Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

To eliminate the causes of pain and restore good performance, it is necessary to apply a massage procedure or use special devices, for example, a roller massager for the back and neck.

The main cause of pain is a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. Basically, this ailment affects representatives of most modern professions – programmers, accountants, drivers, office workers and other workers with a sedentary image of work.

From the point of view of medicine, characteristic indications for massage procedures are:

  • frequent pain in the back and neck;
  • rachiocampsis; Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use
  • osteochondrosis;
  • weakening of muscle tone;
  • professional sports.

The effectiveness of using massagers

The most common and affordable devices are massagers – special devices that affect problem areas of the human body in order to restore a healthy state.

Proper use of massagers:

  1. restores blood circulation;
  2. improves lymphatic drainage effect;
  3. fills problem areas of the body with oxygen;
  4. activates metabolism;
  5. removes excess intercellular fluid;
  6. reduces cellulite;
  7. relieves the body of harmful decay products;
  8. supports muscle tone;
  9. eliminates pain symptoms;
  10. improves metabolism;
  11. improves physical and emotional state;
  12. normalizes sleep;
  13. strengthens the immune system;
  14. rejuvenates the body.

Types of massagers and their mechanism of action

According to the method and mechanism of exposure, massagers are divided into the following types:

  1. Mechanical. The main advantage of these devices is that their use does not require energy supply, their use does not require special knowledge and can easily be used anywhere. It is enough to carry out with pressure on the surface of the problem areas, which will significantly improve blood microcirculation, lymph flow and accelerate the breakdown of fats.
  2. Reflex. Very similar in principle to mechanical.
  3. Electrical impulses – act on parts of the body with a weak electrical impulse and beneficially stimulate the muscles.
  4. Electric vibrating – massage using alternating current and a vibrating head.
  5. Magnetic – due to the influence of an electromagnetic field, increase efficiency and immunity.
  6. Vacuum , aimed at improving blood circulation by affecting the subcutaneous tissue and getting rid of intercellular fluid.
  7. Hydromassage – carry out massage under the influence of powerful water pressure and favorably affect the general condition of the body.
  8. Infrared – due to the regime of infrared heating of tissues, blood circulation improves, pain is relieved and inflammation decreases.
  9. Laser . This is the most effective massage due to the point focusing of the laser beam on the affected area.
  10. Oxygen
    . The principle of exposure is the ability to improve blood circulation of the skin and the formation of oxygen molecules to improve metabolic processes. As a result, the complexion improves, the skin is saturated with oxygen and acquires a healthy, radiant look.
  11. Air-compression – massage occurs due to air cushions that provide soft and constant pressure on the body, which positively affects tissue ligaments, subcutaneous tissue and eliminates stagnation in capillary vessels. It is an indispensable prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  12. Vibrational – send impulses to muscles, cause their contraction and burning of the world layer.
  13. Thermal – create the effect of a sauna, due to which sweating intensifies, metabolic processes are activated, toxins and toxins are eliminated and the fat layer is reduced.

Depending on the application, the following types of devices are distinguished:

  1. massagers for the back and neck (including roller);
  2. massagers for the face;
  3. massagers for the head;
  4. massagers for the eyes;
  5. massagers for legs. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

The following types of massagers are also distinguished:

  • multifunctional, combine several functions. For example, a roller massager for the back and neck may have infrared heating.
  • universal, represented by massage chairs, belts, capes.


The tape massager is perfect for self-massage without assistance. It is a chain of rotating rollers or cylinders with cloves worn on flexible cords and equipped with convenient handles. The roller mechanism can be of various configurations, shapes and made of different materials: wood, plastic, stone.

Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use
Massager for the back and neck: roller must be used in different directions.

Due to the design features and the presence of long handles, this device allows you to warm up inaccessible areas of the back and neck and provide a superficial massage effect. In addition, it relieves tension in the muscles, the body relaxes and recovers faster.


It is an axis with attached gear rollers. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home useThird-party assistance is required for use. The main advantage of this massager is its use in problem areas of the body.

The most important thing for the correct use of this device is to determine the effective degree of pressing on parts of the body without pain, but with slight reddening of the skin.

With this device, metabolism is activated, the flow of blood and lymph is enhanced, resorption of hardening occurs, pain ceases, and health improves.

Floor massager

It is a rack on a platform with handrails, massage belts and an electric motor. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home useIt is used for self-massage using vibration to relieve pain in the back, neck, as well as for body shape correction in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Several modes of vibration provide a relaxing or tonic massage. Some models with built-in computers can inform in a timely manner about calorie consumption, heart rate.

Vibro massager

This is a universal device for massage of any part of the body. The basic principle of the device is to rotate the massage roller heads. More effectively affects problem areas of the back and neck with the heating function. Doctors say that the principle of operation of this massager is similar to the proc
edure performed by a specialist. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

It improves blood circulation, removes toxins and excess fluid from body cells, lactic acid from the muscles, activates the lymphatic system, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

Applicator (Cape)

It is a rug or cloak with mounted spikes. You can independently act on certain zones to relieve tension, improve blood circulation and eliminate pain syndromes. Helps in the treatment of the genitourinary system, chronic hemorrhoids, relieves inflammatory processes in the genital area. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

The regular use of applicators in the form of wraps provides health assistance to people with a sedentary lifestyle, while weakening their vitality and frequent stresses.

Thanks to the general strengthening properties, the activity of internal organs is normalized, metabolic processes and cellular metabolism are accelerated. Compared to other devices, cape applicators provide a wide coverage of all areas of the back with an emphasis on the muscles of the cervical girdle, spine and lower back.

