How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home

The formation of fatty deposits on the body of a man or woman is facilitated by various factors of everyday life. As a rule, this is sedentary work, lack of regular physical activity and improper nutrition. To make the waist thin and remove the stomach is quite possible at home, if you approach the process of losing weight correctly.

Ways to lose weight in the waist and abdomen

Before you start implementing the goal and start losing weight, you need to find the preferred way:

  1. Exercise in the gym. The trainer will select an individual program of exercises that will effectively act on problem areas.
  2. Exercises at home. It is important to choose a program that will include aerobics, cardio, and weight training.

  3. Balanced diet.
    How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
    To make the waist thinner, remove the abdomen and sides for a week, you can adhere to a proper and balanced diet.
  4. Alternative techniques. This includes massages, a variety of body wraps for problem areas, weekly baths, scrubs, and slimming belts.

Each of the methods has advantages and disadvantages. Significant results in a short time can be achieved by combining all the techniques.

How to reduce the waist and abdomen without losing volume in the hips

In order for the figure to be with beautiful bends, it is necessary to reduce the waist, while maintaining the roundness of the hips. To cope with this task is possible. Waist narrowing occurs due to a decrease in the amount of fat in this area.

Exercise alone is not enough:

  1. Refusal to use harmful products.
  2. Eat less, gradually reducing the portion to 80% of its normal size.
  3. You need to calculate the required number of calories and adhere to this diet.
  4. Increase the amount of protein food.
  5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Include marine fish, nuts, linseed oil in the diet.
  7. Before a meal, drink a glass of water to reduce hunger.

Cardio exercises will help reduce waist and abdomen:

  • dancing;
  • aerobics;
  • swimming;
  • bicycle riding.

It is enough to do a couple of times a week for 30-40 minutes.

Principles of training to reduce abdomen and waist

The diet will not be effective if the abdominal muscles do not receive stress.

To reduce the waist, there are certain principles that must be followed:

  • physical exercises are comprehensively performed no more than 4 times a week;
  • use of cardio workouts;
  • compliance with the drinking regime; How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
  • the presence of a meal schedule;
  • compliance with the regime of the day.

Such exercises as “plank”, twisting and push-ups from the floor will help to remove the stomach and make the waist thinner.

Gym Exercise: Weekly Schedule

Classes in the gym provide an opportunity to pump all the muscles.

Women who want to have a flat stomach and aspen waist are interested in training abdominal muscles:

  1. It will take a projectile “incline bench.” Adjust the tilt of the simulator by 30 degrees, lie down, place your hands on the chest. Perform incomplete twists without lifting the lower back. For both sides do 20 repetitions.
  2. Workout on the uneven bars. Initial posture – legs lowered, resting on forearms. Bend your legs, lift to the torso until a right angle is formed. The pose is fixed for 20-25 seconds. Perform 15 repetitions in 3 circles.
  3. On the projectile “incline bench” perform twisting. Hands are behind the head. The elbow must touch the opposite knee.
  4. Need a crossover simulator. Get on your knees, left side to the simulator. Take the upper block in your left hand. Pull the block down with force, while slightly bending the body. Turn right side. You must complete 4 circles of 20 repetitions.
  5. It is done using a crossover. Move a foot away from the projectile. Become sideways. Spread your legs. Hands to grasp the lower block of the simulator. Squatting, lowering it, and raising your arms to pull in the opposite direction from the projectile diagonally upwards. Change side. 4 circles of 20 repetitions.

The complex is recommended to be performed 1 time in 7 days. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect – to pump up the muscles of the abdomen, which will make the waist thicker.

Before training, you need to do a warm-up to exclude sprains and muscles.

Top 5 exercises with gym equipment

How to make the waist thinner and remove the stomach with sports equipment is of interest to many visitors to the gym.

