Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use

Hair coloring is a process that should be approached responsibly. The dye should not only create the desired shade for the hair, but also not to dry out, to prevent damage to curls. Most women choose the Capus hair dye because of the rich palette, a photo of which can be seen in the next article.

Characteristic Hair Dye Capus

Cream-paint Capus with a low ammonia content gives color fastness, restores dyed hair. The product from the Italian manufacturer passes strict quality control not only abroad, but also in USA.

Thanks to the participation of stylists and medical workers in testing, the manufacturer was able to achieve high quality paints that do not harm the hair and scalp.

The Kapus brand belongs to the category of professional products, but due to its easy mixing and application, it is easy to use at home. More than 100 shades in the main Capus palette will help you choose the perfect color. The product is available in tubes of 100, 0,3 – 0,4 pint, depending on the series.

The paint differs from others in its natural composition, which allows not only to give the hair a color, but also to protect them from the harmful effects of the environment, sunlight.

Paint composition

All dyes of the Capus brand are distinguished by their natural composition.

The main components:

  • rice proteins;
  • hydrolyzed silk;
  • ginseng;
  • keratin;
  • chamomile extract;
  • witch hazel substances;
  • plantain extract;
  • cocoa essential oil.

The paint contains no harmful paraben and p-Phenylenediamine, which ensures its gentle effect on the scalp.

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Color palette

Capus is one of the few hair colors with a rich palette of colors, the photo of which conveys the saturation of shades.

The range of the brand includes 22 primary colors and more than 80 of their shades:

  1. Natural: platinum, chestnut, black.
  2. Natural rich: chestnut, light chestnut, dark / brightened / very lightened.
  3. Ash: blue-black, light ash / ash blonde, ash-chestnut.
  4. Golden: Gold / Platinum / Ash Blonde.
  5. Gold: chestnut, dark gold / lightened / very light / platinum blond.
  6. Rosewood: dark / light chestnut sand.
  7. Golden intensive: golden / light / very light blond.
  8. Chestnut: saffron chestnut, amber-chestnut / dark blond.
  9. Beige: light and dark.
    Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use
    Capus hair dye has a broad palette of colors.
  10. Mother-of-pearl: mother-of-pearl light / clarified / very light blond.
  11. Copper blond: dark / copper mahogany blond.
  12. Golden beige: dark and bright blond.
  13. Chocolate: cocoa, chocolate, coffee, walnut, cinnamon, chestnut-ash / dark blond.
  14. Copper: copper-chestnut, natural copper-chestnut.
  15. Red mahogany: copper and scarlet mahogany.
  16. Copper Gold: A lightened and dark copper gold blond.
  17. Red: red-copper, light red-brown, dark red blond.
  18. Blond: natural, ashen, silver-ash, light chestnut, purple, mother-of-pearl beige, gold, golden chestnut, copper.
  19. Cold: brown cold, rich light brown and dark blond.
  20. Red saturated: bright red dark blond.
  21. Violet: dark violet, dark violet-chestnut, dark / saturated / light violet blond.
  22. Red-violet: intense blond.

Advantages and disadvantages of Capus paints

Capus hair dye (a palette, the photo of which will be placed next, has over 100 tones) has many advantages:

  1. The paint is easy to mix and use at home.
  2. The dye ingredients do not irritate the scalp.
  3. Value for money – among the paints of a professional level, the company has a fairly low price.
  4. The paint is used economically, one package is enough for several uses with an average hair length.
  5. A wide range of colors – they can be combined to get a special shade. Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use
  6. Completely paints over gray hair.

Paint has its drawbacks:

  1. Weak color fastness (up to a month).
  2. The resulting shade sometimes differs from the tone presented on the package.
  3. The dye of light tones has a pungent odor.

Kapous series of colors and their differences

The company Kapus produces 3 series for professional hair coloring:

  1. Professional – is distinguished by a permanent composition using silk, creating the effect of lamination.
  2. Studio is a series suitable for previously dyed and natural hair with a reduced ammonia content.
  3. Non Ammonia – ammonia-free dye.

In addition to paints, the manufacturer produces means to increase the intensity of staining (enhancers):

  1. Special Mesh – used for highlighting.
  2. Color Enhancer – for a more saturated or muted shade.

Kapous professional

Capus hair dye (a palette, the photo of which on the hair after dyeing indicates high quality and effectiveness) is characterized by a minimum ammonia content in the composition. Thanks to the paint, color fastness and full shading of gray hair can be achieved.

As a result of staining, the curls acquire the effect of lamination.

The composition of the formula is hydrolyzed silk. Its action is to create an invisible film that protects hair from sunlight, leaching of color and brittleness. Thanks to this, the selected shade remains for a long time.

Professional Series Paint:

  • gives a noble shade to hair;
  • cares for curls;
  • protects spins from brittleness.

Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for useThe series includes 115 shades, presented both classic colors and unusual (for example, red-purple blond).

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Kapous studio

Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use

Studio dye is perfect for natural hair color or dyed hair , as it equally gently affects any curl structure thanks to the ginseng extract and rice proteins included in t
he composition.

In this series, an advanced moisturizing composition is used, which:

  • gives the hair a mirror shine;
  • protects from ultraviolet exposure;
  • prevents brittleness;
  • smoothes split ends and seals them.

The series includes 48 different shades, from natural warm and cold to ashen and golden copper.

