Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents

Every third woman changes her image with hair dye. The usual dye with ammonia causes irreparable harm to the hair, so manufacturers have introduced non-ammonia paints that have a gentle effect. To choose a product that is suitable for a specific type of hair, it is worth analyzing the entire market of ammonia-free paints.

The difference between ammonia and non-ammonia paint

In ammonia hair dye, the coloring pigment is already applied to a bleached natural color. This is due to the fact that the main components that make up the composition are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which eliminates the original color of the hair. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents

Ammonia opens flakes, and hydrogen peroxide removes natural pigments deep in the hair. Over time, the artificial dye is washed away, and voids appear in the hairs, because of which they become thin and brittle.

Paint without ammonia works only on the surface, without delving into the structure of the hair.

In dyeing, the coloring pigment is simply superimposed on the native color, covering each hair with a thin film. With the advent of new technologies, dye manufacturers reduced the size of the molecules of the chemical composition of the products, and found a new component that is softer than ammonia reveals the scales of the hair.

Pluses of ammonia-free paint

Advantages of paints without ammonia:

  1. Gentle staining. The scales do not open so sharply due to the lack of ammonia, the outer coat of hair is practically not injured. The intrinsic color does not fade, due to the reduced number of hydrogen peroxide molecules, and the coloring pigment does not fall into the deep layer. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  2. Hair restoration. Manufacturers of dyes without ammonia not only reduced the number of harmful molecules, but also added useful organic compounds to the composition. Thanks to added vitamins and extracts from millet, birch, walnut shell or grape seed, the hair will be thicker and stronger. They moisturize and become more resistant to ultraviolet rays. The work of the sebaceous glands in the scalp is normalized, hair follicles are nourished.
  3. Improving the natural shade. You can choose a paint to match your natural shade. After staining, the curls will become shiny and silky, and the color will be more saturated.
  4. Unlimited color correction . Achieving the desired color, dye your hair again, there will be no problem. After a one-time staining, the dye will be washed off after 1.5-2 months, and it will be possible to experiment with the shade again.
  5. Hypoallergenicity. Suitable for girls with sensitive scalp. The dye without ammonia does not burn and does not bake during staining, and the vitamin complexes introduced into the composition additionally look after problem skin.

Without the need for dyeing, hairdressers still do not recommend using dye, but use special products designed for hair care.

Cons of paint without ammonia


  1. Poor gray hair . The dye without ammonia does not penetrate deep into the hair; pronounced gray hair cannot be painted well. Colorists recommend using ammonia-free dyes at the initial stage of graying.
  2. It is quickly washed off. The main disadvantage of ammonia-free paint is its unstable effect. With each shampoo, the shade is gradually washed off, and the color fades before the manufacturer indicated a 6-week period.
    Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
    The main disadvantage of hair dye without ammonia is the unstable effect.
  3. Poor lightens. Dark locks can be lightened only by 2-3 tones (the exception is professional products that brighten by 8 tones).
  4. They require the work of a professional . For best results, use the hand of a master, as the color may not be evenly distributed throughout the hair.
  5. Price. Paints without ammonia are 2-3 times more expensive than ammonia products. At the same time, you will have to pay not only for the product, but also for the services of a master colorist.

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Types of hair colors without ammonia

Hair dye without ammonia is divided into several categories:

  • Professional. The use of such ammonia-free dyes implies knowledge of the intricacies of staining, as the master colorist independently selects the proportions of the tones. Professional products without ammonia are suitable for highlighting, coloring, painting gray hair. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Sparing. The purpose of this product is recovery. It is used in coloring brittle, sensitive or damaged hair. The gentle paint practically does not contain an oxidizing agent and refreshes color well. Often used to tint the tips or to brighten individual strands.
  • Tinting . The colors in the palette of such paints are close to natural tones. A significant difference is the lack of the effect of “regrown roots”; when washing off, the border between your own and the new color will not be as sharp as with other means.
  • Hue. Does not radically change the original color, refreshes and saturates the native shade.

Names and characteristics of professional ammonia-free paints

Hair dyes without ammonia from a professional line:

  • Kapous “Non Ammonia.” Produces the effect of laminating hair. It maximally moisturizes curls, due to the hyaluronic acid introduced into the composition. Restores and protects locks from external influences. The texture of the paint is creamy, easy to apply and easy to rinse.
  • Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair Colo r. The color line is relatively small. Dye is used mainly for dyeing fair hair. Saturates strands with useful substances and practically does not harm the structure. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Londa Professional. Perfectly saturates curls with color, lasts a long time. He paints gray hair well. Well cares for hair due to the constituent fats and vitamins.
  • Chi Ionic Permanent Shine. It is mainly used by masters for clarification or highlighting. The paint is almost harmless, well restores strands. Coloring pigments are based on natural ingredients. The composition also includes vitamin complexes and silk proteins.
  • Matrix After use, the hair does not lose saturation for a long time, the hair structure becomes smooth and silky. The maximum color is included in the palette, which enables the consumer to create a unique shade. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Estel Sense De Luxe. This brand is found in almost every beauty salon. Tones are easily mixed, the strands are painted evenly and efficiently. Thanks to the organic substances that make up the hair, it moisturizes and regenerates well.

