How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes

You can lighten your hair in various ways, among which there are both professional and home remedies. In this case, the conditions given in the instructions and the rules for hair care before and after the procedure must be observed.

How to bleach hair – general rules

How to lighten hair at home is a matter requiring careful study.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes

In order not to harm the curls, experts recommend that you follow a few simple rules:

  • The definition of color type is a harmonious combination of eye color, skin and natural hair. For the summer color type – girls with pale slightly pinkish skin, gray, blue and light brown eyes – light cold shades are suitable; for winter and spring – ivory, peach and golden tint – light warm.
  • Assessment of hair quality – to reduce the harmful effects of the oxidizing agent. For thin ringlets, an oxidizer of not more than 3.5% is suitable, and for a thicker hair, a tool of at least 6% is used.
  • Lightening is necessary only for “rested” hair. Damaged, brittle and too dry, for example, after a chemical wave it is impossible to lighten, it is necessary to give them time to recover, thereby protecting from double stress.
  • Proper application of paint . At the first bleaching, the main hair length is dyed first, while the roots are not affected, after which comes the turn of the bangs, temples and tips. The roots are processed last, as they stain relatively faster from the rest of the curls. In subsequent times, lightening should be started from the roots, and after a few minutes, distribute the paint in all areas.
  • Experts do not recommend using a plastic hat, because it will only increase hair damage.

Dark hair

It is not easy for brunettes to lighten their hair at home, so you need to know not only how to do it right, but also choose the right color.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes
Lightening dark hair

The best paints for lightening dark curls are cream. With cosmetic oils in their composition, they care for your hair and are easily and evenly applied.

But it should be remembered that ammonia paints are more destructive in relation to the hair cuticle, and also, they are able to destroy the natural pigment – melanin. While ammonia-free act sparingly.

Of home remedies, hydrogen peroxide is considered the most effective.

Lightens a dark color with 2 or more tones and facilitates the following steps to lighter shades.

Blond and blond hair

Light shades of hair (golden or ashen) can be simply revived using natural lightening agents, while maintaining their health. This task will help to cope: a decoction of chamomile, lemon, honey. Cosmetics, for example, clarifying shampoo, will also provide the same effect.

Brown hair is easily clarified with cream-based paints based on plant components, providing a soft effect and equal color. At the same time, it is better to give preference to ammonia-free compositions, their action will be enough for curls of this type.

Lightening dyed hair

Lightening dyed dark hair at home should be done carefully, as you can burn the curls. The peculiarity here is that the dark shade will first be red, and only then it will begin to lighten.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes

Changing the dark pigment is done in several ways:

  1. Flushing . According to the instructions, the product is applied to dry hair, and the exposure time is calculated from the color that is present at the time of the procedure. Use the wash as many times as needed to obtain the desired shade of hair, however, each subsequent procedure must be done with interruptions at least a week.
  2. Peroxide . When using peroxide, the main requirement is the correct selection of its concentration and exposure time: the darker the hair, the less it is necessary to dilute the peroxide with water and keep it on the hair longer.
  3. Deep cleansing shampoo allows you to quickly neutralize the brightness of an unsuitable shade. Since this method is safe for hair, it can be used immediately after dyeing. Completely shampoo from the acquired pigment will not save, but will help to get a lighter shade.

Actually, it will be possible to lighten the hair only after the previous pigment of the paint has been washed off.

Experts warn that curls definitely need rest so that they can recover.

How to lighten roots, tips, and individual strands

Experts recommend a monthly correction of overgrown roots. This can be done with paint or brightening powder. First, the main part of the head is stained, and then the roots of the hair of the front part.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes
Hair lightening

In order for the color to be uniform, after a while the paint is distributed over all the hair. Only the ends can be clarified by the ombre technique. At home, there are two ways to carry out the procedure:

  1. Divide the hair into two lateral and one middle zone. First, the paint is applied to the tips of the two side parts, and then to the middle zone. Colored locks are necessarily wrapped in foil. After 30 minutes, the hair is rinsed with warm water with shampoo and dried. Next, it is necessary to hide clear transitions, for this, paint is applied again, however, the exposure time is reduced to 10 minutes. Wash off the paint with shampoo.
  2. The second method involves the use of dark and light colors. First, a shade of darker paint is applied to the basal area, after 10 minutes it is distributed to the middle of the hair, without affecting the tips. The ends are painted with light paint and wrapped in foil. The exposure time should be observed in accordance with the instructions. Next, the paint is washed off with warm water with shampoo.

Another technique for lightening the ends of the hair is the balayazh technique. This method should be used if it is necessary to achieve the effect of the depth of curls from the roots.

Before applying the paint, experts recommend that with a short hair length, comb them so that they do not fall under the weight of the brightening material.

Dividing the hair into equal bunches, you need to apply paint from the ends with vertical strokes, leaving 0’8 – 1’2 inch to the roots. After 10 minutes, a new layer of material is shaded, leaving 0’4 inch to the roots. After another 20 minutes, wash off the paint and wash your hair with shampoo. In the case of medium length hair, you can collect them in ponytails.

