How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

For every century, the ideals of beauty existed, and in the 21st century, a slim and toned body became fashionable. You can get it in a week.

Experience shows that during this period it is really possible to lose 22 pounds, but often it is dangerous for health, because a sharp decrease in weight causes dysfunctions of organs and systems.

Is it possible to lose 22 pounds per week

The rate of weight loss depends on how much excess weight a person has and whether it has one at all. If so, then the body will give away the excess much easier, because they harm him more than they bring benefits. But the closer the weight is to normal, the slower it leaves, and with low weight, such a mass will not disappear quickly – the body will resist this with all its might. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

For weight loss of 22 pounds or more, you will need:

  • severe dietary restrictions;
  • physical exercise;
  • the correct daily routine;
  • healthy sleep;
  • special procedures.

Contraindications to sharp weight loss

If 22 pounds is divided into 7 days, it turns out that approximately 3 pounds should be lost per day. This is a figure that, with proper, “healthy” weight loss, should go away in 1-2 weeks. From this comes the conclusion that such weight loss can not be called recommended. It brings a lot of stress to the body, and the effect is not always completely preserved.

There are strict contraindications to a sharp drop in mass:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation. Fullness when carrying a child is natural and necessary for the health of the baby. Weight leaves after childbirth, and if it remains, then you should complete the feeding and only then lose weight, otherwise useful substances will not enter the body of the newborn.
  2. Adolescence. During this period, the formation of the body ends, so sudden weight loss can be dangerous. In such years, the option of combating obesity is moderate exercise and proper nutrition.
  3. Climax Women during this period are hormonally unstable, and a rigid diet will only cause stress.
  4. Any diseases and ailments. When a person is sick, his body is weakened and requires a full complex of vitamins, minerals and BZHU. A strict diet robs this and can cause complications. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips
  5. Unstable digestion. It can get worse after a diet.

Types of diets for quick weight loss of 22 pounds in 7 days

Among all the other low-calorie menus, those that were focused on extreme fat loss were selected:

  • protein;
  • kefir;
  • Doctoral (medical);
  • apple
  • buckwheat;
  • cucumber;
  • “6 petals.”

Protein diet weight loss of 22 pounds per week

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds, and to maintain muscle tone will help a protein diet. Her diet consists mainly of protein foods, carbohydrates should be as small as possible. This allows you to reduce body fat, but at the same time keep your muscles healthy and strong. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

The protein menu excludes alcohol, pastry and bakery products, spicy seasonings and any salad dressings, except for lemon juice. Animal products predominate.

A sample menu of a protein diet. The following describes the dishes that you need to eat per day in this order, and the interval between each meal should be 3 hours. Only 5 meals, so start your day as early as possible so that the last snack takes place at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Diet Days:

  • 1st day. Skim milk, a plate of rice porridge, boiled veal 0 pounds, a plate of vegetables without seasoning, 2 boiled eggs with 0 pounds of low-fat fish;
  • 2nd day. Coffee or tea, cottage cheese 0% – saucer, 0 pounds of boiled chicken and the same amount of buckwheat, vegetable salad, 2 eggs and fish, as in the previous day;
  • 3rd day. Milk, 0 pounds of fish, 150 g of buckwheat and a saucer of boiled shrimp, 0 pounds of stewed vegetables with rice, 2 eggs (you can fry) and a piece of lean meat;
  • 4th day. Stewed fruit, 1 chicken, vegetable soup and rye bread, vegetables, fish and eggs, as in previous days;
  • 5th day. Kefir 1.5% and a slice of dried bread, stewed vegetables with rice 200 g, 150 g fish and 2 potatoes, any dairy product 1 pounds, 0 pounds meat and fried eggs;
  • 6th day. Coffee / tea / compote, cracker and 2 eggs: meat with rice with a total weight of 1 pounds, vegetables, a piece of fish and a cup of cottage cheese;
  • 7th day. Kefir / yogurt, a piece of fish and vegetable juice, rice and meat, as on day 6, a salad of vegetables, fried eggs and apples (2 pcs.).

