Hair styling for short hair at home – fashionable and original, photo

The modern lifestyle dictates the woman new conditions of everyday life, including dynamics and speed. Short hair is now more popular than ever, a little imagination and effort, allow you to create hair styling on it, which in its sophistication will not give way to luxurious long curls.

What is the difference between home styling and styling in a hairdresser

You can make a beautiful styling both at home and in the beauty salon. The second option is preferable for preparing for special occasions, when each hair should lie in its place. Nevertheless, if you start to train your hair styling skills on weekdays, it is likely that elegant styling will work perfectly, and not inferior to the salon in its beauty and quality. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Creating a styling on short hair yourself, you should rely on the secrets of hairdressers:

  • obligatory care for the ends of the hair with the help of a conditioner, which will prevent their dryness and damage;
  • for styling, use specialized mousses, varnishes and sprays;
  • the use of invisible, which must first be sprayed with varnish and stabbed with a corrugated part to the head;
  • To create the required volume, you need to use a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle or pre-wind the hair at the roots with curlers.

Features of styling short hair

Short hair styling requires skill, which is acquired only with experience. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
Nevertheless, there are certain features that make it possible to facilitate this process and achieve an amazing result:

  1. Proper hair care:
  • timely washing with products that are selected according to the type of hair;
  • the use of masks, oils and balms;
  • obligatory use of means with thermal protection during hair styling with forceps, corrugation or hairdryer;
  • the most rare use of curlers and other curling agents;
  • use during waxing, mousse, foam, gel (depending on the chosen hairstyle).
  1. The presence of a haircut made in accordance with all the rules of hairdressing. This will be much easier to stack than made at random, without observing the technique.
  2. Owners of snow-white hair should give preference to wax for styling, but for brunettes it is better to use a gel. Both funds should be used as sparingly as possible so as not to get the effect of dirty hair.
  3. For everyday styling, you need to use a classic, not too powerful, spray, and funds with high-level fixation are best left for special occasions.
  4. Short hair often needs washing, stale hair will be difficult to style, and the appearance of such styling will leave much to be desired.

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How is a short haircut able to correct the face

Hair styling done on short hair can beautify their owner, most importantly, choose a haircut that can correct imperfections and highlight the dignity of the face. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

  • a large nose can be hidden with a bang and parting done on its side. On the back of the head, you can slightly comb the hair if its length allows;
  • a small nose looks great on an open face, styling can be with light waves;
  • snub nose can be leveled with volume on the hair and curled ends;
  • a thin neck is visually full, bangs to the eyebrow line and the absence of small curls;
  • small features are visually enhanced with a haircut, which will completely repeat the oval of the face;
  • a flat-shaped face can be significantly expanded if you leave the hair on the back of the head slightly longer than on the rest of the head;
  • large features do not look so dramatic if there is a slanting fringe on the face, and volume on the head;
  • a page haircut will be able to mask the imperfect shape of the skull, and the hair should cover the line of the ears, without reaching, at the same time, to the lower jaw.

How to make styling last longer

For long-term preservation of styling, you can resort to such tricks:

  1. After the hair is curled into curls – they need to be cooled and only then stabbed.
  2. For styling, it is important to use powder sprays and substances to create volume at the roots.
  3. You can create waves at a short length by wrapping a curl on the tongs, then wrapping it with foil and pressing it briefly with an iron.
  4. To give fresh styling, you can use a dry shampoo that removes fat from the roots of the hair.
  5. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hair, using products suitable for their type.

Home Hair Styling Options

It is not uncommon for a woman who has made a short haircut to wear it in the same version day after day. This is wrong, even short hair gives great scope for imagination. There are many styling options that you can do at home with your own hands, without having professional hairdresser skills.

Light waves

To give the haircut an extra volume, hair styling for short hair with the effect of light waves is well suited. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
The best effect is obtained when using forceps:

  • wash and dry hair thoroughly;
  • apply a means to protect against high temperatures (this can be a special foam or mousse);
  • starting from the forehead line, carefully twist each lock;
  • it is important to retreat a few inch from the roots so that the waves look more natural;
  • locks should be wide, about 2-4cm;
  • too large curls will not look neat;
  • after the curl is removed from the tongs, it must be sprayed with varnish;
  • if volume is required, you should twist curls from different directions, and not strictly from top to bottom;
  • when all the hair is wound, you need to tear them a little with your fingers and sprinkle with varnish.

You can make waves on your hair using hair clips:

  • wash hair;
  • apply moisturizing mousse to wet hair and dry them a little;
  • wrap a strand (about 0’8 inch wide) on the finger, then slightly release the curl and fix it with invisibility;
  • repeat with all strands;
  • blow dry your hair and go with hairpins for another 2-3 hours to consolidate the result;
  • remove hair clips, draw curls with your hands and fix with varnish.

