Endosphere therapy – what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

Devices have appeared in the industry of modern cosmetology, the main function of which is non-surgical figure modeling and weight regulation in the human body.

These include the Endosphere. Endosphere therapy, carried out using this apparatus, is one of the types of struggle against cellulite and excess weight. The unique method is awarded only positive feedback from doctors, cosmetologists and patients who have tried the effect of the device on themselves.

What is Endosphere Therapy

Today you can lose extra pounds without starvation, various diets, turning the process of losing weight into a pleasant procedure. To correct the figure, improve body shapes, a cosmetic endosphere body care device was developed, covering a wide range of effects.

Initially, the device was intended for professional athletes. With its help, a mechanical massage of the body was carried out. The strength of the apparatus exceeds the manual massage technique by 2-3 times. After the endosphere of therapy in athletes, with the withdrawal of lactic acid from the muscles, blood circulation improved, muscle pain decreased after heavy loads. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

Endosphere therapy is widely interested in cosmetology as a way to restore the figure, get rid of cellulite. The endosphere device is equipped with a special nozzle with a number of rollers, each of which has the shape of a sphere, which creates vibration and the effect of baromassage.

The purpose of the procedures

Endosphere therapy – a method that allows:

  • minimize body fat;
  • improve microcirculation;
  • increase muscle tone.

Also, the procedure is recommended in order to obtain the following results:

  • tightened skin;
  • positive effect on blood vessels. Blood circulation improves, the tone of the body rises;
  • the procedure has analgesic ability, weakens sensitivity, which allows you to get rid of muscle, joint pain after a maximum of 4 hours;
  • heals lymph nodes.

Endosphere therapy does not require special preparation before each session. Unlike other hardware procedures, it is carried out without special costumes.

After the next session, you can do everyday chores, not limited to food. It is not recommended to exercise on simulators, to go to the pool after the procedure, until there are slight tingling in the muscles, lasting about 2 days. Need to give them a break.

A visit to the gym or fitness club is permitted prior to the start of therapy. In this case, the withdrawal of lactic acid from the muscle system is greatly facilitated. It is also necessary to drink 3 – 4 pint of water per day to remove toxins from the body.

Endosphere therapy (reviews of cosmetologists say that its popularity is growing from year to year) is combined with a number of other procedures:

  • wrap;
  • photorejuvenation;
  • herbal medicine (the use of medicinal plants that supply the body with vitamins).


The basis of the endosphere of therapy includes body correction functions, tightening and preventing skin sagging:

  • persons;
  • neck
  • the abdomen;
  • hips;
  • buttocks;
  • hands.

Therapy is aimed at combating wrinkles, improves skin tone, rejuvenating it. Endosphere therapy procedures began to attract the attention of young, recently giving birth to women who want to restore their former shape after childbirth.

Endosphere therapy is highly recommended for the following problems:

  • excess body weight (overweight);
  • complications associated with lymphs and veins;
  • postpartum stretch marks;
  • sagging, inelastic skin;
  • folds, bumps, scars on the face, neck and other parts of the body;
  • body fat.

The effect of the procedures is achieved after 1-2 sessions.

At the end of the course of therapy, the patient achieves visible results:

  • the waist narrows, the hips decrease in volume;
  • cellulite resolves (procedures help get rid of cellulite in the most advanced stage);
  • begins rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck.

For maximum results, it is recommended to visit the endosphere after fitness, when the release of lactic acid from the muscles is significantly reduced. This allows you to avoid muscle pain after the next session.


Endosphere therapy, reviews of which do not raise any doubts about its effectiveness, nevertheless provides for limitations for patients.

Contraindications are some diseases or other conditions:

  • perinatal period;
  • the postpartum period (at least 2 months after delivery)
  • pathological vascular diseases; Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices
  • tumor diseases;
  • infectious diseases (skin, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis);
  • impaired immune system function;
  • open wounds, local lesions.

Individual contraindications apply to people who have undergone surgery:

  • heart surgery;
  • kidney transplant
  • cesarean section.

Endosphere therapy is allowed after cesarean section, but only after scarring of the sutures.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of endosphere therapy is to transfer vibratory movements to tissues. Special nozzles in the shape of a sphere, rotating, cause strong vibration, freeing the body from toxins and excess fluid. The rotation of the spherical balls performs a superficial cleaning of the skin, previously beaten with massage oil, tones it.

Nozzles are equipped with two rotation modes:

  • weak mode is designed to work with problem areas;
  • more intense – for body shaping and working with subcutaneous layers.

