Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair – photo of new products and trends

In 2021, the most fashionable will be haircuts for medium hair with bangs of various shapes and lengths. This is also confirmed by photos from fashion shows in popular glossy magazines.

Types of bangs: 2021 trends for medium hair

Correctly selected bangs can correct appearance flaws, visually make facial features more correct.

Fashionable oblique bangs

Oblique fringe is a popular trend that has not gone out of fashion for years.

Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends
Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair photo

The advantages of such a bang:

  • this option is suitable for most types of hair and appearance;
  • oblique bangs will appeal to girls who are not ready for significant changes in the image;
  • there are many possibilities for styling such a fringe: it can be curled, combed over the ear, shortened;
  • simple styling process;
  • helps visually make hair more voluminous;

Oblique bangs can be thinned, torn, shortened, long. According to stylists, in 2021, among the many varieties, the most relevant will be milled bangs, carelessly laid, as well as long and thick.

Long version of oblique bangs

This variation is not for everyone. Elongated slanting strands visually reduce the face and stretch it, therefore it is not advisable to make such a bang to the owners of the face oval.

This bangs will look most advantageous on smooth hair and will be a good choice for girls with wide cheekbones, a round or square face. There are many ways to lay a long bang: it can be wound, stabbed, woven into a braid.

Stylish torn bangs

Torn bangs suggest the presence in it of strands of different lengths, which creates a feeling of “torn”. This option is perfect even for thin hair and will give them volume. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

Trimming a ragged bangs (even at home) is not difficult: at first the bangs of the same length are cut off, then a ragged effect is attached to it with scissors. Thinning scissors will help to tidy the torn bangs.

There are quite a few types of torn bangs:

  • oblique;
  • straight;
  • short
  • long;
  • rare;
  • thick.

Thanks to this variety, this bangs can be matched to almost any haircut and to most types of faces.

In 2021, a short ragged bangs is not relevant. And the most fashionable and interesting will look asymmetrical haircuts with long ragged bangs.

Straight bang

Straight bangs as an element of hairstyles appeared more than 100 years ago and are still considered to be classics that never go out of style. She adds expressiveness to the eyes, her face looks younger. The bangs can be of medium length, to the eyebrows, and longer or shorter.

The most popular is bangs, trimmed to the eyebrow line. But in 2021, an even bangs that covers your eyes will lose its fashionable position. To be in trend, it is worth adding torn strands. New staining techniques will also be in fashion. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

Who doesn’t fit straight bangs:

  • square-shaped girls;
  • owners of large or gross facial features;
  • to the fairer sex, who have thin hair, since part of them will go to bangs;
  • for girls with curly or curly hair, it is not advisable to cut straight bangs. It will require daily styling, and the result will not always meet expectations.

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Long straight bangs

Once upon a time, only bold persons could afford a long bang, because it was considered defiant. But due to a number of advantages, this bang was made popular and remains so.

Long straight bangs:

  • visually corrects the shape of the face, making it thinner and elongated;
  • suitable for women of all ages;
  • makes it possible to conduct various experiments with styling. It can be laid on the sides, divided into two parts; decorate with hairpins; lay back, combing and pins invisible; lay on one side from the forehead to the ear (suitable for young ladies with a triangular face).

However, experts recommend this option for hair with a straight and dense structure, on hair with a different structure, a long straight bang can look messy.

Volumetric straight bangs

Thick straight bangs add femininity and elegance. This option can not be called universal, it is not suitable for all young ladies. The choice can fall on voluminous bangs if the girl has a large high forehead or rude facial features. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

Owners of a small forehead will fit such a bang, cut from the top of the head to the eyebrows. This will visually increase the forehead. In order to give volume to the bangs, it must be stacked, divided into two layers, using a round comb and a hairdryer.

Short Bang: Classic

Despite the fact that in 2021 the trend is elongated bangs, short front strands with medium length hair are still fashionable. But selecting this option from photographs is not recommended.

Short bangs are quite capricious and not suitable for everyone, but only for girls who have perfect eyebrows, there are no flaws on the forehead.

In this case, the shape of the face can be oval or triangular. Young women with a round or rectangular face type stylists do not advise cutting such a bang.

Types of short bangs:

  • torn – popular among young girls, adds a playful look, combined with a page haircut;
  • torn asymmetric;
  • straight line – it will look best with a smooth square.

Very short bangs

The characteristic length for ultra-short bangs is more than 1’6 inch from the top line of the eyebrows. Sometimes such a bang is done just a few inch from the hairline.

