How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

Girls always strive to make their eyes big and expressive. To create such an effect will help long thick eyelashes. There are many ways to grow them quickly. It is only necessary to understand them and find the most effective methods.

Rules for regular eyelash care

Eyelashes are part of the body, they will always respond to its changes. Therefore, the most important rule is to maintain good health. It is necessary to establish a hormonal background, monitor nutrition, more often to be in the fresh air and not to forget about physical activity. During the off-season, you should definitely drink a course of vitamin preparations.

And only after these conditions are met, you can proceed to direct care for eyelashes, which includes the following points:

  • After a night’s sleep, you need to carefully comb the hairs. This action will prepare them for the application of cosmetics and will contribute to rapid growth;
  • Carefully choose cosmetics. It should not be too cheap. It is better if the mascara is fortified. It should be changed every season;
  • It is necessary to give a weekly rest to eyelashes from decorative and care cosmetics. In addition, it is important to wash your eyes thoroughly at night. Otherwise, the eyelashes will break off.

How to grow long eyelashes: tips and rules

In the process of growing, it is important to minimize mechanical injury to the eyelashes. Indeed, in this case, the already broken off hair will grow back. It will look very neat and as a result, you can achieve the opposite effect. Therefore, you should forget about the habit of rubbing your eyes. Another important point is the rejection of curling irons.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

If the eyelashes do not have enough curl, then it is better to use a service such as lamination.

In order to grow long and thick eyelashes use the following tools:

  • oils;
  • compresses;
  • cosmetic compositions;
  • folk methods;
  • massage;
  • ice rubbing;
  • vitamins.

Now we should analyze each item in more detail.

Eyelash Growth Oils

Oils penetrate the structure of the eyelash itself, acting at the cellular level. They provide hair with useful nutrients, moisturize and strengthen its structure. In addition, oils act on the root of the eyelash, making it more resistant. As a result of this action, the hairs begin to become thicker and grow much faster.

Burdock oil is one of the most popular remedies for solving this problem. It contains a large number of trace elements and vitamins. Burdock oil regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. The tool is budgetary. The average cost of one package is $ 0,54.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

Sea buckthorn oil is also often used to accelerate eyelash growth. Indeed, in addition to vitamins, phospholipids and amino acids are its part. The tool softens the hair, making it more flexible. This prevents eyelash fragility. The course of using sea buckthorn oil is 10 procedures. During this time, the result will already be noticeable. The cost of the product varies from $ 1 – $ 2.

The most popular eyelash care product is castor oil. It does not have a natural composition and is synthetic. At the same time, it copes with the tasks perfectly. Castor oil prevents hair loss and has a healing effect. The tool penetrates the very structure of the eyelashes, delivering nutrients. The average packaging price is $ 0,95.

The procedure for using oils involves the following steps:

  1. Apply the product in the evening. First you need to thoroughly clean the eyelids and eyelashes from the remnants of cosmetic products and dirt.
  2. Moisten a special brush or cotton swab with oil. If necessary, excess should be removed.
  3. Starting from the tips of the eyelashes, slowly move towards the root zone. However, it is impossible to press the brush close to the hairline. The composition will gradually impregnate the eyelash and independently reach its root.
  4. After an hour, the oil must be carefully removed. Sleeping with such a mask on your eyelashes is very dangerous.

It is important to note that if a girl stores the product in the refrigerator, then it should be warmed up a little before the procedure. To do this, it is enough not to open the bubble, slightly support it under a stream of hot water. As a result, the oil should turn out to be warm, but not hot. During the procedure, you need to act very carefully to prevent contact of the mucous membrane of the eye with oil.

Compresses for eyelash growth

Special compresses will quickly help grow eyelashes. They are made from herbs and foods that contain healthy nutrients. Often such lotions have additional properties. This may include anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, some components that are involved in the preparation of compresses often relieve eye irritation and fatigue.

For the first recipe, you will need 30 g of sour cream, preferably fatty, and half a glass of parsley leaves. When mixing these components, it is important to try to grind the plant into porridge as much as possible. Moisten the prepared pieces of the bandage with the resulting paste and squeeze. After attach to eyes for 15 min. The procedure should be completed by washing.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

The second option for preparing a compress is to mix 1,69 fluid ounce of potato juice and 20 g of honey. Then, another 20 g of cream can be added to the mixture. All this must be turned into a homogeneous mass, in which cotton pads should be moistened. Apply the obtained compresses to the eyes and after 15 minutes. to remove. After you wash your eyes thoroughly.