In case of emergency, food coloring will help lighten the tips at home. Prepare a dye of 100 g of white balm and 2 sachets of dye. The mixture is applied to the tips or other necessary areas for 30 minutes, wrapped with foil. Next, the paint is washed off wi
th shampoo.

You can lighten individual strands of hair at home, for this you need to know what techniques exist:

  • Zigzag. This method creates asymmetric locks. In this case, curlers of different sizes are used.
  • Laces Many messy strands are created thanks to special cords or cotton strips.
  • Scandinavian point. The roots have a lighter shade than the ends.

The most affordable way to lighten only strands is highlighting.

To do this, use a special hat with holes in which the strands selected for clarification are pulled with a hook.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes
Lightening hair with highlighting

Next, paint is applied to the newly combed locks: first, the front parts are painted, and then the occipital ones. The paint is kept for the right amount of time, then it is washed off with warm water, while the cap is not removed. The final touch – removing the cap, washing your hair with shampoo, drying.

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Preparing hair for homemade lightening

Before lightening hair at home, you need to know how to properly prepare them for the procedure to reduce the damaging effects of chemicals:

  1. Ensure an attentive and gentle attitude to the hair, excluding the use of high-temperature devices (hair dryer, straightener).
  2. Refrain from other experiments with hair (waving, dyeing).
  3. Apply masks, therapeutic rinses based on natural plant extracts.
  4. It is necessary to get rid of split ends before the start of the bleaching process, because on fair hair they are very noticeable.
  5. It is recommended to wash your hair 1-3 days before the planned lightening.

How to lighten with professional tools at home

All products for coloring are divided into 3 groups:

  • Cream . They do not spread and are evenly distributed along the entire length of the strands.
  • Powder . They act quite aggressively, beautifully stain dark pigments and are used for highlighting.
  • Oil . The most gentle means do not contain ammonia. How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipesCosmetics for lightening hair

The following are the most famous and common professional lighting products in their application:

  1. Garnier The composition of this product contains extracts of olive and wheat oils, as well as oil of quilt and aragana, which moisturize, protect hair and give softness to the coloring material itself. Complete with paint, a special balm is provided to protect the color and nutrition of hair after chemical exposure. The paint is easy to apply, because the consistency resembles a cream gel, has a minimal detrimental effect on the structure and health of the hair, but is not stable. The super-luminous shade is most popular, along with sand, platinum and natural blond.
  2. Loreal (L’oreal) . This paint provides nutrition and hair care thanks to the collagen, wheat protein and essential oils in its composition. Ideal for bleaching dark and gray hair.
  3. Palette (Palette). The Palette coloring agent contains an orange extract that cares for bleached hair. It can discolor curls in 2-4 tones, has a diverse palette of colors.
  4. Vella (Wella). To find blonde hair, it is better to opt for ColorTouchSanlight of this brand. At its core are carotene and wax, which provide a soft action and lasting result.
  5. Blondoran . Blondoran-specialist is able to brighten any shade and is usually used by professionals, both during lightening and highlighting. The exposure time of the mixture ranges from 15 to 50 minutes, depending on the color of the hair. Blondoran-Supra and Blondorsoft also have similar actions. All 3 products are diluted in hydrogen peroxide from 6 to 12 percent to a creamy appearance.

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Folk ways of staining: recipes and instructions

You can get the desired light shade of hair not only with the help of chemical exposure. An excellent alternative is folk methods that use natural products that do not have a negative effect and contribute to healthy hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide Clarification

Necessary components: hydrogen peroxide (preferably only purchased), gloves, foil.

Prepare hair for clarification with peroxide should be as follows:

  • wash with shampoo and dry a little without using a hair dryer, as Before applying peroxide, they must be wet;
  • carefully comb the strands, getting rid of the tangled areas;
  • to avoid burns, apply cream to areas of the skin that may be exposed to peroxide.


  1. Mix 3 large tablespoons of shampoo, 1,69 fluid ounce of water and 1,69 fluid ounce of hydrogen peroxide in a non-metallic bowl.
  2. Apply the composition to the hair or individual strands with a dye brush.
  3. Wrap the head with foil to enhance the effect, and wrap a towel on top.
  4. After 40 minutes, the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water. Apply air conditioning.

Experts recommend controlling the lightening process in such a way so as not to burn the hair. Therefore, the exposure time may be shorter, it depends on the individual characteristics of the curls.

It is important to know that for allergy sufferers or people who have inflamed and damaged areas of the scalp, it is not recommended to carry out bleaching with peroxide.

Lemon – the best brightener

To lighten hair with lemon, it is necessary to prepare a solution of the juice of one lemon and water (1: 1). Such a tool will not only give the desired shade to curls, but also make them shiny.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes
Lightening hair with lemon

Use the resulting composition before washing your hair with wet hair. The exposure time can last 15-30 minutes (the longer the solution lasts, the lighter the shade), after the hair is rinsed
with warm water.

