Katie Topuria – photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

Katie Topuria is one of the most famous singers of the domestic show business, whose pages on social networks are signed by millions of subscribers. Fans are keenly interested in whether she did plastic and how she looked before and after her. In addition, they care about the creativity, plans and other details of the girl’s personal life. Answers to all questions can be found in the article.

Katie Topuria in childhood and adolescence

In 2005, the American charts blew up the hit “Fly away” from A-Studio. Listeners won the unusual voice of the new soloist – Katie Topuria. The full name of the girl is Ketevan Andreevna Topuria. Keti was born on September 9, 1986 and raised in Tbilisi. The singer herself considers herself a Georgian, but among her relatives there are Poles and Italians. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

Katie’s family was far from music – her parents were engineers. Father – Andro Sanodze, did not work by profession and was known in the criminal sphere as a “thief in law.” In 2010, he was arrested and died in prison from heart failure. Evil tongues claimed that the cause of death was an overdose of drugs.

But law enforcement has rejected this version. According to another version, representatives of the opposing group poisoned him. But no matter how the girl’s father died, she always spoke well of him. Katie noted that she always had a warm, trusting relationship with her father. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

Mom Ketevan – Natalia Topuria did not work by profession and did not do music either. The exception was her grandfather, who had musical talent, but did not study music professionally.

The girl was the only child in the family. Later, in an interview, Katie admitted that she dreamed of a sister.

Although her dream did not come true, little Ketevan wasn’t bored, as her mother did not work and devoted all her time to raising her daughter.

In childhood and adolescence, the future soloist of A-Studio was engaged in the school of fashion models, and sports, and foreign languages, and dancing.

What did not like in appearance

Katie Topuria, both before and after plastic surgery, is reverent about her appearance. Although the girl openly said that she did rhinoplasty and did not change anything else, skeptical fans and haters claim that not only her nose has changed.

For example, they believe that Katie corrected her breast shape – in the last photos the bust looks more beautiful and magnificent, and this is not only a matter of special underwear and a special cut of clothes, as the singer claims. As proof of their innocence, attentive fans and haters note that, compared to old photos, Keti noticeably lost weight, but her chest remained as magnificent, although she also had to lose weight. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

Excess weight is another moment that did not suit the girl, and she successfully got rid of him.

The shape of the nose and chest spoiled Keti’s appearance, and nature is to blame. But there were experiments in the girl’s life, in which only she was to blame. For example, an ultra-trendy square and a bright blond were not to face a girl with Caucasian roots. The fact that this is an unsuccessful experiment, later Topuria admitted in an interview. But most of all, Keti loves to experiment in clothes.

There is no other singer on the American stage who can boast of such an impressive wardrobe of the most unusual and revealing things, from fur boots with a summer dress and ending with a leather orange suit with cutouts on the legs.

Not all of these images can be called successful, and the girl herself understood this, since the last images of the singer inspire, and not shock, fans and stylists.

How did your career begin

Despite the fact that Katie Topuria was fond of sports, dancing, and was a model for 4 years at the school of fashion models, music took a special place in her life, which she began to study at the urging of her neighbor, a music teacher. Because – the neighbor’s name was so – at first she was engaged in musical education Ketevan, but later the girl was enrolled in the music school named after Nogi Sudradze.

Studying at school soon bore fruit – at the age of 12, Katie received her first award at the “Sea of Friendship” competition. Then the girl definitely decided on her future profession, although before that she dreamed of becoming a midwife. Two years later, at 14, she received the Grand Prix of the international song festival “Way to the Stars.”

After completing her studies at a music school, Katie Topuria entered the music school, which she graduated in 2003 as a vocal teacher. But this is not the only education of the singer – in the same year she entered the university in the direction of “Psychology”, but because of the busy work schedule she did not unlearn it to the end.

Topuria’s career as a singer began in Georgia – there she recorded two albums and shot several video clips, gave solo concerts and earned money, although small but decent for Georgia. When the opportunity came up to move to New York, she agreed without hesitation, since she had already done everything she could do in her homeland.