Kefir diet

Sour milk bacteria in kefir will not allow digestion to deteriorate due to dietary restrictions, on the contrary, the intestinal tract will work better, metabolism will increase. The weekly diet is quite tough, but there is an even more severe 3-day analogue, as well as a simple 10-day one.

Kefir diet menu. The diet is simple: for every day there is 16,91 fluid ounce of kefir and an unlimited amount of non-carbonated water, and the rest of the products are changed according to the scheme described below. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

Diet Scheme:

  • Monday. 800 g of boiled potatoes.
  • Tuesday. 500 g of boiled chicken without spices.
  • Wednesday. A pack of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Thursday. 6,76 fluid ounce of sour cream.
  • Friday. 2 pounds of fresh apples and 1 pounds of any other dried fruit, except bananas and raisins.
  • Saturday. Another 0,1 gallon of kefir is added, in total 1 is obtained.
  • Sunday. Similar to Saturday.

Kefir diet menu for the week:

Medical diet

Like kefir, it has an option for a week or for 2, for 3 days or for 10. The amount of pounds lost depends on the initial data of a person, but not less than 5. It is also known as “medical” because it was developed for losing weight in full patients before operations. For this, the diet is considered harmless to health, although some of its days are extremely strict – they are held on the water.

Throughout the diet, the intake of a vitamin complex is mandatory.

Sample menu:

  • Monday. During the day, 6 glasses ( 8,45 fluid ounce each) of drinking miner
    al water are drunk without gas. Between each glass an interval of at least 2 hours;
  • Tuesday. The same nutrition as on day 1, only milk of 0% fat content instead of water, and its portions of 5,07 fluid ounce, not 250. An apple is also added;
  • Wednesday. Monday repeat
  • Thursday . 2 pounds of vegetable slices seasoned with olive or linseed oil; 16,91 fluid ounce of green tea;
  • Friday . Repetition of medium, but without apple;
  • Saturday is the most satisfying day. In the morning, egg and tea, for lunch, 0 pounds peas from canned food and the same amount of lean meat; for dinner, a plate of broth with vegetables. You can eat an apple;
  • Sunday . During the day, eat 0 pounds of cottage cheese, 1 apple, drink 0,3 gallon of fermented milk product and 0,1 gallon of milk.

Apple diet

It’s not very difficult, because any day, if you feel hungry, you can add a few more apples, but no more than 4. These fruits help speed up the metabolism and, together with pectin fibers, remove excess from the body.

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

Apple diet menu:

  • Day 1. For breakfast, a couple of grated apples without sugar and a small handful of walnuts. For lunch, a salad of hard-boiled chicken, greens and 1 apple is served. You do not need to refuel anything, and it is most effective to remove the yolk from the egg. Dinner with 3 apples in any form: raw or processed.
  • Day 2 . It starts again with a couple of apples, but now a small bowl of boiled rice is added to them instead of nuts. For lunch, the container is exactly the same in volume with a mixture of rice and fruit puree without sugar (you can make it yourself from a boiled apple or buy mashed potatoes for the smallest in the store). For dinner, rice again.
  • Day 3 . Now for tomorrow 2 apples are combined with a small bowl of cottage cheese 0% fat. For 2 meals, mix: the same amount of cottage cheese + diced apple + 1 large tablespoons of honey, a handful of any nuts. You can add a little lemon juice. For dinner, the curd is half the amount that was in the morning.
  • Day 4. In the morning: 1 apple and 2 carrots, grate and mix. A similar dish in the afternoon, and in the evening you can pamper yourself a little with 2 apples baked with 1 small tablespoons of honey.
  • Day 5 . Rest from fruits. Morning meal: boiled carrots and beets (small). For lunch, the same beets, protein from boiled chicken eggs and a plate of oatmeal without milk. Dinner with a plate of grated carrots with a spoon of honey.
  • Days 6 and 7  completely repeat 1 and 2.