Ammonia-free hair color palette

Girls who want to use the most gentle paint can try these brands:

  • Garnier Color Naturals. The dye contains natural shea butter, avocado and olives. The dye well restores strands and moisturizes the scalp. The palette contains 37 shades, mainly blond and light brown groups, as well as chestnut gamma and causing black and purple colors. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Garnier Olia. In the ranking of the most popular dyes without ammonia, it occupies a rather high place. The composition introduced more than 60% of natural oils that revitalize the strands and saturate them with the necessary moisture. The manufacturer introduced a large tube of balm into the set, which should be enough for several applications.
  • Londa Color Naturals. This paint takes into account the uniqueness of each natural shade, so extracts from chamomile, oak bark and pomegranate are introduced into it for each gamut of shades. Reflective particles are introduced into the composition, creating a light shine of the strands. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Faberlic . Gentle paint without ammonia of this brand has the required number of natural colors in the palette. The components that make up the product ensure the resistance of curls to external damage and saturate them with the necessary vitamin complex.

Toning and tinting ammonia-free paints: features, popular brands

Ammonia-free paint manufacturers took care of those women who just want to emphasize the natural color and created tinting and tinting ammonia-free hair dyes. They are not so persistent, wash off for 3-8 times, but are safe and easy to paint at home.

These funds can be painted during pregnancy or during lactation.

Popular brands of tinting paints:

  • L’Oreal Professionnel Diarichesse. Tinting paint in natural shades. Carefully dyes each hair. Washed off gradually, without leaving a sharp transition at the border of regrown hair.
  • Wella Color Touch. Has the property of intense toning. Has a large gamut of shades. Gives the hair a rich and shiny appearance. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse tinting mousse. Well suited for revitalizing the color or tinting the roots between applications of regular paint. It is conveniently put and economically spent.

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When choosing a dyeing agent, it is worth considering and comparing the characteristics of ammonia-free paints of different brands.

Mark Benefits disadvantages
L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss
  • Hair color becomes brighter, more saturated;
  • good color for gray hair;
  • a sufficiently large number of colors in the palette;
  • keeps for a long time (2.5-3 weeks);
  • does not cause allergies;
  • well suited to dry and weak hair.
  • The cost is slightly higher than similar products ( $ 4 – $ 5);
  • use is prohibited for wounds on the scalp, dermatological diseases;
  • due to the creamy texture, it is difficult to wash out;
  • if the strands were stained with henna or basma, it may not give the desired color.
  • The colors are very saturated;
  • hair after application looks well-groomed and shiny;
  • the main focus of the shade palette is red and chestnut colors;
  • relatively low price ( $ 2,45).
  • Cosmetics of this brand are sold according to the catalog, so the declared colors may vary slightly;
  • the paint has a slightly pronounced unpleasant odor;
  • there are only 20 shades in the palette;
  • quickly washed off.
Londa Professional Londacolor
  • Perfectly paints gray hair;
  • does not dry and well restores hair;
  • affordable price (an average of $ 3,81);
  • hair color becomes saturated and uniform;
  • the palette is very large and constantly increasing (98 shades).
  • Has an unpleasant odor;
  • color is quickly washed off;
  • hair does not lighten well.
Matrix Color Sync
  • The palette contains 61 shades;
  • gives extraordinary shine and radiance to hair;
  • flawlessly colors every strand;
  • perfectly nourishes and restores hair.
  • The price is quite high ( $ 5 – $ 7);
  • dyeing hair at home is not recommended, since it is necessary to observe the exact proportions of the oxidizing agent and developer;
  • the color may be 1-2 tones darker than indicated.
Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance
  • Gently affects hair and scalp;
  • gives the hair an intense and rich color;
  • It does not have a pronounced smell.
  • A small range of shades in the palette (20 colors);
  • relatively high price (about $ 6,8);
  • shine and color saturation quickly disappear.
Vivasan sanotint
  • The palette has 42 shades;
  • paints gray hair well;
  • hair color does not wash off for a long time.
  • High price ( $ 8 – $ 9);
  • there is no instruction in American;
  • does not give special shine to hair;
  • not always stains in the desired shade.
Estel sense de luxe
  • Affordable price ( $ 2 – $ 3.);
  • in the main palette 57 colors + 4 bright red tones and 7 corrective shades;
  • does not spoil or dry hair;
  • gives softness and shine to curls;
  • nice smell;
  • economically consumed.
  • It is quickly washed off.
Wella color touch
  • Evens hair color;
  • gives shine to strands;
  • does not dry or spoil hair;
  • smells good;
  • does not injure the scalp.
  • The price is about $ 5,44 .;
  • when painting gray hair requires dry application, which is why it is spent more;
  • quickly washed off.
Syoss oleo intense
  • Price within $ 3,4 .;
  • color corresponds to the declared shade;
  • paints gray hair well;
  • restores and nourishes hair.
  • Some consumers report hair loss after use;
  • quickly washed off;
  • there are only 20 shades in the palette;
  • high consumption.

