How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo

So that the bangs do not interfere with the look, it looks beautiful, fashionable and original, you need to know how to style it, if it is decided to grow hair.

How to remove a long bang

When the bangs have grown enough, it can be transformed into a long bang. A hairstyle with such a fringe looks elegant and feminine, and there are several options for styling it.

There are ways that do not require the use of virtually no styling tools.

  •  As the fastest and most affordable method, they use a direct parting. With it, you can remove the bangs beautifully when you grow. In this case, the hair is distributed evenly and form a natural wave around the face.
  • Parting from the temple towards the crown will give the image mystery and romance – this is a side parting. If the length allows, you can put a bang on the ear.
  • Another kind of parting will help to beautifully remove the growing long bangs – zigzag. The comb should be drawn along the scalp with a broken line and the strands of hair should be distributed on two sides, according to the parting.
  • Bouffant. Using this type of styling, you need to slightly brush the hair at the roots of the bangs and remove either to one side or back. You can not fix anything. The fleece will be in good shape.
    How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
    You can beautifully remove the bangs in different ways, depending on the length of the bangs
  • Another installation option is a high, or as it is also called, ponytail and a bunch based on it. Hair rises to the top and is fixed with an elastic band or its own lock on the top of the head. There is a little trick in such a technique. If the fringe has an oblique shape, then the tail is best fixed on the side. To give the hairstyle elegance and social chic, you can gently twist the hair into a bun in the same position, that is, on the side of the head or on the crown.

How to remove a bang of medium length

How to remove the fringe beautifully when you grow it, it is easier for owners of medium length to decide.

Devices that do not make sense to use on a very grown bang will come to the rescue.

  • Curlers. How they are used will depend on the desired shape of the hair in the hair. You can wind the hair at a right angle to the surface of the head, and the fringe will look voluminous. And if you fix the curlers on the ends of the strands, you get a neat twisted version that evenly covers the forehead or combed to one side.
  • Curling iron. The laying principle is the same as for curlers.
  • When you grow a bang, it will help to perform a beautiful styling and remove the strands of hair straightener. Using various nozzles, such as, for example, corrugation, you can give the strands a corrugated and zigzag shape.
  • All the same various partings will come to the aid when laying a bang of medium length. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  • The light hair at the roots perfectly holds the locks in the position, laid back, to the side and in covering the forehead.

How nice to remove short bangs

How to remove the fringe beautifully when you grow it, the owners of the short fringe have to think about it, since it is more difficult to lay and disguise a short fringe than a long one.

But in this case, there are several simple styling options, without the use of styling tools.

  • Different types of parting will help out in this situation.
  • You can try to create the effect of slight negligence with your fingers, after wetting your hands so that the styling is slightly fixed and individual strands are more clearly expressed.
  • And the most affordable way is to lay it back or sideways.

How to remove a fringe if a high forehead

The recommended length in this case is the level of eyebrows and below.

Simple styling options will help turn a flaw into a virtue:

  • The direct classical form will hide the forehead and make the image a little younger.
  • Oblique bangs, especially with strands highlighted by coloring, wax or gel, will give the hairstyle a stylish and impressive appearance, visually hide the flaw.
  • If the length of the strands is enough, you can make a framing of the face of a French, weakly braided mini braid. The central strand during weaving goes along the bottom of the forehead, covering it, giving the appearance of romance and femininity. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo

Those who have thin hair by nature should not resort to thinning. Otherwise, it is unlikely to be able to adjust the shape of the forehead. For the same reason, do not comb, raise hair, creating a tail on the crown or side.

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How to take a bang back beautifully

How to remove the fringe beautifully when you grow it, stylists advise. They say it’s most convenient to put her back. You can just lift your hair and fasten it.

However, it is much more interesting to be creative.

  • It is necessary to raise the hair and make a small comb at the roots with a comb with thin teeth. The strands should be removed back, secured with an invisible or any hairpin.
  • You can make a fleece along the entire length of the bangs, take it back and roll it inside with the roller method – fasten it with studs. You get styling in an elegant style of the forties of the last century. Alternatively, the hair can be wrapped up.
  • If the fringe is not long enough, you can beautifully put it back with your hands and curlers. After wrapping the strands from the forehead to the crown, you need to warm them with hot air from the hair dryer. Then the curls are allowed to cool for 10-15 minutes. Then, with your hands or a comb with large cloves, they lift it up without straightening the curls, and spray it with varnish to fix it.
  • The bangs, wrapped in a tourniquet and secured in the area of the crown by a hairpin, look unusual. You can divide the strands and make several such flagella. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  • Short hair will also look spectacular if you comb it smoothly up. And if you apply the method of slight negligence and slightly ruffle the fringe, sprinkling it with varnish, you get a completely different image.

