How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

One of the main advantages of a female figure is an elegant thin waist, to achieve which it is necessary to perform various kinds of exercises, not every girl can boast of it. To achieve it, you just need to adhere to the tips and recommendations below.

Ideal waist size in women, depending on height and body type

It is impossible to accurately say the ideal parameters of the body based solely on growth. In this case, everything is purely individual, because people are completely different and they look different. But nevertheless, there is a table with information about the approximate waist size regarding growth, which you can focus on.

Height, inch Waist Size, inch
149-150 55
150-152 56
152-154 57
154-156 58
156-158 59
158-162 60
162-164 61
164-166 62
166-168 63
168-170 64
170-172 65
172-174 66
174-176 67
176-178 68
178-180 69
180-182 70
182-184 71
184-186 72
186-188 73

Based on the information in the table, it is necessary to set a goal and stock up perseverance in order to achieve the cherished figure on a inch soon.

There are many different types of shapes. For example, such a type as “Apple” does not have a slender waist at all, on the contrary, all fat is usually deposited just in the abdomen.

Here is a little discussion of how the type of figure can influence the formation of the waist:

  • Apple, it was mentioned earlier. This type of figure is the absence of a pronounced waist, any graceful bends in the figure, legs are often thin. In the presence of excess weight, fat is mainly deposited in the abdomen and chest. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet
  • Pear. The owner of this type look very feminine. Most body fat accumulates in the hips and legs, but the waist always remains slim.
  • Rectangle. It can be said the most difficult type of figure to form. The body has no special bends. The waist, chest and hips are almost identical in size.
  • Hourglass. Girls with this type of figure are very lucky. The volume of the hips and shoulders is about the same, the waist is slim. Fat deposits are distributed evenly without settling in only one particular place.
  • Inverted Triangle. This type also can not boast of perfect bends, sometimes, the waist in size can even exceed the volume of the hips.

There are certain frameworks in which you need to “keep” the size of your waist. Women are not recommended to exceed the threshold of 31’5 inch, and men 37 inch (these are far from ideal parameters, but crossing this line is dangerous).

Effective tricks to create a thin waist

To get a beautiful waist, you must adhere to 2 basic rules:

  1. Adjust nutrition.
  2. Perform certain physical exercises.

It sounds pretty easy, but if you don’t approach this business responsibly, you won’t succeed. In this case, the regularity of the actions performed is a very important criterion.

Class preparation

In terms of nutrition, preliminary preparation is needed, because it’s unlikely to just go on a certain diet. Therefore, it is advised to gradually remove harmful products from the daily diet .

How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet
To make a thin waist is not enough exercise, it is also necessary to replace harmful foods with healthy ones

The body will smoothly rebuild and then proper and balanced nutrition will not be able to bring stress to an organism that is not prepared for changes.

Some kind of special preparation before physical exercises to achieve the aspen waist is not required, because basically all the workouts described below are designed for ordinary, physically unprepared women.

A set of fitness exercises for a thin waist at home

The thin waist that so many women desire so much is not always achieved easily.

Often, women who want to achieve a slim figure and exercises that will have to be performed to achieve it cause panic, because usually they have neither time nor the ability to go to the gym, so many people use the alternative replacement for workouts at home, they are free and sometimes they act even better.

Hoop torsion

It will be difficult to achieve a slender waist without the help of this simulator, because the use of a hoop is one of the most common and easy methods of reducing it in volume. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

As an independent “simulator”, he, of course, can do little to help, but if you approach the matter comprehensively, this method can become incredibly effective. Do not think that a 5-minute workout per day will be enough. After all, working with a hoop belongs to the low-intensity form of fitness, and therefore, long-term approaches are necessary to achieve a really good result.

Physically ill-trained women should pay attention to light hoops weighing up to about 3 pounds. In the future, you can gradually add weight up to 6 pounds. The most important thing is that the torsion of a new hoop does not cause discomfort, so it is best to try it immediately in the store, so that you do not regret the useless purchase later.

Do not be afraid of bruises that appear after a couple of trainings with a hula-hoop, this is normal, for beginners it often happens with a habit.

Rope jumping

Skipping rope is one of the most inexpensive and effective weight loss simulators.

How does it affect the body

First of all, the jump rope helps in the formation of a slim figure. With it, you can not only remove the sides and tighten the stomach, but also make the legs more prominent and taut. Also, jumping rope has a positive effect on health and helps to develop willpower. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

Due to the work of the press, buttocks and calf muscles, fat cells begin to be actively burned. Such workouts are highly intense, so a fairly large number of calories are burned in the process, which helps a lot when losing weight.

How to choose a rope

For beginners, it is recommended to buy a rope with wooden handles of anatomical shape, which would easily and conveniently lie in your hand.

