Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter

The third size of the bust is the object of desire not only of the male half of humanity. It looks attractive even in the eyes of women, which is why many of them want to have exactly the third breast size.

What does 3 breast size look like and how to determine it

Female breasts of such a volume are hard to miss. She gives the owner a proud look and seductive forms.

When these parameters are mentioned as a comparison, a grapefruit immediately comes to mind: round and mouth-watering.

It should be noted that for the maximum effect of the perception of such a gift of nature, the girl must have the correct posture and elastic gait.

Third bust size: all the pros and cons

Any beauty with dimensions larger than the second will list a dozen minuses of such ownership:

  • lack of freedom in choosing clothes;
  • bulk tailoring is not suitable;
  • individual adjustment of a thing is always required;
  • a jacket and trousers have to be completed from different size ranges;
  • intermittent pain in the back and neck;
  • You won’t be able to run spontaneously without discomfort;
  • for sports running, you need a rigid sports sconce with mandatory bones and a dense frame tape;
  • Do not wear bras with lace thin straps due to the fact that they will crash into the shoulders;
  • after childbirth and feeding, striae always remain;
  • constantly need to worry about the tone of the pectoral muscles and skin of the mammary glands.

The argument for is only one, but it outweighs the cons: it is so beautiful and seductive that girls with small breasts feel the need to consult a plastic surgeon.

How to measure breast size: action algorithm

A bust of the third size looks most advantageous when it is dressed in a bodice corresponding to the volume. The perfect bra is not felt on the body: the straps do not crash or slide, the belt does not press and does not bulge behind, the chest does not slip sideways or down.

A 3-step approach to measurement will help to “present” the merits in the best possible way and protect you from the consequences of wearing the “wrong” underwear.

Step 1. Measure the chest

It is recommended that full-breasted girls take measurements in their favorite comfortable bra – every woman has one. Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter

It is necessary to arm yourself with a inch tape. Stand straight, stretch the spine, slightly raise the chin, put the tape along the line of the nipples. The resulting length is the chest circumference.

Step 2. Measure the circle

To take measurements from the girth under the chest, you need to attach the tape directly under the bust parallel to the floor surface. You need to make sure that the “inch” does not slip either in front or behind.

Step 3. Determine the cup size

The volume of the cup on the linen itself is usually denoted by letters that are applied next to the numbers marking the circumference of the chest . This is done for obvious reasons: it should be convenient for the customer to navigate and distinguish which designations correspond to one or another parameter. The difference between larger and smaller volume will determine the desired size.

The illustration is presented in the table below:

Chest circumference in inch from 77 to 84 from 85 to 90 from 91 to 97 from 98 to 104 from 106 to 111 113 to 119 from 121 to 127
Girth under the chest in inch. from 67 to 72 from 73 to 77 from 78 to 82 from 83 to 87 88 to 92 93 to 97 from 98 to 102
Belt size in inch. 70 75 80 85 90 95 100
Difference from 10 to 12 from 12 to 13 from 13 to 15 from 15 to 17 from 18 to 19 from 20 to 22 from 23 to 25
Cup size 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Letter designation AA AND AT WITH D E F

How to determine breast size visually

The bust of the third size looks in the eyes of a man comparable to the volume of a tennis ball. Quite often, men in love decide to give their beloved a set of underwear.

It is not hard to guess the motives of such a desire: even just looking at a swatch of foam lace and silk is very nice, and it is a great pleasure to touch it and see the wonderful forms of your beloved.

Savvy donors also formed a fruity visual series to facilitate the purchase:

  • kiwi – 0;
  • apple is the first;
  • an orange is the second;
  • grapefruit – the third;
  • coconut – the fourth;
  • round melon is the fifth.

Sometimes the presence of a dressed mannequin in a linen salon with similar proportions or plastic bustiers, on which a future new thing is fixed, can be of help.

Often a woman in bewilderment stops in front of a shop windo
w, finding it difficult to choose a suitable instance. Experienced shop assistants quickly determine the size of a customer at a glance. Affect experience and professional interest.

