How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

Not all women can use gel polish due to the fact that they appear cracks and chips on the surface of the decorative coating or even on the nails themselves. This is due to the excessive fragility of the nail plate.

To improve the condition of weak nails, a method was invented such as strengthening with acrylic powder. After applying gel polish, it will protect the nail plate from negative effects.

Why apply acrylic powder to gel polish

Previously, acrylic was used only in nail extensions, because it is plastic, and when solidified it becomes very durable. Thanks to these qualities, after a while it began to be used to repair and strengthen nails. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

For strengthening choose transparent powder. For building, you will need camouflage colors of flesh-pink shades. They overlap the nail plate, but match its color, so this powder will be invisible. And for design they use the widest palette of colors, shades and structures of acrylic powder.

After strengthening with the help of acrylic powder, the life of a manicure is significantly extended. Also, with its help, nail art masters perform various patterns, including 3-dimensional ones, which look spectacular on well-groomed nails. The powder has a porous structure, therefore it is safe for the nail plate, non-toxic.

Acrylic powder has many other advantages:

  • Nails look well-groomed and healed.
  • The powder eliminates most of the possible defects in the nail plate (chips, delamination, breaks, etc.).
  • Nails harden and become denser.
  • The surface of the nails is leveled by filling with a powder of microcracks.
  • Protects the nail plate from temperature extremes, household chemicals and other aggressive influences.
  • If part of the coating is damaged, you do not need to redo the entire manicure. It is enough to perform a correction on a specific nail.
  • Such a manicure does not need special care.
  • It is simply removed using a special solution.

Choosing acrylic powder is not worth saving. When working with a low-quality substance, it is difficult to achieve the desired result, even if a professional man does the manicure. The powder will be blurry, and there can already be no talk about any strengthening of the nails.

How to prepare nails

Before applying powder, the nail plate is prepared.

The first step is a hygienic manicure:

  • Wash hands with soap.
  • Remove the varnish or other coating from the nails using a special tool (it is better to choose solutions with a nourishing effect).
  • Keep your hands in a warm bath to soften the cuticle (5-7 minutes is enough).
  • After the bath, hands are soaked with a towel or napkin (no need to wipe dry).
  • Using a special spatula or stick with a wide side, the cuticle is pushed back.
  • Cuticles and dead skin from side rollers are cut with special tweezers (optional procedure).
  • Apply a nourishing cream to your hands. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

After these manipulations, the nail is prepared for direct application of acrylic powder:

  • Remove the top glossy layer using a nail file-buff.
  • They are treated with a primer and wait for drying (it will prevent the appearance of fungal and some other diseases, improve bonding).

How to apply powder on gel polish: step by step instructions

For building:

  • Special forms or tips are put on nails;
  • Next, acrylic powder and monomer are mixed. For this, the brush is dipped in monomer, and then lowered into powder, and, making circular movements, envelop the brush with it. A thick drop forms on it.
  • This drop is quickly transferred to the nail and distributed in a thin layer in shape. Then, patting, pressing movements level the layer. Avoid getting the acrylic mixture on the side rollers and cuticle, the distance between them should be at least 0/32 inch.
  • After each drop of acrylic, wipe the brush with a napkin.
  • Until the acrylic has completely hardened, a natural bend is applied to the nail using tweezers. It is also done using a mold, with a straw.
  • When the acrylic is completely hardened, they begin filing and polishing the nails. First, use a nail file with a large fraction of grains, and at the end a buff.
  • Then the final design is applied. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

For design:

  • The base is applied first. They let her dry. Some products dry in the air, some in a UV dryer (read the instructions for the specific product).
  • Shellac is applied to the entire surface and end faces.
  • While the gel polish has not had time to dry, apply the powder. If you need to cover the nail completely, then first of all you need to lower the tip of the nail into a jar of powder. Then holding your finger over the stand, apply powder with a brush over the entire surface of the nail. You cannot touch the surface of the nail plate with a brush.
  • Shake off excess by tapping lightly on the finger.
  • Dry under a UV lamp.
  • Next, the nail is treated with a brush. This will help to remove loose particles of powder and smooth the surface a little.
  • At this stage you can stop. But you can also apply a top coat of gel polish. Then the nails will be smooth, without roughness.

How to make a French manicure with transparent, white acrylic powder

French manicure is universal. It is suitable for women of all ages, for any event, as it is discreet, but at the same time effective and stylish. With acrylic powder, making it is not difficult.

How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo
Step by step how to apply powder on a gel polish in a French style

How to apply powder on gel polish is described in detail in the step-by-step instructions:

  • Powder for French is taken non-glossy, mostly white.
  • Nails lead to a neat look. Remove the cuticle, shape.
  • Apply gel polish. The last layer should be very thin.
  • Open a jar of acrylic powder and dip the tip of each finger into it.
  • Brush remove excess.
  • Coat the gel again with varnish. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

With such a jacket, the coating at the ends will not wear off, crack or chip. And it will last 2-3 weeks.

