Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home

Lymph is a “transport” for fluid, minerals and amino acids, removing metabolic products, helping the body resist disease and keeping it in good shape. One of the modern cosmetic methods is lymphatic drainage facial massage, which is effective against swelling under the eyes, helps to strengthen skin tone, returning it to a healthy, fresh look.

The principle of lymphatic drainage massage

Due to physiological, age-related changes and the rhythm of life, the lymph flow is disturbed. As a result, outflow slows down, leading to swelling. The principle of lymphatic drainage massage is a mechanical effect on the subcutaneous layer to stimulate the circulation of lymph flow.

Due to age-related changes, as well as under the influence of factors such as chronic diseases, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, total fatigue, the lymph flow slows down. There is clogging of blood vessels, and in the deep layers of tissues – accumulation of toxins, excess fluid, which leads to swelling and early aging of the sensitive area around the eyes. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home

Under the influence of lymphatic drainage massage, the outflow of fluid from the vessels occurs, which contributes to the natural withdrawal of toxins and excess fluid, returning skin tone and youth. As a result, puffiness disappears, dark circles disappear, the cells are saturated with oxygen, and the excretion of metabolic products is accelerated.

In total, the procedure promotes the rejuvenation of the intercellular and interstitial structures of the subcutaneous matrix.


Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from edema under the eyes helps to improve the condition of sensitive skin, and causes a number of positive effects:

  • helps relieve swelling;
  • improves metabolic processes in the tender zone;
  • helps to normalize the water-salt balance;
  • promotes the regeneration of cells and tissues;
  • helps fight ptosis of the eyelids; Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
  • relieves tension of the optic nerve;
  • strengthens turgor, returns elasticity;
  • promotes accommodation, returns visual acuity;
  • strengthens muscles, improves the activity of cells and blood vessels.
  • helps to eliminate “crow’s feet”, facial wrinkles.

The technique is painless, effective, has a positive effect not only for the purpose of aesthetic correction, but also for therapeutic prevention. It is recommended that women from 25 years of age have procedures to support and strengthen the skin.


Since lymphatic drainage massage allows you to affect the deep layers of the subcutaneous tissue, the procedure has a number of contraindications:

  1. Not recommended for girls under 16 years old.
  2. If rhinoplasty has been performed, massage is not done within 1 month after surgery.
  3. Contraindicated in people with diseases of the lymphatic system.
  4. High blood pressure, infections, colds and ENT diseases, open wounds on the face.
  5. In some cases, it is not recommended to carry out during the period of menstruation.

Also, in case of serious vision problems, you should refrain from conducting sessions. In such cases, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

Types of massage techniques

Effective lymphatic drainage facial massage can be performed in several ways. There are several basic techniques that will help get rid of swelling under the eyes, restore elasticity, and get rid of brylya and ptosis of the eyelids.

Based on the level of exposure to the tissue, there are:

  • Superficial massage . The technique allows you to actively influence the surface tissues and blood vessels. It allows you to relieve spasm, strengthen the lymphatic flow. During the session, circular movements of the fingertips are performed. Manipulations put light pressure on internal tissues. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
  • Deep . The impact is aimed at stimulating the deep layers of the tissue, vasodilation, and normalization of blood circulation. Pressure on the treated area is more intense. Specialists rarely use this type of massage for areas of the face, more often – for the abdomen, hips, buttocks.
  • Projection (microcurrent) . An effective technique that allows you to actively work out areas of the lymph nodes. Muscle contraction occurs, the outer part of the epidermis is stimulated, but the impulses penetrate deep into the dermis. It is indicated mainly for women after 40 years, helps to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation, activate regeneration processes in adolescents and tissues.
  • Japanese technique . Massage is performed not with the fingertips, but with the whole palm. This technique allows you to affect the skin and underlying tissues, which contributes to effective rejuvenation and detoxification. It can be done manually at home.

How to choose cosmetics for massage

Before performing lymphatic drainage massage of the face from edema under the eyes, a base agent should be selected. The area around the eyes is the most delicate, delicate. This is due to the fact that skin naturally contains less elastin and collagen, is constantly in motion and tension, more prone to photoaging, swelling and gravitational changes.

When choosing a cosmetic product for massage, it is important to take into account individual characteristics, age, tendency to allergic reactions, and also to know that the Ph index of the skin around the eyes is different from the Ph of the face skin.

For effective lymphatic drainage, it is necessary to choose a tool that will contain a larger number of softener substances, as well as:

  • hyaluronic acid for adequate hydration;
  • peptides to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;
  • ceramides, lipids to create an epidermal barrier;
  • retinol to activate metabolism and regenerative processes in cells;
  • antioxidants for effective protection against negative environmental effects;
  • cornflower-blue water to eliminate puffiness, dark circles, redness and eye strain;
  • caffeine to reduce blood vessels, eliminate puffiness;
  • Vitamins A, E, K and C for smoothing wrinkles, nutrition and lightening.

For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to use gels with extracts of green tea, aloe, chamomile, calendula, as well as essential oils of rosemary, lavender, geranium, lemon and juniper.

Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
Lymphatic drainage facial massage is carried out with essential oils, which are selected by skin type.

Gels are better absorbed, providing a powerful tonic and soothing effect. For aging skin, it is recommended to use oils with antiage properties as a base – avocados, olive oil, natural coconut, jojoba, grape seed oils.

