Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The image of a modern attractive woman consists of thousands of little things. Depilation is one of them. This procedure involves the removal of unwanted hair on various parts of the body, including in intimate places. There are many ways that not only help get rid of unnecessary hair, but also keep the skin smooth for a long time.

Why do I need to remove hair in intimate areas

The intimacy zone was created by nature for a reason: it performs the function of protecting the body and protects it from sudden changes in temperature. But hair in intimate places can be a great place for the reproduction of microbes , because all the secretions remain on them and cause an unpleasant odor. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

Depilation in intimate places also carries an aesthetic burden. Hair can grow far beyond the bikini zone and extend to the inside of the hips. They can also begin to grow around the nipples. This is called the “male type of body hair”, but it is quite common in girls with high levels of testosterone in the body. This picture does not add aesthetics to the image.

Each woman herself makes a decision: to remove the unnecessary or whether to leave everything as it is. It is not necessary to be afraid that in the absence of hair microbes will have free access, because now there is a huge amount of hygiene products, so care for the delicate parts of the body will not be a problem.

Waxing methods in the bikini zone

There are many options for hair removal: from folk to ultramodern.

The most common of them that you can use yourself at home:

  • shaving with a machine;
  • removal with an epilator or trimmer;
  • depilation creams;
  • waxes for depilation;

An important point is the observance of safety precautions, so that the entire procedure is successful and does not have consequences in the form of burns, irritations and cuts. Depilation in intimate places has long been a procedure that any self-respecting beauty salon offers its customers.

This is done by professional methods, such as:

  • shugaring;
  • laser hair removal;
  • photoepilation;

Specially trained craftsmen in the salon will help get rid of unwanted hair quickly and painlessly.

There are folk recipes:

  • clarification with hydrogen peroxide;
  • removal with iodine;
  • removal with manganese;
  • pumice removal;

At present, they have not lost their relevance, although they were invented a long time ago. But it is worth remembering accuracy when using such methods, so that later you do not have to consult a doctor.


This method is the most common and simple. But he has his own characteristics.

Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better
Razor depilation in intimate places should be carried out on hair growth

First you need to choose the right machine for depilation. Let his blades be sharp enough to cut off the tough hair of intimate places. Despite the huge number of special women’s machine tools in stores, it’s better to use those designed for men. Their blades are sharper, and they also have a special strip to facilitate sliding on the skin.

Depilation in intimate places with a razor begins with preparation. You need to wash your hands and the area of the intended treatment with soap. It is better to do this with warm water, because there will be no irritation on the steamed skin, and the hairs themselves will become softer. Then apply shaving gel or cream. They will provide gliding and will not allow injuries.

The skin during shaving is gently pulled with your fingers so as not to cut the crease. Move the machine for hair growth. You do not need to press, it is so easy to get an abrasion. You have to go to the right place several times with a razor, achieving perfect smoothness of the skin. But this will avoid injury.

At the end of the procedure, rinse the skin again with warm water and pat it dry with a towel. Lubricate with a calming cream.

Do not use products containing alcohol on freshly shaven skin. After using the machine, the risk of irritation is already high, and this can only enhance the unpleasant effect.

If an accidental cut occurs during the procedure, you need to gently pat the affected area with a cotton swab, hold it to stop the blood flow. When shaving is completed, you should lubricate this area with a disinfectant.

Everything is done quickly enough and without prejudice to the wallet. The only negative of this method in the short-term effect: in order to maintain smoothness of the skin, it is necessary to shave off overgrown hairs in two or 3 days.

Wax for depilation: the best brands, rules for use

This option is one of the most famous.

But, deciding to use wax for depilation, it is worth remembering certain rules:

  • for intimate places only hot wax is used, cold and warm will not give a result;
  • the procedure can hurt, so you should definitely prepare the skin, treating it with a scrub and degreasing;
  • hair length should not be less than 1’6 inch and more than 2’8 inch;
  • you need to pull the strip sharply and always against hair growth;
  • after the procedure, it is necessary to apply a cream for use after hair removal, so that there is no ingrown hair;

The best for intimate areas are considered brands Depilflax, Floresan and White line. The latter is described as granular and does not need a wax wax for it. It has a pleasant aroma and the same pleasant price. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

Depilflax has the highest price, but the quality is not inferior to it. It copes with the toughest hair, perfectly sticks and does not need strips for it.  Floresan is recommended precisely as a remedy for tender places. The composition contains fructose and aloe vera, which soften the skin, the wax is easily washed off. In addition, it has the most affordable price.

Epilators: a review of the best

There are many models of epilators on the market, but it is not difficult to choose a suitable device. Hair removal in intimate places requires a careful and careful attitude.

