Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

The legendary Linda Evangelista is a supermodel of the 90s whose photographs adorned over 700 glossy fashion magazines. Now at 52, this is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, who triumphantly returned to the world of haute couture after a serious illness, impressing fans with a bold act, her unfading beauty and courage.

Linda Evangelista in her youth

Linda Evangelista (photo, now one of the highest paid supermodels of the 90s, is given below in the article) is the leading top model of the late XX century. and the only podium star to receive a fee for attending an event.

The beautiful Canadian, changing her image up to 16 times a year, was deservedly considered one of the 5 leading supermodels in the world, whose annual income exceeded $ 1 million.

The woman “not getting out of bed in less than 10000 dollars”, captivated fans with luxurious, constantly changing hairstyles, extravagant hair color, cat eyes and absurd character, as well as a unique ability to bring to life any idea of a photographer or couturier.

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

The parameters of the figure of Linda Evangelists in his youth:

Height 5’8 foot
Weight 115 pounds
Chest 86. 3’1 inch
Waist 24’4 inch
Hips 35’4 inch
Breast size 2,5th
Foot size 42 EU
Clothing size 36 EU
Eye color blue green
Natural hair color chestnut

The gorgeous figure, slanting eyes, the correct facial features and the desire to change to the necessary image made the Evangelist the most sought-after fashion model of the 90s, advertising cosmetic products and clothes of leading world brands.

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short biography

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

Linda Evangelista (the photo now, as in the late 90s, which adorned the spreads of leading glossy magazines more than 700 times, invariably demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of a chameleon supermodel) was born on May 10, 1965 in Ontario in a family of Italian immigrants.

From childhood, the future top model was characterized by a absurd character and a tendency to hooligan and extravagant antics.

Parents adored their only daughter and took any whims of their “princess”.

At age 14, Linda arrogantly declares to her mother that she will no longer attend school, as she will soon become a cook, nun or model.

Parents liked the idea of their daughter. Trying to attach the child, the mother of the future star of the catwalk visited all the leading modeling agencies of the city, but Linda’s parameters were very different from ideal standards. The girl received one refusal after another, while together with her parents she did not get an invitation to participate in an advertising photo shoot of goods for a local department store.

The future catwalk star received her first contract in her life, surprising the representative of the modeling agency with her pressure.

Dismissed from among the finalists of the Miss Niagara beauty pageant, the decisive Evangelist secretly sneaked into the scout’s room at night and demanded an agreement with her in an ultimatum, threatening to accuse the jury member of attempted rape if unsuccessful.

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

Scout “El” made such laugh, but he made Linda defile around the room all night, taking various poses.

In the early morning the Evangelist received the desired paper.

Having appreciated the beauty of the chestnut ringlets of the 16-year-old model, she was instructed to advertise balms and conditioners for hair growth.

Entering the podium required additional work on himself, as the young Evangelists had inappropriate figure parameters:

  • growth 177;
  • waist 65;
  • weight is 132 pounds.

Roommates, angry with Linda’s unbearable character, took revenge on the girl by cutting off her braid while sleeping.

Hairdresser “El” felt sorry for the sobbing model, making her a very short haircut and painted in the color of a burgundy.

At first, the Evangelists considered the new style disgusting, and the girl was deprived of an invitation to shoot in Italy, but later fans and photographers appreciated Linda’s high cheekbones and beautiful oval face. Having decided to conquer the pinnacle of high fashion, the 17-year-old Evangelist moves to Paris, where he takes up any work for 3 years.

At the end of the last year, luck smiles at the girl, giving her a photo shoot and a U-turn in Vogue. From this moment, the career of the model begins to rapidly gain momentum. The Evangelist poses for “El”, “Harper Bazaar”, “Mary Claire”. Designers appreciate the desire of the Evangelists to change radically, adapting to the desired image.

During the year, Linda changes her hairstyle and hair color more than 16 times, for which she receives the nickname “chameleon” and millions of fees . By the beginning of the 90th Evangelista is one of the 3 best supermodels in the world.