How long does it take to jump to achieve a result

It is best to start with 10-15 minutes. slow jumps, gradually increasing time and increasing pace.

In just 15 minutes Medium-intensity hops can burn 200-250 kcal, that is, about 1000 kcal per hour, which is quite a lot.

Do not forget about the technique of jumping. The back must be straight, the elbows at the maximums are close to the body, you need to rotate the rope handles only with your wrists, not using other parts of the hands. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

To reduce the waist in size and in general to bring the figure in proper shape, you need to jump several times a day (you need to work out the jump time yourself, starting from small and gradually increasing, it will be very good if you manage to take at least an hour to train).

The results will not be long in coming and will appear after the first week of training, the stomach will become more and more toned, and the figure as a whole will look much better than before.

Airy twist

A thin waist, the exercises for which you can always do at home, cannot be achieved without an “Air Twist” workout similar to ordinary rope jumping, only it is possible to perform it without using it.

Performing such a training is not very difficult, the technique is quite simple: it is necessary to make a bend with legs bent, while the body must be rotated alternately: either to the right or to the left, in other words, you need to do some lateral twisting in the jump. With this load, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, and it becomes flatter and tighter.


This exercise is good in that it involves not only the waist, but also the entire muscle group, making the figure more toned, while it is very energy-consuming. The study shows that when performing such exercises, fat is burned 2 times more efficiently than when using other strength exercises.

Execution technique

The most important thing during such training is to maintain proper breathing and to follow the correct sequence of exercises. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

  1. You need to squat down, while your hands should rest their palms on the floor.
  2. Then a sharp push is kicked back, in this way the body takes a position as when pushing up.
  3. Again, with a sharp jump, the body returns to its original position.
  4. Next, you immediately need to make an upward jump, while your hands should be above your head, a pop is made in the jump.

This exercise is very important to perform at an accelerated pace and quality. The number of repetitions at a time can be added gradually, starting with a minimum.

Twisting “Bicycle”

Exercise for a thin waist is also “Bicycle”, it is quite famous, but, unfortunately, underestimated. “Bicycle” has many advantages and the most important of them is ease of implementation. With this training, you can tighten the abdominal muscles and minimize the fatty layer of the abdomen, thereby reducing the waist. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

Technique of execution:

  1. Lie down on the mat and press the lower back to it.
  2. Have hands behind your head (a lock should form).
  3. Bend your knees, slightly tear your shoulders off the floor.
  4. Take a deep breath and immediately begin to exhale, as it were, to pedal with your feet in the air, while the left elbow must be brought to the right knee, and the right to the left.

There are several variations of this exercise. You can do it with some complications, for example, using a sports ball (it is necessary to clamp it between the legs), while the muscles tighten even more, thereby working out not only the muscles of the press, but also the inner surface of the thigh.


This exercise is aimed not only at losing weight or reducing the waist, but also at improving, namely, improving the functioning of the spine, because it is the pain in the back that most worries people with low physical activity. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

Technique of execution:

  1. Move to a flat surface, while taking a pose so that the palms and knees are in contact with the floor.
  2. Inhale, exhale sharply and take the main position: the head should be pointing down, the back is arched (as high as possible). It is necessary to stay in this position for 7-10 seconds.
  3. Free your breath and take the initial pose.

Vertical hips

Such an exercise requires some skill, namely a good stretching of the hips and tendons. But no matter how difficult it was at first, everything comes with experience, because this exercise should be given due attention, because it is no less effective than the previous ones.

Technique of execution:

  1. On a flat surface, a pose similar to the English letter “L” is assumed.
  2. Next, you need to tear the hips off the floor, while it is ne
    cessary to stretch your feet up. During execution, the legs should never sway or bend at the knees.

One of the types of slats, which is designed to work out the lateral muscles of the press, and in particular – oblique. Performing these exercises, you can not be afraid that the muscles of the press are pumped, because with them you can only achieve the effect of light relief and harmony. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

Actually, the execution technique differs from the standard strap only in that the side is performed on each side, the supporting arm changes alternately.


A thin waist, the exercises to achieve which are quite simple to perform, cannot be achieved without a bar, because this is an incredibly effective and popular workout that strengthens the muscles of the press very effectively. Although the principles for implementing the bar are quite simple, many still manage to do it wrong. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

It is important to observe the right technique of execution, only then will the effect appear – a flat stomach with a well-designed press.

Technique of execution:

  1. On a flat surface, take a pose similar to the position when push-ups, hands should be bent at the elbows, while forming a right angle.
  2. To press muscles were involved as much as possible, it is necessary to tighten the buttocks (you can not lower them), while holding the body in a straight position throughout the exercise.