A few brands that are suitable for delicate hair removal:

“Rowenta” It is considered the best epilator because of the anesthesia system. Its creators did everything to reduce pain to a minimum. There are a sufficient number of tweezers that remove even short hairs and the presence of a massage plate.
“Braun” Reliable device, some models have a floating head, can work both from the network and from the battery. Nozzles can be washed in water. In addition, there is a shaving head to remove the remaining hairs.
“Panasonic” Detachable heads incl
uded. It can be used even in water. He has the largest number of tweezers, which greatly speeds up the whole procedure.
“Rolsen” It has 2 speed modes, a shaving nozzle and a fairly powerful battery, so it is convenient for traveling. In addition, the kit includes special nozzles for the bikini zone.

Depilatory creams: review, prices

The cream can be selected inexpensive, but effective. Prices are not too high, but the effect of use lasts only 1-2 days. May cause allergies after using depilation creams. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The most common brands:

  • “Velvet” is one of the inexpensive creams, the price is $ 0,54. Suitable for removing hair in the intimate area, does not cause allergies and gives a good effect. But it does not wash off with water and has a not very pleasant smell.
  • “Veet” – suitable for sensitive skin and is the most effective cream. It has a pleasant smell and short exposure time, from 3 to 6 minutes. Price – from $ 6,12.
  • “Evelin” 9 in 1 – costs about $ 1,36. Remarkable in that it is suitable for hair of any length. Minus – the tube is too small.

Shugaring: safety rules

Sugaring, in other words, sugar depilation is a relatively new trend in the beauty industry. What pitfalls can be here

For everything to go smoothly, you need to follow several safety rules:

  • sugar paste should be applied against hair growth, and remove – by growth;
  • it is necessary to stretch the skin, both during the application of the paste, and during its removal;
  • before applying the paste, the skin should be treated with talcum powder;
  • apply the paste gently and gently, and remove it quickly and sharply; Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better
  • Do not treat damaged skin areas, as well as places where there are growths and neoplasms;

Trimmer: Efficiency, Top Manufacturers

The trimmer works on the principle of a razor. He does not remove hair; he cuts them. Therefore, they cannot achieve the effect of completely smooth skin. But you can quickly put the intimate area in order to look good.

The procedure is completely painless. It is convenient to take the trimmer with you when traveling, because you can use it quickly and anywhere. And some manufacturers produce models that are used on wet skin. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The best trimmers are manufactured by Braun, Veet and Philips. All have both rechargeable and battery-powered models, all suitable for use on sensitive skin and in the shower. The number of nozzles depends on the model itself.

Laser hair removal: preparation, conduct, cost of the procedure

Laser hair removal is another new trend in cosmetology. More recently, it has become available to the masses. This procedure is in demand because it is considered one of the most painless, especially for the bikini area, where the skin is very delicate. But here there are several rules for preparation, so that later you can enjoy a smooth beautiful body for a long time.

Rules of preparation:

  • It is worth contacting a dermatologist. It will help determine your skin and hair type and tell you if this type of hair removal is suitable for you at all;
  • do not sunbathe! With a fresh tan, burns are possible, and with a dark skin color there will be no effect. If you already have a tan, then you need to wait until it is gone;
  • the hair length at the time of the procedure should not be more or less than 4/32 inch, because the laser will not “see” shorter hair, and pain may appear when removing long hair;
  • Before laser hair removal, hair on the skin can only be shaved, all other methods should be excluded;
  • a couple of weeks before the appointed date, stop taking antibiotics, especially those that contain tetracycline;
  • for 3 or 4 days, stop treating the hair removal zone with cosmetics containing alcohol; Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The client is offered to lie down, the places that need to be removed from the vegetation are lubricated with a special gel with lidocaine to avoid pain. And they start laser treatment.

The rays of the apparatus affect the pigment melanin. As a result, hair follicles will be destroyed, and the hair will fall off and will no longer grow. Therefore, the brighter the skin color contrasts with the color of the hair, the better the result. The processing time of intimate places will take about 15 minutes. The effect will last up to 3 months.

It will take several procedures to completely get rid of everything unnecessary. The exact number will be reported by the master.

The cost of this type of hair removal for the bikini zone is quite high – from $ 95 – $ 136. But the quality is consistent with the price, because the method will make your skin smooth forever.


This method is in many ways similar to laser correction. The principle of action is the same: the effect on melanin, as a result of which the hair bulb is destroyed. Only this is done not by a laser beam, but by light-thermal flashes. The effect is achieved with hair of almost any color, except very light and gray, in which pigment is practically absent.

The method is safe and non-contact, which makes it also painless. And with proper preparation and compliance with the rules of skin restoration after the procedure, there will be no undesirable consequences.

