How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

When the hair loses its beauty, vitality, becomes unpleasantly dry, naughty – you need to urgently take action, moisturize and restore the strands. Otherwise, you will have to cut the damaged hair. What tools and procedures to choose, to understand, at first glance, is not easy. It is necessary to determine the cause and individually select treatment at home.

Why hair becomes dry and ends are split

Health problems, poor nutrition, poor care, excessive staining, drying with a hairdryer, and the use of inappropriate cosmetics are the main causes of dry locks and split ends.

Additional reasons can be hot weather, constant exposure to the sun with an uncovered head, an unfavorable environment and the use of certain medications.

How to find out that your hair needs hydration

You can determine the condition of the hair yourself. You need to pass a strand through your fingers, squeeze a little near the tips and examine them. If it is noticeable that roughness has appeared on some hairs, the tips are bifurcated, then a disappointing diagnosis can be made – the strands are dried out. After combing, you can also remove several hairs from the brush.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

Examine them carefully: are there any breaks, forked ends. Next, put a couple of them in cold water and watch: if they float on the surface, it means that they are well moistened, saturated with sebum.

Otherwise, when the hairs swell and sink to the bottom of the tank, this indicates serious problems. Healthy strands are always obedient. The dry ones get confused, it is impossible to lay them the way you want.

Intensive moisturizing products purchased

Suitable high-quality cosmetics can quickly repair damaged strands, eliminate dryness and prevent the appearance of bifurcated ends. Hair will come to life, become elastic and strong.

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Shampoos: overview, prices

How to moisturize hair at home and provide preventive treatment for split ends will help you choose the right shampoo. The composition should include many natural ingredients, vegetable oils, herbal extracts. Mandatory presence of hair shaft replenishing agents – silk proteins, keratin, panthenol.

Acid balance, pH should not go beyond 2.5 to 3 units:

  • Natura Siberia “Protection and Nutrition” – a shampoo designed to restore damaged hair. It completely lacks SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate – a foaming substance that is the most destructive drying agent in cosmetics. There are no harmful sulfates here. Only neutral and healthy natural ingredients are present. Its cost is up to $ 4,76.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

  • L’Oreal Elseve “Luxury 6 oils” restores the lost beauty of the strands, moisturizes and makes them obedient. It is suitable for different types of hair, contains natural and rare oils – lotus and tiare flowers, in addition to the usual flaxseed and sunflower. The effect on the hair is complex, one ingredient not only complements, but enhances the effect of another. This shampoo can be successfully used to resuscitate dried strands and further prevention. Cost – up to $ 2,86.
  • Vichy DERCOS Nutritional-Restoring . It is specifically designed for hair experiencing excessive stress as a result of frequent dyeing. It uses natural ingredients in the form of nourishing oils, dimethicone. The impact is aimed at restoring the hair shaft, eliminating dryness, preventing brittleness. The use of this cosmetic product is not always recommended, only during the treatment course. Cost – $ 9,52. Despite such an impressive amount, shampoo consumption is economical.

Masks and balms: names, cost

Balms, masks must be present in the rehabilitation course of moisturizing hair. They saturate the hair rods with useful substances, making them strong, elastic. These cosmetics contain a powerful complex of natural nutritional components that cannot be used in shampoos.

For instance:

  • Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner Balm . It does not contain substances that prevent the natural penetration of oxygen into the cells of the hair shaft – parabens and silicone. It contains argan oil, which contributes to the elasticity, softness, lightness of the strands. High cost – $ 9,52. – It is compensated by profitability when using.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

  • Mask Revlon Professional Pro You Nutritive Mask . The set of ingredients is extensive – panthenol, wheat germ extract, ceramide. This gives the curls a bright shine, actively moisturizes, corrects damage. The manufacturer focuses on the use of this product for dyed, hair-dried, permed hair. Price – $ 14. for 0,1 gallon

Sprays and serums: description, prices

How to moisturize hair at home quickly, without spending time on lengthy procedures, serum manufacturers know for sure. These products are available in convenient packaging in the form of sprays, designed to moisturize and protect the strands from external adverse effects.

They compensate for damage caused by the hair shaft during hot styling. In addition, they may have fixing properties. They are easy to apply and do not need to be washed off. With complex care complement the healing effect of shampoos and balms.

Promote quick hair treatment: How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Liquid Silk . Express air conditioning . The most affordable and at the same time high-quality product. The restoration of the strands is unusually fast. Hair becomes obedient, does not get out of styling. One of the main advantages is the prevention of tangling curls, easy combing. It contains natural apricot oil, liquid keratin. The only drawback is that it is completely unsuitable for oily hair. The cost of $ 3,94.
  • Estel Curex Therapy Biphasic Spray Lotion Intensive Recovery . Suitable for urgent restoration of the dried strands. Soothes and moisturizes flying and too lush curls. It can be used constantly for prevention. Gives silkiness, softness to the hair immediately, as it quickly penetrates the hair shaft. Helps in styling hairstyles. Contains avocado oil, keratins. Cost – $ 4,9.