How to dye your hair with ammonia-free paint

Staining with ammonia-free paint differs from the usual procedure for painting curls. Hair must be washed and dried. It is permissible for the strands to be slightly moist. Paint will not give the desired effect on dirty strands, and time and effort can be wasted.

Step-by-step instruction

Indications for staining at home:

  1. Before staining, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test. To do this, 48 hours before use, apply the dye mixture to a 0’4 x 0’4 inch skin area on the inside of the elbow and hold for 45 minutes. If in the next two days no reactions are detected, you can safely dye. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  2. Before use, you need to wash your hair with an ordinary shampoo or deep cleansing hair product. After washing, you can distribute serum or balm through your hair. It is better to use the means of one brand to achieve the best result. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  3. While the hair will dry, you can prepare a coloring composition. You need to wear gloves and mix the oxidizing agent with the developer according to the instructions. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  4. Apply paint to dry or dried curls, dividing them into several parts. First you need to dye all the roots, and then distribute the coloring composition to all the hair. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  5. Soak the mixture for staining for the time specified in the instructions (from 30 to 45 minutes). The consequences of overexposure of the dye will be dry hair and peeling of the scalp, so you must follow the instructions.
  6. Rinse off the paint with hot water is not recommended. The optimum water temperature is 37,4 – 46,4°F. The coloring composition should be washed with shampoo, preferably with acid Ph. After that, you need to apply a balm for colored hair (included in the package).
  7. Drying colored strands is better in a natural way, without using a hair dryer. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents

In order not to experiment with your own hairdo and choose the right shade, it is best to contact a colorist who will select the right paint depending on the type and condition of the strands and color the curls correctly.

Recommendations for painting with ammonia-free paint

A hair dye without ammonia is not as harmful as a regular dye because of the low hydrogen peroxide content and the complete absence of ammonia. Still, it is not recommended to neglect the amount of dyeing, since the natural pigment is discolored and replaced with artificial, during which the chemical composition of the hair changes.

In order not to carry out frequent dyeing and cause minimal damage to the hair structure, experts recommend adhering to simple rules for the use of ammonia-free paints.

These are the following rules:

  1. Use the services of professionals who will select the right color and carry out the staining procedure technically correct. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents
  2. For dyeing at home, choose high-quality dyes, carefully study the instructions for use.
  3. Wash your hair only when necessary with special shampoos, using balms for colored curls.
  4. Use paint without ammonia no more than 1 time per month. For experiments, choose tinting and tinting ammonia-free dyes that can be used 1-2 times a week.
  5. Take into account the features of the selected color. For example, shades of red and red quickly fade, and if the selected color is far from natural, the borders of regrown roots will be visible.

The average cost of conventional and professional paints

When painting in the cabin, you will have to pay both for the work of the master and for the dye itself. The price in this case will depend on the selected salon. For example, in an economy hairdresser, the cost of a master’s services will be about $ 6,8, depending on the length of the hair and the complexity of the work, plus the price of the selected paint. In elite salons, the price will vary from $ 41 – $ 82. Hair dyes without ammonia. Names and palettes of professional tinting and coloring agents

Dye without ammonia for hair from a professional series is more expensive, since the dye itself and the oxidizing agent have a separate cost. The price of a professional
dye is from $ 3 – $ 14. depending on the composition of the product and the country of manufacture. In addition, you will need to pay for the oxidizer in the of $ 2,72.

Regular ammonia-free paint, which is sold in all household chemical stores, is much cheaper. Here the price will be from $ 2 – $ 4. It is intended for unprofessional use, and you will not need to additionally purchase an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent after staining.

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Customer reviews on the safety and effectiveness of paints without ammonia

The opinions of girls who were painted with ammonia-free means are rather monotonous. The main advantages of such dyes, buyers highlight the excellent appearance of curls and the quality of hair after dyeing. Many women note that having tried ammonia-free paint, in the future they will only use it to maintain the health of curls.

Of the shortcomings, the bulk of consumers emit poor shading of gray hair and a fairly quick washout of color. However, the quality, radiance and brilliance of colored strands after using paints without ammonia can positively affect the opinion of the consumer.

When choosing a dye without ammonia, it is better to consult with specialists and make a choice in favor of a hair product that will ideally suit the consumer.

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Hair care. Paint without ammonia from Faberlic:

Estel Sense De Luxe ammonia-free hair dye palette:

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