Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system

Often, nail plates turn yellow, exfoliate, break, deform, or grow too slowly, which makes it impossible to grow the desired length. Sometimes these are consequences of external factors, bad habits and abuse of cosmetic procedures, such as gel polish, extensions, shellac.

In other cases, a fungal infection or internal disease occurs. Nails are successfully treated at home.

Problems after gel polish, shellac, build-up

Masters of manicure argue that neither gel extension, nor gel polish, nor shellac have a harmful effect on the nail and that no special procedures need to be performed after the manicure performed by gel varnish. However, in fact, the condition of the nail plate after the so-called perfect manicure is deteriorating.

This is due to neglect of the rules of the procedure, non-compliance with hygiene requirements:

  • The nail plate becomes thinner if a too large layer is removed when preparing the nail for extension, or if the nail was already thin. An extreme case when the nail plate is cut off in places to nothing, to the blood.
  • Fungal infection occurs if the master uses non-sterile instruments.
  • Low-quality varnishes and compounds change the color of the nail, it turns yellow. For the same reason, and because of the mechanical impact, the nails crack, deform, and exfoliate.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Contrary to assurances, serious complications are possible after gel polish, shellac and build-up
  • The gel must be removed using special means, if you neglect this and remove mechanically, you can seriously damage the nail.
  • The shellac remover contains acetone, and given that it needs to be applied to the nails in the form of a compress, its negative properties – drying the nail plate – are fully manifested.
  • The resistant coating is not air- and moisture-permeable, therefore the nails become drier and need to be moisturized and nourished after removing the manicure.
  • If you hold your nails under a UV lamp, this also will not add to their health.

Home Nail Treatment

At home, 3 nail treatment methods are used:

  1. Masks and baths. Compositions prepared at home from what is in the refrigerator or on a shelf in the bathroom help restore the nail plate no worse than professional tools. If the deterioration of the condition of the nails is caused by improper care or mechanical damage, then such a method of treatment is optimal.
  2. Medication. It consists in the use of special means in the form of tablets, ointments, sprays. They are used if the damage to the nails is caused by a fungal infection, serious injuries.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    To treat nail fungus, you can resort to medication
  3. Nail polish. This refers to a special therapeutic varnish, which allows you to strengthen the nail plate, bleach it. Varnishes are convenient to use: they are applied as regular varnish, but at the same time it nourishes the nail plate, as it contains the necessary vitamins and minerals. This is a quick treatment for those who have no time to make baths and masks.

How to choose and use care products

For the treatment and restoration of nails at home, it is necessary to use care products containing keratin, proteins, vitamin C.

To stimulate the growth of nails, compositions with liposomes and warming substances are used that increase blood flow to the nail plate, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients supplied to it – as a result, nails grow faster.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
Manufacturers produce finished oil mixtures for the treatment of nails

Oil or cream should be applied to the cleaned nail with rubbing movements. If you need to accelerate the growth of nails, soften the cuticle, you need to pay more attention to the base of the nail. If the nails are flaked, then the tips of the nail plate should be especially carefully treated. Any remedy will give a noticeable result only with systematic use.

Diet for the treatment of nails

Treatment of nails with masks and baths at home is best combined with exposure from the inside, namely, adjust the diet.

The menu should include:

  1. Vitamin A rich foods . These include cod liver, beef liver, fresh herbs, carrots, dried apricots, rosehips, butter and ghee, cheeses. Drinking fish oil is also recommended – it is the most valuable source of vitamin A.
  2. It is useful to include vitamin B foods in your diet . We are talking about seeds, beef liver, eggs, mushrooms, dairy products, sea fish, meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken). They also have a lot of calcium, which strengthens the nails.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    It is important to get a full range of vitamins with food so that your nails are healthy
  3. Experts advise eating foods that contain animal gelatin. This is aspic, aspic, marmalade.

Vitamin intake

An alternative to the diet is the intake of vitamins in medical form. Preference should be given to vitamins A, E, B5. Vitamins A and E are sold in capsule form, Vitamin B5 in tablet form. But there are vitamins in the form of ampoules. These solutions are recommended to be applied directly to the nails.

As part of complex therapy, vitamin D in combination with calcium is recommended. In the pharmacy there are dietary supplements that are specially designed to strengthen the nails and contain all the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
There are special multivitamin complexes that will improve the condition of nails

Among them:

  • Amway
  • Revalid
  • Fitted
  • Vitrum Beauty,
  • Oriflame Hair & Nail NutriComplex,
  • Merz
  • Perfectil and others.