Moisturizing hair with folk remedies: recipes and instructions

To moisturize hair, women have successfully used natural oils since ancient Egypt and Greece. Folk methods for caring for withered and damaged tips cost almost nothing.

The ingredients for masks can be found in any refrigerator and first-aid kit. The cost of herbs, oils compared to cosmetics in the store and procedures in the beauty salon is tens of times less.

Hot wrap for dry hair

Hot wrap helps restor
e hair structure, smoothing scales, strengthening the rods. Oils used for wrapping are saturated with vitamins, nutrients. As a result, shine, elasticity, smoothness, silkiness appear.

Useful oils for different types of hair:

Dry type Normal with dry ends Bold with dry ends
Argan Hemp Castor
Flaxseed Cocoa Sea buckthorn
Coconut Camellias Wheat germ
Olive Coconut Calendula

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

A small amount of oil will be required, depending on the length of the hair. It must be heated in a water bath using a ceramic bowl. Then apply to the scalp, soak their hair. With the fatty type, the composition is applied exclusively to the strands. The head should be wrapped with polyethylene and a warm towel.

It is enough to hold the oil mask for 25 to 60 minutes. Try to keep warm as long as possible by changing heated towels. It is better to carry out this procedure a couple of hours before a night’s rest, so as not to catch a cold when going outside.

There are contraindications for hot wrapping:

  • Colds, fever.
  • Hypertension.
  • Allergy.
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  • Dermatological problems.
  • Too much warming of the head can cause unpleasant sensations – nausea, weakness caused by vasodilation. With this sensitivity, do not heat the oil and towels very much.

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Moisturizing hair masks at home

How to moisturize hair at home, and to give it shine, you can natural masks from simple and affordable ingredients. They should be done a couple of times a week before washing your hair.

The composition of masks usually includes vegetable oils, herbal infusions, plant juices, vegetables:

  • You need to warm up a small amount of burdock oil and mix it with aloe juice. Distribute this mixture along the entire length of the hair. Keep for about 2 hours under a special hat and towel. Then rinse off using shampoo. If the conditioner is constantly used, then be sure to apply it on the strands. Rinse ringlets better not with water, but with a herbal decoction.
How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home
One way to hydrate your hair is with a nourishing mask.
  • Grind avocados until mashed. It should be applied only on dry ends, wrapped in polyethylene. For the therapeutic effect, 40 minutes will be enough. After you need to wash off the mask with shampoo.
  • Grate carrot on a fine grater, mix with any suitable oil. Dry hair should be treated to its full length. You need to act more carefully, carrot juice gives a persistent yellow skin color.

Rinsing dry hair with herbs

Decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants nourish the scalp, normalize the sebaceous glands. Applying rinsing regularly, you can eliminate dryness, brittle hair. The effect is comparable to the action of expensive shampoos, conditioners, sprays.

Herbs should be selected based on their beneficial properties:

  • Linden softens strands well.
  • Thyme, lemon balm, chamomile restore the damaged structure.
  • White clover, calendula soothe dry scalp, has a good effect on the entire hair shaft.
  • Catnip helps fight split ends.

In no case should nettles be used. This plant is only useful for oily hair and helps to dry it. Dry herbal mixture is poured with boiling water and left for several hours. The broth must be boiled over low heat or in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. The prepared infusion should be diluted in 1 – 2 pint of water and rinsed with hair after washing.

Bee honey from dryness

Honey helps to get rid of brittleness, cross-section of the tips. Its healing properties are undeniable: in addition to vitamins and minerals, it contains valuable enzymes.

It is able to soften even the toughest strands:

  • A couple of tablespoons mix honey with 1 tablespoon. almond oil and apple cider vinegar. The ends of the hair are soaked for 30 minutes with this mixture. Then everything is washed off with water.
  • In half a cup of kefir they interfere with 1 teaspoons. honey and yeast. The mixture needs to be infused for 20 minutes. After which it is necessary to stir and moisten only hair with it. Cover with polyethylene and wrap with a woolen scarf. After 25 minutes rinse with a mild moisturizing shampoo.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

  • You need to mix the yolk, 1 teaspoons. almond oil and 1 tablespoon honey steamed in a water bath. This warm mixture covers the hair completely, wraps your head. Wash off after 1.5 hours with herbal broth.

Fermented milk recipes

Sour-milk products are indispensable for hair care with dry tips. Ordinary kefir is able to restore the acid-base balance and the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Restores, moisturizes and nourishes damaged strands – acts comprehensively:

  • Dry tips are dipped in yogurt or kefir of high fat content. Wrap in polyethylene and leave for an hour. Then rinse with a special shampoo for dry hair.
  • Fat cream and 2 times less oil of wheat germ should be mixed, rubbed into t
    he ends of the hair. Wrap your head and leave for 2 hours. Wash off with mild shampoo.
  • Stir 3 tablespoon. burdock oil, yolk and a glass of kefir. Distribute along the entire length of the strands, keep for an hour. Rinse off the composition with plain water with the addition of a herbal decoction.