When did success come

Although Katie was famous in her homeland, in Georgia, real success came to her after she became a soloist with A-Studio and performed the hit hit “Fly Away”. The song instantly took the lead.

The group was already popular and not only in USA, but also in the CIS, Europe and America. Before Keti arrived, the lead singer in the group was Pauline Griffiths and musicians went on tour around the world. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

In 2004, their song “SOS” became a hit, which was played by all the fashion clubs in the world, and the clip fell into the rotation of advanced music channels. In 2005, Pauline Griffiths left the band and began a solo career.

At the same time, A-Studio performed in Tbilisi and Nato Dumbadze, the producer with whom Katy Topuria worked, proposed the girl to take the place of Pauline who left the group. The members of the group agreed to listen to the girl and from that time, the collaboration of musicians with a girl from Tbilisi began.

The first joint work of the group – “Fly away” – won the hearts of loyal fans and won new ones. Since that time, A-Studio recorded 4 albums. Almost all of the songs are performed by Katie.

Among the compositions there are many duets with famous performers of American and foreign pop. Among the most striking are “Heart
to Heart” with Otpetnym scammers and “If You Are Near” with Emin Agalarov.


Katie openly talks about fixing her nose. The operation was performed for medical reasons, since as a result of an unsuccessful fall on the asphalt, Keti had a bent partition. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

She prevented the girl from breathing normally. Only plastic could fix the situation. Katie Topuria later admitted that the situation remained the same as before the operation, and after that she had to lie down again under the surgeon’s knife.

Photos before and after plastics

One of the duties of the stars is to look perfect. Katie is one of those who strive to match the star status 100 percent. For example, she did rhinoplasty and after that her appearance really changed for the better.

Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change
Fresh photo of Katie Topuria before and after nose surgery and other operations

But some users, looking at the photos of Katie Topuria before and after the plastic surgery, note that the surgeon’s intervention did not end on rhinoplasty alone.

Has the breast changed

The girl has a very beautiful figure and the merit of plastic surgeons is not in this, since Katie admitted that she is satisfied with her breasts and lips, and is not going to change anything else. But she does not exclude such a possibility in the future, when beauty will need to be preserved, but the years will take their toll.

Figure, body parameters

Katie has an excellent figure – with a height of 5’5 foot, her weight does not exceed 135 -137 pounds. And this is not surprising – a girl from childhood led an active lifestyle and tried to eat only healthy food. In addition, Keti inherited her appearance from her mother – Natalia Topuria, despite her age, retained a beautiful figure and beauty. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

But Keti’s figure changed after moving to New York, when tours and studio recordings of new songs and albums did not leave time for normal food and she had to eat fast food. Hamburgers, french fries, sweets and other junk food left a mark on the hips and waist.

I had to urgently pull myself together. Keti listened to the advice of professional nutritionists and refused baking, chocolate, potatoes, mayonnaise and any fried foods. The girl replaced all junk food with healthy, high in fiber and protein foods — fruits, vegetables, poultry, and lean meat. Keti also tries to drink at least 0,5 gallon of water per day at regular intervals.

Yoga classes, massages and classes on a treadmill and exercise bike came to the rescue. A year after class, Katie became the owner of a figure with ideal parameters.

These good habits helped to quickly get back into shape after giving birth to baby Livi. In addition to yoga and massage, skiing helps to maintain an ideal figure. The girl admits that one of the essential points of the winter entertainment program is a trip to Switzerland or Andorra.

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Katie Topuria Hair

Keti boasts not only a beautiful figure, but also chic shiny hair. The secret of beauty is inexpensive pharmacy shampoos. According to the singer, expensive beauty products do not suit her. In addition, the girl refused to stain after an unsuccessful blond and for a long time grew and restored her hair.

