean cosmetics on average starts with a figure of $ 8,16.

Amore pacific

This brand controls more than half of the country’s cosmetic market.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

The brand includes products with green tea, and ginseng:

  • The Sulwhasoo line targets the East Asian market and represents face and body care products.
  • The Liricos line includes marine substances: algae and oyster.
  • The Laneige line successfully combines bee products and marine ingredients.

The face shop

Low price with excellent quality organic products – all this, products of this brand, created with care for the body and face. The brand includes lotions, gels, masks, creams. The composition of the products includes natural substances that make cosmetics harmless and effective.

Here in one line of Lovely me you can find balms and eyeliners, silk blush, and the Real Blend and Herb Day series boast a high percentage of natural ingredients.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

Each brand product has a pleasant aroma, texture and includes:

  • chia seeds;
  • perianth;
  • Shea Butter;
  • avocado; mango;
  • almond.

Italian professional cosmetics

Professional Italian cosmetics has a rich assortment, which consists of creams, masks, scrubs, shampoos and a large number of decorative cosmetics. Means have a natural composition and high efficiency. Professional cosmetics from Italy costs from about $ 35.


The brand’s products are classified as Luxury and are made on the basis of water taken from a spring located on Mount Etna.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

The brand’s products include fruit acids and natural oils:

    The Rica Wax line includes hair removal products. Such funds are used in beauty salons. In addition to wax, the composition includes coconut and almonds, which soften the skin and prevent the ingrowth of hairs.
  • The Rica Naturica line nourishes the damaged hair structure, fills them with energy and makes them smooth.

Phyto sintesi

The basis of professional cosmetics – components derived from plants, seafood, algae. The brand’s products also include lipids, vitamins, amino acids, moisturizers. Peeling of this series and chocolate wrapping are very popular. Peelings nourish, relax and moisturize the skin, and the wrap fights stretch marks on the stomach and hips.

American professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists from American manufacturers heals the skin and corrects age-related changes.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

American drugs are used in the treatment of the following problems:

  • seborrhea;
  • acne
  • erythrosis;
  • rosacea;
  • hyperpigmentation.

The cost of American professional cosmetics from about $ 27:

  • Mahasha brand includes natural oils and an effect that cannot be compared with anything. The skin after the first use becomes soft, smooth and moisturized. The products are safe, so they can be used even for sensitive skin.
  • Alina Zanskar brand includes a bath collection, products for rejuvenation and detox, body scrubs with wasabi.

French professional cosmetics

French professional facial cosmetics is divided into therapeutic and decorative. The latest developments and natural composition guarantee the effectiveness of each product.

French cosmetics smoothes wrinkles, inhibits the aging process, eliminates pigmentation and peeling of the skin. Decorative cosmetics from France deserves a separate discussion.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

In all the variety of blush, powder, foundation, each woman will be able to find their own shades and textures:

  • Patyka brand includes shower gels, creams, perfumes, tonics. The composition of funds 25% of natural components. Cosmetics are quite expensive, from $ 20.
  • Avene brand products consist of 55% thermal water. There are no preservatives, dyes or fragrances in cosmetics.
  • Vichi brand includes creams, serums, deodorants. Cosmetics slows down aging, improves complexion, smoothes wrinkles.

Japanese professional cosmetics

Japanese cosmetic products contain only natural components of animal and vegetable origin. It does not have chemical additives or synthetic compounds that adversely affect the epidermis. All ingredients included in the composition undergo multi-stage processing and thorough research.

The composition of cosmetics does not cause allergies, so it can be used for children from 1 year to 15 years.

Many cosmetics products belong to the luxury line:

  • The Moltobene brand includes products that are effective both in salons and at home. Cosmetics consists of natural ingredients, the effect of which is visible after 2-3 applications.
  • The Suhada Nature Cosmetics brand has patents. Cosmetics are safe, of high quality, which is achieved through the use of natural raw materials and new technologies. The brand includes cosmetics consisting of nourishing cream and active serum.

Japanese cosmetics are very expensive. For example, a face cream costs $ 1088, and a face serum $ 1292.

American professional cosmetics

American cosmetics has some features that are its advantages:

  • wide range of prices;
  • constant updates;
  • quality;
  • modern design;
  • naturalness;
  • innovative developments.

The Clinique brand maximally meets the individual needs of all types of epidermis. As a part of means there are no fragrances and they are hypoallergenic. All cosmetics are aimed at cleansing, nourishing and exfoliating.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

The Beauty Style brand produces hardware products for home use. The products have a natural composition of high quality, the effect of which is visible immediately after use. So, an alginate mask can restore a radiant appearance to the skin in 15 minutes.

Professional hair cosmetics from brands from different countries

Professional cosmetics can be used not only in beauty salons, but also at home.

Ollin professional

Hair cosmetics from American manufacturers is environmentally friendly, has convenient bottles and tubes, as well as a pleasant aroma.


Hair cosmetics from Israeli manufacturers include argan oil, nutrients and antioxidants. All of them are of high quality and are intended for moisturizing, restoring and modeling hair.

Janssen Cosmetics

Cosmetics from German manufacturers include fruit acids, sea extracts and other natural substances. They nourish the hair and give it a healthy glow and shine.

How to choose professional body cosmetics

The choice of cosmetics for the body only at first glance seems simple.

There are many cosmetic brands, but there are rules that must be observed when choosing:

  • You need to choose cosmetics individually.
  • You do not need to buy impulsively creams and lotions of advertised brands, because there are no universal remedies.

Professional cosmetics for beauticians. Rating of the best 2021

It should be noted that cosmetics should:

  • take care of your skin gently;
  • nourish and moisturize;
  • keep youth and softness;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • eliminate dermatological problems;
  • saturate cells with oxygen.

Professional cosmetics for legs and hands

Professional foot remedies heal cracks, smooth the skin, and relieve foot discomfort. Products are characterized by anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. The composition of the funds includes substances that increase the intensity of blood circulation and enhance metabolic processes.

Professional hand cosmetics include natural ingredients and provide the skin with effective daily care.


  • moisturize;
  • renew skin cells;
  • restore moisture;
  • tone and nourish.

Professional cosmetics are best used in salons under the supervision of a cosmetologist. After receiving a consultation, it is possible to perform some procedures at home.

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