The young woman repeatedly goes to the podium, showing off collections of clothes from Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Dolce Gabbana. With a light hand, the head of the Chanel fashion house Karl Lagerfeld, Linda began to be called the “Stradivarius violin in the hands of the maestro.”

The main advertising companies top models:

  • Perfume “Opium” from Yves Saint Laurent;

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

  • Perfumery water “Fiji” (Larches);
  • Kenan;
  • “American Express.”

After a break d
ue to problems in her personal life, Linda triumphantly returned to the catwalks in 2001. In 2021, the top model left the catwalk due to overweight problems caused by problems with the thyroid gland.

At the beginning of 2021, the 52-year-old model triumphantly returned to the fashion industry, noting the victory over the disease and extra pounds with a photo shoot for the anniversary issue of Vogue.

Model business and personal life

Linda Evangelista (photo of the 52-year-old model, who has triumphantly returned to the world of high fashion after a serious illness, adorned the spread of the anniversary issue of Vogue) conquered many men’s hearts, but she could not find her happiness.

The supermodel was officially married twice:

  • For the first time, the girl became the wife of the director of the modeling agency “Elite”. The marriage lasted about 6 years and ended in divorce, due to Linda’s unwillingness to have children. The top model very well remembered the difficulties of her ascent to fame and did not want to lose millions of contracts due to a possible pregnancy. Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life
  • The second time the Evangelist married football player F. Barthez. Young people had strong feelings. For the sake of her husband, the woman was ready to abandon the podium, but after the spontaneous miscarriage that happened at Linda on the 6th week of pregnancy, the couple broke up.

The star of the model world was connected by a romantic relationship:

  • With singer D. Michael (whose 2 clips featured a top model). Engagement star couple was upset because of the recognition of the singer in a gay orientation.
  • With the star of Twin Peaks K. McLachlan . Young people met for more than 6 years and were about to get married, but the Evangelist broke the engagement because of outbreak of feelings for F. Barthez.
  • With the owner of fashion houses Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci F.A. Pinot from whom he has a son. The billionaire abandoned Linda immediately after her pregnancy, preferring supermodel movie star Salma Hayek, who is still married to her. Pino’s daughter grows from his wife, the same age as the top model’s child. In 2012, the Evangelist publicly announced the paternity of her son, winning a court following the lawsuit, which ordered the former lover to pay huge alimony.
  • With billionaire P. Morton .

Now the podium star lives alone, devoting herself to her son and her beloved work.

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Did the plastic

Linda Evangelista is one of the few stars on the catwalk who openly promotes the achievements of plastic surgery. The top model has repeatedly admitted that she uses Botox injections (as recent photos confirm the star’s still smooth skin that remains) as often as her favorite shampoo for colored hair.

In addition to botulinum toxin, Evanegelista several times performed temazh – a radio-wave non-surgical facelift. During the cosmetic procedure, in the deep layers of the skin warmed by the radio waves, the production of collagen is enhanced, triggering regeneration processes.

Having carefully analyzed the images of the 52-year-old model, the experts of plastic surgery came to the conclusion that the Evangelist had resorted to conducting a face restoration.


  • Contopacy made to tighten the corners of the eyes and eliminate age-related sagging of the lower eyelids.
Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life
Linda Evangelista did not so much look plastic. The photo shows the end of the procedure.
  • Contour plastics, which corrected the shape of the cheekbones due to subcutaneous injection of fillers.

Beauty treatments

Linda Evangelista tries to keep an eye on her face and figure. The top model has her own beauty secrets, which she willingly shared with reporters.

Hair care

The catwalk star, nicknamed the “Chameleon”, has repeatedly changed her image over the course of her career, experimenting with the length and color of her hairstyle. For over 20 years, the supermodel has been using Oribe hair care cosmetics, as well as Hamacli Shea cream mousse, which allows her to support and care for damaged curls.


Linda cool about the attractiveness of the face, believing that true beauty is not at all connected with the perfection of the appearance. Outside of filming, the supermodel tries to get by with a minimum of cosmetics.

In the handbag of the star are always:

  • Pnenomen’Eyes mascara (from Givenchi);
  • foundation Lift Foundarion (from Dolce Gabbana);
  • transparent lip gloss Cristal Gel Glos (from Shiseido);
  • Dessindes Sourcils eyebrow pencil (from Yves Saint Laurent).

