Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home

Thick well-groomed hair has always been an indicator of the beauty and health of a woman. But not every woman can boast a magnificent hairstyle. This flaw is corrected by the hair fleece treatment. There are a lot of photos posted on websites on the Internet, how hair looks before and after fleece.

What is fleece and price

Fleece is a recently discovered method for increasing hair volume . More specifically, fleece is a radical hair styling with fixing agents containing natural ingredients.

Hair styled in this way will retain splendor for a long time, and the wind and precipitation will not be scary for the hairstyle. Hair after a cosmetic procedure is less polluted, which reduces the frequency of hair washing.

Means for giving fluffiness to the hair from the base do not contain harmful components. They can be purchased at online stores. The price range starts from $ 14. The price of the procedure from a specialist starts from $ 27.

Who will suit

The fleece procedure is recommended for any type of hair. Thin dyed hair will look especially good after fleeing. For oily hair, fleece will help maintain freshness longer after washing by drying the hair roots.

If a woman does styling daily, after fleece it is not necessary. Hair styling lasts for 2-3 months, and the hair will be protected from the daily aggressive effects of varnish and hair dryer.


Hair fleece (photos before and after confirm this) has many advantages over other procedures:

  • Fleece removes the roots from grease, as a result, the hair retains freshness longer; Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  • the hair becomes more obedient, styling is very easy to do on such hair;
  • the volume of hair will remain for a long time, this will save money on visits to beauty salons;
  • the procedure has no side effects;
  • after washing the hair, the volume of hair remains;
  • winter hats do not harm styling;
  • any type of hair is suitable for fleece;
  • fleece restores lifeless and overdried hair;
  • the fleece procedure is suitable for both long and short hair;
  • curls get the correct shape;
  • hair growth accelerates;
  • thin hair becomes much denser;
  • volume decreases gradually;
  • fleece is combined with hair coloring;
  • natural looking hair.

Thanks to these advantages, the fleece procedure is becoming more popular every day.


Fleing is a necessary and useful procedure, but still has drawbacks:

  • not every professional hairdresser is trained in fleeing;
  • the cost of fleeing is quite high;
  • an attempt to correct an unsatisfactory result is made no earlier than 3 months after the procedure;
  • insufficient quality tools for fleece give a not very good result;
  • in the composition of the funds there are chemical elements;
  • persistent chemical odor after the procedure;
  • felt basal fleece prevents full combing;
  • after fleeing, heavy long hair quickly returns to its original form.

A good master in fleece undergoes special training. To achieve a satisfactory result, the highest quality products are selected.

Factors prohibiting fleeing

This hair care procedure is not recommended in some cases:

  • recent surgery; Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  • taking antibiotics and hormonal drugs;
  • respiratory viral diseases with fever;
  • scalp diseases;
  • excessive dryness, irritation of the scalp;
  • severely damaged hair;
  • pregnancy;
  • biowaving;
  • bi alignment;
  • Do not fleece on bleached or highlighted hair;
  • the result will not be noticeable on curly and very long hair.

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Hair fleece (photos before and after are clearly demonstrated) transforms the appearance of the hairstyle: after the procedure, the hair turns out to be lush, well-groomed, glossy, straight, obedient.

Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
Photo of hair fleeing before and after

Thin hair looks denser. The stylings created below last longer.

How long does the result last

The duration of the effect after the fleece procedure depends on the condition, type, length, thickness of the hair, proper care after the procedure. On average, basal volume is stored on the hair for 2 to 3 months. The professionalism of the specialist and the quality of the tools used are also important.

Professional Tools

Fleece is a new procedure for which special non-harmful compounds are used. Its particles penetrate deep into the hair, fill the shaft, protect from the influence of external harmful factors.

After the session, the curls are dense, the loss stops, the hair is easier to comb. All products for fleece have a pleasant aroma, do not contain hazardous chemicals. The consistency of the product is liquid or gel.