Special restoratives

You can purchase products that are applied directly to the nail. These are professional products ric
h in vitamins and minerals.

Two forms are issued:

  • oils;
  • base coatings.

Coatings include such means as:

  1. Trind Nail Repair Color. Represents a varnish covering. Strengthens nails. The course of treatment is 2 weeks of daily use. Reviews have conflicting opinions. Some note that it really makes nails healthier, while others did not notice the effect. Of the minuses: it burns nails, contains formaldehyde and smells appropriately.
  2. Original Nail Envy
    . Varnish enriched with vitamin E, calcium, wheat proteins. Has a lot of positive reviews. Use, like the previous tool, every day for 2 weeks in the form of an independent coating. Subsequently, it can be used under varnish. Cons: dear.
  3. Nail Protex. The product contains vitamins E and B Prevents nail foliation, strengthens, whitens. As women note, the effect is clearly visible. It is applied in two layers, without using decorative varnish on top.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Solid nail oil is useful and easy to use.

Of the specialized oils, Fresh Melon Nail Butter is worth mentioning . It contains shea butter and almond. It must be used 2 times a week for 30 days. Apply to the cuticle.

IBX system

The IBX system is a special two-phase product that is unlike any other. In form of release, it resembles nail polish, but penetrates much deeper into the nail and restores it from the inside. So deep that it is not possible to remove the coating.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
IBX has exceptionally positive results

First of all, a composition is applied that stimulates the growth of nails, then one that smooths the surface of the nail, filling in the bumps and connecting the exfoliated plates.

If the nails are too brittle, exfoliate, thinned or covered with grooves, spots, it is especially recommended to use this method of treatment. In its effect, the IBX system is equivalent to a salon procedure and is often carried out in manicure rooms, but it can also be performed at home.

Result after application:

  • the nail plate is strengthened;
  • the structure is restored from the inside;
  • growth accelerates;
  • nails cease to exfoliate;
  • external defects become less pronounced.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Nail Progress with IBX

The composition can be used during pregnancy, since it does not contain harmful substances, and used constantly, as a base for varnish or gel building. The effect is noticeable immediately after application.

The main disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • the need for a UV lamp.

Despite the exceptional result, the procedure itself takes only 10 minutes.

It is carried out as follows:

  1. Nails should be put in order, giving them the desired shape.
  2. Then the plate must be degreased with an alcohol-containing liquid.
  3. Then exclusively on the nail plate should be applied to the first stage. The bottle with the product is pre-shaken.
  4. Immediately, the coating must be heated with a stream of hot air (for example, a hairdryer).
  5. Next, remove the sticky layer with a lint-free cloth and dry the coating in a UV lamp for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Degrease the nail plate.
  7. The second step remedy is applied.
  8. Again heat the coating with a stream of warm air.
  9. Again, the sticky layer is removed, but the coating under the lamp has been dried for 5 minutes.
  10. Degrease the nail. If the coating is applied for the first time, then you need to cover the nails again with a second tool, if not, then this is the last step.

If the product is applied as a base, then on top of it you can make a manicure gel varnish or building. The worse the condition of the nails, the more often you should use the product: from 1 to 4 times a month. Trying to improve the condition of the nails, one should not abuse the product, using it too often or applying more layers.

Best recovery method

At home, it is easiest to use an iodine alcohol solution for treating nails. It is considered the best and easiest way to restore the nail plate. It is necessary to lubricate the nails with a cotton swab iodine up to two times a week at night. In the morning there will be no trace of yellowness – iodine is absorbed. This tool strengthens and whitens the nail plate.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
Iodine – a proven way to get rid of nails from a fungus

Foot fungus recipes

  1. Feet should be washed with tar soap under hot water. Then, without wiping, it is necessary to apply table salt on the areas affected by the fungus and wrap the foot with cling film or a plastic bag. You can perform the procedure at night and keep the compress all night. Showing daily procedures for a week.
  2. In warm water, it is necessary to dilute several grains of potassium permanganate, making a solution of medium pink color, and lower your legs into it for 10-15 minutes. After that, a composition prepared from propolis grated on a fine grater and medical alcohol is applied to the nail plate affected by the fungus (gruel should learn). Wrap the leg with cling film and leave a compress overnight.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Despite the simplicity of the method, potassium permanganate treats nails well
  3. After
    a bath with potassium permanganate, it is also recommended to lubricate the affected nails and the skin around with iodine solution. Use this method until a healthy nail grows.