The latest recipe is based on the use of herbs. To prepare it, you will need 1 teaspoon of chopped chamomile and cornflower. Dry plants need to be brewed in one glass of boiling water, and then allowed to cool. After the time has passed, the infusion must be filtered, moistened with cotton swabs and applied to the eyes. In 20 minutes. compresses should be removed.

Cosmetic products to accelerate eyelash growth: review, prices

The market presents a wide variety of similar cosmetics. They can be purchased both in pharmacies and in ordinary supermarkets. Manufacturers produce formulations for the accelerated growth of eyelashes in the form of syrups, oils and emulsions. Therefore, each girl will be able to choose a suitable product with a convenient consistency and the right price category.

Lipocils gel Talika (France)

The manufacturer positions the gel as a growth tool not only for eyelashes, but also for eyebrows. The composition contains extracts of 12 medicinal herbs. The smell is absent. The packaging of the product looks like an ordinary mascara with a good brush.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

You can use the gel not only in the evening, but also in the morning as a basis for decorative cosmetics. The gel should be applied regularly for a month. According to the manufacturer, after this time, the length of the eyelashes will become 3/32 inch longer. The average price is $ 16.

ost Sun Pharmaceutical Industries (India)

You can grow eyelashes quickly using this tool. It is packed in a small plastic container, which contains 0,1 fluid ounce of the composition. A special brush is attached to it, on which you need to drip the contents and apply on the eyelashes. The procedure should be done daily before bedtime.

The liquid is absolutely transparent, has no smell. The main disadvantage of the tool is the lack of information in American in the instructions. According to reviews, not only the density and length of the eyelashes is improved, but also the brightness of the color. The average cost of the drug is $ 6,12.

Xlash growth stimulator Almea (England)

The composition is packaged in a metal container that looks like mascara. It is produced in two versions, the first of which contains 0,1 fluid ounce of the drug, and the second – 0,05 fluid ounce. Most of the components in the composition are natural, however, there are synthetic additives. Consumers note that it is better to store the drug in the refrigerator, otherwise after a while the product may have an unpleasant odor.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

The average cost is $ 54.

It is important to note that any of the above funds must be tested for allergic reactions. Each of them contains unnatural components. It should also be understood that negative effects can manifest themselves with prolonged use. Therefore, if discomfort is detected, it is better to interrupt the course of procedures.

Folk remedies for eyelash growth: recipes and instructions for use

Alternative methods of treatment have many advantages. Firstly, they are very affordable. You don’t have to think about where to buy them or how much money you have to spend. After all, each component can be found at home. Secondly, the recipes are natural.

They do not contain synthetic components. This means that the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced. However, he is still there. Therefore, a test should be performed before the procedure.

Aloe mask

Parsley and aloe will quickly help grow and strengthen eyelashes. Their beneficial substances will stop hair loss if there is such a problem. Two components must be chopped with a knife in an arbitrary order.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

Put in a small piece of gauze and squeeze the juice. The resulting fluid must be applied to the hairline. This should be done as carefully as possible to prevent contact with the eyes. It is better to use a cotton swab for this purpose. In 20 minutes. the composition should be washed off.

Mask with cognac

The use of alcohol in this recipe will allow for increased blood circulation to the roots of the eyelashes, thereby delivering a greater amount of nutrients.

To prepare the mask, add 1 drop of burdock and almond oil to 1 teaspoon of cognac. Apply the resulting mass to the eyelash growth line. Before the procedure, the mixture should be heated, but the temperature of the mask should not be higher than room temperature.

Grass mask

To prepare this recipe, you must first make a cornflower infusion. To do this, add 1 tablespoon of chopped flowers to a glass of boiling water. The resulting liquid should be poured into a jar and closed with a lid. After the infusion has cooled, it can be passed through the filter.

Mix 1 tablespoon of the obtained product with 10 drops of wheat germ oil. Now the composition can be applied directly to the eyelashes or moistened with cotton pads and applied for 5 minutes. to the eyes. The latter option is more preferred. After all, it will help get rid of puffiness and hide fatigue.


The principle of massage is to provoke accelerated blood circulation. Together with the influx of blood, which is becoming larger, all the necessary useful nutrients come to the roots of the eyelashes. The result will directly depend on the regular implementation of the technique, which must be repeated in the morning and evening.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products
The diagram shows how to quickly grow long eyelashes with the help of massage.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Application of oil. You can do this with a special brush or cotton swab. It is better to prefer the second option. This will help to avoid the situation of oil getting on the mucous membrane of the eye. It is necessary to begin to perform actions from the end of the eyelashes, gradually approaching the line of the beginning of their growth, but without getting on it.
  2. Now you need to make light, slightly pressing movements, moving from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. This must be done very carefully.
  3. Repeat step No. 2, only in the opposite direction.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps about 20 times. At the same time, it is not recommended to try to strain the muscles of the forehead.
  5. Use your fingertips to make light patting movements along the line of eyelash growth.