The preparation rules are the same as for laser hair removal: “no” to tanning, antibiotics and alcohol cosmetics, the hair should be slightly regrown, and the skin immediately before the procedure should be clean and dry. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

After photoepilation, safety measures are as follows: for 10 days, do not swim in the pool or in a natural body of water, avoid direct sunlight and do not use cosmetics for hygiene procedures.

The effect lasts up to one month after one session, and the course will help to forget about unwanted vegetation for up to 5 years.

Folk methods and recipes for hair r

From ancient times, a smooth body was considered the standard of beauty. So the methods of depilation in our ancestors were and were widely used. Some recipes are still alive and are often used.

There are various tinctures and compositions: using nettle seeds, dope roots, a mixture of ash and soap, with soda, with lime. Below are the most common methods. It is worth noting that not all of them are suitable for depilation in intimate places.

Hydrogen peroxide or peroxide

This method can be used for the bikini zone. The easiest option is to lubricate the desired areas with a 3% peroxide solution. Hair will become lighter and thinner and after some time will disappear.

Another method for regular use is a mixture of 6% peroxide and shaving cream. After application, it should be kept for no more than 20 minutes and washed off with soapy water.

For intimate places, a mixture that includes:

  • 2 g of peroxide 30%;
  • petroleum jelly – 8 g;
  • lanolin – 12 g;
  • a drop of ammonia;
  • a drop of shampoo;

The mixture should, by consistency, resemble sparse sour cream. It should be applied, wait until it is completely dry and rinse with warm soapy water.

Potassium permanganate

With this folk remedy, care must be taken not to burn the skin. In addition, it has a coloring effect. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The recipe is simple: prepare a saturated solution of a dark color and grease the areas with which it is supposed to remove hair. Better to do this before you go to bed.


It is as easy to purchase at a pharmacy as is hydrogen peroxide. This recipe with prolonged use will relieve bored hair forever.

Mix the following ingredients:

  • ordinary alcohol – 1,69 fluid ounce;
  • ammonia – 2 g;
  • castor oil – 5 g;
  • iodine – 1.5 g;

Insist the solution until it is completely discolored. The effect of complete removal is achieved within a month.


This method relates to mechanical hair removal techniques. It involves “rubbing” the hairs by hand. Pumice can be purchased at any store, its cost is small and there is enough stone for a long time.

The skin should be washed and steamed, soaped with gel for better gliding and usd in a circular motion with a pumice stone. The hairs will begin to recede. Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better

The method causes pain, so it is not suitable for sensitive skin. And for the bikini zone it is undesirable to use it.

Skin care after depilation

Whatever depilation method is used, after it the skin needs to be restored. After all, any impact is stress.

Immediately after depilation, the skin should rest and cool. It is not necessary, especially after laser and photoepilation, to immediately wash with hot water, as the likelihood of injury is increased.

To avoid irritation, you should not go to the pool and sunbathe, and it is also better to refrain from intimacy.

After 3 days, it is worth scrubbing the place of hair removal to remove all dead skin particles. After 7 days, you can use a moisturizer without alcohol.

The consequences of depilation

Depilation, including intimate places, has its consequences. There are not many of them, but you need to know about them. As a rule, any of them is quite easily eliminated.

  • the appearance of ingrown hairs is a common case, especially after laser and photoepilation. Hair cannot break out and grows inside the skin. They can be removed, only it is worth observing the disinfection of hands and tools; Female depilation in intimate places, bikini zone. How to do what cream, remedy, epilator is better
  • Acne is an indicator of oily skin, often manifested after shaving. In this case, the depilation method should be changed;
  • burns – a consequence of an improperly performed procedure or poor preparation;
  • bruises – occur with too intense exposure to the skin;
  • darkening of skin areas – as a rule, the response to laser hair removal gradually passes;
  • excessive hair growth and acceleration of hair growth is also the result of constant exposure, gradually disappears;

Women’s reviews on the effectiveness of depilation methods

Many women tend to folk remedies, they are less expensive. Efficiency is spoken differently. Most acknowledge that the result is not completely satisfactory and increases the possibility of injury due to poorly selected ingredients.

Shaving is considered the most common method, but many women refuse it because of the frequent appearance of irritation and low effect – new hair appears in a day. The same problem occurs when using epilators and creams.

They tend to wax and shugaring because of a long-lasting result. But to many, this procedure seems painful.

They respond most of all to laser and photoepilation – the effect is excellent, but not everyone can afford it.

Each girl decides for herself which method of depilation in intimate places suits her, depending on the type of skin and hair, the level of sensitivity and even the pain threshold. If the choice is difficult, you can always consult a doctor for advice. And there are a lot of options, the main thing is that then you could enjoy beautiful and smooth skin without negative consequences.

Video about hair removal in intimate places

Recommendations for hair removal in the deep bikini area:

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