Celandine oil for fungus

Before applying the oil, it is recommended to wash your feet or hands well with soap and steam in a bath. Soda, vinegar or lemon juice should be added to the water. These components have antimycotic properties.

After that, the nails should be treated by removing the upper most damaged layer of the nail with a nail file.

This is done so that the oil penetrates deeper into the nail plate. After that, the oil is pipetted onto each nail. The procedure is performed before bedtime every day. The healing properties of the oil are enhanced if applied warmly.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
Nail fungus needs to be recognized at an early stage to minimize damage.

The process looks something like this:

  1. 1 tablespoon celandine oil should be mixed in equal proportions with medical alcohol and leave to infuse for a day.
  2. Further, in the composition, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and apply 5-minute applications on each nail.
  3. Each finger on which the product is applied must be wrapped with cling film.
  4. After 5 minutes, the composition is removed with a paper towel.

Use the product daily, preferably after the steaming bath. Squeeze juice from a whole lemon and add 1 tablespoon to it. celandine oil. A compress is made from the resulting mixture on the nails on the hands or feet damaged by the fungus, over which they wrap with cling film. After 20 minutes, wash off the product.

Recipes with black cumin oil for fungus

Black cumin oil is effective against fungal diseases of nails. With it, you need to systematically make compresses for the whole day or for the whole night. After wetting the cotton pad in the oil, you should wrap it with your finger and fix the food film on top, fixing the edges with a simple rubber band.

Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
Black cumin oil has a rich composition due to which it has a positive effect on nails

You need to do compresses 2 times a week until the nail grows. At the same time, it is each time treated, filed and cut to remove the damaged layer. For the best effect, it is recommended to take the oil inside: 1 tablespoon. oil in a glass of water with the addition of 1 teaspoons. honey before eating.

Tea Tree Oil Recovery

Treating nails at home with tea tree oil helps to kill a fungal infection, soften the cuticle and improve the condition of the skin near the nails.

There are many recipes that include tea tree oil:

  1. The strengthening mask is prepared as follows: mix 0.5 tablespoon. liquid vitamin E with 6 cap. tea tree oil. Apply by rubbing, incubated for 30 minutes, then washed off. The effect will be noticeable after a month of systematic use.
  2. To accelerate nail growth , 5 mg of sea buckthorn, jojoba, avocado, parsley and 5 cap. ester of ylang-ylang, tea tree, bergamot. All components are thoroughly mixed and used as massage oil for the nail plate. And 15 minutes after application, wash off with warm water under the tap. The course of treatment is twice a week for a month.
  3. A bath helps from nail fungus : 1 teaspoon is mixed in 0,3 gallon of warm water salt, soda and honey, add 20 cap. tea tree oil. Do baths daily for 40 days. It can be used both for the treatment of nails on the hands and feet.
  4. Apply pure oil in the form of a compress . Cotton pads should be soaked in tea tree oil and applied to the nails. After 15 minutes, the compress should be removed. An increase in the time of the procedure threatens a burn. Compresses are done twice a day for 40 days.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Tea tree oil is famous for its anti-fungal effect.
  5. A whitening hand mask for nails contains lemon juice. You need to squeeze about 0,1 – 0,2 pint of juice, in 1 tablespoon. warm water dilute 1 tablespoon. sea salt, combine with juice and dip your fingers in the bath for 15 minutes. Then you should usd tea tree oil in its pure form into the nail plates. This method is used systematically for several weeks.

Sesame oil for growth and strengthening

It is not in vain that they recommend rubbing sesame oil into your nails.

It contributes to:

  • strengthening the nail plate;
  • getting rid of the fungus;
  • increase the elasticity of the nail;
  • preventing brittleness and delamination.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Sesame oil nourishes the nail plate well.

Doctors advise doing warm 10-minute baths with lemon juice before applying sesame oil, and then massage the oil into each nail plate with massage movements.

