Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

The deposited fats in the lower abdomen look unpleasant, do not allow you to put on beautiful things, reduce self-esteem. Exercises to get rid of ugly folds will help to solve the problem, fitness and nutrition experts offer many options for solving the problem.

What methods help

As a basis for losing weight, many women choose rigid diets with a minimum number of calories. Starvation torment with excessive physical exertion (training in the gym) gives a temporary effect.

An organism placed in extreme conditions initially loses some weight, then turns on an energy-saving system, trying to create reserves for the time of a forced hunger. The result of short-term or long-term self-torture is temporary weight loss and almost instant reverse weight gain.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

One of the important reasons for the appearance of excess body weight is considered a hereditary predisposition to obesity.

Other sources of heavy weight are related:

  • with physical inactivity – insufficient or absent physical and motor activity;
  • improperly selected diet – the prevalence of light carbohydrates and a large amount of fat in the menu;
  • the use of alcohol and low alcohol, tobacco products;
  • environmental situation;
  • frequent stress;
  • problems with the work of the intestine.

Exercises for the lower abdomen will not give the desired result without an integrated approach. After determining the source of rapid weight gain, you need to choose a program for further actions.

It includes various events:

  • gastroenterologist consultation – for digestive disorders, to normalize the gastrointestinal tract;
  • quitting smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • selection of a suitable diet with the calculation of the energy value of dishes;
  • search for auxiliary therapies: massage sessions, water procedures, sports training.

The best exercises and techniques

To get rid of ugly deposits in the lower abdomen, you need to understand that there are no specific exercises for losing weight in one part of the body.

Physical activity are selected according to the principle:

  • diversity and alternation;
  • uniform distribution of loads for all muscle groups;
  • high level – without excessive efforts, as far as possible.


The technique refers to the popular varieties used in fitness. It is used as an auxiliary direction for increasing strength indicators; it is on the same level with statistical exercises. It does not give quick burning of fat.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques
Exercises for the lower abdomen. Twisting is one of the most effective ways to tighten your abdominal muscles.

There are several types of twists:

  1. Side – repeated 15 – 20 time. They are performed on the back, with legs bent at the knees. Exercise begins with the inclination of the lower extremities – the knee should touch the mat, on the exhale, the body turns in the opposite direction, with the shoulders separated by 0’4 – 1’2 inch. Then the reception is performed in the opposite direction.
  2. Reverse – from 25 to 30 repetitions. In a horizontal position, the hips are perpendicular to the floor, the legs are parallel. At the exit, the limbs are pulled to the chest, then they return to the opposite position.
  3. With a turn – performed 15 – 20 time. Exercise helps you learn to own your own body. It is carried out in a horizontal position, with arms crossed at the back of the head. Shoulders rise above the surface of the floor, rotate alternately in one and the second side. Additionally, it is possible to carry out “bicycle” movements with legs.

In addition, twisting with a vertical lift of the legs is carried out.


Exercises for the lower abdomen can be carried out with a Swiss invention, which has gained popularity since the last third of the last century. Fitball is a popular gymnastic apparatus among women, with good physical preparation it helps to maintain muscle tone, improve coordination and orientation in space.

To get rid of folds in the lower abdomen, it is used as an additional tool.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

Strengthening muscle tissue is performed when:

  • side bar;
  • vertical or horizontal scissors;
  • ordinary and oblique twists.

Press swing

Exercises to improve abdominal muscles are strength and require a clear dosing of loads. Training allows you to quickly form a press and remove accumulated fat. Fitness trainers warn that excessive loads on this part of the body are unacceptable. For proper pumping of the muscles of the press, it is necessary to adhere to the norms of repetitions, not exceeding a reasonable amount.

Key exercises include:

  1. Leg rotation – in a horizontal position of one of the limbs, a circle is slowly described, it should be straight, not bent at the knee. Then a second leg is repeated – rotational movements require alternate limb changes. Repeat 10 – 15 time.
  2. Circular movements with 2 legs – completely repeat the previous technique, only with both limbs at a time. Hands are located along the body, palms are looking down. The exercise is repeated 10 – 15 time.
  3. Burpee – designed for military personnel and those who, on duty, should have good physical fitness. From the rack, a transition to the squat is made (leaning on the floor with your hands), later they jump into the bar, squeeze out and again jump into the squat (4/ 15 time).
  4. Sit-up (press swing) – performed on a bench or floor, with legs fixed (4 / 10 – 15 time).