It is important to note that oil itself plays a huge role in massage. Therefore, you should be responsible for his choice. You can choose the best only through experiment. Massage allows not only to accelerate the process of eyelash growth, but also to strengthen their structure. In addition, with the correct implementation of the technique, the skin of the eyelid is tightened.

Ice wiping

You can grow eyelashes quickly using ordinary ice. The principle of this method is a sharp change in temperature. At this point, more blood enters the small vessels, which delivers nutrients directly to the hair roots. Therefore, eyelashes with regular use of this method grow much faster.

The effectiveness of the procedure can be increased if you freeze not just water, but infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

First you need to wipe the eyelash growth area, and then the skin around the eyes. This will help prevent the appearance of small facial wrinkles. The procedure is important to carry out exclusively in the morning, immediately after washing. Driving a cube in the face for longer than half a minute is not recommended, even if the ice has not yet melted. In the presence of redness in the eyes and rosacea on the face, the procedure is contraindicated.

Vitamins for Eyelash Growth

These components directly affect hair growth, and accordingly, with the help of them you can affect the eyelashes. The table shows the most important vitamins and more detailed information about them.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

Retinol It works at the cellular level, provoking enhanced regeneration. Helps deal with damage.
IN 1 The main action is the awakening of the follicles. Affects the density of eyelashes.
Riboflavin Normalizes metabolism and provides cells with oxygen.
IN 3 It affects the internal structure of the eyelash, making it resistant to damage and environmental influences. Prevents loss. Speeds up growth.
AT 6 Recovers after damage. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
Biotin Improves flexibility and smoothes small scales that are on the surface of the eyelash. As a result, the effect of smoothness and healthy radiance is created. Improves hair color.
E Provides oxygen delivery. Speeds up growth. May be addictive.

All these vitamins must be consumed internally. If a girl has a lack of several of them, then it will be very difficult to achieve a good effect. You can take one vitamin complex, which contains all of the above components, or regularly use foods in which you can find these useful substances.

The latter option is more preferred. Indeed, according to recent studies, the brain better absorbs vitamins that enter the body through food. Additionally, these components can be used by applying them directly to the eyelashes. This procedure will provide additional nutrition. For this, vitamins should be purchased, which are available in the form of capsules.

Using the needle, you need to carefully pierce the shell and dip a cotton swab into the contents. After you can apply the composition to the eyelashes. In order not to be addictive, vitamins should be used alternately. It is important to note that this procedure should be an additional way to nutrition eyelashes. In the presence of vitamin deficiency, you should first solve the problem by taking beneficial substances inside.

How to grow eyelashes after building: the most effective methods

It is possible to grow eyelashes quickly after building. The main thing is not to be lazy and adhere to regularity. Despite the fact that craftsmen use gentle types of glue, chemical compounds penetrate the structure of the eyelashes and damage it. If you follow the rules of care, after half a month you can forget about the problem.

In such cases, do not use monomasks. It is better to use a mix of several components. To do this, mix aloe juice and parsley with vitamin E. After applying the composition with a cotton swab to the problem area. In 20 minutes. the mask should be removed with a paper towel.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

It is important to use compresses. To prepare the next recipe, you should prepare an infusion of sage, chamomile and calendula. Dry shredded fees can be purchased at any pharmacy and their cost will not exceed $ 0,68. A glass of boiling water will need h spoons of each plant.

After the temperature of the infusion reaches room temperature, the liquid must be passed through the filter. Then, in a cleaned product, lower two cotton pads, squeeze them carefully and put on eyes. After 15 minutes, compresses should be discarded and washed with warm water.

Do not forget about the use of oils. In such cases, they should be applied every 3 days. It is better to use them one at a time. For best results, they can be mixed with liquid vitamins. Then the effect of a similar mask will be more noticeable.

What you should not do

To maintain the length and health of eyelashes, the following factors must be excluded:

  • Mechanical impact. This should include the effects of curling irons, the desire to usd the eye, or sloppy mascara application.
  • Sun exposure. It adversely affects all hair, including eyelashes. Therefore, on hot days, before going out, you need to wear special glasses.
  • If the eyelashes look very damaged after extension, it is better to exclude for several days the application of decorative cosmetics.

How to quickly grow eyelashes after building. Folk recipes and pharmacy products

Grow eyelashes, strengthen their structure under the strength of each girl. To do this, you can use special cosmetics or spend time on the independent preparation of the composition. The necessary result is achieved quickly if you regularly follow all the recommendations for the care of eyelashes.

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