How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

Nature has endowed not all the girls with beautiful strong nails, so they often look for the answer to the question of how to properly build up nails with gel polish on their own, without resorting to the help of nail salons. Having mastered the features of the technique for carrying out this procedure at home, you can independently build up nails with gel polish.

Advantages and disadvantages of building gel polish

Using the extension procedure, you can make yourself the desired shape and length of the nails, in addition, they will be worn for a long time. The wearing time depends primarily on the conditions in which they are contained. There is a very important tip: always do housework with protective gloves so that your nails and hands look beautiful and well-groomed.

Building gel polish, like any cosmetic procedure, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of nail extension gel polish:

  • if by nature the nails are ugly and short, you can make the desired length and shape of the nail plates;
  • with the help of a gel, the nail plate is significantly strengthened;
  • well-groomed and beautiful hands;
  • protection of nails from negative environmental influences;
  • if there is a habit of biting nails, then it disappears when the nails are covered with gel polish. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

The disadvantages include:

  • if artificial nails have been worn for a long time, then the natural nail plate is significantly thinner and some time is needed to restore it;
  • long build-up procedure;
  • the high cost of the procedure if you perform coverage in the cabin;
  • if the extension was not performed correctly, then a hollow place may arise between the natural nail plate and the nail, in which, with poor disinfection, a fungal infection forms.

Types of gel for nail extension

Gels for nail extensions are selected individually, depending on the type of procedure:

  1. Gel for basic use . This type is used when building in a 3-phase way. In appearance, it is colorless, helps to adhere the material to the nail plate.
  2. Gel sculptural purpose . It is also used for 3-phase extension in the second stage to form an artificial nail.
  3. Gel camouflage . This is a gel with natural shades, which is often used to create French manicure. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home
  4. Gel finishing action. This fixing agent, it evens out the color scheme and gives a glossy or matte sheen.
  5. Chewing gum . This is a new material in the manicure industry, its use is in creating the shape of an artificial nail from the middle.
  6. The gel is biological . With this tool they build up and cover a natural plate for its deep nutrition and healing.

What tools will be needed

To carry out the procedure for nail extension with gel polish, you need to have a number of special devices with you:

  • lamp for drying gel polish (UV, LED);
  • gel brushes;
  • tips
  • buff for grinding the top layer of a natural nail;
  • gel mixing containers;
  • cuticle tweezers;
  • manicure scissors;
  • special nap-free wipes for degreasing the nail and removing the sticky layer of top coat; How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

In addition to tools, you will need the necessary material:

  • antibacterial liquid for hand treatment;
  • degreasing fluid;
  • cuticle finishing oil;
  • basic gel polishes;
  • gel polishes with colors;
  • gel topcoat.

All tools must be treated with special antibacterial agents or use a special sterilizer.

Ways to build

How to build up nails with gel polish, and which method is most suitable is an important question before starting the extension procedure.

There are 2 known methods of nail extension:

  1. Extension using tips . They are made of thick plastic, attached to the very edge of the nail with the help of special non-toxic glue. After attachment with the help of files and tongs, the desired shape is cut.
  2. Form extension . They consist of thick paper, covered on top with plastic wrap. The device is fixed with an adhesive layer, which allows the form to be held at the base of the nail. Forms are disposable and reusable. But for sterility reasons, it is best to use disposable products. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

To choose the right method, you need to focus on the length of your own natural nail.

If the nail does not have a free edge, that is, they are cut very short, then applying the form will be inappropriate, since there simply will be nowhere to fix it. You need to have at least 3/32 inch of an overgrown nail. If you want to make a manicure in a short period of time, then it is better to choose a nail extension. In this case, the procedure will end almost twice as fast.

Nail preparation

Each girl is interested in how to properly and beautifully build up nails with gel polish, but you should take into account that first of all you need to carefully prepare the nail plate. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

Preparation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Hand and nail treatment with disinfectants to prevent infection during work.
  2. Cut the cuticle , pre-prepared, treated with special emollient oil. Before cutting, the skin is carefully shifted using a pusher or an orange tree stick. This procedure is mandatory, it helps to better adhere to the gel and nail.
  3. Make a nail shape by cutting and sawing off the free edge.
  4. In order for the grip to be good and reliable, it is necessary to saw off the surface of the nail plate with a file . It is not necessary to remove too thick a layer so as not to damage the structure of the nail. It is necessary to process in the direction from the base to the free edge.
  5. Brush away the dust from sawing with a wide brush. In no case do not touch the fingernail treated with a fingernail so as not to leave greasy marks.
  6. Degreasing the nail is performed using a special tool, they come in the form of sprays or liquids.
  7. B
    efore applying the gel itself, it is necessary to treat the surface with a primer , which must completely dry naturally. This is another procedure for degreasing the nail.