Exercise is one of the effective assistants in strengthening muscle tissue. There are many options for its implementation. Statistical load has a greater effect on the rectus muscles.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

To improve performance in the lower abdomen, more work is needed:

  • transverse and oblique muscles;
  • superficial inguinal ring;
  • grooved ligaments.

Trainers recommend over time to complicate the bar – after mastering the classic variety, which is performed on hand:

  • take a horizontal position on the stomach;
  • put your hands in front of the chest;
  • push out;
  • fix the upper limbs and body in a straight position for maximum time.

At 2-4, the legs are swung upward from the bar, after each push-up the limb extends. The lower limbs do not bend during execution, the toe should be pulled. For one approach – from 10 to 15 repetitions.

Hoop torsion

Training with the usual hula-hoop sc
rolling per hour burns no more than 50 kcal. A common mistake is the statement that a hoop helps to quickly make a slim waist and lose extra pounds. The abdominal muscles involved in the rotation make unnatural movements and get an impact load from the weighting of the hoop.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

A hoop as the main projectile for overweight fighting is not recommended.

It is intended for the general adjustment of uniform load, maintaining muscle tone. Great care must be taken when using hula-hoops with weighting agents in the form of spherical nozzles. Due to centrifugal force, muscles in the abdomen and back have a greater load than the permissible norms when using shock forms of massage.

Walking and running

It is impossible to get rid of folding in the lower abdomen without additional cardio training.

They are the main point in an integrated approach to losing weight, as a result of regular classes observed:

  • increase in endurance indicators;
  • decrease in signs of cellulitis;
  • increasing the body’s resistance to infectious diseases;
  • normalization of body proportions;
  • stabilization of the blood vessels, an increase in their lumen;
  • weight loss;
  • normal blood pressure;
  • increased lung and heart volume.

Cardiologists recommend introducing the following activities into the training schedule: walking and jogging. Walking does not require increased power costs. Hiking in the fresh air gives the necessary amount of oxygen, improves the general condition of the body, activates the immune system.

When organizing walking to reduce weight, you must adhere to the recommendations:

  • the track should include elevations – ascents and descents;
  • average speed – 5- 4 mph, heart rate – up to 120 units / min .;
  • the correct setting of the foot – the roll should go smoothly, from heel to toe, the whole foot is used in walking;
  • the pace of movement changes regularly from slow to fast pace;
  • the ascent takes place at high speed, the descent in relaxed mode.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

Jogging refers to natural physical activity with a maximum coefficient of beneficial effect for any type of weight loss and strengthening the body.

To quickly achieve your goals, fitness trainers advise you to adhere to separate rules for training:

  • sneakers – should be light and comfortable;
  • movement takes place with a push in the front, landing on the heel, the roll covers the entire area of the foot;
  • during the run you can not “slap” the whole foot;
  • after a 10-minute run, a light warm-up is carried out, according to the principle of morning physical exercise;
  • the main part of the training takes place at an average pace, the appearance of a “cotton” state of the legs requires a decrease in pace to a comfortable state;
  • during the class, accelerations are made 3 times with maximum force, while the longest part falls on the final stage.

Any training should end with a set of breathing exercises.

Nutrition rules

Exercises for the lower abdomen take some time, on average, the weight loss period is about 3 months. In addition to physical activity, the scheme includes the use of therapeutic diets.

The basis of proper nutrition for weight loss includes the following:

  1. Menu – should be different variety, balance and fragmentation of portions. Such food does not bother; a sufficient amount of useful substances enters the body. In addition to the main meals, the schedule includes up to 3 snacks.
    Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques
  2. Vegetables and fruits should form the basis of the diet. The high content of plant fiber improves the digestive tract, stabilizes metabolic processes, and supplies the body with most of the necessary substances. Due to vitamins, the work of immunity is normalized.
  3. Freshness of food – long-term storage leads to the loss of vitamins and minerals. Nutritionists advise you to shop daily, paying attention to expiration dates.
  4. Seasonal changes – in the summer period, the diet should consist of 60-70% of plant products, in winter the volume of fats and proteins increases.
  5. Product compatibility – certain types cannot be consumed simultaneously. Violation of the rule provokes the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body.

The correct calculation of the daily calorie needs will help to avoid putting off fat reserves at the waist of the remaining parts of the body.