Means for fleeing are currently not many:

  • Organic Natural contains an analog of a protein of live hair, a gel-like product. It is applied easily, gives the hair softness and splendor. Heals, suitable for all types of hair. Exposure time: 20 min. Price: $ 23. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  • Natural Beauty – a means for long hair styling, suitable for the fleece procedure, perfumed. Based on natural ingredients, does not affect hair aggressively. Improves the appearance of hair, restores damage. Suitable for any type of hair. Affects hair for 20 minutes. The result is persistent. Packing price: $ 12,92.
  • Cool Hair – bio-serum. Provides long-term hair styling. It has an environmentally friendly composition, has no chemical smell. A special formula finds damaged areas of hair and restores. Smoothes hair. Harmless. Made in USA, refers to the classification of professional cosmetics. Suitable for all types of hair and scalp. Vial volume: 4,06 fluid ounce. Price: $ 16. One package is enough for 6-8 procedures.
  • Nouvelle is a line of Italian cosmetics for hair care, among which there is a means for fleece. The tool is easy to use. Safely affects hair.
  • Puffy – a means for long hair styling. The result is guaranteed. The tool is completely natural. When using, no additional impacting compounds and tools are needed. Volume: 7,44 fluid ounce. Price: $ 26.
  • Green Light has a unique composition. The tool received the highest praise of specialists. Does not contain chemical aggressive substances. The main component is the cysteamine protein, similar to the human hair protein. The product is enriched with extracts of bamboo, aloe vera, sea kale. Contains essential vitamins for hair. Safe for health. Lasting result. Volume: 3,38 fluid ounce. Price: $ 24.

Materials and Tools

Fleece is a breakthrough in hairdressing. During the procedure, the specialist uses environmentally friendly, non-harmful to the hair, perfumed compositions.

Means for fleece do not contain ammonia and formaldehyde, which destroy the structure of the hair. Fleece agents can be gel or liquid. The choice of working material depends on the preferences of the master and the desire of the client. Gel remedies are chosen more often. The advantages of a gel over a liquid: cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home

Fleece Tools:

  • a hat;
  • massage comb;
  • comb with frequent teeth.

The technology of preparing curls for the procedure

The preparatory phase is recommended to start a few weeks before the procedure for increasing the volume of hair from the roots.

At the preparatory stage, you should:

  • wash your hair with gentle natural shampoos;
  • use rinsing rinses;
  • use homemade masks from kefir, yeast, beer, vegetable oils. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home

To maximize the impact of the cosmetic complex immediately before fleece, you must:

  • wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo;
  • blow dry curls with a hairdryer.

The main stage of fleece

When the hair is fully prepared, the procedure begins to increase and fix the root volume of hair.

Fleecing takes place in several stages:

  1. The specialist divides the hair into strands, getting a few partings. At the roots of each strand is combed. On short hair, fleece is 2 inch, on long – 2’8 inch.
  2. On the root areas of the combed strands, a fleece agent is applied. To obtain a smooth transition, the composition is not applied along the entire length of the hair. The product is applied in several stages, aged under a plastic cap for 15-30 minutes. Washed off with warm water. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  3. At the last stage, the master combs the combed root zones, acting as carefully as possible, trying not to break the hair. The fleece is not completely disassembled. The effect should be fixed. It is necessary to leave the hair roots lightly combed for 2-3 days.
  4. Hair is dried with a hairdryer and comb.

The duration of the procedure depends on the length and density of the hair. The fleeing procedure takes no more than 2 hours.

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Hair Care Features

Preservation of a magnificent hairdress directly depends on further hair care.

Care consists of the following actions:

  • do not wash your hair the next 2-3 days after the procedure, this is necessary for a long-term fixation of the effect;
  • to wash your hair with shampoos that do not contain sodium sodium lauryl sulfate – chemicals weaken curls; Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  • the use of emollient balms, nourishing masks made from natural ingredients in the home environment is mandatory;
  • after fleeing for 7 days, you can not do other professional procedures.

Hair fleece (photos before and after prove that with proper care the hair does not deteriorate and look more voluminous) has a lasting effect.

Further correction

The final result after the fleece procedure depends on the type and condition of the hair, the quality of the products used, and the skill of the specialist. The effect lasts up to 3 months. Since the means for fleeing are harmless, the procedure can be repeated after this time.