Essential oils

How to moisturize hair at home, and to achieve a radiant shine will help essential oils. They are a powerful concentrate of useful volatile substances that positively affect the state of the body as a whole. Using them only for hair, you can strengthen your health.

These oils are used, dissolving in various useful mixtures, adding no more than 5 drops per 1 tablespoon. Procedures should be carried out once a week, the effect will become noticeable after 20 days. This time is necessary to replace the epithelial cells of the surface of the scalp.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

The use of essential oils has contraindications – individual intolerance, allergy.

You should be careful, first check the reaction of the body. Apply a drop of oil to the inside of the elbow or wrist. If after a few hours there are no spots, swelling, itching, burning, then the tool can be used. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there are other reactions of the body, nasal congestion, shortness of breath.

In this case, the essential oil should never be used, and it is better not to store it at home:

  • To eliminate dryness, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, geranium are suitable. It should be abandoned clove oil, it dries oily hair.
  • A few drops of oil can be added to your favorite shampoo. This mixture needs to be prepared in small portions, it can be stored for no more than a month.
  • Another way is to rinse your hair after washing with water with a couple of drops of a suitable ether.
  • The problem of dry tips can be easily solved if burdock, almond oil, which will serve as the basis, is mixed with any suitable essential oil. A quick positive effect can be achieved by preparing a composition of esters of chamomile and jojoba.

Gelatin masks

A mask with gelatin is able to replace the expensive procedure for laminating hair in a beauty salon, if done regularly. The composition of gelatin includes a large amount of collagen and proteins. It has the ability to envelop each hair, creating a thin nourishing film on its surface. Restores shine, elasticity, smoothness.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

Easy to rinse, protects hair from the adverse effects of a hair dryer, curling iron:

  • 1 tablespoon gelatin is dissolved in 3 large tablespoons of water, pour 1 teaspoons. apple cider vinegar. The mixture is heated in a water bath so that the lumps of gelatin soften and dissolve. Essential oil can be added to the mask. It is applied along the entire length of the hair, lasts a little more than half an hour.
  • To the composition of gelatin and water are mixed 2 teaspoons. almond oil. Keep on your head should be 45 minutes.
  • The gelatin mass is mixed with any moisturizing balm. Then follow the instructions on the packaging of the cosmetic product.

The intake of vitamins. What elements are necessary for healthy hair

Dryness, brittleness, split ends of the hair indicate serious health problems. The lack of vitamins in the body affects the condition of the hairline.

You need to nourish the strands not only from the outside, using masks and cosmetics, but also from the inside. Ensure proper nutrition and replenish the consumption of nutrients by taking nutritional supplements and vitamin complexes.

You should pay attention to the most important vitamin ingredients:

  1. Vitamin F – eliminates the dryness of the skin and strands, improves their structure, smoothing and smoothing the surface, preventing the appearance of split ends, stratified ends.
  2. Vitamin E or tocopherol – protects hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, preventing them from drying out in hot summer weather.
  3. Vitamin B9 or folic acid – positively affects cell metabolism, restoring the hair rods.
    How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home
  4. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid – restores the structure of hair rods, contributing to the active growth of new cells.

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Comprehensive hydration of hair after lightening, dyeing: methods, rules, instructions

Chemical staining negatively affects the structure of hair rods.

Especially strongly negative effect when lightening strands:

  • To soften and give a natural shine to damaged permanent hair coloring, you can use constant care, the use of suitable shampoo, balms and conditioners.
  • First of all, you should abandon the constant use of a hair dryer. A hot stream of dry air injures the hair shaft. In an extreme case, when there is no way to abandon this procedure, try to dry the strands with a warm air stream for a short time. Better they will be slightly moist, under-dried.
  • Trim dry tips as they grow. It promotes healthy hair growth.
  • For combing, it is better to choose brushes with natural bristles, wooden combs. They massage the scalp well without damaging its surface. Evenly distribute sebum along the entire length of the hair.

How to moisturize hair after lightening, dyeing. Folk remedies, oils, balms at home

  • In the hot summer, especially on the beach, try to hide the painted curls under a light scarf or hat. Do not allow them to be exposed to the sun for too long. This can not only change the color, but also dry out the strands.

Regular masks, hot oil wraps, rinsing with herbal infusions will help maintain a lively shine and beautiful color of curls. With their help, it is possible to completely prevent the negative effects of staining, moisturize and well nourish.

Hair can be successfully restored without unnecessary costs and lengthy procedures in beauty salons.

Simple procedures can be perfectly handled at home.

Video about moisturizing hair after lightening

Hair restoration:

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