Tips Extension Instructions

The process of nail extension using tips is divided into the following stages:

  • first you need to perform the processing of the hands and nail plate with an antibacterial agent and make a classic trim manicure;
  • prepare the nail plate for gluing the tips, cutting off the top layer with a file, creating a roughness;
  • remove excess nail dust by brushing it off with a wide brush;
  • choose the types of width of the nail, it is necessary that it overlap the nail from edge to edge;
  • apply special glue to the base of the nail tip, which will be attached to the nail;
  • then it is necessary to glue the tips carefully, if the adhesive mass has gone beyond the edges, it is necessary to remove it with a lint-free cloth;
  • bring the tips to the desired type, namely the shape and length, cutting or cutting with special tongs for the tips is unnecessary; How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home
  • to cut the edge of the transition to an invisible state with an abrasive file;
  • remove excess dust with a wide brush and apply a primer;
  • apply a modeling gel, drying each layer;
  • apply the main gel in two or 3 layers, drying each for 2 minutes with a lamp;
  • apply a typical coating and dry for 2 minutes under the lamp;
  • if you plan to create a design, then this step is always performed after the finish coating;
  • treat the base of the nail with cuticle care oil.

Form extension: top extension

How to build up nails with gel polish using the upper forms:

  1. First you need to pre-prepare the nail plate.
  2. From a special stencil, it is necessary to form a model of the nail and hold for a little (20 seconds) under the lamp for partial solidification. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home
  3. Apply a basic gel to the nail, this will help to firmly adhere the nail to the form.
  4. The prepared form must be pressed firmly to the surface of the nail for about 20 seconds.
  5. Use a pusher or orange stick to remove excess gel that has come out.
  6. Place the nail with the form under the lamp for two minutes.
  7. After drying, the shape must be removed and the edges given the desired shape.
  8. Finally coat and dry for 2 minutes under the lamp.

Nail extension on the forms: lower extension

How to build up nails with gel polish using the lower forms is described in stages.

This procedure is similar to building with tips, but only at the initial stage:

  1. Perform initial preparation of the nail plates.
  2. Apply a basic gel and dry for 2 minutes in a lamp.
  3. Fasten on the form finger. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home
  4. Apply gel to the very tip of the nail plate and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  5. Repeat the previous step, forming a natural curve of the nail plate, dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. Remove the sticky layer and carefully separate the base of the mold from the gel, after removing the sticky layer from it.
  7. To process the edges of the gel gel with a file for artificial nails and walk buff on the surface of the nail.
  8. Fix the result with finishing gel and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  9. Remove the sticky layer, apply moisturizing oil to the base of the nail and enjoy the result.

How to dry gel polish without a lamp

How to build up gel nails with varnish, and then dry it without using a special lamp is not an easy task. It is best of course to get a lamp and not think about ways to dry the coating. If the gel polish has a water base, then you can dry it with ice water, but first you need to apply a drop of activator (monomer) on top. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

This method, although valid according to reviews of some girls, will not bring an excellent result.

Moreover, holding hands in cold water will take a long time, and this can lead to a cold. Correctly drying the gel polish occurs under ultraviolet radiation, so if a manicure is performed on a hot summer day, you can use direct sunlight to freeze the gel.

It is not known how long this process will take, it is necessary to judge whether a lamp with UV rays appears directly. All other methods do not guarantee a complete drying of the coating.

How to remove extended nails

How to remove nails, if they were overgrown with gel – can be a daunting task. Let us consider in more detail all the stages of the procedure.

To remove, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • manicure forceps and tip cutter;
  • dust cleaning brush;
  • file for artificial nails;
  • file for natural nails;
  • polishing buff;
  • gel polish remover, acetone and cotton pads. How to build up gel polish nails in stages for beginners at home

Stages of the procedure:

  1. If there are safety glasses, then it is better to wear them so that particles of nails do not accidentally get into the eyes.
  2. Nip off the free edge of the extended nail using forceps or tip cutter. This must be done carefully so as not to grab your own nail.
  3. To clearly see the edge of your own nail, you need to walk along the nail with a moistened disk in acetone.
  4. It is recommended to wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract from dust. With a nail file, start cutting off the gel in one selected direction. In order not to touch a natural nail, from time to time you need to brush off the dust. If there is a manicure machine, then you can use it to quickly complete the removal of the gel.
  5. After approaching the nail plate, you need to take a nail file for a natural nail and continue to file away without pressure.
  6. After opening the surface of the nail, you need to go to the encryption buffer and polish the entire nail plate.
  7. To accurately determine that there is no gel on the nail, a degre
    asing agent must be applied. If there is more gel, it will turn white.
  8. In conclusion, treat the hands with cream, and the base of the nail with oil.

To have beautiful and well-groomed hands, you need to make an effort, because without a manicure and a beautiful varnish, the general appearance will look unfinished. Ignorance of how to properly perform the procedure with gel polish can stop in self-building nails. Having studied the step-by-step instructions, you can easily understand the technique, since there is nothing complicated in this process.

Video: how to build up nails with gel polish

Step-by-step instructions on how to build up gel nails with varnish in a video clip:

How to apply gel polish on nails, see the video clip:

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