List of effective diets

Effective dietary diets are collected on the principle of successful use in the fight against excess weight:

Title Requirements Duration
Japanese With a minimal calorie content and a small inclusion of carbohydrates. On a diet, the use of:
  • alcohol
  • salt;
  • Sahara;
  • sweets.
14 days
Ducan’s diet The basis of the diet is protein. It is carried out in 4 stages, each using a specific set of products. from 3 to 4 months
Buckwheat A mono diet that prohibits most foods except:
  • water;
  • kefir;
  • soaked buckwheat;
  • green tea.

Salt, seasonings and spices are prohibited.

7 days
Protein 90% composed of proteins. For permitted carbohydrates, the glycemic index should not exceed 40 units:
  • seafood;
  • meat and fish;
  • milk products;
  • chicken eggs.
14 days
Kremlin Diet low in carbohydrates, not more than 40 units. in a day. 3 months

Painless weight loss can be carried out on a diet developed by the American Academy of Sciences. The diet is use
d for 3 months. Calories are calculated on the basis of body mass index. The absolute value allows you to determine by how many percent you need to reduce the intake of calories in the body.

Average calorie values are in the range from 1600 to 1900 kcal. An optimal set of products makes it easy to endure constrained constraints. In the process, single violations are allowed – they help get rid of discomfort and an obsessive feeling of hunger.

In the first week, products with a GI above 50 units are excluded from the menu, the second – involves a decrease in the amount of incoming fats. In the following days, the amount of protein food decreases. The combination with physical activity allows the patient to be in the zone of relative comfort, and training with weights for the lower body is prohibited.

Slimming massage

Exercises for the lower abdomen can be combined with massage sessions.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

It belongs to the best medical procedures, provides:

  • weight loss and accelerated fat processing;
  • improving blood and lymph circulation in the pelvic area;
  • acceleration of venous and lymphatic outflow;
  • elimination of puffiness in the lower lobes of the abdomen and in the pubic area;
  • alignment of the layers of subcutaneous fat.

Due to regular sessions, accumulated toxins are removed from the patients, the skin condition improves, its elasticity increases.


The features of massage in the abdomen include sequential treatment of different areas of the body. Massage is carried out in stages:

  • back;
  • neck;
  • pelvis;
  • hips
  • lower legs;
  • stomach.

To obtain the maximum effect, the massage therapist uses the following techniques:

  • longitudinal stroking – from the pubic zone to the hypochondrium;
  • along the large intestine – the master places the right hand on the left, starts moving from the right side of the groin to the hypochondrium of the same name, then the hands change;
  • alternating – from the pubis upward, simultaneously with two hands, at the end of the manipulation the fingers touch the surface of the table;
  • double ring kneading – hands are placed against the transverse muscle fibers, kneading is carried out once;
    Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques
  • double neck – similar to the previous method, the hands move to intercept the thumbs, which helps to increase the effort.

For the convenience of the patient and reduce discomfort, each technique is combined with neat strokes.


It is carried out in the cabin or at home using rubber, glass or silicone cans, special devices. Before performing, the work area is heated by standard techniques of classical massage. The problem area is lubricated with gel or oil, from 5 to 7 cans are installed on it. Movement is carried out clockwise, along the colon.

The maximum procedure time is 10 minutes. It ends with the techniques of classic manual massage.

Water treatments

To achieve the best effect in the fight against body fat, it is recommended to conduct and visit:

  • hydromassage;
  • Charcot’s soul;
  • oxygen baths;
  • swimming;
    Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques
  • American bath;
  • Hamama – Turkish bath type.

When to wait for the result

Regular training will help to get a slim figure and a flat stomach only in combination with a diet menu. Accumulated fat is burned for a long time. A spectacular waist will appear no sooner than after 2 months. from the beginning of work on yourself. Attempts to constantly be on mono-diets will not give the expected result.

Some time after their cessation, a starving organism will make up for losses at an accelerated pace. Exercise helps not only to get rid of excess body weight, but also to solve the problem of sagging skin. For the lower abdomen, combined techniques are used: from hiking to massage sessions, in compliance with the diet.

Exercises for the lower abdomen in women. How to perform, efficiency, press techniques

The right approach to training allows you to get rid of fat folds, increase stamina, improve the immune system.

Lower Abdominal Exercise Video

Effective exercises for abdominal muscles:

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