To weight exercises, you can use dumbbells, elastic tape, a barbell and other equipment:

  1. H Parts Required equipment – dumbbells. Exercise is performed on the shell of a Roman chair. To take the correct position, the legs should be under the rollers. Dumbbells to raise the level of the head. Make movements up and down the torso. 3 circles 12 times.
  2. Slopes with weighting. Legs apart. Lay one hand behind the head. In another hold a dumbbell. Make inclines. Make 17 times the slopes left and right. 3 laps. How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
  3. Knee-to-chest lift with elastic band. Leg in the middle of the gum, the edges in the hands. When lifting, the leg comes into contact with the hands, when lowering the arms are retracted in the opposite direction. The tension should be maximum. 4 laps 15 times.
  4. Bench press lying. Take a lying position on a bench. Feet put on the floor, they act as a support. On inspiration, the bar is removed from the holder and lowered to the chest, while exhaling – rises. Do 15 repetitions.
  5. Deadlift. Put the barbell on the floor. During execution, the back should be flat, legs apart. On inspiration, the projectile rises; on exhalation, it drops to impact on the floor surface.

How to clean your stomach at home: weekly schedule

Those who do not have the opportunity to attend fitness clubs or gyms want to know how to make the waist thinner and remove the belly at home. It is enough to give classes 30-40 minutes to achieve a result.

Classes need to start with a warm-up:

  1. Jumping rope. 5 minutes of jumping, 1 minute of rest. Repeat thrice.
  2. Running on the spot. Bend your elbows in your arms, put on a waist level. Simulated running. The movements are fast, rhythmic. Work half a minute, rest as much. Run 7 times.
  3. Boxing. Take the position of the boxer – spread your legs, keep your hands with your hands clenched in a fist in the chest area. Make rhythmic movements with your hands forward, as when beating a punching bag. Exercise lasts 30 seconds, and then rest for 15-20 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  4. Bike with straight legs. Perform lying down. Cross your arms behind your head. Simulate riding a bicycle by straightening your legs, while raising the body and
    trying to reach your opposite leg with your elbow. Perform 40 seconds, 20 rest. Do 3 repetitions.
  5. Horizontal run. Lie on the floor. Raise the body, leaning on outstretched arms. Feet to make movements, as during a run. Work 30 seconds, rest as much. Repeat 7 times.
  6. Raising legs and arms . Take a position on all fours. Raise the opposite arm and leg at the same time. Then switch sides. Repeat 30 seconds for each side, break 15 seconds. Repeat again.
  7. Side jumps. Feet folded together. Put your hands on your belt. Jump to the sides. The lesson lasts 30 seconds, after which it rests for 15-20 seconds. Repeat thrice.
  8. Abduction of legs in a plank position. Take the plank position. Reliance on arms bent at the elbows. Alternately make movements with each foot to the side. 45 seconds to complete, 15 seconds to rest. Repeat at least 5 times.
  9. Rotate your hands in a plank position . The starting position is a bar with outstretched arms. Raise each hand in turn, making a limb in a circular motion. 45 seconds to work, 15 seconds to rest.
  10. The bike . Lie on your back. Put your hands behind your head. Raise your legs, make movements as if riding a bicycle. In this case, the body is rotated in the opposite direction from the raised leg. How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home

To study the problem areas, it is enough to perform exercises 3-4 times a week. Performing a full range of exercises daily can lead to pumping of the abdominal and waist muscles, which will make it even wider.

Effective exercises for a thin waist at home

To reduce the waist at home, you can use exercises that promote pumping oblique muscles of the abdomen:

  1. Turns the body in a half-sitting position. Sit on the floor. Raise your legs and bend at the knees, put your feet on the floor. Clasp your hands into a “lock” on your chest. Rotate the housing to the sides, touching the elbows of the floor. Repeat 15 times in 3 circles.
  2. Tilts forward and sideways. Spread legs wide, arms raise up. Make a slope to the left, forward, right. For weighting, you can use dumbbells. Repeat 3 times 15 times.

 How to remove the sides with training at home

Extra inch on the sides worry many women.

You can get rid of them with the help of simple exercises:

  1. Bends to the side with dumbbell. Spread your legs wide, put one hand behind your head, and take a dumbbell in the other. Tilt to the side. Perform 15 times for each side in 3 circles. How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
  2. Mill. Spread legs wide. Raise your right hand up, make inclinations, reaching with your left hand to the fingers of your left foot. Change position. Repeat 15 times for each side in 3 sets.

