How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age

Nature predisposes to the formation of fat reserves in women – it takes a lot of nutrients and energy to carry and have a healthy baby. Fat primarily accumulates on the legs and above, including the waist. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible when it comes to the extra 11 -15 pounds.

General rules for losing weight in the hips, sides and abdomen for women

Ways of struggle are selected depending on the thickness and structure of the fat layer. In the initial stage of accumulation, it is enough to adjust the diet and spend more time in physical activity.

If it comes to obesity, cellulite, you will need professional and home fat burning procedures, regular fitness. The diet is radically revised, the number of calories is strictly measured.

How to remove subcutaneous fat

First of all, you need to understand the cause of the weight gain. Perhaps this is due to hormonal disorders, a genetic predisposition, diseases that require treatment. It is easier to solve the problem, rooted in a passion for high-calorie foods, in physical activity and the type of figure “pear”.

For weight loss, you need willpower and several directions of influence:

  • sensible diet with calorie control ;
  • fitness, aerobic training, cycling, dancing, yoga, which involve a large group of muscles , contribute to the active consumption of oxygen and body shaping in the right places;
  • swimming , consuming energy reserves not only due to movement, but also due to heat loss;
  • cosmetic methods – liposuction, injections of Aqualix-type fat-splitting machines (intralipoterpia), pressotherapy, massages with various currents; How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
  • creams – pepper, anti-cellulite, because very often the fat is clogged and forms lipid tubercles.

The program for lifting a sebaceous apron on the stomach includes cleaning the intestines from toxins and toxins. To do this, drink on an empty stomach herbal infusions, salted water, include bran, microcrystalline cellulose in the diet, make enemas with saline from 0,4 gallon of water and 1 small tablespoon of kitchen salt.

Features of the fight against visceral fat

In addition to the subcutaneous, there is an inner (visceral) layer between the abdominal (abdominal) wall and organs. In small quantities, it heats and protects the liver, intestines, and stomach from damage.

Excess gallstone fat compresses organs, disrupting their functions, blood flow. An abdominal norm is considered to be a waist no greater than 35 inch or a number no higher than 25 (determined by dividing the weight by height squared), for example:

inch / pounds 60 70 75 80 85 100 120
160 23 N 27 And 29 And 31 About 33 O 38 About 47 about
165 22 N 26 N 28 And 29 And 31 About 37 O 44 About
170 21 N 24 N 26 N 28 And 29 And 36 about 42 About
175 20 N 23 N 24 N 26 And 28 And 33 O 39 Oh
180 19 N 22 N 23 N 25 N 26 And 31 About 37 O

H is the norm;

And – excess;

Oh – obesity.

The peculiarity of visceral fat is that it begins to dissolve after normalization of the subcutaneous layer, but much faster. They have the same fighting technique.

In women in the premenopausal period, mass corpulence (overweight) is observed. The peak falls on menopause, in the midst of hormonal adjustment and the associated decrease in metabolic rate, problems with pressure, night sleep, digestion, and psychoemotional state.

But even at 60-70 years old, corpulence is not a sentence. You can come to normal weight in the same way: properly balance nutrition and calories, move more, maintain peace of mind with self-correction techniques, breathing exercises, and interesting hobbies.

It is necessary to timely treat the diseases that are inevitable in the elderly.

Effective methods to quickly fight fat

Forced diets and sports loads give a temporary result. In addition, they are dangerous and not everyone can withstand them. A quick fight against fat means a transition to proper nutrition and fitness training immediately, without hesitation. How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age

Losing weight with a long-term
guarantee is the systematic implementation of a fat burning program. Signs of weight loss will please in the first month, but every conquered inch should be an incentive to continue the struggle for the beauty of the body.

Nutrition rules

How to get rid of fat on frogs, belly – you need to radically revise the diet.

1 step to losing weight – a taboo on high-calorie and harmful foods:

  • confectionery, fast food;
  • cream, sour cream, animal butter, margarine;
  • fat meat;
  • white bakery products;
  • dessert carbonated drinks, prepared juices containing a lot of sugar and an even more harmful sweetener;
  • strong and weak alcohol.

How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
Step 2 – filling up to 70% of the diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, giving fiber. 30% divided into dairy products with a fat content of 1 – 2.5%, lean meat, fish, cereals and soups in the water with a spoon of vegetable oil, bread from durum wheat, cereals, bran. Allowed on day 1 egg white. Dried fruits are suitable for snacks, they need to be chewed for 2-3 pcs for a long time.

Step 3 – 5 meals a day with portions placed in the palm of your hand . Drinking – 0,4 gallon of water and also natural juices, unsweetened teas, compotes.

Effective diets

To quickly lose weight, for example, for an important event, there are several one-time diets:

  • 2 weeks – 15 pounds. Sugar, salt, bread, animal fats are excluded;
  • 2 weeks – 18 pounds. Only unsalted seafood;
  • 1 week – 11 pounds. Cabbage dishes are prepared with a drop of vegetable oils;
  • 1 week – 9 pounds. Lean vegetable soups without potatoes are combined with fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • 1 week – 11 pounds. 0,4 gallon of 1% kefir are drunk daily in 5 divided doses.

The way out of forced diets is gradual. Only women with good health can afford them.

Massage as a method of body shaping, slimming legs and hips

How to get rid of fat on frogs and other parts of the body – cosmetology solves this problem with different types of massage.

  • Manual – performed by smoothing, striking, extruding movements. For sliding massage oils, anti-cellulite creams are used. Effectively dry rubbing with a terry towel, mitten, plastic roller with spikes.
  • Vacuum – is carried out by professional massage apparatus with suction nozzles. At home, a medical jar is suitable, from which air is removed by fire.
How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
Vacuum massage – an excellent way to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and stomach
  • Current – affects weak electricity through overhead contacts.
  • Vibrating – breaks fat with hardware mobile nozzles such as scooters.
  • Compression – is carried out in a suit with cavities for pumping air. Changing the pressure in different parts gives the effect of kneading, lymphatic drainage.

