Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

Epilation consists in eliminating unwanted hair by removing them together with the bulb (shugaring, wax strips) or by destroying them using a laser. The latter method is more effective, as it allows you to maintain smooth skin for up to 50 days. In beauty salons, the procedure for eliminating hair using an alexandrite laser is in demand.

The principle of operation of the alexandrite laser

The laser acts on cells containing a sufficient amount of melanin (a dark coloring pigment on the skin, in the hair and their bulbs). The energy of the beam is absorbed by the hair bulb, then it is heated and destroyed. Additionally, under thermal influence, capillaries provide nutrition and hair growth.

This effect prevents the appearance of vegetation for several years. Before hair removal, a specialist diagnoses the skin and hair for the quantitative content of pigment in them, as well as how deep the hair bulb is. According to the data obtained, the beam length and its intensity of influence on the treated area are selected.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

With a small amount of pigment in the hair or with dark skin, the procedure is not effective.

Alexandrite, used in a laser, creates a beam with a diameter of 13/32 – 23/32 inch, which allows you to reduce the time of hair removal up to 30-60 minutes (depends on the treated area and the density of vegetation). To relieve a painful symptom caused by heat, a specialized system is built into the device to cool the skin.

The laser beam is able to act on the bulbs in the active phase (about 1/3 of their total number), which are at rest, remain unaffected. Therefore, a repeat of the procedure is required 5-7 times with a break of 30-40 days, for the complete elimination of hair in the desired area. Hair removal is recommended in the spring and winter, when the skin does not contain a tan.

Procedure Efficiency

Alexandrite laser (hair removal has a greater effect with light skin and dark hair) not only destroys the hair follicle (root), but also prevents the re-development of a new bulb in this area. When conducting a full course of procedures with the required interval, vegetation is removed up to 92%.

Laser-treated areas

Epilation using an alexandrite laser is the safest and most effective. Thanks to this, this procedure is allowed to be carried out in almost all areas of the skin.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

Permitted areas for laser processing:

Part of the body Zones
Face Mustache Growth Area
Beard Growth Area
Torso Bikini zone
Upper limbs (arms) Shoulder
Lower limbs (legs) Hips

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

Before the procedure, it is required to familiarize yourself with its contraindications and shortcomings.

Pros and Cons Compared to Other Techniques

Alexandrite laser (hair removal should be carried out only in proven salons) has pros and cons in use when compared with other methods of hair removal (shugaring, waxing, using an epilator).

Benefits disadvantages
During the procedure, an experienced specialist and modern equipment does not feel pain. And also guaranteed the safety of the method. To completely eliminate hair on the skin requires a repeat of the procedures. The amount depends on the type of skin and the amount of pigment. And also from an individual change in the phase of hair growth.
The device can be adjusted by the amount of pigment in the hair (light brown or black). Gray hair is not removed. After treatment, “surviving” hairs may remain.
The bulbs are not pulled out of the epidermis, but destroyed, so the integrity of the skin is maintained. For the period of restoration of the skin requires the use of specialized cosmetics.
Alexandrite creates a light beam with a diameter of up to 25/32 inch, which reduces the time of the procedure. The high price of not only the course, but also one-time procedures. The cost pays off only after a full course of hair removal (provided that it is carried out correctly). Repeat may be required after a few years.
Laser is allowed on the main parts of the body, with the exception of the ears and eyes. Gray and fair hair are not removed. Also, you can not apply hair removal in the presence of tanning or with dark skin (a burn is possible).
When carrying out hair removal, rejuvenation of the skin and the elimination of pigmentation occurs. If the specialist is inexperienced or due to the use of low-quality equipment, it is possible to get burns, abrasions and incomplete hair removal.
With the right course and high-quality procedures, the hair stops growing for several years. The procedure has contraindications, which you need to familiarize yourself with before starting hair removal.
Short preparatory and recovery period. After the procedure, visits to tanning salons and sunbathing are temporarily prohibited.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

Even a single use of the laser allows you to achieve smooth skin for 1-2 months.

Indications for use

Hair removal using an alexandrite laser is indicated in cases:

  • increased amount of facial hair in a female;
  • the impossibility of depilation, the use of shugaring or hair removal using a machine, due to the presence of contraindications or increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • with ingrown hair under the skin;
  • the presence of fair skin and dark hair. Which worsens the appearance even with a small amount of vegetation;
  • increased hair growth due to hormonal failure;

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

  • removal of not only hair on the skin, but also the elimination of pigmentation is required.