Best exercises for a comprehensive workout

Comprehensive training will not only remove extra inch from the waist and abdomen, but will also strengthen other muscle groups:

  1. Strap. To perform, you need to lie on your stomach, resting on outstretched arms and toes. Abdominal muscles need to be strained. Stay in position – for beginners 15-20 seconds with a subsequent increase in time. Rest for 15-20 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times. Exercise can be complicated, for example, add the abduction of the legs to the side or pull the knees to the chest.
  2. Twisting . Lie on your stomach, arms behind your head, legs bent at the knees. To lift the body – with your left elbow reach for the right knee and vice versa. Do 15 times for each side in 3 sets.
  3. Swing feet. Legs are slightly apart, arms are raised above the head. Raise each leg as high as possible, while lowering your arms, trying to touch your legs. Movements should be rhythmic. 15-20 reps for each leg. 3 approaches.
  4. Press . Lie on the floor. Beginners can bend their knees. Keep your hands behind your head. Raise the body up, trying to reach the knees. You can perform a direct swing of the press or alternate it with twisting. Perform 20 times in 2 sets.

How effective is hula hoop torsion

An effective tool to combat body fat on the waist and abdomen is torsion of a hoop. For a noticeable result, you need to twist the hula hoop daily. You need to start classes from 5 minutes. Every week, the training time increases, after 2-3 months, the duration of continuous training should be 40-45 minutes. How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home

Classes can be divided into 2 parts – morning and evening, although experts believe that this method is less effective. When the hula hoop rotates, the direction changes every 5 minutes. You need to do daily. For menstruation, it is necessary to use a light hoop.

With the right hoop selected, the result of classes is visible after 2 weeks.

Surgical methods to reduce abdomen in the waist

How to make the waist thinner and remove the stomach quickly, without exhausting training and refusal to eat, excites many women who monitor their appearance. Often losing weight girls are faced with another problem – sagging skin of the abdomen after leaving extra pounds.

To solve this problem, plastic surgery methods will help:

  1. Liposuction – removal of subcutaneous fat. The method is suitable for young people or middle-aged people whose muscles have not lost elasticity. It is used when sports and diets do not bring results.
  2. Abdominoplasty – cutting off excess saggy skin on the abdomen. Suitable for people who immediately lost a lot of weight, and the skin is not elastic enough. How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
  3. Removal of 11 and 12 pairs of ribs . A complex and expensive operation that has a number of life-threatening complications. It is used extremely rarely.

It is not worth hoping that after liposuction or abdominoplasty the result will remain unchanged. If you do not follow the figure and nutrition, you can return to the preoperative state.

Principles of nutrition in sports

Physical activity is effective only in conjunction with a healthy diet. Do not resort to strict diets.

When losing weight you can not:

  • roast;
  • sweets and bakery products;
  • salt and sugar;
  • non-natural products – chips, fast food, mayonnaise and others;
  • oily;
  • black tea and coffee;
  • alcohol.

When losing weight you need:

  • eat more fruits and vegetables;
  • steam or stew;
  • eat turkey and chicken;
  • add porridge to the menu;
  • drink 0,5 gallon of pure water per day.

It is important to observe a diet, to exclude snacks. The last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime.

Expert advice: how to keep the result

The achieved result can be saved if you follow some tips:

  • eat freshly prepared dishes;
  • Do not violate the drinking regime;
  • a break between meals should be at least 4 hours;
  • get enough sleep; How to make the waist thinner, remove the stomach and sides in a week. A set of exercises at home
  • must have breakfast;
  • Do not neglect sports at least 2 times a week.

You can make a thin waist and remove your stomach both at home and in a fitness club or gym. Do not forget about the principles of PP, without which fat burning will be ineffective.

In order for the figure to be slim, you always need to control nutrition and exercise.

Video on how to make the waist thinner and remove the stomach

How to quickly remove the stomach:

Flat stomach in 2 and a half weeks:

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