It is worth remembering that this method is suitable for oily light and dark blond hair. Lemons can dry out dry curls, which will lead to their fragility.

Chamomile Lightening

The recipe for lightening hair with chamomile is simple and consists of two ingredients: chamomile flowers and water. 30 g of chamomile flowers are poured into 250 g of boiled water, the solution is cooled and filtered. The resulting infusion is recommended to be used immediately or during the day.

Clarification with chamomile occurs as follows: after each washing of the head, ringlets must be rinsed with chamomile infusion and not washed off.

The first results will be visible in a few weeks.

Kefir for lightening hair

The recipe for a brightening mask:

  • kefir – 100 g;
  • cognac – 60 g;
  • lemon – half;
  • egg yolk – 2 pcs.;
  • balm – 20 g.
    How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes
    Lightening hair with kefir

The resulting composition is applied to the hair, after which the head should be wrapped with a film and wrapped in a towel for 7-8 hours or all night. After the required time, the mask is washed off with a balm.

Brightening cinnamon

Cinnamon is ideal for natural hair, and previously dyed ones will lose their brightness.

A mask is prepared from 50 g of cinnamon and 50 g of hair conditioner, after which it is applied to clean, damp curls without rubbing into the skin. The head should be wrapped with a towel, and after 30 minutes remove it and leave the mask for another couple of hours. The result of the procedure will be clarification in one tone.

Honey Lightening

This method is suitable for those who dream of a golden hue with a slight discoloration of one tone. The curls after such a mask will become silky and smooth.

It is enough to mix 50 g of honey and 50 g of conditioner, apply to washed hair along the entire length and wrap your head in a towel for several hours, then rinse in warm water.

Henna for lightening hair

White henna, like paint, is able to lighten hair by 5-6 tones thanks to the synthetic dye in its composition, while it is safe and can be used at home.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes

However, experts warn: you can not use this method on dry, brittle and damaged hair. 

It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions when mixing white henna powder and an oxidizing agent.

The amount of henna is calculated based on the length and density of the hair, as well as the original color. At least two packs are consumed per average length.

The finished composition is evenly distributed along the entire length, including the roots. After the right time is maintained and washed off with warm water. Brunettes will have to repeat the procedure several times, but with a break of 2 weeks.

Step-by-step instructions for clarifying henna hair

To brighten curls, only white henna is suitable, sold in pharmacies or in cosmetic stores. With the right dilution, you get a beautiful shade without any yellowing. One of the highest quality products is considered Henna products.

Henna Henna contains the following components:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • ammonium persulfate;
  • magnesium oxide;
  • water;
  • lemon juice;
  • magnesium carbonate.

The paint completely covers the hair, which makes the shade even, without fading spots. The lightening effect will be positive if you carefully follow the instructions.

Dyeing is carried out along the entire length of the hair, pay special attention to the roots to hide the natural color. For applying henna, it is best to use a brush. It is imperative that you put on disposable gloves on your hands, because when you touch the presented cosmetic product, the nail plates become quite stained.

By massaging and rubbing movements, it is necessary to distribute the diluted product through the hair. After 30-40 minutes, the product must be washed off.

Henna is washed off quite simply: using clean, running water, without using shampoo, so that the resulting color can be fixed.

Onion for lightening hair

Using onion husks to lighten, you can achieve a beautiful copper tint on native, fair hair and golden, already dyed.

To prepare the onion solution, you will need a husk from several onions, poured with boiling water. Next, leave to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Then strain, cool and use as a rinse after washing your hair, without rinsing.

A copper shade will shine on the hair if 2 tablespoons of glycerin are added to this solution and applied daily for 10 days.

Experts note that this method has nourishing, restoring effects, and also accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

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Hair Care After Home Bleaching

After lightening, hair needs careful leaving and care.

How to lighten hair at home quickly and without harm by professional means and folk recipes

The following actions will help restore curls to a healthy look:

  • use serums that restore shampoos and balms, choosing them according to the type of hair;
  • the use of therapeutic masks and rinsing broths based on natural products (a mask of colorless henna, a mask with cognac, kefir or mayonnaise, a moisturizing mask with aloe, etc.);
  • cutting off split ends, preferably every month;
  • head massage;
  • rarely use thermal tools.

Is it dangerous to lighten your hair yourself

It is a well-known fact that bleaching, accompanied by chemical agents, is detrimental to general health, because it is fraught with overdrying, burning and destruction of the hair structure. That is why experts advise lightening, especially if it is the first or the hair pigment is very dark, in professional salons.

As for lightening hair at home with folk remedies, you should be aware that these methods are safe. However, it is necessary to consider how to properly prepare masks or decoctions, and also do not forget about the time of their exposure.

The most basic rule for self-clarification is to strictly follow the instructions for use, and then the changes will only please their owner and bring new colors to her image.

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