Kapous non ammonia

Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use

A series of hair colors Capus has a multi-faceted natural palette, which is difficult to convey in the photo.

Despite the absence of ammonia in the composition, using a dye, you can achieve a stable color, without huge financial and time costs.

Paint gently affects curls and scalp, eliminating the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Instead of ammonia, the ethanolamine element is used, which increases the strength of the hair and the color resistance to external influences. The color palette is multifaceted, consists of natural shades that perfectly paint over gray hair.

Spesial Mesh Highlighting Paint

Special Mesh is a creamy dye that gives the hair a lasting color. Due to its texture, the product is perfectly applied without causing damage to the hair. The series is designed for creative staining.

Panethenol and phospholipids included in the composition contribute to:

  • nutrition;
  • increase the elasticity of curls;
  • shine;
  • persistent color. Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use

The dye is intended for color highlighting. It is recommended for use on natural or bleached hair.

The series is presented in 5 colors:

  • purple
  • red
  • amaranth;
  • fuchsias;
  • copper.

For successful highlighting, it should be mixed with Capus oxide in a ratio of 1: 2. Soak should be 45 minutes.

Means “Cremoxon Oxidants”

The oxide has been specially developed for use with Capus paints of any series. Thanks to its special formula, it is easy to mix with dye and apply to hair.

Available in a volume of 33,81 fluid ounce and 5 different consistencies for specific staining purposes:

  1. 1.5% – designed for tinting.
  2. 3% – used to give the missing radiance to dyed hair, to go from dark to dark or from light to dark.
  3. 6% – for clarification on 1 tone.
  4. 9% – for clarification by 2-3 tones.
  5. 12% – for lightening 3-4 tones.

Various oxides can be combined with each other, as well as used when staining eyelashes and eyebrows.

Decoxon 2 fase for color correction

In a situation where after staining an undesirable shade is obtained, Decoxon 2 faze comes to the rescue. This biphasic emulsion is designed for full or partial color correction after staining.

It is necessary to apply the emulsion immediately after painting or within 24 hours. If the desired effect was not achieved the first time, you can use the tool up to 4 times a day. The emulsion gently removes paint without affecting the natural pigment of the hair. Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use

The emulsion is available in 2 containers of 6,76 fluid ounce, which are recommended to be mixed in equal proportions, after shaking them. Then apply evenly on dry hair and let stand 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and ordinary shampoo. After the procedure, you can not use balms and hair masks.

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Paint mixing rules

The hair dye Capus, before use at home, should be studied, consider the palette and photo on the hair.

First you need:

  1. Determine the available hair color.
  2. Examine the presence of gray hair and its ratio.
  3. Select the desired shade.

After this, you should choose a cream oxide:

  1. If natural hair color is tinted – 1.9%.
  2. If the hair needs to be darkened – 3%.
  3. If clarification is required for 1.5 tones – 6%, for 3 tones – 9%, very strong clarification – 12%.

After choosing paint and oxide, they must be mixed in a non-metallic container in a ratio of 1: 1.5.

Instructions for the use of paints

Application of the mixture is slightly different for primary and repeated staining:

  1. If this is the first staining, the paint should be distributed along the entire length, last of all, apply it to the area near the roots. The temperature of the scalp is higher than the length of the hair, so the paint will take faster. Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use
  2. In case of repeated staining, the mixture must be applied to previously dyed hair and then to the roots. It is advisable to take a more saturated oxide mixture for the roots, provided that they have not previously been stained.

After applying the paint, it is necessary to withstand 15-20 minutes. Before rinsing, it is recommended to conduct a short head massage and foam the paint. It is advisable to use a special shampoo that neutralizes the effect of paint on the scalp.

Reviews of professionals and customers

Capus hair dye, palette, photos of women after staining – all this confirms the professionalism of the funds. However, they are easy to apply at home, so the paint is in demand among consumers.

Reviews of professionals and customers speak in favor of Capus:

  1. After acquiring Kapus paint on the recommendation of a stylist, we managed to achieve the effect of salon care. Hair dye Capus with hyaluronic acid. Palette, photo before and after staining. Instructions for use
  2. The product copes with gray hair and lasts long enough. Gray hair becomes noticeable only when the roots regrow.
  3. The dye is quite economical. Its relatively low cost for professional care allows you to save on a beauty salon.
  4. It is rare to find such a wide palette of shades, like the colors of Capus. Even women with the most demanding tastes will be able to choose their color.
  5. In addition to durability, the paint has protective properties, since it has a natural composition. It has never been possible to grow healthy and shiny hair so quickly.

Price of paints Capus

The cost of Kapus paint is slightly different in New York and American.

The difference in price is noted when buying different series:

  1. Kapous Professional – a volume of 3,38 fluid ounce will cost about $ 4 – $ 5.
  2. Kapous Non Ammonia – the same amount costs $ 5,44.
  3. Kapous Studio – 3,38 fluid ounce costs $ 4,76.
  4. Kapous Special Mesh – 3,38 fluid ounce $ 2,72.

In addition to the dye, you will need to purchase oxide and protective gloves. Oxide Capus is available in a volume of 33,81 fluid ounce at a price of $ 3,4.

A photo after using hair dye Capus, a rich palette of shades, an affordable price and the effect of professional coloring are just a small part of the advantages of the product.

Video about hair dye Capus

Application of this paint:

How to dye your hair with Capus paint:

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