Rolling on a fitball

This exercise is similar in execution method and action to the above bar, only it is slightly more advanced.

Technique of execution:

  1. It is necessary to take the position of the bar, putting your hands on the fitball, leaning on it with your elbows.
  2. While holding this position, slowly roll the ball forward and then backward.

Such training helps to work out the abs and back muscles well.

Exercise “vacuum”

The thin waist, exercises for which can be useful not only in losing weight, includes the “Vacuum” workout. It is good because it is designed not only to reduce the waist and stomach, but also to train the suspension of internal organs by massaging them. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

If you make a vacuum for a long time, the stomach can be reduced, thereby the amount of food consumed will become less, which will lead to weight loss without much effort and strict diets.

Technique of execution:

  1. All air is exhaled from the lungs, while the stomach is drawn in.
  2. In this state, you need to linger for 10 seconds.
  3. Then you can breathe in and relax. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet

It is necessary to make a vacuum at least 20 times a day (best of all on an empty stomach), in total this training takes very little time, about 3-5 minutes.

The best developed programs to reduce the waist

It is best to follow your own hand-drawn up program, because not everyone can use strict diets and rigorous training, because each person has a different physical preparation.

What is hard for one is easy for another. All programs aimed at reducing the volume of the waist are similar in their general concept, simply each person can adapt them for themselves, while making the plan individual.

To achieve a slender waist, you must:

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Follow an individual training session, independently composed of the exercises mentioned above.

If you follow these 2 simple rules, the result will not be long in coming.

How to schedule exercise

First you need to understand what exercises will need to be performed to achieve the intended goal, and then decide on their number per week, taking into account the available free time.

For a faster effect, you need to perform exercises often, preferably every day (it is not forbidden to give yourself a day off from stress), but you can not overload the body. Let training be simple, but regular and frequent, then the result will not have to achieve “sweat and blood.” All exercises are best constantly performed in only one specific sequence.

How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, DietThe recording of the achieved results in a diary or in notes on the phone can serve as a very good motivation, it is advisable to take photos and take measurements every day.

Do not forget about nutrition. If before that a person had never eaten correctly and had no idea what it was, then you need to study this topic and, preferably, have a nutrition diary in which you can record the amount of food eaten and its calorie content. There is a very important point in the principles of proper nutrition – you need to consume at least 0,5 gallon of filtered water per day.

Will yoga help to reduce the waist in volume

Yoga is one of the physical practices aimed more at healing the body than at losing weight, but you should not remain silent about the last action, because yoga exercises, with which you can lose weight are quite easy to perform and are not inferior in effectiveness to others.

There are several Asanas (yoga poses) with which you can make the waist more slim:

  1. Staff Pose. You need a network on a flat surface, stretching your legs forward, point your socks at yourself, your back should be straight, chest is open, shoulders are down, eyes are looking forward. Then you need to perform 5-7 cycles of breathing.
  2. Locust Pose. It is carried out while lying on the stomach, hands are clenched into fists, placed under the pelvis, legs are raised, while the shoulders and chin should not be torn off the floor, you need to stay in this position for 10-20 seconds, then breathe in, and you can already lower it with exhalation legs. How to make a thin waist, a beautiful figure. Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Diet
  3. Candle pose. Lie on a flat surface, bend your legs. With the help of the hands, the body and legs must be brought into an upright position, the socks stretch to the top, the hands lie on the floor parallel to each other, the whole body in a straight position, perpendicular to the floor. It is necessary to do 3 cycles of breathing. Then with your palms you need to rest against the lower back and slowly return to the starting position.

Diet as a supp
lement to training

The thin waist, the exercises for which are described above, cannot be achieved without adjusting the nutrition. No matter how you want quick results, you should not resort to radical measures, sit on some kind of rigid diet.

Almost all diets have an effect, but the whole problem is that it is temporary, as soon as the body returns to its usual diet, the entire weight returns, and sometimes even brings with it even more mass than before. A long-term result can only be achieved through a general nutritional adjustment complete with regular exercise.

It is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  1. Refuse flour, fried, smoked, sugary foods and alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  2. Drink at least 0,5 gallon per day. water (this serves not only to activate all life processes, but also to speed up the metabolism).
  3. It is necessary to gradually reduce the size of the eaten portions, this will help to lose weight without stress for the body.
  4. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits.
  5. Do not forget about the use of vitamins.

If a slender body and a thin waist are indeed a dream, then the exercises that will have to be performed will not be a burden. It is necessary to approach the matter responsibly and regularly implement all the above tips, then an elegant waist will become more than just a dream. The most important thing is to show patience and perseverance.

Video on how to make a wasp waist

The correct diet for aspen waist:

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