A very short bang is perfect only for owners of an oval face. For the rest, she, having opened her forehead, will emphasize not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Also, micro-bangs can be a problem for girls with indirect, curly hair. In this case, you will have to constantly deal with its straightening and monitor its installation. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

Ultra-short bangs should be washed and cut regularly, otherwise it will look messy. Dry shampoo, mousse, gel are the main styling products for very short front strands.

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Short bang with a ladder

A bang with a ladder, or a cascade, is obtained by applying strands to one another. This is how the effect of a stepped edge is achieved.

A short cascading fringe looks very stylish, but you need to constantly update the tips, make sure that they do not split, otherwise the whole haircut will look groomed. One way to avoid this is by cutting with hot scissors.

A short bang with a ladder will suit chubby girls. It will look great with haircuts, bob, cascade.

Interesting bang “pixie”

Pixie arose in the mid 50-ies of XX century. thanks Audrey Hepburn. This hairstyle gives its owner a playful and mischievous look. The length of the bulk of the hair should reach the earlobe.

Some pixie girls will not work:

  • owners of oily hair;
  • those with a short neck;
  • young ladies with small features. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

In 2021, the bangs will play the main role in the pixie haircut. In this case, the shape and length of the front strands directly depend on what suits a particular girl. Torn and shortened bangs will add aristocracy, and elongated ones will help to hide flaws. But the most popular stylists consider beveled bangs that fit any style and image.

Rounded bangs

Rounded bangs are associated with the fashion of the 70’s. But since the retro style is at the peak of popularity, the owners of such a bang will be in trend.

Round bangs differ in length:

  • to the middle of the eyebrows – the most universal and common;
  • to the middle of the forehead – this option is not suitable for everyone, the most important thing is that the ears are covered with hair;
  • to the middle of the face – such a bang is milled and requires constant twisting.

Stylists recommend a rounded bang to owners of a triangular, round shape.

In the latter case, the bangs should not be made too thick. The winning thing is that such bangs will look with Bob haircuts.

Graduated bangs

Graduation is a very fashionable and in demand in 2021 technique for bangs. The photo shows that bangs of this type adorn haircuts for short, medium and long hair. Masters use graduation to add volume, which is achieved due to the difference in the length of the locks of bangs.

Pros of graduated bangs:

  • easy to lay, you can just blow dry your hair and use wax if necessary;
  • It is possible to create an original and non-standard image;
  • visually reduces age;
  • helps to hide imperfections and bring the shape of the face closer to the oval;
  • thanks to many options, such a bang can be picked up by everyone, without exception.

Trimming bangs at different levels are:

  • elongated (suitable for an oval face);
  • shortened (suitable for a round face);
  • arched;
  • asymmetric. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

In 2021, experts suggest paying attention to a long graduated bang, which can be laid to one side. The shape and length of the bangs is best chosen along with a haircut so as not to disturb the harmony of the chosen image.

Fashionable asymmetric bangs

The smooth bangs cut line popular in past seasons in 2021 will recede into the background. Judging by the photo, most fashionable bangs are made asymmetrical. They are suitable for haircuts on medium length hair.

Asymmetric bangs are the choice of girls who want to completely change their appearance and emphasize their individuality.

Among the many advantages of bangs with asymmetry can be identified:

  • universal;
  • the structure of the hair does not matter – even suitable for curly hair;
  • visually increase the density of thin and sparse hair.

In the new season, professionals propose to make an unusual coloring of the front strands, using several shades. The most fashionable colors will be purple, caramel, cognac color. This trend makes it possible to try something new and experiment on your style.

Stylish option: layered bangs

Multilayer bangs – this is the type of bangs that will allow you to change the image depending on the way it is laid. The basis of this bangs is a combination of short straight and elongated oblique bangs. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

There are several types of multilayer bangs:

  • toothed;
  • straight;
  • asymmetric.

The choice depends on the shape of the face, haircuts, hair type.

A voluminous multilayer haircut will look only on thick straight hair, and for owners of thin or curly hair, as well as thin miniature girls, professionals do not recommend cutting such a bang.

As for the shape of the face, then layering will look very good if the girl has a square or round face. Toothed bangs fit a person in the shape of a heart. It will look unusual to stain each bangs layer in its own color or highlight individual strands with color.

Bangs in a semicircle

One of the main trends of the coming season is the bangs in a semicircle (arc, arch). Such a bang is able to radically transform the look, make it more original and unique, add rigor.

She frames the eyebrows from above and is in contact with the outer corners of the eyes. There is an arched bang and short, to the middle of the forehead. This variation is great for Bob haircuts.