How to determine breast size with your hands

The methods for determining the parameters by the above methods are not exhaustive. There is also a tactile way. In practice, this is done by male, medium-sized, hands.

With 0 size it’s simple – the palm is straight, fingers are squeezed. The first will require slightly bending the palm with a bucket with the thumb pressed down. The second will fit the whole, but the thumb will slightly move away from the palm of your hand.

The bust of the third size does not fit completely in the hand, in practice it looks as if you are holding a large citrus fruit in the palm of your hand with your fingers wide apart. In order to embrace such a chest completely, you will need the help of a second hand. Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter

These measurement techniques, wonderful in their ingenuity, can help out a caring, obsessed with searches, gift, in love with a man.

How to choose a bra for the third breast size Size chart in different countries

A bust of the third size looks equally good in a bra of any shape.

Nevertheless, you need to adhere to 8 basic rules when choosing this type of linen:

  1. methodically approach the determination of the size of the belt and cups: negligence in this matter can lead to a change in posture, osteochondrosis;
  2. lingerie models intended for a full-breasted girl should be equipped with “bones” – a special frame to enhance fixation;
  3. no need to buy samples equipped with foam padding in the pockets of the cups of the bodice – puch ap effect – they will only weaken the support;
  4. it is necessary to dwell on the subject of a wardrobe with wide straps, even to the detriment of beauty: this detail will help protect fragile shoulders and spine from overload;
  5. It is recommended to have different bras: “on the way out”, everyday and for wearing at home. Home – can afford to be conservative: made of cotton, without constraining seals, with wide straps;
  6. if possible, the fabric should be “breathable” and non-slip: the less lace, the more convenient: the risk of rubbing delicate skin is reduced;
  7. between budget and expensive you need to choose a copy from the manufacturer with the name: as a rule, a reputable brand has a pronounced specialization – the manufacture of provocative, casual, or sportswear;
  8. in order to avoid serious health problems during active sports, wearing a compression sconce is required: it not only reliably fixes the chest, but also draws away.

The purchase can be greatly facilitated by using the table service of bra selection, adopted in different countries:





France Italy
country size standards 60



























































How to increase breasts to the 3rd size

Changing the volume of the bust in the direction of increasing by one size is a feasible task for any woman. To do this, it is not necessary to seek the help of expensive and unsafe plastic surgery. Performing a number of simple techniques will help to approach the fulfillment of a cherished desire and will reward with a bonus an increase in the tone of the whole organism.

It will be necessary to review the diet and diet. It should be excluded fried, spicy, canned, past preliminary technical cleaning and processing.

Daily intake should include:

  • raw nuts, 4 tablespoons, previously soaked in warm water for 5 hours. If it is possible to give preference to nuts in the shell – they do not require soaking; Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter
  • Seeds of sesame , white and dark flax abound in natural oils and calcium. Drinking up to half a glass a day with a spoon of honey will solve the breakfast problem and give excellent digestion;
  • cereals must be alive and have the ability to germinate. Green buckwheat, golden oats, wheat, amaranth have long won fame as a natural supplier of youth and beauty;
  • cold pressed vegetable oils – a natural storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. The use of two tablespoons a day as a dressing of green salads will satisfy the body’s need for healthy fats;
  • greenery, especially wild-growing, in its effect is a real janitor of the ducts and blood vessels of the body. Any can be used: dandelion, chick, nettle, parsley, clover and plantain.
  • vegetables and fruits, in order to avoid fermentation in the intestines, it is not recommended to use in one step. You can eat them raw without restrictions.
  • special attention should be paid to drinking regimen. You will need to avoid carbonated, artificially mineralized and sweetened drinks. It is better to drink only clean warm water. Cold – causes spasm of blood vessels, slowing down the natural processes of blood purification by the liver;

The second effective method of gaining the desired size will be the localization of physical exercises in the area of the pectoral muscles. The use of pounds weights will serve as a further incentive for the gradual increase in weight used in training.

Any variation of push-ups from the bench, floor, arms, chest presses increase the tone of the bust and increase the surface of the muscles in this area. When you connect the classic strap, it will be possible to strengthen and tidy up the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, legs.