Cheeky styling

The image of a tender and sweet girl quickly bothers, but the bold styling is able to give enthusiasm and colorize everyday and boring life. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Options for naughty hairstyles:

  1. Handle the locks with wax and shake them with your hands in any style.
  2. Using a hairdryer, dry the hair (after applying the styling product to the hair), and the air stream must be directed from the roots to the ends and raised with your hands. In conclusion, fix individual strands with wax.

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Parting on the side

Parting, done not in the middle of the head, but a little to the side, is able to smooth out the clear geometry of the face and give the image a little mischief. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
Make it simple:

  • comb the hair, then use a sharp and thin comb to move the parting to the side;
  • lay the strands smoothly, fixing with gel;
  • You can wind individual locks with tongs and gently lay them on your head.

Styling for fine short hair

Short hair, which is distinguished by the subtlety of the structure, allows you to do this hair styling, suitable for every day:

  • Straighten the long bangs, and dry the remaining hair slightly with a hairdryer (it is important that the haircut be graduated, strands of different lengths ideally give volume);
  • cut your bangs on your side, which allows you to visually increase the amount of hair;
  • wash hair, apply mousse to them and blow dry with a hair dryer, which will give not only volume, but also stiffness to the entire hairstyle;
  • add a few bright locks by dyeing hair or building short curls;
  • dry hair with a hairdryer, part of the strands in a checkerboard pattern, process the corrugation at different levels of the strand.

Styling short hair with a hairdryer

To prevent deterioration of the appearance of hair due to the use of a hairdryer, you need to adhere to these rules:

  • Dry only clean hair. The curls on which sebum is collected after drying will begin to look even more untidy and dirtier;
  • regularly use moisturizing hair balms that restore the structure of follicles;
  • to dry not the whole head as a whole, but individual locks (this allows you to protect your hair from the harmful effects of hot air);
  • use gels and foams, not only fixing the styling, but also protecting the hair structure from the effects of the hair dryer. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Short hair can be styled with a hairdryer like this:

  • wash your hair and apply the substance to fix the styling;
  • pull the shortest strands with a hairdryer, dry the remaining ones with a diffuser (a special nozzle for a hairdryer);
  • to create a natural volume, dry the hair from the bottom up;
  • finally, you can curl the left strands with tongs or give them a shape by dampening with wax.

Evening styling

It is quite difficult to make a beautiful styling for the evening with hair, the length of which does not cover at least the middle of the ear. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
However, some accents can still be made:

  • you can stretch the strands with a hairdryer and treat them with a latch;
  • divide the strands with the help of hands moistened with wax, departing from the roots by 1’2 – 1’6 inch;
  • if the length allows, you can comb the back of the head, and decorate the top layer of hair with a comb, fixing it with a fixing tool;
  • You can curl hair with an iron or curling iron, directing hair to the face;
  • comb hair from one side to the middle, treat with mousse, adding a bit of negligence.

Volumetric styling

Not always hair pleases with splendor and an abundance of strands. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
To give the hair the missing volume is easy:

  • on clean hair, apply a pea of styling mousse;
  • to dry hair in a natural way;
  • fix with clamps all strands, except for one wide at the back of the head;
  • wind a strand on a special hairdryer brush (brushing);
  • dry it first in a stream of hot, then cold air;
  • repeat with all strands;
  • shape with your fingers;
  • fix with varnish and highlight individual strands with wax.

Styling for short wavy hair

Each hair styling for short hair is unique, wavy locks are especially different in this regard. It’s easy to beautifully shape wavy curls by nature, it is easy:

  • treat the freshly washed hair with a gel and dry it with a hairdryer, whisking it with your fingers – you get the effect of “wet” locks;
  • with the help of an iron, align each lock and put them with a hairdryer in a neat hairstyle, giving the desired shape;
  • to dry hair in a natural way, decorate individual strands with styling gel.

Short hair styling with bangs

Bangs allow you to revive any hairstyle: it can be styled with a hairdryer, combed smoothly back and laid on its side. On short hair, she is the accent of the entire styling. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Bangs styling options:

  • straighten with an iron, creating an elegant look. The remaining hair can also be styled with an iron or hairdryer, or left carelessly tousled;
  • the elongated bangs can be combed to the side, curling it a little in a light wave;
  • Using hair clips or a rim, you can completely remove the fringe, and emphasize its tenderness and charm.

Side banging

Girls with an oval-shaped face can afford a fringe that falls on one, right or left side. A universal styling method with a bang of this kind:

  • blow dry your hair, shape your bangs, combing to the right side;
  • with the help of brushing, tighten the base of the bangs so that it rests smoothly on the forehead;
  • In the same way, you can lay the bangs, directing its tips not inward but outward;
  • Put the remaining hair with a hairdryer and fix with styling products.

Strict office styling

It is not always possible to come to the office with disheveled hair, especially if there is a strict dress code. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo
The best option for work is such a styling:

  • wash your hair and divide it into two parts from one ear to another;
  • apply mousse and straighten the strands with an iron;
  • fix the side strands of the face with the invisibility behind the ears;
  • lower the upper part of the curls into place;
  • their tips curl down;
  • to fix laying with varnish.