Wraps: Performance and Rules

On frogs, belly, sides, fat can be quickly eliminated with both cold and hot wraps. They are conducted by a course of 9-12 sessions. Local procedures accelerate local metabolism, blood and lymph flow, accelerating the stagnation of moisture and fat.

Correction Scheme:

  1. A 5-minute massage is made on the purified water and scrub part of the body and natural compounds are applied.
  2. In the direction from the bottom up, the area of impact is wrapped tightly with cling film, shorts are put on top. How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
  3. To increase the thermal effect of hot wraps, they lie under a blanket or actively move from half an hour to 40 minutes.
  4. Wash off the rest of the mixture and cover the skin with anti-cellulite moisturizer.

Home Wrap Recipes

For a cold procedure, apple cider vinegar diluted in half with water and a few drops of peppermint oil are suitable. Another option is to add 3-4 drops of oil extracts of juniper, mint, grapefruit to the base olive oil. Active substances will remove internal edema that locks fat through the excretory system and revitalize the metabolism.

How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age

For hot wrapping, use honey (4 parts) with dry mustard (1 part) or hot pepper powder (1 part) with olive oil (5 parts). Warming components dilate blood vessels, open pores and activate them in the process of eliminating fluids, toxins and burning fat.

Exercise stress

In order for the stomach, hips, and waist to become slim, you need daily exercise at home or fitness in the gym at least 3 times a week. Loads increase gradually, from small for 10 minutes. to intense for 40-60 minutes. Physical activity means a daily march on the steps, hiking and cycling routes to work, walk, and go shopping.

A set of exercises for a week from fat on the legs, buttocks and stomach

Deposits in the lower body are difficult to correct, so home gymnastics consists of complex exercises:

  1. After a 5-minute warm-up by walking, run lightly to squats on legs spaced shoulder-width apart. Socks and knees are oriented to the sides.
  2. Lean on your elbows on the floor. Raise straight legs, part, reduce, lower. Having diluted, hold in the air for seconds, reduce, lower. How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
  3. From the same position, raise the straight limbs, breed-cross, making each leg either top or bottom 10 times.
  4. Sitting squeeze and release the buttocks, keeping the tension for 20-30 s.
  5. Sitting, back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hold the book with your knees, stretching the fixing force for up to 30 s.
  6. Lying on your back with bent legs, bring the upper part of the body several times closer to them (arms extended forward, later behind the head). Then combine pull-ups with twisting to the sides. In the next block, simultaneously pull the knees and head to the stomach with a fulcrum on the lower back.
  7. Leaning your back on a stable seat, squat as deep as possible.

At the end, slowly breathe deeply, raising and lowering your hands.

The best exercises for fat on frogs

To remove the breeches above the knees, it is necessary to concentrate the load in these ar
eas. The proposed exercises are performed with open windows or on – oxygen enhances calorie burning. Breathing should be active with exhalation at the time of greatest effort.

Kick back

They are carried out with arms resting on the edge of the table, benches or with arms resting and knees on the mat. How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age

Machs make a bent, straight leg, bringing the amount up to 70 times.

Lunges forward

The exercise is performed with a short amplitude, so that 6 leg muscles are involved. Upright, legs shoulder width apart. On inspiration, take a short step forward the whole foot without bending your back. The back of the knee tends to the floor. On exhalation, move the center of gravity back, straighten.

When the muscles are pumped up, the turn of weighting materials will come. During lunges, dumbbells, a barbell, water bottles, and sand are placed in the arms or shoulders. 10 steps are taken on each side, multiplied by 3-4 approaches.

Running in place with knees high

The anterior large femoral muscles work. Thanks to their tension, the knees during running rise to the height of the hip joint and higher. You need to run on toes, without slouching, actively moving your hands and exhaling for each climb. How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age

Start with feasible amplitude, with an interval of 3-4 days, increase the height. The number of repetitions is the same as the previous exercise.

Tips for correcting legs, hips, and abdomen

How to get rid of fat on frogs, to get the desired result and not cause harm to health, exercise therapy doctors know, nutritionists and you need to listen to professional advice.

It is dangerous to arrange deficient and 0 diets (hunger) on your own. When vitamins, minerals do not enter the body, all organs suffer. Together with a sharp weight loss, a woman will get aged skin, brittle nails, teeth and hair, an upset digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system.

How to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age
If you observe the principles of proper nutrition and permissible physical activity, then the result of losing weight will soon please

If you skip a meal, metabolism slows down very much, fat is not burned. Weight will freeze at one mark or will go off extremely slowly. You can not completely abandon fats, because they are involved in many biological reactions. You need to consume at least a teaspoon of any vegetable oil per day.

Women who are prone to fullness, after dumping the surplus, will have to follow the diet for life. To stabilize the new weight, calories are calculated by the formula: subtract the number 105 from the growth in inch, multiply the difference by 30. To adjust the weight, the number of calories obtained is reduced by 400-500 units.

Physical activity should not result in overwork. You need to relax on time. Healthy slimming sleep is especially valuable when losing weight. Under the influence of the night hormone melatonin, the actual burning of calories spent during the day occurs.

The female hormonal program and the special structure of lipid cells constantly stimulate the body to create a fat depot on the legs, stomach, and waist. With difficulty getting rid of excess fat, you can not notice how it is with cakes, sandwiches, after skipping gymnastics, it will return to its former, or even greater volume.

Video how to get rid of fat on the legs, stomach and sides

How to get rid of fat on the abdomen, paws and sides at home:

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