Electric roller massager

Roller massager is a common device, as it allows you to independently massage parts of the body , including the back and neck, due to the convenient handle, roller nozzle and the ability to turn on infrared radiation. It acts very effectively on cellulite, as it acts due to microscopic discharges that break up fat. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

This device can be turned on in several modes and adjust the load on problem areas of the body.

Gear Massager

A massager with a gear nozzle works especially effectively Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home useunder the influence of which the blood supply to the body improves, access of nutrients at the cellular level increases, the skin becomes elastic and smooth.

Stimulation by a massager on acupressure points relieves stress and depression. In addition to improving physical well-being, there is relaxation, a feeling of warmth and calm.

Types of Roller Massagers

The massager for the back and neck is equipped with roller toothed rollers and can effectively eliminate pain. It consists of a base with rollers fixed on it, which can vary in size, shape and the presence of spikes. The function of these devices is ensured by rollers, the action of which resembles the movements of professional masseurs. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

These are the most affordable devices, as the rollers can be made of plastic or wood . The base can be hard, soft, floor or hand. The most popular among roller was a manual massager, since its design allows you to fix it in your hand and independently act on the affected area.

Before use, it is recommended to warm the skin by taking a bath or visiting the sauna. The duration of the massage should not be less than 15 minutes and the result will appear after a short period of time. As a result, fatty deposits are broken, the skin is smoothed, the intestines work, the slim silhouette is formed.

Types of massage wraps

One of the types of massage devices are massage wraps. This convenient device is made of fabric, artificial leather or genuine leather and can be securely fixed on any seat and independently carry out a massage procedure. Modern devices are equipped with remotes with shutdown timers to adjust the intensity and duration of treatment.

Massage effect affects the elimination of congestion in the circulatory system, relieve fatigue, stress, tone the body and increase efficiency. There are many types of such devices. For example, a vibrating wrap has a relaxing effect and its action is aimed at relieving fatigue.

The design of such a device provides micromotors that create a vibrational effect on the surface of the cape. Another type of devices is roller massage wraps. They are not used on a horizontal surface due to the solid frame and are programmed for a specific effect only on the spine. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use

Among the programs used rolling, which provides a linear massage of the back muscles and is aimed at stretching them. In addition, the swing program acts in wave-like movements and strengthens the back frame. Kneading mode restores blood circulation in the spine.

The Shiatsu program is aimed at pinpointing specific places to relieve pain.

In the varieties of massage wraps, a number of important functions are provided, such as the choice of massage area. For example, exposure to the cervical, lower back, or the entire spine can be envisaged. Additional functions for adjusting the massage force, the off timer, heating the surface using the remote control give the process comfort.

The ability to use various power sources will provide an opportunity to use them not only at home, but also in a car or outdoors.

The effect of heating a massage chair on the body

The heating function is of great importance, as it is an alternative to manual stroking, allow you to relax the soft tissues of the body and prepare them for the massage procedure. There is an increase in blood circulation, muscle relaxation, the skin and muscles receive active nutrition.

Infrared heating leads to vasodilation , significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, the use of heated massage chairs is an excellent prevention of prostatitis.

The most popular models of electric massagers


  • US MedicaPilot is a flexible, vibrating massage seat wrap with a heated seat made in the USA. It is used to massage the chest, lower back, neck, shoulders and hips. It works in 8 different modes and automatically turns off after 30 minutes. It is equipped with a remote control equipped with a liquid cryst
    al display with backlight. It can be used effectively in the car, in the workplace, at home. Easy to use, durable, practical. Massagers for the back and neck, body, with osteochondrosis. How to choose for home use
  • OtoEL-868 – massage wrap manufactured in Singapore. It is used to massage any part of the back and buttocks in the modes of stress relief, thermal and acupressure. It is possible to adjust the width and position of the rollers. Provides a deep effect on the muscles of the back, soothes nerves, improves well-being.
  • TwistStreps is a German product for massage of the lower back and neck due to the circular movements of the massage rollers. It is equipped with additional belts and a heating function. It is possible to use a power source from the mains or from the car cigarette lighter.
  • OmmassageBM-08 – a Chinese-made back pack for Chinese-made back with 4 programs, a heating function and a control panel in the kit allows you to simultaneously do business and do massage. Relieves fatigue from the muscles of the back, relaxes the muscles. It has 4 massage vibromotors and can operate in 4 modes: normal, pulsating, wave and automatic.
  • Beurer EM38 is a high-quality, efficient, reliable device manufactured in Germany. It is a belt for massage of the back and lower back. The size of the belt is regulated by Velcro, which allows you to change its length from 29’5 inch to 4’6 foot. Effectively relieves pain using 4 special programs and 2 electrodes in the lumbar. Designed to relieve pain during sprains and attacks of osteochondrosis, has a beneficial effect on muscle strengthening, creates a positive massage effect due to the pulse current acting on the nerve endings. Absolutely safe to operate.


The use of all types of massagers, including roller for the back and neck, is possible for all ages of the population, except for the following health problems:

  1. associated with vascular disease;
  2. diabetes mellitus;
  3. tumors;
  4. the presence of pacemakers;
  5. skin diseases;
  6. chronic diseases of internal organs;
  7. pathology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  8. aneurysms;
  9. pregnancy;
  10. tuberculosis;
  11. alcoholism and drug addiction;
  12. thrombosis and blood diseases;
  13. fever;
  14. postoperative period;
  15. increased excitability of the central nervous system;
  16. complex pathologies of the spine;
  17. epilepsy and other convulsive diseases;
  18. any disease in the acute stage.

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