Styling styling

When you grow bangs, you can successfully apply all kinds of means to remove it beautifully. With their help, the hair retains its shap
e in the hair for longer. The number of styling options using styling tools is immeasurably greater. Various types of varnishes, foams, mousses, sprays will help to create the necessary volume, highlight curls and strands or simply fix the bangs.

Before you buy them, you should decide:

  • for what type of hair is the product purchased;
  • determine the type of styling desired.

You can make tools for styling yourself, at home.

But their shelf life will be short, like any product made from natural raw materials.

  1. Flaxseed decoction. For 0,3 gallon of boiling water take 5-6 small tablespoons of seeds, simmer for 20 minutes, cool and filter. If desired, add a couple drops of essential oil or any flavor to the solution. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  2. In a glass of hot water add 1 small tablespoons of gelatin. Heat the liquid over low heat, stirring until the gelatin is completely dissolved and the composition thickens. In a more liquid state, the product is used as a spray. If you let it thicken more, you can use it as a gel.

Store funds prepared on their own, you need in the refrigerator and not more than one month.

You can beautifully remove the fringe, even when you grow it, you can use such means as gel, wax, hair dryer:

  • Cold styling with hands and comb. It is applied on locks of any length. Hair is fixed with a styling tool in the form of a wave. It is necessary to moisten the bangs, comb in the desired direction. Holding a hairbrush in a working hand, enter it into the hair and shift it to the side. Holding the place of fixation of the first wave with the other hand, shift the comb in the direction opposite to the first. Instead of combs and hands, you can use hair clips, fixing them in the form of a wave. This type of styling does not spoil the hair, looks feminine, elegant and stylish.
  • Air styling. You need to blow dry the bangs with a round brush with the tips of the hair inward. Taking a small amount of paste for styling, usd it between the palms. Touching the light movements of the strands, give them the desired direction. After 2 minutes, the product will fix the hair. The airy texture of the paste gives the bangs a natural look and lightness. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  • Gel and wax act in a completely different way. They are best used to fasten or highlight short strands, giving either a classic smooth shape, or mischievous negligence. These products firmly fix hair, which allows you to maintain a stylish hairstyle throughout the day.

How to remove bangs with accessories

Beautifully remove the bangs and withstand inconveniences during the period when you grow its length, all kinds of hair accessories, such as invisibles, clips, rims, will help. Stylists recommend choosing them according to color type, face shape, style and color of clothing.

If you competently approach their choice, accessories will be a very good solution and a bright highlight in the styling.

  • Invisibles, hairpins, hairpins and clips of various shapes, elastic bands decorated with rhinestones, flowers and other decorations will help fix the locks and bring airiness to the image. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  • Headbands and hoops, decorative scallops of various materials, decorated in various styles, will open up a lot of interesting hairstyle options.
  • Bandages, scarves, scarves, ribbons, bandanas will serve not only as a headdress, but will also become a bright accent and help remove the growing bangs.

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It’s beautiful to remove the bangs when you grow, you can use the weaving braids, such as braid boho, French. But this option is suitable only for owners of long and medium hair. The flagella from the hair look beautiful and unusual.

During weaving, you should pull them, otherwise they will quickly disintegrate.

  • French braid. You should comb the hair of the bangs and apply styling agent on them. Then take two strands of bangs and one of long hair. Alternately adding short and long hair from two sides, weave from above. Reaching the ear, you can fix the braid.
  • Scythe boho is performed in the same technique as the French, only strands are woven in one direction. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo
  • The Dutch braid is an inverted version of the French: locks are laid on the bottom, not the top.
  • Framing the face with a pigtail. Looks like a French strand weave.

Hairstyles with bangs removed

When choosing hairstyles with bangs, you need to proceed from your data, such as face and special wishes.

Types of bangs and face types:

  • with a torn edge – softens the geometric features of a square and rectangular face;
  • short on the side – will balance a wide part of the triangular face;
  • oblique elongated or straight, covering the eyebrows – visually narrow the bottom and expand the top of the pear-shaped face;
  • even cut to the eyebrow line – suitable for elongated face shape;
  • any type – for an oval face;
  • oblique, from the line of the eyebrows to the chin – will make the round face narrower.

A classic square with a straight and even bang is considered a universal haircut for any type of hair and face shape. A classic or shortened square with an oval shape of a bang will give roundness to an oval type of face. The light cascade looks good with medium-length hair and a bang, with a parting on two sides. How beautiful it is to remove a fringe when you grow it, if it is short, medium, long. Photo

A smooth bob haircut or a short multilayer haircut with a slanting fringe will add asymmetry and visually narrow your round face. An elongated bob or short haircut with a milled fringe is suitable for any hair structure and makes the look light.

A haircut with a shortened bang visually makes the face younger.

There are many options for how to remove a fringe beautifully when it has not yet grown enough. You need to choose a method that matches the image, decide on a suitable hair styling p
roduct. The advice of professional stylists and fashion photos will come to the rescue.

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