Preparation for the procedure

To make the massage session more effective, you must complete the preparation for the procedure:

  1. Collect hair with an elastic band or hide under a hat. Make-up remover, cleanse the skin of impurities using tonic, foam or lotion. It is recommended to use products based on cornflower blue water, which helps soften the skin.
  2. Steam the skin a little. For this, you can use herbal baths for no more than 5 minutes. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
  3. It is useful to perform fruit peeling before the lymphatic drainage procedure, as well as using a weak concentrate of lactic or glycolic acid.
  4. Apply a massage base to the delicate area (nourishing cream, gel, serum, oil).
  5. Soft circular motions need to warm up the skin a little with the palms of your hands. The skin warmed up before the session becomes more elastic, better absorbs the cosmetic product, less prone to injury.

After simple preparatory activities, you can go directly to the session.

Duration of the procedure and time

Beauticians recommend conducting massage sessions in the morning, for a quarter of an hour, massaging the most delicate area of the face. After a couple of weeks, you can see the result: swelling, dark circles disappear, your eyes will become more open, your eyesight will be sharper, and your skin will become more elastic and elastic. Evening treatments will help prevent swelling under the eyes in the morning after a night’s rest.

Hand massage rules

To strengthen the delicate skin of the eyelids and the area under the eyes, to relieve it of edema, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. Lymphatic drainage facial massage can be performed independently, the session is carried out with two hands at the same time in both eyes.

Step-by-step procedure algorithm:

  1. The skin is cleansed, preparation for the procedure is carried out. A basic massage agent is applied (serum, gel, oil, cream).
  2. We begin to perform massage movements. Gently, with your index and middle fingers, moving clockwise, 10 circular motions are performed in the area of the outer corners.
  3. Using fingertips, manipulations are performed with a slight pressure on the delicate skin of the eyelids, moving from the temples to the tip of the nose. It is important to prevent excessive skin displacement during the process. Manipulations are repeated 3 times, first for the lower eyelids, and then for the upper eyelids. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
  4. Arranging your fingers vertically, you need to easily press on the lower eyelids, then repeat for the upper ones. Gently touching and shaking your fingers, you need to walk along the “path”, heading from the temple area to the nose along the lower eyelids. Repeat the algorithm, changing direction in the opposite direction.
  5. The middle finger is located edge near the outer corner. It rolls like a roller onto the opposite edge. The movement is repeated 5 times. Then the finger is transferred to the brow zone, the algorithm repeats, change direction in the opposite direction.
  6. At the outer corners, 10 clicks are performed, the finger rolls in the same way as the previous exercise, moving along the bone to the inner corners. Then we repeat 10 clicks at the inner corner in the bridge of the nose, and again roller movements of the finger over the eyelid, heading towards the temple. 10 repetitions are performed, each time pressing on the corners.
  7. Stockatto exercise. With light tapping movements for 5-7 seconds, you need to walk in a circle, from the temples to the tip of the nose and vice versa.
  8. Light presses process the area of the circular muscle, capturing the area of the cheekbones, as well as the superciliary area. The algorithm is executed along the trajectory from the outer corner in the cheekbone to the tip of the nose.
  9. The algorithm repeats along the same lines, but with easy pounding movements.
  10. The lymphatic drainage manual massage ends with a contrasting rinsing of the face, starting and ending with cool water.

All movements are performed strictly along the lines of the lymph flow. If the product has been absorbed during the procedure and the session has not yet been completed, it is necessary to again apply oil or gel to the skin to prevent injury, excessive stretching.

Methods of hardware massage

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage of the face from edema under the eyes is performed either in combination with manual procedures, or as an independent procedure. There are several methods of hardware massage that are actively used to combat swelling under the eyes, dark circles, signs of fatigue and aging of the skin.

The following types of hardware massage can be used to stimulate the tender zone:

  • Microcurrent . The device delivers weak electrical impulses that penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and enhance muscle contraction. The technique allows you to effectively fight wrinkles, activating regenerative processes. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes. Indications, contraindications, equipment, devices for manual procedures at home
  • Vacuum . Hardware stimulation occurs due to small nozzles-jars. Impact on the lymphatic flow is created by slight pressure on the same areas of the skin using blood vessels. It is undesirable to use such a technique at home, since inadequate training can lead to injury to the sensitive and tender area.
  • Galvanic . The epidermis is affected by a low voltage current. This provides stimulation of metabolic processes, helps to rid cells and tissues of excess fluid as quickly as possible.
  • Electroionophoresis . Electrodes are fixed on the face to stimulate the outer part of the epidermis. The device creates current parameters that allow more efficient absorption of nutrients deposited on the surface of the epidermis. Simultaneously with the introduction of useful elements inside, the device allows you to effectively remove toxins and metabolic products through the pores.

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The frequency of the procedure

To achieve a visible result after the procedure for getting rid of edema under the eyes, it is important not only the quality of lymphatic drainage massage, but also the regularity of performance.

Classical massage should be carried out with a course of 7-15 regular sessions.

The duration of the course depends on the individual characteristics and severity of the problem. Hardware massage is performed no more than 2 times a week, manual procedures can be carried out every day, in the morning or in the evening.

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