Folk methods for strengthening nails

  1. It is enough to dissolve sea salt in warm water : 1 tablespoon. per 3,38 fluid ounce of water to prepare a firming bath for nails. Fingers are dipped in liquid for 10 minutes. Then wipe the nails with lemon juice. You can add a few drops of juice or essential oil directly to the bath. Lemon whitens, and salt strengthens the nail plate. With the systematic use of the product, the nails will grow faster and stop flaking.
  2. After any baths, it is recommended to lubricate the nails with olive oil . It gives shine to the nails, moisturizes them, thereby increasing the elasticity of the nail. Baths are also prepared from oil: you need to heat the oil in a water bath, add liquid from 3 capsules of vitamin A and 3 drops. alcohol solution of iodine. After holding your fingers in this solution for 20 minutes, you need to wet them with a paper towel to remove excess oil. After this, wash your hands for 2-3 hours.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    There are many recipes that can solve certain problems of nails.
  3. Connect 3 tablespoon. 9 percent vinegar and 3,38 fluid ounce of olive oil. Heat the mixture in a water bath. Dip your fingers for 15 minutes in the composition and wipe with a paper towel.
  4. 3 tablespoon dried flowers Arnica poured 1 tablespoon. freshly boiled water, insist 20 minutes. Then express the liquid and add to it 3 tablespoon. olive oil and 3 cap. alcohol solution of iodine. Dip your fingers in a container for 10 minutes. After the procedure, wipe the oil with a paper towel. For 1-2 hours, the hands are not exposed to water.
  5. Fresh cucumbers are rubbed on a fine grater and squeezed juice from them. It will take 3,38 fluid ounce of fluid. Add to it 3,38 fluid ounce of beer and 1 tablespoon. salt. Do a bath for 15 minutes.
  6. In 1 tablespoon. hot water is dissolved 2 teaspoons. gelatin. About 40 minutes are waiting for it to swell. Then heat the liquid to 40 degrees and immerse your fingers in the solution for 15 minutes. After the bath, rinse your hands with water. Do a bath every other day for 2 weeks.

Color Recipes

  1. 3 tablespoon dried orange flowers are combined with 1 teaspoons. lemon juice. Insist 20 minutes, and then use as a second.
  2. A wax mask helps to improve color and thicken nails. Melt the wax in a water bath. Carefully lower your fingers into the liquid mass. Wax may be too hot. To solidify the wax, rinse your hands immediately with cold water. Why put on fabric gloves. The procedure must be performed at night and leave a wax mask on the nails until morning.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    A wax bath may look strange, but the effect is worth it.
  3. 0.5 tablespoon. peeling potatoes (potatoes must be pre-washed) are mixed with flaxseed and beer in equal proportions and boiled until the solid ingredients are boiled. The resulting mass is used in the form of a compress on the nails, applying it for 15 minutes.
  4. To remove the yellowness from the nails, just wipe them with juice or the inside of the lemon peel. But too often, this technique should not be used, because the nails from lemon juice are dried.

Means for foliation of nails

  1. Squeeze the juice from one orange, add 1 tablespoon. table salt, 3-4 tablespoon mineral water and 4 cap. alcohol solution of iodine. Fingers are immersed in the mixture for 10 minutes.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is combined with vegetable oil in a ratio of 1: 2. Fingers are immersed in this composition for 15 minutes. It is enough to carry out the procedure once a week.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Now there are medicines and products that make it possible to treat nails at home.
  3. A pumpkin mask helps with nail foliation. It is necessary to grind the pulp of pumpkin (about 200-300 g) into a homogeneous mass and add 1 tablespoon. olive oil. Then the mass is heated in a steam bath to a warm state and for 20 minutes immerse fingers in it. After that, the pumpkin is not thrown away, but stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Before use, it must be heated.
  4. It is recommended to usd cranberry or currant juice daily into the nails for 7 days.
  5. Helps lubricate nails with may honey. The product is left on the nails for 30 minutes.
  6. Prepare a mask of 1/2 teaspoons red pepper and 2 teaspoons baby cream. If vitamins A and E are not included in the cream, then a few drops from the capsules are added. Heated composition in a water bath, applied to the nails for 15 minutes.
    Treatment of nails on the arms and legs after gel polish, extensions. Folk recipes, pharmacy, IBX system
    Red pepper mask is one of the most popular.
  7. Impose on the nails cut along the sheets of aloe, with the wet side to the nail. After half an hour, the compress is removed and the nourishing cream is rubbed into the nails.
  8. In 1,69 fluid ounce of olive oil add 2 parts of white wine and 1 part of apple cider vinegar. Perform the procedure for 20 minutes weekly.
  9. Rub cocoa butter into the nails. Do not wash off for an hour. Then apply a nourishing cream.

Manicure procedures, including gel extensions and gel polish, are positioned as completely safe for the health of nails. But with frequent procedures and neglect of recommendations, the condition of the nails may deteriorate. At home, it can be treated with nail fungus, it is possible to prevent the foliation of the nail plate, strengthen, moisturize it and give shine.

Video on how to properly treat nails at home:

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