How to use colored acrylic powder

  • Before applying gel polish and powder to the nails, they are prepared in the classical way.
  • Then a base coat is applied and dried in a lamp.
  • Next, the nail plate is stained with gel varnish of the desired color.
  • Then a second coat of varnish is applied and again dried in a lamp.
  • After drying, a third layer is applied, but it is no longer dried (if you need to coat the entire nail with powder) or a pattern is applied using a thin brush (if you need a powder pattern).
  • Sprinkle evenly dry gel varnish with acrylic powder of the desired color.
  • Again use a UV lamp for drying.
  • With a stiff brush, shake off the remaining powder.

Mirror powder on gel polish

Mirror powder (mirror rubbing) is a very fine powder made of polyester. It is used to achieve a mirror effect. It significantly exceeds the quality of the result of gel polish with a metallic effect, as well as foil for manicure.

Mirror usd is in different colors and shades. Apply this powder to gel polish, gel paint and acrylic. It’s easy to use – even a beginner can handle it. Such a manicure will be resistant to water, ultraviolet rays and various solvents. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

Here’s how to make manicure with mirror powder:

  • As with any other manicure, the nails are prepared and applied.
  • Next, apply a black gel polish (other options are allowed).
  • Then, over an open jar of powder, the nail is sprinkled with a mirror usd. To do this, use a special spatula.
  • The excess powder is shaken off, and the remaining on the nail is easily rubbed with a sponge.
  • Such an operation is performed with each nail.
  • Top cover with a top coat of varnish and dry under a special lamp.

Applying flickering powder

The flickering usd is similar to the mirror, but micro-sparkles are added to it. They create the effect of flicker. It is used not only as a decorative decoration, but also for nutrition and restoration of nails.

It is applied easily, it is enough to know the sequence of actions:

  • Preparation of the nail plate occurs in a classic way.
  • Next, the nails are covered with gel or gel varnish of the desired color.
  • Still dry nails are generously sprinkled with shimmering powder.
  • Excessively shake and usd the powder, as in the case of mirror powder.
  • Then cover the coating with two layers of fixative. After each application, the nails are dried under a UV lamp.

Metal powder

The original manicure with a metallic sheen looks stylish and attracts the views of others. To become the owner of such nails, you just need to purchase acrylic powder for nail design. It consists of the smallest reflective particles, which gives superiority to gel varnishes with a metallic effect. There is chrome powder on sale with many shades.

Using metal powder, it is not necessary to cover the entire nail with it, you can come up with many other options. For example, chrome jacket or metal painting on the nail plate. Apply powder to still dry gel varnish coatings.

Sponge application

Sponge is not only a makeup tool. He will become an assistant in creating an original and fashionable manicure. It is used to usd acrylic powder to obtain a mirror shine. Also, with its help, an ombre manicure is applied (on the nails, a smooth and beautiful transition is obtained without a sharp color change). Even a novice in manicure can master such a technique. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

Here’s an example of using sponge in nail design:

  • The first thing they do is hygienic manicure.
  • Then the base is applied, in this case they take beige or pale pink, and they are dried using a special lamp.
  • The middle part of the nail plate is covered in a tone lighter than the base.
  • Then shade the gel polish using a sponge. Thus, a smooth transition between colors is obtained.
  • White acrylic powder is applied to the edge of the nail.
  • Apply a top coat and dry with a UV dryer.

What mistakes can be made

Before applying powder and gel polish to the nails, it is better to study the instructions and take into account possible errors:

  • Slow work (with acrylic work as quickly as possible, since it thickens quite quickly).
  • Work without a mask (when mixed with monomer liquid, acrylic gets an unpleasant pungent odor).
  • Neglect of antiseptic measures (coating on the nails lasts a long time, and a fungus or other infection, being in a “locked” state for a long time, will develop).

Acrylic Removal Procedure

The first step is to remove the upper gloss from the nails. To do this, use a nail file. After that, a varnish remover is applied to the cotton pads and placed on nails. Each nail is wrapped in foil and left for 15 minutes. How to apply powder on gel polish. Step-by-step instructions correctly using a sponge, acrylic. Photo

After the coating is removed using orange sticks, residues are removed. For the same purpose, special files are also used. After such manipulations, the nails are ready for applying a new manicure.

If you decide to do such a procedure as applying powder to gel polish, then it is still better to contact nail art specialists. Then there will be an opportunity to fully enjoy all the advantages of this new product in the world of manicure.

Video on strengthening nails with acrylic powder

Strengthening nails with acrylic powder:

Strengthening nails with acrylic powder:

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