How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

Before you learn how to pluck your eyebrows on your own, you need to correctly determine the most suitable shape depending on the type of face. Then choose the technique and tweeze the eyebrows, according to the instructions.

How to find the right proportions of eyebrows

The facial expression of a person depends on the shape of the eyebrows. If the shape of the eyebrow is not chosen correctly, it can give the face a sullen, surprised and even stupid look. To find your perfect look, you should sit in front of the mirror.

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

Using a cosmetic pencil, it is necessary to note 3 main points on the superciliary arch, which, when connected, form the perfect eyebrow line for each woman.

These are the points:

  • the first point is the head of the eyebrow, to indicate its beginning, you should attach a pencil so as to connect the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye (the entire part of the hairs that extend beyond the pencil closer to the nose must be plucked out);
  • the second point falls on the highest part of the eyebrow (to correctly determine the peak, you need to connect the wing of the nose and the pupil with a pencil);
  • to find out where the eyebrow should end, you need to draw a pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye until it intersects with the eyebrow (pluck the hairs outside the pencil from the outside).

If for any reason there is no possibility or desire to use this algorithm, you can make eyebrows in the form of a “gull wing”, such a bend, according to world-class makeup artists, is suitable for all face types. Imitating the wing of a bird, the eyebrow from the nose rises smoothly to the temple with a slight bend. At the moment, this image is the most popular and fashionable.

Do I need to pluck my eyebrows from above

Most of the unnecessary hairs should be removed from below, but this can be done in the upper part of the eyebrow. Such a need arises if the eyebrows are asymmetrical, excessively thick, or if the fluffy hair above the eyebrow is too dark and noticeable. To determine whether you need to pluck the hairs along the top line of eyebrow growth, comb them with a brush. After that, excess hair will become clearly visible.

Preliminary preparation

How to pluck out eyebrows for yourself, few know.

This procedure does not require special preparation, however, to achieve a good result, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions:

  • Depending on the chosen technique for plucking eyebrows, you need to prepare the necessary accessories – tweezers, tweezers, threads or wax.
  • A convenient “workplace” should be prepared with good lighting and a sufficiently large mirror (so that the whole face is fully reflected in it).
  • It is necessary to remove makeup from the face and put cotton pads moistened with warm water or a decoction of chamomile on your eyelids for 5-10 minutes. This procedure will help moisturize the skin and reduce pain.
  • So that the hairs are well separated from each other, you should comb them with a brow brush along the line of natural growth.

How to pluck eyebrows with a thread for yourself: instructions with photos step by step

You can give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows using ordinary cotton thread, which is used for sewing. This method is effective and almost painless. How to properly pluck eyebrows with a thread for yourself is shown in the photo below.
How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos
Knowing the technique of removing hair with a thread will help you understand how to properly pluck your eyebrows yourself.

After studying a simple instruction and a little training, you can get down to business:

  • You should prepare a thread with a length of 15’7 – 17’7 inch and tie its ends with a knot so that a ring is obtained.
  • Next, you need to twist the thread in the middle 7-10 times, the resulting “8” put on the index and thumbs.
  • When the fingers expand and contract, the twisted part of the thread will move, grabbing and pulling out unnecessary hairs.
  • You need to remove the hairs slowly, against growth, highlighting a small area with a triangle from the thread.

The technique of plucking with tweezers and tweezers

Most often, tweezers or special tweezers are used to pluck eyebrows at home and in salon conditions. Before the procedure, you need to sanitize the tool with an alcohol-containing lotion, and wipe the skin with an external antiseptic (for example, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution).

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

Hair should be removed in the direction of growth with sharp, confident movements. Each hair is captured at the base, while the skin needs to be held and pulled a little with your second hand. Experts recommend tweezing both eyebrows at the same time – 2-3 hairs on one, then the same amount on the other side, so it is easier to achieve symmetry.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with wax

To make a qualitative correction of the shape of eyebrows with wax at home, you need to have certain skills with this material.

Experts recommend the use of hot wax, it removes hairs most efficiently.

Before starting the procedure, the skin should be degreased with lotion and a little powder with talcum powder. Wax heated to a temperature of 37 degrees should be applied with a thin wooden stick to a small area for hair growth and pressed with a finger to better fix the hairs.

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

After a few seconds, when the wax ceases to be sticky (but does not harden completely), it is necessary to attach a paper strip to it and, holding the skin with the other hand, remove the mass against hair growth. After the procedure, the skin is treated with talcum powder to prevent irritation.

Smooth eyebrows through the stencil

Another option with which you can
give the desired shape to the eyebrows is a ready-made stencil. More often they are sold in sets consisting of variously shaped stencils.

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

The blank must be attached to the eyebrow and circled along the contour with the pencil included in the kit. Hair outside the drawn line must be plucked. Using this method, the eyebrows are symmetrical and beautiful without too much effort.

Anesthesia procedure

Often the procedure for plucking eyebrows causes pain.

