What is microcurrent face therapy

Beauticians are ready to offer modern women many procedures and various products that will help keep the skin beautiful, healthy and well-groomed.

One of the most effective methods is hardware therapy, which can be used both in specialized beauty rooms and at home. It is important to understand how microcurrent therapy of the face is carried out, what it is, what are the features of the procedure.

What is microcurrent reflexology

To understand what microcurrent therapy is, you need to understand how the procedure is carried out, for which areas of the body and face it is used, effectiveness, what indications and contraindications exist.

What is microcurrent face therapy
Microcurrent facial therapy – what it is and how the procedure is carried out, a specialized doctor can explain.

For decades, electric currents are widely in demand in cosmetology. There are different methods of applying electrical impulses , one of the most common is microcurrent therapy.

This method of rejuvenation consists in exposure to electric currents with a voltage of not more than 15 V. In this case, the pulses affect both the upper layers of the epidermis and muscle tissue, subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels.

With such therapy, many positive effects are achieved:

  • intracellular processes are accelerated;
  • the movement of blood through the capillaries is normalized;
  • the necessary proteins are produced faster;
  • the tone of muscles and walls of blood vessels improves.

Such procedures are especially effective in adulthood, when protective mechanisms are reduced, cellular structures decay faster, metabolic and metabolic processes slow down, and circulation in blood vessels is disturbed.

What is microcurrent face therapy

As a result of all the above processes, the skin begins to look worse, wrinkles and age spots appear. In such a situation, microcurrent therapy of the face is something that can restore the skin to its fresh appearance by accelerating intracellular regeneration, restoring the normal functioning of blood vessels and metabolic processes in tissues.

Unlike conventional stimulation by electric current, microcurrents do not cause strong muscle contraction, which helps to avoid excess tone.

But microcurrents act both on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which accelerates the movement and excretion of fluids, reducing swelling and refreshing complexion.

Microcurrents for the face – before and after photos


What is microcurrent face therapy

What is microcurrent face therapy

What is microcurrent face therapy

Which is better: microcurrents or myostimulation

Among the various methods of apparatus therapy, microcurrent therapy and myostimulation are especially popular. Since both methods involve the use of electrical impulses to improve the condition of the skin, many people confuse these methods or consider them to be the names of the same procedure.

Despite the fact that both of these methods have the same goal, there are significant differences between them both in indications for use and in the procedure itself.

Miostimulation acts on the muscles and actively tones them naturally , activating the contraction of muscle fibers. This procedure is optimal for combating clear skin folds and wrinkles, tightening the lower corners of the lips, contouring the oval of the face as a whole.

When the problem is not so pronounced defects: shallow wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, an unhealthy complexion and dark spots under the eyes, then microcurrent therapy will be a suitable and quite effective option for cosmetic treatment.

When conducting hardware myostimulation, the electrodes are installed at specific points and affect only individual muscle groups during one procedure.

What is microcurrent face therapy

When using microcurrents, the electrically conductive plates are rearranged along the massage lines. Most experts believe that the results from hardware myostimulation are more tangible and noticeable, but the results of microcurrent exposure persist for a longer time.

Indications for the procedure

There are several main problems that may become the reason for contacting a specialist in hardware cosmetology.

The main indications for the use of microcurrent therapy are as follows:

  • atony, malnutrition of muscles;
  • the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles;
  • increased work of the sebaceous glands;
  • dryness, excessive skin sensitivity;
  • the appearance of acne;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • unhealthy complexion, dark circles under the eyes;
  • the appearance of edema;
  • injuries, scars, consequences of operations;
  • hypertonicity, excessive muscle tension.

Types of Procedure

It is customary to distinguish several varieties of stimulation by microcurrents, depending on which groups of muscles and tissues are affected by the main impulses.

What is microcurrent face therapy

Consultation with a physiotherapist will help determine which type of microcurrent therapy should be used in the presence of a particular problem.

Microcurrent lymphatic drainage from bags under the eyes

The action of this method has as its main goal the removal of excess fluid from the skin. Such procedures are prescribed for the appearance of swelling in the eyelids and with dark circles under the eyes.


This technique is based on the use of specialized solutions – galvanophoresis and disincrustants. Under the influence of these preparations, the skin undergoes a deep cleaning procedure.

This kind of microcurrent therapy is well suited to combat excessive oily skin, helps to normalize metabolic processes, and helps reduce facial pores.

Reprogramming facial muscles

This method helps to cope with the problem of the appearance of facial wrinkles. Electrical impulses activate muscle function .

What is microcurrent face therapy

This helps to restore a clear face contour, reduce skin folds and make expression lines almost invisible. The skin condition improves, the likelihood of new wrinkles is reduced.


This is the most popular technique among the proposed types of microcurrent therapy. It well restores the tone of the skin, makes the oval more clear.

Ionic mesotherapy

This technique is considered the most effective. The result of this therapy is to smooth scars and scars , reduce pores, relieve swelling, and improve metabolic processes.

The price of the microcurrent massage procedure

The price of one microcurrent exposure procedure is on average $ 48. When using additional cosmetics (for example, special masks), the price can increase by $ 6,8.

Express procedures to combat acne cost about $ 27.

How long is the course

Depending on the chosen methodology and the program compiled by the specialist, one microcurrent therapy procedure can take from 10 to 40 minutes . The duration of the course is usually from 8 to 12 sessions, since the effect of exposure to pulses does not appear immediately, but only after 6-7 procedures.