The top model likes to do makeup on her own, but always applies decorative cosmetics only in natural light (if possible, standing near the window). In the morning, Linda uses only a foundation with SPF-30 to create a shimmering shine and protect the skin from sunlight. The star applies the primer with his fingers, after absorbing the moisturizer.

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

Evangelist loves perfumery. In the star’s home collection, there are more than 100 different aromas, but the favorite perfumes of the top models are Bois Bleu and Fracas by Robert Piguet.


The evangelist negatively refers to a trimmed salon manicure, preferring to process their hands on their own. Home nail art for a top model is akin to psychotherapy. Sawing up the nails and cutting the cuticle helps the star soothe the nerves while simultaneously taking care of the hands.

Face care

Until the age of 30, the Evangelist did not use the services of a cosmetologist, using only sunscreen daily. After 35 years, the star began to carefully monitor the beauty of her skin, using serums enriched with ascorbic acid (Medic8 C-Tetra – procollagen serum with antioxidants).

In winter, Linda additionally nourishes the tissues with Retinol (SkinCeuticals Retinol night cream) supplementing it with skin cleansing lotion (Biologique Recherche).

Before each exit from the house, Linda must lubricate her skin with sunscreen (LaRoche Posay) and try to sunbathe as little as possible. The supermodel often visits the beautician and carries out procedures to prevent age-related changes.

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

To preserve youth, the beauty applies:

  • Ultrasonic peeling that helps narrow pores, remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production.
  • Mesotherapy courses needed to nourish cells with vitamins and minerals.
  • Botox injections that block the appearance of wrinkles. Evangelista believes that all women need botulinum toxin. The main thing in anti-aging injections is not to overdo the amount of the drug and preserve the natural facial expressions.

How to withstand age and overweight

Linda never adhered to a diet and considers dietary restrictions to be very harmful to her body. The top model is very fond of fruits and vegetables, tries to consume less carbohydrates, but does not deny herself a piece of pizza and sweets, which she buys on a walk with her son.

Before breakfast, the star of the podium drinks a glass of clean water with lemon juice. Such a drink helps wake the stomach and invigorate the body. After eating Linda for at least 15 minutes. engaged in a Power Plate vibration simulator (for the appearance of the necessary muscle tone).

Three times a year, the Evangelist conducts a cleansing course with Metagenics. The podium star does not attend the fitness club. To recover from illness and emergency weight gain, Linde was helped by homework with a personal trainer.

The star’s daily load consists of a specially designed course of exercises for her, including classes on:

  • rowing machine;
  • exercise bike;
  • mini trampoline;
  • Power Plate.

Complement the movement training with dumbbells and 3 minute cardio workouts.

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Linda Evangelista now

In 2021, photographers surprised the public by capturing a supermodel in an unusual form for everyone. Due to a hormonal malfunction caused by thyroid disease, Linda Evangelista gained weight, began to wear shapeless clothes and almost stopped taking care of herself.

Linda Evangelista in her youth and now. Photos, biography of the supermodel, personal life

The woman stopped acting, refused to attend fashion shows, including the anniversary of the Versace fashion house, which was supposed to be attended by 5 of the best supermodels of the 90s.

The star did not hide and be shy about being overweight, but accepted changes in her figure and easily continued to replenish Instagram with new photos and information about the treatment and her condition.

In 2021, the 51-year-old Evangelista defeated the disease, regained its previous shape and returned to the podium, noting the victory posing in a photo shoot for the anniversary issue of Vogue magazine.

In 2021, Linda shared the good news with her fans on Instagram. The stepdaughter of the model from her first marriage gave birth to a baby, making the Evangelist a grandmother. One of the most successful supermodels of the 90s, Linda Evangelista, receives fabulous fees only for attending events.

Photos of the catwalk star (made at the end of the 20th century and now) adorned more than 1000 different glossy publications, forever writing the name of the beauty in the history of haute couture.

Video about the model life of Linda the Evangelists

The most memorable and important shows:

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