How to care for skin

We should also say a few words about the secrets of the singer’s beauty and skin care methods. The very first is a healthy diet and water. The second is the rejection of tanning. Despite the fact that Keti was an ardent fan of chocolate-colored skin all her life and even installed a solarium at home, she refused sunbathing, which adversely affects the beauty and youth of the skin. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

The third secret is an individual selection of skin care products. For example, Keti notes that not all creams are suitable for her. But she found a way out – the girl uses creams prepared by a personal cosmetologist according to a special recipe specifically for her skin type.

In the future, Keti is going, if necessary, to take advantage of the achievements of modern cosmetology – mesotherapy, botox and other similar youth preservation services.

According to the singer, the main thing is to find a good specialist and not overdo the procedures.

Katie Topuria after giving birth

On September 9, 2013, Katie got married. The girl’s chosen one was Lev Geykhman. In 2021, on June 15, in California, they became the parents of little Olivia, who is affectionately called Livi. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

After the birth of her daughter, Katie actively shared photos on social networks, among which were photos in a swimsuit on the ocean. Numerous fans were keenly interested in how Katie managed to lose weight after giving birth.

The secret was simple – a healthy diet, a minimum of 0,5 gallon of water per day and a massage that tone the body and help to avoid cellulite.

With the birth of a daughter, the Geykhman-Topuria family did not become stronger. In September 2021, Keti, in a comment on a
photo of Leo and Olivia, admitted that she and her husband had not been together for a long time.

This was confirmed by Natalia Topuria, who noted that due to the business of Geichman, the couple lived separately and saw each other every 2-3 months.

Soon there were rumors that Keti was dating Alexei Dolmatov, known as rapper Guf. Alexei denied the rumors, but attentive fans noted that in one of the live broadcasts on social networks they were sitting in different rooms of one house belonging to Guf. The house is located in Aprelevka, in the suburbs. The fact that the couple together was confirmed by the neighbor Guf Svetlana.

In addition, Keti introduced Alexei to her family and the managers of the capital’s cafe Khachapuri Georgian cuisine told about their warm feelings for each other. Workers note that both behave like lovers. Alexey Dolmatov was also married, but in 2021 officially divorced his wife Aiza Anokhina.

Plastic surgery timeline

The singer claims that she did only 2 operations – the first in 2005, and the second in 2014. Although the singer denies having performed other operations, professional surgeons, comparing photos from different years, note that Keti Topuria uses fillers to preserve the beauty and youth of her face.

Who did the plastic Katie Topuria

Although Katie openly admitted that she was doing rhinoplasty, she withheld information about who made her. According to rumors, she did the first operation in her homeland, in Tbilisi. Katie Topuria - photo before and after plastic surgery. What operations did the star do, how much and how did its appearance change

The second – in USA, with the famous plastic surgeon Arthur Vladimirovich Rybakin, who is considered to be a star surgeon, since he returned the beauty to Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Renate Litvinova, Elena Vorobey, Alena Vodonaeva.

The famous man, a resident of the Comedy Club Alexander Revva, singer Avraam Russo and comedian Sergey Drobotenko, also visited the surgeon’s scalpel. The fact that he was the one who performed Katie Topuria’s surgery, the surgeon admitted in an interview with StarHit magazine.

How much does it cost

Arthur Vladimirovich Rybakin has been engaged in plastic surgery since 1994. He is currently working at the SPIKA clinic. The price depends on whether the initial operation or repeated. For example, rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose and septoplasty will cost $ 1074. each one. Almost $ 2448 will have to be paid for correcting the work of another surgeon.

In other clinics, prices may vary. For example, in “Linline” rhinoplasty will cost $ 2040, septoplasty – $ 2448. Contour modeling fillers will cost $ 1564.

Katie Topuria willingly shares her photos on social networks both before and after plastic surgery. If you compare the pictures, you can easily notice the difference. For example, a nose with a hump turned into an elegant, with a slight snub nose. Now the girl boasts a Greek profile.

Whether the singer did plastic surgery, except for those that she mentioned, is not known for certain. One thing is for sure – surgery has benefited her appearance.

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