Greek style styling Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

The romantic style of Greek women can be reproduced on short hair:

  • to make a direct parting;
  • wind the hair with forceps into large curls;
  • comb the hair on the back of the head;
  • split curls with your fingers;
  • put on a bezel or special tape, gently tucking strands around the face under it.

Glam punk

Rock-and-roll styling is able to transform the girl’s appearance and give her mischief. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photoYou can do it like this:

  • wash your hair;
  • apply styling mousse;
  • with the help of hands, put the strands vertically upward, gradually moving from the forehead to the back of the head or vice versa;
  • if desired, you can make a wave horizontally or vertically.

Laying for small curls

Small curls are difficult to put in a strict hairstyle, but you can give them a little order if you do the following:

  • use gel for styling, which will restore order on the head;
  • to form large curls;
  • blow dry your head.

You can neatly straighten your hair with an iron and, having twisted them with a hairdryer, put them in place.

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Wet hair effect

Short hair, which looks like its owner just took a shower, looks very fashionable and elegant. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

To achieve this effect on your own is not difficult at all:

  • wash your hair;
  • apply one of the means to slightly dried curls: gel with a small percentage of fixation, light in texture, foam or texture;
  • beat locks with fingers, while lifting them;
  • dry your head without using a hair dryer;
  • you can tidy up your hair a little with a hairdryer when your hair is already dry.

Laying a hedgehog

Short hair cut by a hedgehog facilitates hair styling, reducing it to almost nothing. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Laying Types:

  • slightly moist hair to give direction and shape with the help of mousse, you can shake the strands or make them smooth;
  • comb hair a little on the top, creating a kind of crest;
  • comb all the hair to the back of the head, creating a smooth look.

Sport styling

Short strands are asked to be laid in a sporty style. It implies deliberate negligence, sharpness and sharpness of lines.


  • to put your hair in a hairdryer, after wetting it with gel, pulling it to the back of the head;
  • Dry wet hair with a hairdryer, giving them the desired direction with your fingers or randomly tugging them.

Romantic styling Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Especially for a date, women with short hair can style their hair like this:

  • wash your hair and rinse;
  • apply foam to all hair and carefully distribute it with a comb;
  • make a parting;
  • accurately form curls using a styler;
  • fix the result with varnish;
  • attach a hair clip appropriate to the style of clothing.

Fleece styling

To achieve volume on the hair or to create a festive styling, you can make a comb:

  • separate the strand about 2-3cm in size;
  • carefully comb it with a comb with teeth in the root area;
  • repeat with all hair;
  • create styling form;
  • fix with a special tool.

Retro styling

Retro hairstyle presupposes compliance with some principles:

  1. Hair color: bright blond or burning brunette.
  2. Waves on a short length.
  3. Sharp lines in a haircut.
  4. Rollers made of curls and hair. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photo

Retro hair styling for short hair is done using the following techniques:

  • if there is a length on the back of the head, you can make a hair roller (or replace it with artificial foam) by combing several strands for this. Smooth the rest of the hair with a gel;
  • it is possible to make waves with the help of hairpins securing the strands at sharp angles, previously moistened with a modeling gel. After drying, this installation must be fixed with varnish.

Beautiful weaving

Braids look organic on hair of any length, only on short strands make them a little more difficult. If hair allows, you can try to make a French braid:

  • separate the strand where the braid will begin (optimally – on the side or above the forehead);
  • divide the curl into 3 equal parts;
  • weave an ordinary braid, gradually shifting to the side, alternately taking a curl lying next to each side strand;
  • reaching the final stage, you need to fix the braid with an elastic or a hairpin.

Laying corrugation

Curls decorated with forceps with a corrugation nozzle are very popular among young girls. Hair styling for short hair at home - fashionable and original, photoYou can make them like this:

  • apply a tool to the cleanly washed hair that will fix the hairstyle;
  • comb hair and divide it into separate strands;
  • apply a corrugation nozzle on each strand separately (and you can act on the root zone, middle part or hair ends);
  • curls should be very thin;
  • At the end, sprinkle the entire hairstyle with varnish.

Smooth styling

Beautifully made hair styl
ing, for short or long hair, can give more than the most beautiful outfit. A smooth version of the hairstyle is suitable for publication and for the office. The styling is created as follows:

  • wash hair, blow dry, but not completely;
  • distribute a small amount of gel over the entire surface of the hair (first you need to usd it between the palms);
  • comb all the hair and smooth it from the face to the back of the head;
  • if there is a fringe, you can give it a wavy shape, for a short time, fixing it with invisible and blow drying;
  • Now you need to apply a little more funds to all the strands, smoothing them.

Short haircuts do not always mean limitations in the choice of styling options. Using a little imagination, effort and means to fix the hair, you can create the perfect styling for every occasion, which will not concede in its beauty a hairstyle made in the salon.

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Fast, original and easy styling for short hair:

Holiday short hair styling:

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