Buckwheat diet

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds, and to save a decent amount on food will buckwheat diet. Nutritionists consider buckwheat as an excellent side dish for losing weight, and the price is an additional plus.

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips
It is unlikely that you can lose 22 pounds in a week, even using such an effective mono-diet as buckwheat, but losing 2-3 extra pounds without harming your health is quite possible


  • Do not eat after 7 pm, since at night the metabolism is lower.
  • Do not use any spices, not even salt.
  • Drink at least 0,5 gallon of water.
  • Distribute food evenly.

Buckwheat diet menu for the week. All 7 days you need to eat the same way. For a day, a glass of buckwheat is given, which must be boiled without salt, 0,3 gallon of fat-free kefir and 2 apples. These products need to be divided into small portions and eat during the day, and if possible it is better to refuse from kefir.

Cucumber diet

It’s good to eat cucumbers without dieting, as these vegetables are easily digested, remove excess from the body and do not harm the figure due to its high fluid content and low nutritional value. With express weight loss, they are useful as an inexpensive dietary basis.

The menu of such a diet is not hungry, but quickly bored.  According to women, from 2-3 days the weight begins to leave rapidly, but after a week cucumbers in any form become hated.

People with a problem urinary system should be careful, since the diet has a diuretic effect.

All 7 days should adhere to the same diet:

  • Morning always begins with a large cup of any sugar-free drink. Better tea or coffee, juice is allowed.
  • Lunch. 2 medium cucumbers and crackers / bread / slice of whole grain bread.
  • Dinner. A few fresh cucumbers; any other vegetable except potatoes; some hearty food (boiled egg / piece of hard cheese / a bowl of rice).
  • An afternoon snack. Fruit.
  • Dinner. Cucumber salad with herbs and olive oil.

Diet “6 petals”

The essence of this diet is a clear division of food by day. Today the emphasis is on 1 product, tomorrow – on another and so on. Efficiency consists in the simultaneous use of the principles of separate nutrition and the alternation of several mono-diets. Unlike the rest, “6 petals” lasts 6 days, and about 2 pounds takes a day. In total, it turns out – 13 pounds in less than a week.

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

Menu for the 6-petal diet:

  • Day I. It is   based on fish cooked in any way, except frying in oil. In total, 300 g of the finished product is given per day, which must be divided into 3-4 doses. From drinks – green tea and water.
  • Day II Vegetable. In the morning, tomato and cucumber salad with rast. oil; for lunch, vegetable soup; for dinner, lettuce (can be salted) and a plate of sauerkraut again.
  • Day III   Protein. 3 meals: on one of them you can eat chicken broth, and on the other 2 – boiled or baked chicken meat without skins. You need to drink green tea.
  • Day IV   Cereal. For breakfast and lunch, wheat porridge with bread, for dinner, boiled rice and also bread. Between these meals, it is recommended to have a snack with seeds.
  • Day V. Dairy products. 3 times the same set – 0 pounds of cottage cheese, a glass of milk and a cup of tea.
  • Day VI Carbohydrate-fruit. In the morning and afternoon, kiwi (2 pcs.) And something citrus (a pair of tangerines / orange / grapefruit). In the evening, a baked apple, dried fruits and again citrus.

Rules for quitting strict diets

The whole result will disappear in a matter of days, if you finish the low-calorie diet incorrectly. These days, little food enters the stomach, the metabolism slows down, so if you immediately start eating heavy food, then the weight will return.

Moreover, it will be deposited in the form of fat, because the body decided that afte
r such a holiday there will again be a calorie deficit, and it will be stocked. Wrong exit can harm the digestive system.

A little weight will return in any case, but it will be minimal if you follow some rules:

  • At first, no fatty, sweet, floury and fried should be on the plate. In the early days, it is better to eat the same lung that was present in the diet, just in large quantities.
  • Introduce new products a little bit.
  • Fractional nutrition. No need to take the supplement right away, it’s better to wait a couple of hours. It is convenient to use a small plate so as not to overeat.
  • Drink as much water as possible.