How often can microcurrents be made

The first course of microcurrent therapy is recommended for 2-3 sessions per week. After a full course, experts advise taking a break for several months. Optimal is considered microcurrent therapy with a frequency of once every 6 months.


Having understood the microcurrent therapy of the face – what is it, it is clear that this is one of the safest types of hardware cosmetology, he, like any other medical procedure, has a list of contraindications.

You should not resort to this procedure under the following conditions:

  • intolerance to the effects of electrical impulses;
  • heart diseases;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • fever;
  • state of intoxication;
  • damage to the skin in the area where the exposure will be carried out;
  • the presence of metal elements in the area of the procedure;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • neoplasms on the skin;
  • oncological diseases.

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Microcurrent therapy at home

Such a procedure as microcurrent therapy of the face can be carried out at home, the main thing that is needed for this is to purchase a special apparatus. It allows the owner to carry out effective skin care without resorting to the services of cosmetologists, which means that a decent save.

A small home appliance makes it possible to use low-frequency electric pulses that stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, improve skin color and general condition.

What is microcurrent face therapy

When choosing a portable device for microcurrent stimulation, it is better to use the advice of experienced cosmetologists and study in detail all the characteristics that are important when conducting home procedures.

The most significant point that you should pay attention to when purchasing the device is the pulsed current strength. It should have a range of 20 to 800 mA and a frequency of 1 to 300 Hz.

Due to contraindications, current stimulation should be used only after consulting a doctor.

There is a technology for conducting microcurrent stimulation at home, compliance with which allows you to achieve the best effect from the procedures:

  1. First you need to clean the skin – remove makeup, moisturize your face with a special tonic.
  2. The next step is applying the gel . Special gels, which can be selected in stores dealing in cosmetics, contribute to the conduct of electrical impulses. The gel is applied in a dense layer to the area where the exposure will be carried out. It is undesirable to apply the gel immediately to the entire surface of the face, as this can lead to drying out of the skin.
  3. Carrying out the procedure of microcurrent therapy of the face . The first thing to do before starting such a session is to read the instructions for the device you are using. It indicates the lines along which low-frequency currents should be applied. Exact adherence to the instructions guarantees the most complete effect of the procedure.
  4. At the end of the session, the remaining gel should be removed from the face with napkins or washing. After microcurrent stimulation, the skin’s sensitivity to cosmetics increases, so a cream suitable for the type of skin should be applied.

What is microcurrent face therapy

Devices for microcurrent therapy

The device for microcurrent therapy is a special cosmetology device capable of generating small modulated electrical impulses in the range from 10 to 600 mA.

The principle of the apparatus is based on the ability of an electric current to exert an effect on the cellular structures of tissues and muscles, restoring their activity, toning and accelerating the metabolic processes that occur in them.

What is microcurrent face therapy

The device includes an electronic power source and electrodes in the form of rods with a rounded or oval end, which generate electrical impulses. Also, other types of electrodes for microcurrent massage can be included in the kit.

It is customary to distinguish 2 main groups of devices for micropulse stimulation:

  • portable
  • stationary.

Both varieties have the same principle of operation , but differ in technical features, sizes, the presence of additional elements and price.

Portable devices have fewer functions compared to stationary professional devices, but they are more convenient to use, cheaper and can be used for therapeutic sessions at home.

The power of such devices is up to 2 W, the frequency is up to 60 Hz, the current strength is from 10 to 600 mA.

Portable device for microcurrent stimulation kb-0910A (manufacturer – Chinese company Notime) allows you to conduct face and neck massage sessions with micropulses at home.

The set includes 2 spherical electrodes that generate an electrical impulse. Regulators are placed on the device body, which makes it easy to change the degree of power. The device is small in size, easy to operate, finger batteries are used for operation.

The Bio Wave m920 Gezatone device (manufacturer – the French company GEZANNE ITC) is a portable device for treating microcurrents, suitable for bringing muscles into tone. A convenient power regulator allows you to independently control the strength of the pulses . The device is lightweight, runs on AAA batteries.

What is microcurrent face therapy

NuFACE (manufactured by the American company NuFACE) is an apparatus equipped with an intelligent sensor that can select the appropriate type of microcurrent therapy.

A small Gezatone Ionic Ultratonic m365 device (manufactured by the French company GEZANNE ITC) produces monopolar and bipolar electric currents, which makes it possible to conduct electrophoresis and micropulse facial massage sessions.

Gel for microcurrent therapy

Considering the concept of “microcurrent face therapy” and what it is, attention should be paid to hardware cosmetics, which is used when conducting sessions of impulse exposure.

The main drug used in microcurrent therapy is a special gel . Its task is to provide good electrical conductivity. Creams and oils are not suitable for this purpose, since the fats included in their composition impede the passage of electrical impulses.

Special gels are easily applied to the surface of the face, evenly distributed, moisturize it and reduce the friction of the electrodes.

For skin prone to dryness and redness, it is recommended to use products that include red grapes, ginko biloba or cornflower extract. When dehydrated, the best option is to use gels containing aloe.

What is microcurrent face therapy

If the problem is the appearance of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, then you should opt for products containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

One of the popular lines of special gels for micropulse therapy is Beauty Style gels.

Useful videos about microcurrent therapy

How to conduct microcurrent face therapy at home Watch the video clip:

How is microcurrent treatment of the face carried out What is it and what are the features of the procedure Find out the answers in the video clip:

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