Ideally, such a bang is suitable for owners of an oval or thin face. She visually fills the face, but can make a massive chin. Bangs with an arc are not the best choice for girls with a square face and wide cheekbones.

Also, such bangs are not suitable for owners of curly and wavy hair, because a clear contour will not be visible and the entire hairstyle will seem unkempt.

Triangular bangs

In the 2021 season, futuristic hairstyles will not leave the fashion arena. It was they who gave rise to triangular bangs. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

There are several forms of such bangs. The simplest option matches its name and is performed so that the sharp edge falls to the middle of the forehead. In length, it can be both very short (the sharp edge reaches the middle o
f the forehead) and long (the sharp edge is on the nose).

But the triangle bangs can be both oblique and torn. Best of all, these bangs will look with a bob haircut or cascade.

Who will suit:

  • chubby young ladies – this option visually stretches the face a little, favorably changes the proportions;
  • owners of a square or triangular face;
  • girls with wide cheekbones; in this case, an elongated triangular fringe;
  • women of any age; but a short bang can draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes, and a long version, on the contrary, will add freshness.

Bang on 2 sides

In the new season, as an experiment, stylists offer an excellent option – bangs cut on two sides. They look original and unusual.

Specially, such bangs are rarely cut, mainly bangs on two sides are obtained when bangs of other species grow. When the strands have grown to the desired length (usually to the middle of the cheeks and below) and beautifully frame the face, you can stop growing and leave it as it is.

The advantage of this option is that it:

  • suitable for women of any age;
  • allows you to create various stylish hairstyles (bangs can be removed, stabbed, braided);
  • softens facial features and adds femininity.

You can lay bangs on the sides in any haircut for medium or long hair. Photos confirm that in 2021 such a choice will be fashionable and stylish.

Feather bangs

Stylists consider feather bangs to be universal in every way. This classic version can be the choice of girls with almost any face shape, hair type and length. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

Long strands are made with a blade so that they gently frame the face.

This model of bangs often accompanies multilevel haircuts and softens them. Feather bangs are chosen by many famous people of the fair sex.

Long thinned out option

Thinning bangs with special scissors is called thinning. This procedure is carried out to change the density of the bangs, to facilitate the styling of thick hair. Elongated thinned bangs look careless and natural, give the hairstyle airiness and lightness.

Who will suit:

  • round-faced girls;
  • the fair sex with thick hair;
  • girls with expressionless features, small eyes or lips;
  • owners of straight dark hair, since clear straight dark lines can give the face coarse features;
  • ideal for women with a rectangular and oval-shaped face.

Do not make thinning bangs for girls with curls, thin hair.

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Which bangs fit a round face

When choosing a bang for the owner of a round face, it is also worth considering her age, structure and length of hair. Most importantly, this round shape is visually closer to the oval.

They will do just fine with this:

  • oblique, sparse, shaped bangs;
  • bangs with parting;
  • cascading or torn bangs, requiring complex styling. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

A “regrowing” bang with long hair will also look good. A straight bang is only suitable if it is up to the eyebrows, or longer. It is not recommended to choose bangs of medium length.

Bangs for a square face

A square face often looks full or courageous. Visually bring such a face to the oval will help bangs that will smooth the corners of the face.

ASYMMETRIC options for bangs, bangs of a semicircular shape, long bangs that frame the face are suitable.

It is also worth noting that the owners of a square face will not fit straight classic bangs, lush hairstyles and too short haircuts.

Choosing bangs for an oval face

Not all women can correctly choose fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair. Photos will tell you suitable options. Girls with an oval face can easily make a choice, since this form is considered ideal, which means that almost any kind of bangs is suitable. Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair - photo of new products and trends

In this case, it is worth being guided only by the structure of the hair, fashion trends and your own taste.  A universal option would be straight bangs to the eyebrows.  Young women who want to stand out, fit short bangs or bangs with a triangle. Do not forget about the slanting bangs.

What bangs to choose for a narrow face

Stylists say that in the case of a narrow face, a bang is definitely necessary.


  • straight thin bangs to the eyebrows;
  • asymmetric bangs;
  • elongated bangs to one side;
  • layered bangs.

Bangs for a triangular face

The most suitable and winning options for bangs and hairstyles for medium hair for a triangular face can be suggested by specialists with the help of a photo. In 2021, the most fashionable are hairstyles, which are accompanied by a straight or oblique bangs.

For the described type of face, milled bangs are contraindicated. For girls with a triangular shape, the main problem is the visual increase in the cheekbones and chin. To do this, create a volume of hair in the temples and crown.

Video about fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair

Haircut with a straight bang on medium hair:

Fashionable bangs 2021 for medium hair – photo trends:

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