Water for quick weight loss

Drinking regimen guarantees a good metabolism. Every day a person needs at least 0,5 gallon of clean water. Other drinks are not included.

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

2 glasses of this volume should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. At least 1 at bedtime and 15 minutes before meals to dull hunger. But immediately after eating, any liquid is undesirable, as it will dilute the gastric juice and complicate the process of digesting food.

The right sleep for weight loss

Representatives of the Medical Association of Canada found that not only people who love to sleep more than 10 hours a day, but also those who spend less than 7 hours rest slowly lose weight. In the first case, the body simply spends few calories per day, and in the second, the body does not have enough energy, so it stores lipids as an emergency source.

The optimal sleep time is 8 hours. Moreover, it is preferable at night, because then the brain will have a better rest.

There are additional recommendations that help not only to get fat, but also to lose weight in bed:

  • Do not eat 4 hours before bedtime.
  • Sleep in a cool room. Ideally, this should not be air conditioning, but an ajar window so that the room also has fresh air.
  • Go to bed in a calm state. To do this, you can take a warm bath, walk along or do some yoga exercises to relax.

Weight Loss Exercises

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds trainers tell. They notice that sports will become good helpers in losing weight, and especially in this regard, help cardio. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

A complex of exercises that increase the pulse. You can perform at home, outdoors or in the gym:

  1. To warm up, run on the spot for 1 min.
  2. 10 bounce squats. Hands on the back of the head, feet shoulder width apart. Squat so that the knees do not protrude beyond the socks, and tension was felt in the hips and buttocks. From this position make a jump upward, straightening the legs.
  3. 30 jumping jacks (jumping arms apart – legs apart).
  4. Burpy: 3 sets of 10 times. A very effective but exhausting exercise. From the lying position on the stomach, you need to squeeze out or at least raise yourself, then jump your legs closer to your hands, stand in a jump and return back to the starting position. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips
  5. Plank 1 min.

Before starting, a warm-up is necessary, and in the end, you should pull the muscles a little. If you still have strength, another 1 round of exercises will not hurt.

Slimming Wrap

Another addition to nutrition is wrapping with cling film. Their essence is to create a greenhouse effect, as a result of which excess fluid will “float” from the upper layers of the skin. As a result, the volume of problem areas is reduced, whether it is the waist, hips or arms. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips

The easiest way is to take the film and wrap it around the body area that was cleaned with a scrub, and then proceed with physical exertion so that as much moisture as possible comes out. But such sports will bring a lot of discomfort: it will be constantly hot, the film can move out and constrain movement.

An effective method is wrapping with applying a film of various heating mixtures, which can be prepared at home or bought in a store. In this case, you need to warm up and wait a certain time (it depends on the components), and then remove the film and thoroughly rinse off the rest of the mixture.

Real nutrition tips for those who want to lose 22 pounds in a week

How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds nutritionists suggest. They know better than others that for the sake of weight they should not spoil their health, therefore they give some important recommendations.

Nutritionist Tips:

  • Such a sharp jump in weight is far from possible for everyone, so do not despair if after a diet it took only 7 -9 pounds.
  • Sitting on a strict diet, you must definitely take vitamin complexes.
  • Drink as much as the body requires, but not less than 0,5 gallon. How to lose weight per week by 22 pounds quickly, effectively without harm to health. Real tips
  • Come up with motivation, remind yourself of the need to achieve a goal.
  • Before a diet, gradually reduce calories consumed, and after that, slowly and carefully increase them.
  • Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.
  • Do not forget about exercises and procedures. Massage or body wraps are highly recommended.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Provide yourself with interesting activities during the diet.

22 pounds is a large mass, which should take several months. As proven in practice, in an emergency, you can get rid of it in a week, but to start a sharp weight loss is only after a thorough study of the theory of weight loss.

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How to lose weight by 22 pounds per week:

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