Additionally, this procedure is used when it is impossible to frequent visits to salons. Epilation using an alexandrite laser eliminates vegetation for at least 30 days.


Alexandrite laser can be used after exclusion of contraindications for this type of hair removal.

Prohibitions for the procedure:

  • herpes and other infectious diseases on the skin;
  • inflammatory processes in the treated area;
  • diabetes;
  • the period of gestation or breastfeeding;
  • colds;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • tumor formations of a benign or malignant nature;
  • the predominance of gray hair in the treatment area;
  • tan or dark skin;
  • varicose veins, with the removal of vegetation on the legs;

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

  • a large presence of pigmentation, as well as warts or moles;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin (scratches, cuts);
  • the presence of hormonal failure (menopause, the period after childbirth or miscarriage);
  • malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • an allergic reaction to ultraviolet or gel used (used to cool the skin and increase effectiveness);
  • violation of blood composition and pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • adolescence (due to hormonal instability in this period);
  • epilepsy and other diseases accompanied by voluntary muscle contraction.

It is recommended for women not to carry out hair removal during menstrual periods.

How safe is alexandrite hair removal

When carrying out the procedure by a competent specialist, using modern equipment and eliminating contraindications, the likelihood of side effects is minimal.

Hair is removed from the skin due to the destruction of the bulb.

As a result, the integrity of the epidermis is not violated, there is no risk of infection.

Possible consequences

Alexandrite laser (hair removal can be accompanied by a negative reaction) in case of violation of the rules of use can cause the development of side effects.

For instance:

  • when using faulty equipment or when a specialist is inexperienced, it is possible to get burns, incomplete hair removal;

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

  • inflammation of the hair follicle, develops if skin care rules are not followed during the recovery period;
  • white spots in the presence of dark skin;
  • an increase in the number of age spots when visiting a tanning bed or sunbathing during the recovery period;
  • soreness of the procedure when using old equipment;
  • red spots or dots due to vasodilation;
  • allergic skin rashes accompanied by itching;
  • violation of the quality of vision when ignoring putting on glasses during the procedure.

Perhaps a temporary burning sensation and dry skin of the treated area.

If infectious diseases, tumors or pathologies of the cardiovascular system were not excluded, then the course of the disease worsens.

How is laser hair removal

Epilation takes place in 3 stages. The final result depends on the correct preparation for the procedure, the manipulations of the doctor and skin care during the recovery period.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost


The preparatory stage for the procedure begins with the selection of a clinic with qualified specialists and high-quality equipment.

Phased preparation:

  • A visit to a therapist and dermatologist to exclude the presence of hidden contraindications.
  • Diagnosis in the cabin for the type of skin, determining the darkness of the hair and the depth of the bulb. Additionally, a specialist performs a laser reaction test for a possible allergic reaction (the use of a single exposure).
  • 4 weeks before the manipulation, exclude visits to the solarium and sunbathing. They are contraindicated throughout the course. In the presence of a bright sun, it is necessary to use creams with protection from ultraviolet rays. It is recommended to start the procedure in late autumn, when the summer tan has disappeared. According to average indicators, the course ends by the summer season.
  • For a month, manipulations to remove hair along with the bulb are excluded. Otherwise, the follicle is injured, which will affect the effectiveness of the procedure and increase the likelihood of side effects.
  • Refuse aggressive cosmetics 3 weeks before hair removal, especially at the treatment site.
  • Depending on the area of hair removal, hair removal may be necessary in 7-10 days using a razor (other methods are prohibited). Their length during the procedure should be 4/32 – 6/32 inch. More often, hair removal is required, also with a razor, 24 hours before the procedure. This nuance needs to be discussed at the first visit to the salon.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

  • Avoid procedures that increase the likelihood of injury to the skin in the treatment area.
  • For 3 days, stop using cosmetics so that the pores are free.

Exclude the use of alcoholic beverages 48 hours before going to the salon. If there were colds or were taking antibiotics. That break from the time of recovery to hair removal should be at least 10 days.