The device, moving around the body, independently recognizes the processing location, then automatically determines the desired mode of its operation. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

To combat cellulite, vacuum methods of therapy are often used, often damaging tissues. The endosphere does no harm to the tissues.

The procedure is carried out in steps, which prevents the skin from sagging, after the session there are no traces, no pain. Therapy is carried out without prior anesthesia. Vibrating movements do not cause negative feelings.

Therapy sessions are carried out by the massage method, but the effect is comparable to the injection quality. The main thing is that the path to the formation of the desired ideal figure, the treasured weight loss passes not just like that, but through the process of healing the whole organism.

Help in losing weight

Endosphere therapy is intended primarily to perform 3 functions:

  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • correction (modeling) of the figure;
  • slimming face.

Endosphere therapy (expert reviews were the basis for its recognition as a premium s
alon procedure) produces the effect of sports or physical activity.

In fact, without bothering with sports loads, you can get rid of cellulite, extra pounds, simulate a figure. You do not need to follow strict, strict diets. After a complete cure of endosphere therapy, a real change in appearance becomes noticeable.

Sessions lead to the following results:

  • correction of hips, legs, arms;
  • buttock lift;
  • removal of fatty deposits of the abdomen.

The device also performs face correction. With the help of a massaging device, intense circulation of fluid is activated, which leads to the gradual disappearance of wrinkles, inflammatory processes.

Today, hardware massage also attracts the attention of men and women who do not have problems with being overweight. They are not satisfied with the figure, for example, the shape of the hips. After 3-5 procedures, you can adjust the localized part of the body.

A sedentary lifestyle (usually associated with work), inactivity clearly affect the terrain, which is then very difficult to restore. Endosphere therapy copes with a similar problem (this is evidenced by the numerous reviews of patients who have undergone a massage course).


To combat wrinkles and saggy skin, lifting is used – one of the types of endosphere therapy. Lifting perfectly copes with hardened, desiccated skin cells. Thanks to the procedure, new cells appear on the site of the old ones, the relief is leveled. At the same time, the endosphere therapy eliminates old scars and scars.

A hardware massage designed for the face in a few sessions really rejuvenates the skin.

Of particular importance is lifting, as a method of getting rid of stretch marks after a strong increase in weight or, conversely, after losing the maximum number of pounds. It is also used after childbirth, restoring stretched skin, restoring women to their former shape.

Lymphatic drainage

The therapeutic, and subsequently cosmetological, massage method that arose in the Netherlands at first did not receive the attention of cosmetologists. After several years of testing, hardware lymphatic drainage has become widely used in many massage parlors, the results have exceeded expectations. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

The meaning of the procedure is the removal of accumulated excess lymph contained between cells. Lymphatic drainage increases the lymph circulation process, as a result of which the muscle tissues become weak, the vessels expand. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. The procedure can be carried out independently if the massage touches the face or small areas of the body.

In case of malfunctions in the functioning of the lymphatic system, fats, toxic substances accumulate in the cells, which leads to poor health, deposition of lipids.

Hardware massage does an excellent job of this, while acting like a system to fight extra pounds. Through lymphatic drainage, body shaping is easily and in a short time, and decay products are removed. Due to the quick, painless procedure, the permeability of the lymphatic ducts is significantly increased.

Hardware lymphatic drainage is performed several times a year. The quantity and frequency depends on the individual organism. The effect of the procedure is enhanced if chocolate or honey wrapping is carried out simultaneously with the massage.

Muscle recovery

There are a large number of reviews from patients who have applied the method with the aim of rehabilitating muscle tissues, relieving fatigue, proving the effectiveness of endosphere therapy. A feeling of tension in the muscles is pursued by almost everyone who has been upright for a long time, tolerates physical activity, whose activity is associated with a long stay in a standing position.

Muscle cramps worry athletes. The device is adapted for men and women with any physique. As a result of several procedures, you can eliminate muscle pain, relieve fatigue in the body. To restore muscle tissue, anesthesia, it is enough to go through 1-2 sessions of therapy or 3-5 procedures to consolidate the results. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

Pain relief through massage without the use of medicines is welcomed by proponents of a healthy lifestyle. The method does not harm health, helping to maintain the body in good shape.

Treatment of edema and venous congestion

Thanks to endosphere therapy, treatment of edema and hematomas became possible. Procedures restore balance, cell nutrition, ensuring the activity of tissue cells, regulate the process of synthesis and decomposition of substances in the body. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

Therapy aimed at treating puffiness, venous congestion, is carried out in several procedures. 1-2 sessions is not enough to get the full treatment effect. After taking the next session, the results gradually appear: the feeling of fatigue disappears, high heels do not cause discomfort, physical activity does not leave painful consequences after a hard working day.