The pain is tolerable, but it is recommended for people with a low pain threshold to use the following tips to reduce discomfort:

  • wipe the skin with an ice cube wrapped in cellophane or make cold lotions;
  • grease the skin around the eyebrows liberally with a fat cream with chamomile or calendula;
  • 30 minutes before the procedure, treat the place with unwanted hairs with lidocaine cream (for example, Emla), however, this can only be done if there is no allergy to this drug;
  • make corrections after taking a bath or visiting a bath when the skin pores are open.

Eyebrow correction

Even the most perfect eyebrows require correction from time to time. The frequency of this procedure depends on the growth rate of the hairs; it is usually enough to correct the shape of the eyebrows once every 2-3 weeks. But if the hairs grow back quickly and are very noticeable, you will have to do the procedure more often.

Practice has shown that the more often pluck eyebrows, the weaker the hairs become and the less noticeable they are. Over time, correction will be much less common.

If the hairs are too long, you can cut them with manicure scissors, helping yourself with a small comb with frequent teeth. Experts recommend cutting off no more than 3/32 – 4/32 inch of hair, otherwise the eyebrows will look unnatural.

Professional Tips

Professional make-up artists will teach you how to pluck your eyebrows so that you like not only yourself, but also others.

The correct approach involves observing several rules:

  • You can’t pluck your eyebrows just before leaving the house – you can’t mask the redness and swelling with anything, in addition, pathogens and inflammation can get into microscopic wounds.
  • To reduce irritation after plucking eyebrows, the skin is wiped with an ice cube or a napkin dipped in chamomile broth.
  • An eyebrow should not be too thin as a thread, today it is a sign of bad taste. However, too thick, “shaggy” eyebrows also will not decorate a modern girl.
  • The natural shape of eyebrows is now in fashion, but this does not mean that they do not need at least minimal correction.
  • From the beginning to the middle, the eyebrow should be slightly wider than at the end and have a slight bend in the center. Do not form eyebrows in the form of a comma or a question mark, this will give the face an absurd expression.
  • Close eyebrows or fused on the bridge of the nose give a person a severe look, but the distance between them should not exceed the width of two fingers.
  • Eyebrows should not differ much from the main hair color.
  • Initially, most people have asymmetrical eyebrows, so you need to pluck them carefully to achieve complete symmetry.
  • For styling eyebrows should use special gels and mousses, which are applied in a small amount with a brush.
  • To achieve the perfect shape of the eyebrows, it is useful to use the advice of a friend or take a selfie. When viewed from the side, all the flaws are immediately visible.
  • When plucking eyebrows on your own, it is important not to overdo it.

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Face shape eyebrows

For each type of face, experts recommend a certain shape of the eyebrows. A correctly selected eyebrow line can distract your eyes from the imperfections of your appearance and emphasize your advantages.

To determine the shape of the face, you need to circle with a felt-tip pen on the mirror a reflection of the face without taking into account hair and ears. Having examined the drawing from afar, it is easy to determine which figure it resembles.

How to pluck eyebrows beautifully and correctly. Step by step instructions with photos

What should be eyebrows by type of face:

  • If the face is oval (in the forehead a little wider than below, the features are soft, pronounced cheekbones), the main task is not to spoil what is given by nature. Eyebrows should resemble a horizontal, slightly rounded line. Do not make a strong bend – this will visually make the face elongated, and excessively wide eyebrows will give too severe a look.
  • The round face is approximately the same in length and width, characterized by a low forehead and a small lower jaw. For girls with this type of face, eyebrows with a distinct break, moderately raised, are suitable, while the head of the eyebrow should be slightly wider than the tip. This form of eyebrows “lengthens” the face and gives expressiveness to the look.
  • An elongated face (with a high forehead and an elongated chin) will visually take on rounded outlines due to absolutely straight eyebrows, and a high arc will further narrow the face.
  • Girls with wide cheekbones and a chin should avoid thin eyebrows with a sharp break. Neat rounded eyebrows of medium thickness will help soften the lines of a square type of face.
  • A face resembling a heart shape (with sharp angles of the cheekbones and chin and a wide forehead) can be visually aligned with slightly raised eyebrows with a smooth bend (“bite”), straight lines are best avoided.
  • Classic, slightly rounded eyebrows of sufficient width are what you need for a diamond-shaped face . The main task in this case is to make the face less wide in the area of the cheekbones, therefore, when correcting eyebrows, sharp angles and straight lines should be avoided.

Properly plucked eyebrows can not only give the face softness and proportionality, but also visually enlarge the eyes, making the look more expressive.

The most important thing is to honestly admit to yourself what shortcomings exist and correctly correct them.

Well-groomed, properly designed eyebrows are the main “decoration” of the face, so even with a minimal amount of makeup (or lack thereof), the girl will look beautiful and neat.

Video how to pluck eyebrows for yourself

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows, see the video clip:

Learn how to pluck your eyebrows in the video clip:

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