The procedure is carried out in the salon by a specialist and consists of the following steps:

  1. The client sits down or fits in a chair.
  2. Eyes are required to wear specialized glasses. This will protect the melanin in the iris from damage, if the laser beam accidentally hi
  3. The specialist treats the area with a disinfecting and anesthetic composition. If necessary, a gel with anesthetic effect is used.
  4. According to preliminary diagnostics, the equipment is tuned to the necessary parameters.
  5. The site is being processed. Depending on the area, the procedure can take from 15 to 90 minutes. The process may be accompanied by a slight burning or tingling sensation.
  6. Finally, a protective moisturizer is applied to the skin.
    Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

At the time of the manipulation, the patient is required to remain calm and not make movements. In the treated area, the hairs fall 7-10 days after the procedure. Epilation is repeated 30-40 days after the appearance of new vegetation from the awakened bulbs.

Skin care after the procedure

After the procedure, it is important to properly care for the treated area. Otherwise, the effectiveness of hair removal will decrease and side effects may occur.

The recovery period is 10-14 days.

Care Nuances:

  • water procedures are prohibited until 36 hours (even wiping);
  • physical activity is limited due to the risk of increased sweat. It can cause follicular irritation;
  • bathing, baths and saunas are excluded up to 14 days;
  • in the presence of bright sun, use a cream that protects against UV rays;
  • Do not pull out the hair that remains. They will fall out on their own. Otherwise, damage to the skin with subsequent inflammation of the tissues is possible;
  • Only remove new vegetation in the treated area with a razor. Other procedures are contraindicated. Repeat manipulations earlier than after 30-40 days is prohibited;
  • avoid tight clothing (exception, if the hair was removed on the face) as it can injure the treated area;
  • in the presence of irritation on the skin, use bepantene or its analogues.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

After the procedure, antibiotics and hormonal drugs should not be taken for 14 days. To moisturize the skin, use moisturizing cosmetics prescribed in the salon and consume more clean water.

How much effect is enough

Alexandrite laser (hair removal allows you to get rid of vegetation for 30-50 days after the first procedure) helps to remove excess body hair painlessly and for a long time, after passing the full course. The bulk of the vegetation is eliminated when processing the zone. The remainder falls within 14 days.

New hairs appear after the “awakening” of the bulbs. Data process is individual for each. It may take from 14 days to 2 months. To eliminate them, repeated manipulations are required. The course ends after the complete cessation of hair growth. On average, the multiplicity is 7 epilations. Further vegetation growth is possible in 5-7 years or will not resume.

Types of epilation lasers – which laser is better

To eliminate unwanted vegetation, you can use not only the alexandrite laser. Their difference is in the wavelength, penetration depth and beam diameter.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost
What is alexandrite laser hair removal. Advantages and disadvantages.

Types and features of lasers:

View Features
Diode Allows to eliminate vegetation from any type of skin. In the presence of hair of a rigid structure makes them softer and invisible. Thin hair is eliminated immediately.
Neodymium Used to remove hair on dark skin (tan or dark skin type). The ray does not destroy melanin, but the hair cells in the active phase. Additionally eliminates capillary mesh.
Ruby Able to remove only dark hair on light skin, as well as tattoos and increased pigmentation. It has less efficiency when compared with an alexandrite laser.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

It is not recommended to choose the type of laser yourself and insist on choosing in the cabin.

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the costThe suitable option is determined by the specialist according to the indications, and the presence of contraindications is also taken into account.

How much does hair removal cost in salons

The price of the procedure using an alexandrite laser varies from the treatment area, the level of the salon and the:

Processing area Minimum price (in usd) Maximum price (in usd)
Face 5800 8100
Antennae 1400 1900
Armpit area 3100 7200
Shoulders 4500 9100
Forearm 3900 7800
Chest 7100 9300
Stomach 3100 5900
Bikini area 3900 6800
Deep bikini 5900 10100
Hip 8800 14700
Shin 6900 12300

Epilation with alexandrite laser. What is it, the pros and cons of the procedure, the cost

Alexandrite laser allows you to get rid of vegetation for a long time, even after a single procedure. Before conducting it, it is recommended to clarify the presence of contraindications not only to specialists in the salon, but also to the therapist. The procedure takes place without a feeling of pain. With proper treatment of the skin, hair removal does not have side effects.

Laser Hair Removal Video

How to do epilation with a laser:

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