How long does the procedure take

The standard procedure time is 1 hour 15 minutes. Time can be shortened if full body massage is not required or when cellulite has reached only the initial stage of development. A session in such cases lasts no more than 45-50 minutes. The duration of the procedure also depends on the condition of the skin on the body or face, but it cannot last more than an hour and a half.

How does hardware massage go

Endosphere therapy, reviews of which clearly prove an exceptionally positive effect on appearance, body modeling, treatment of certain diseases, is welcomed by cosmetologists and patients because of the simplicity of the procedures.

A massage session is carried out by an endosphere-apparatus, which is given a certain speed depending on the part of the body being treated. The remaining actions of the device are performed by a specialist. Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices

It defines:

  • the angle at which the device is supported;
  • massaging power;
  • pressing force.

Before the procedure, the skin is covered with cosmetic oil so that the massed part of the body is soft, elastic. Before each session, you need to drink 200 g of pure water.

The same thing must be done after the end of the session. Water helps to quickly remove toxic substances from the body. Thanks to the endosphere massage, the internal organs begin to more actively fulfill their functions, which leads to the correct metabolism. It is this process that accelerates the removal of fibrous seals.

During a hardware massage you feel:

  • light, slightly noticeable t
    ingling sensations;
  • weak vibration;
  • heat.

The sensations do not cause discomfort, as the procedure is completely painless. Many patients feel comfortable during the session. The first procedure takes place with a light load. When the skin begins to get used to massage, the load gradually rises.

The device activates the muscles, as a result, for 2-3 days the whole body slightly aches, there is a slight fit, as after visiting the gym.

Endosphere therapy is designed to massage the whole body and to treat the face separately. For this purpose, 2 endosphere apparatuses were created: for the face and for the body. The first has a temperature effect, during the procedure, the tissues warm up, producing fibrillar protein.

How many procedures are needed

The recommended number of sessions ranges from 12 to 18. Cellulite treatment is divided into 2 levels. If he is at the first or second stage (young cellulite), it is enough to go through only 6 sessions.

After the 6th procedure, if necessary, a new diagnosis is made. Cellulite of the last stage requires 12, sometimes 15 procedures. At the same time, 3 sessions are performed in the first week, and 2 procedures in the following weeks.

The results appear after the first manipulation. Through what period of time the specialist determines to return to the procedures. There is no need to follow a diet in conjunction with endosphere therapy. You just need to monitor the diet, lead an active lifestyle, then hardware massage will not take at least 6 months.

1-2 sessions are enough to restore muscle. When there is a need to give the muscles a break, you can periodically repeat the procedure.

Treatment of edema, hematomas, venous congestion requires a little more than 6-7 procedures. A repetition of the session is possible if the examination after the last procedure shows poor dynamics of treatment.

The cost of procedures in New York, Los Angeles,

  New York   Los Angeles  Regions
One body procedure $ 61. 2 $ 7 – $ 54. 2 $ 10 – $ 61.
Complex of 6 treatments $ 326. $ 245. 20 $ 0 – $ 326.
Facial treatment $ 41. $ 340. 2 $ 7 – $ 48.

Reviews on the effectiveness of therapy

The new method of hardware massage is unique in its kind, absolutely does not need advertising. Positive evaluations of patients who received a full therapeutic and aesthetic effect from the procedures – this is the advertisement of a new technique of hardware massage.

Endosphere therapy - what is it, massage reviews, results, price. Cellulite correction devices
Endosphere therapy is popular due to its quick positive effect and flattering reviews.

Beauticians believe that the main feature of therapy is a minimum of contraindications, painless procedures, high efficiency, and the absence of side effects. “Smart device” – this is what cosmetologists say about the endosphere.

85% of men and women who have tried massage in practice express only a positive opinion about the results. The absence of the effects of massage (inflammation, redness) is especially pleasing to patients.

Many of them claim that they are ready to spend the whole day on the massage table – it is so nice to feel the effect of the device on yourself. After the course, almost all patients claim that the new method of losing weight has paid off in full.

The unique, currently unparalleled, possibilities of endosphere therapy can solve not only problems with excess weight, but also quite effectively carry out the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

The effect of the sessions largely depends on the physician conducting the procedure, who previously undergoes a specialized training course in endosphere massage. A qualified specialist can be trusted with health, after checking the certificates and documentation confirming the doctor’s gallon.

Numerous positive reviews from patients of the endosphere of therapy show that the method of apparatus massage from year to year is becoming more popular.

Video about endosphere therapy

How does endosphere therapy work:

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