Independent procedure

Hair fleece treatment is easy to do at home. For this, it is necessary to independently study the composition of the product used, its effect on the hair, the procedure for carrying out the procedure, the proper preparation of hair for fleece, and further care. Subject to all the rules, styling will turn out to be of high quality and resistant.

Hair fleece (photos before and after the home procedure are clearly demonstrated) changes the condition of the hair.

The procedure for performing self-fleeing:

  1. Wash hair with medical shampoo, blow dry. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  2. Create a basal nachos. Tools: comb with frequent teeth and a pointed handle (convenient for separating the strands), natural hair brush (smoothing the finished styling), hair clips. Hair is passed through the fingers, lifted from the roots, the scalp is massaged. The comb is located under the upper strands, it is as if hidden inside the hairstyle. The upper hair is lifted and fixed with hairpins. The taken lock of hair, 0’8 inch thick, is lifted, placed perpendicular to the head. Fleece is done with a thin comb with neat movements directed to the hair roots. A strand is combed from the outside and from the inside.
  3. The finished strand is removed to the side.
  4. Prepare the remaining strands in the same way.
  5. This way of combing gives the effect of very thick hair.

In the light version of the fleece, the strands are processed only from the inside.

In order not to damage the hair, you need to know:

  • combing is done exclusively on dry hair;
  • the movements of the comb are smooth, careful;
  • metal combs are not used; Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home
  • locks are not combed to the end;
  • not used combs with sharp teeth;
  • You can’t do it daily.

Stages of the procedure:

1. The tool for fleece is a
pplied to the combed root areas of the hair in 2 stages. For a warming effect and a better effect on the head, a plastic cap is put on.

To carry out fleeing at home, the following funds are suitable:

  • Natural Beauty liquid or gel;
  • Organic Natural;
  • Duffy
  • Cool hair.

The composition is aged on the hair for 20 minutes. Washes off with water. The hair is completely dried.

2. When parsing, it is necessary to act with extreme caution, it will take a lot of time. It is forbidden to comb the strands immediately: it leads to large hair loss. Unravel the basal zones of the hair with your fingers, carefully untying the nodules, moving from one strand to another. The fleece is not completely understood. Hair is not washed for 3 days.

The following method of forming the volume of hair from the roots at home:

  • Shampooing with a gentle shampoo: only the hair roots are washed. A conditioner or mask is applied only to the hair, not to the scalp.
  • A thermal protective agent is applied to the hair.
  • Wet basal zones of hair are dried with a hairdryer with a special nozzle with fingers.
  • After drying with a hairdryer, the root areas are sprayed with dry shampoo to give a root volume or sprinkled with powder. The roots of the hair of the lower part do not need to be processed. Shampoo (powder) is evenly distributed over the hair with your fingers. Fleece for basal hair volume. Photo, technology for performing the procedure at home

A special curling iron will help create a basal volume to the hair. Principle of work: the volume is created by heating the hair at the base. The surface of modern plaques is covered with a protective material that protects the hair from overheating. Before using the curling iron, thermal protection is applied to the hair. The strand is placed in a curling iron at the roots, aged, removed from the curling iron, hair is sprayed with varnish.

Curling irons to create a basal volume:

  • The corrugation curler creates volumetric styling due to the wavy surface of the plates.
  • Curling iron with a movable roller: the curl is placed on the roller, clamped on top by a plate.
  • The triangular curling iron is designed solely to give the hair volume from the roots. Easy to use. It guarantees a quality result.

Disadvantages of pads:

  • hair overheating is not excluded;
  • professional curling irons are expensive;
  • after washing the hair, the effect disappears.

Before undergoing the home fleece procedure, it is recommended to clarify the sequence of actions, and after it, compare the condition of the hair by photo.

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Table of benefits of professional fleece

Way Materials and Tools Resilience
At the specialist Natural remedies, professional tools, master’s experience Warranty 2-3 months.
Independently Hair dryers, hairbrushes, curling irons, styling products Short term

High-quality hair fleece will be done only by a professional master. Using natural products does not harm, and even has a beneficial effect on the hair. Restores their structure, which is proved by numerous photographs taken before and after the procedure.

Video about fleeing

Fleece technique:

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