It is necessary to do at least 40 minutes 3 times a week with an inc
rease in the number of approaches in one set from 10 to 20 times. The number of sets in the future will be brought to 3.

The effect of sports loads can be enhanced by regular massage and oil masks on the area of the mammary glands. Increased blood flow and additional nutrition of the skin of the breast will help maintain a long-term result.

The need for every minute control of correct posture is discussed not only in the context of the visual perception of a large bust. A straight back will protect against the formation of pathologies of the spinal column, of which osteochondrosis and scoliosis have already become familiar to many girls.

The constant practice of maintaining a position in which the chin is raised, the chest moves forward, the stomach is pulled in will form the surrounding effect of the presence of a voluminous bust for the owner of a proud article. Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter

Those who do not want to wait will be helped by small tricks of optical magnification. These include the use of linings in linen, deep cuts, the use of ruffles, layered clothing. Technical contouring using foundation of 2 colors, powder, sponge and brushes will solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Among the effective means of increasing size, iodine and hormonal drugs are often mentioned. Before using the mentioned methods, it is necessary to consult with a representative of the medical community.

Although the use of herbal boils of red clover, hop cones, sage, soy stabilizes the hormonal background, it will have a beneficial effect on well-being due to the content of phytohormones. The course of taking such drugs should be limited in time – 1 month.

Should I increase the third breast size

A bust of the third size looks like a desirable target for beauties of all ages for obvious reasons. But here, a paradox: the owners of the third number often decide on a radical increase to the fourth, fifth.

It is worth recalling the mandatory measures and risks that accompany surgical intervention:

  • it is necessary to obtain and evaluate information from various sources at the stage of choosing a clinic and surgeon;
  • secure a “support group” among relatives and close friends;
  • you need to be ready to “fall out of life” for 31 days;
  • pass a large number of tests and pass tests;
  • mentally prepare for possible contraindications of the planned operation;
  • spend from $ 3400 – $ 5440;
  • you will need to wear compression underwear, sleep 3 weeks on your back, postpone sports and hikes in the bath;
  • take a rehabilitation course not only for the healing of injured tissues of the skin, but also for the intestines and stomach after taking the prescribed amount of antibiotics;
  • long-term interference with the body necessarily entails adverse consequences;
  • prepare for possible postoperative complications: thoroughly study their types, possible solutions, further effects on the body;
  • stock up on some contingencies.

What does breasts of the third size look like after plastic surgery

With a favorable course of the postoperative period, taking into account the operation without complications and the convergence of edema, the breast should have the form that was planned during the preparatory measures in the clinic. Third bust size. What it looks like without implants, the bodice before and after the operation. How much in volume, what size, letter

The appearance of the mammary glands depends on the choice of implants: round or drop-shaped. The surgeon recommends one or another type, based on the anatomical features of the patient and the condition of the skin.

Breast of the third size before the plastic looks so big, the impression can spoil sagging and reduced skin turgor, which makes it seem flat and devoid of attractiveness. Mammoplasty will successfully correct the shape and give former elasticity. The bust will gain splendor and the desired roundness.

How to maintain the shape of the third breast size

The safety of the magnificent appearance of a large breast depends on the determination and tirelessness of its owner. A systematic approach to solving the problem of maintaining what nature has endowed guarantees the desired result.

The best of connective tissue strengthening procedures is a contrast shower. The alternation of cold and hot water will tone and increase the elasticity of the skin, will accelerate the removal of toxins.

Baths and masks based on horsetail, rich in silicon, will help to gain elasticity and get rid of small wrinkles in the neckline. The composition can be enriched with oils and vitamin E. Apply the drug with light massage movements in a clockwise direction, avoiding the area of the nipple 2 times a day for 5 minutes.

Do not neglect physical exercise, walks in the fresh air, a balanced diet.

With the regular practice of these recommendations, the shape of the bust of the second, third and even fourth sizes will look aesthetically pleasing for many years and will deservedly become the source of pride of its owner.

Video on Bust Size Methods

Elena Malysheva will tell you how to determine breast size:

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