Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

French film actress Emmanuelle Beart, a trademarked Christian Dior, public figure. Having received an unsuccessful experience in face plastic surgery, the film star joined the ranks of ardent opponents of surgical changes in appearance, providing personal photos taken before and after operations to convince her words.

Emmanuelle Bear: biography

Emmanuelle Beart (photos before and after the operation is given below in the article) was born on August 14, 1963 on the south coast of France in the family of composer Guy Beart and fashion designer Genevieve Galea. The childhood of the future star passed in a quiet suburb, in the company of brothers and sisters. From the age of 13, young Emmanuel, impressed by the film role of Romy Schneider, chooses an acting fate for himself.

Preparing to conquer the heights of cinema, the girl:

  • studying English (in the family of a father’s friend living in Canada);
  • recites texts;
  • comprehends the basics of acting.

At the end of the theater courses, Bear receives an invitation to play the role in the television movie “Raissob perdue”, followed by filming in the film “Secret Secret,” which brought the actress popularity, acquaintance, and a romantic relationship with her future spouse. The world-famous movie star brought the role of a shepherdess, avenging the death of her father in the drama “Manon from the Source.”

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

On the set of which the aspiring actress worked with the idol of French cinema Yves Montand.

Emmanuelle Bear owner:

  • 7 nominations and 2 prizes of the French Academy “Cesar”;
  • Golden Bear Awards from the Berlin Film Festival;
  • European Film Academy Prizes.

During her career, the movie star starred in 94 films, for a long time she was the face of the Christian Dior fashion house. For more than 10 years, Emmanuel has been working as the UNICEF international goodwill ambassador, trying to alleviate the situation of people (particularly children) living in the countries of the African continent. The personal life of the film actress was less smooth.

Bear was married 2 years:

  • With her first husband, actor Daniel Otoy, Emmanuel met on the set of the movie “Secretly Secret”. The couple lived together for about 10 years, giving birth to a daughter.
  • The second husband of the star was the actor young Michael Cohen. The marriage lasted 3 years, during which the family adopted a boy who was born in Ethiopia.

In addition to the officially registered relationship, the actress met with producer Dani Moreau, from whom she has a son. Currently, Bear prefers to refrain from romance novels, devoting his time to raising 3 children and creativity.

The brightest roles

Emmanuelle Bear (photo before and after the operation to change the shape of the lips clearly demonstrates the dangerous consequences of enthusiasm for plastic surgery) played in 94 films.

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed
Photos of Emmanuelle Bear in his youth and now.

Her most famous roles are:

  • Shepherdess Manon from the 2nd part of the dilogy, posed according to the novels of Marcel Pannwall. The film “Manon from the Spring” (1986) tells of a hunchback’s daughter deciding to take revenge on her father’s killer and his accomplices by blocking the spring that feeds the village of water in the crime. Together with the actress, the film starred Yves Montand, Daniel Otoy. The role of the daughter of a hunchback brought Bear world fame and a figurine of the Cesar film award.
  • Violinist Camilla , the protagonist of the film “Heart in Winter”, tells of a difficult relationship and the process of generating love between the violin manufacturer and his client.
  • Marianne (1992 “Charming Prankster”), the young muse of an aging artist, who inspired him to complete a previously begun masterpiece with his appearance. The film is based on the novel by Honore de Balzac with an alternative director’s ending.
  • Maria (“Lost Love” 2011), who witnessed the suicide of a loved one, whose great love prompted the woman to go in search of her own meaning in life.
  • Nelly (“Nellie and Monsieur Arnaud” 1995), a girl who is going through a difficult period in marriage, has become a secretary and an involuntary “toy from boredom” in an aging gentleman.
  • Mercenary Claire from the first part of the Mission Impossible series, released in 1996. Filming in the American blockbuster and collaborating with Tom Cruise revealed the name Emmanuel to an American audience, making Bear a world-class movie star.
  • Maid Louise (“8 Women” in 2001), a long-time lover of a man whose heroines are trying to reveal the film’s heroine, housed in her lover’s house as a servant. In addition to the star cast (Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardan), the film Federico Fellini is the winner of many awards. Emmanuelle Behr was awarded the Berlin and European Film Festivals for her role as a maid of fetishism.
  • Eve , the young wife of a jealous husband, from the comedy “To the Left of the Elevator” in 1988) by chance turned out to be half-undressed in the neighbor’s apartment, brilliantly played by Pierre Reshard.

Emmanuelle Bear: before the operation

Photos of Emmanuelle Bear before plastic surgery, repeatedly fell on the covers of glossy magazines, showing fans the perfect appearance and figure of a movie star (pictures taken after the contouring of the lips, amaze with their unsuccessful result).

At the end of 90 beginning of 2000. Bear was rightly considered the standard of female beauty, being the subject of making women and worshiping men all over the world. “The blond angel in the flesh” with the face of a saint and the body of a libertine conquered with its magnificent proportions.

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

Millions of women, leaving cinemas, went to plastic surgery rooms, begging doctors to make their appearance even remotely resemble an ideal. For 5 years, Emmanuelle Bear has been the face of the Christian Dior fashion house, demonstrating world-class products from glossy covers and commercials.

The appearance and parameters of the figure of 27-year-old Bear:

Height 5’4 foot
Weight 115 pounds
Hair Natural color – blond, depending on the mood, could be repainted in a dark chestnut shade
Eyes Blue
Appearance European
Chest 86. 2 inch, which corresponds to the 3rd size of the bust
Waist 23’6 inch
Hips 33’5 inch
Clothing size 42-44
Shoe size 5 US, which corresponds to 36 EU

Despite her perfect appearance, “Blonde Manon” secretly shy of her body, considering her facial features, proportions are not correct enough. To preserve the figure, the movie star visited a nutritionist, adhered to the diet recommended by Dr. Madeleine Gest, consisting in limiting the daily diet of 1200 kcal.

To lose weight, a strict diet must be observed for a 10-day period, completely excluding from everyday diet:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • confectionery and pasta;
  • bakery products;
  • coffee;
  • milk and white chocolate;
  • ice cream;
  • alcohol.

Diet menu:

  • 13,53 fluid ounce of water;
  • cocoa with honey;
  • grapefruit juice
Dinner Boiled chicken with vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil, mustard, herbs
High tea Kefir with honey
  • 20,29 fluid ounce of vegetable stock prepared according to a special recipe;
  • steamed vegetables with olive oil
Before bedtime Yogurt with honey

During the diet, it is allowed to use dried fruits, honey, fruit and berry desserts, cooked without sugar. For dinner, you should cook a vegetable soup of 3 carrots, 4 tomatoes, leeks, celery and dill.

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

In the case of strict adherence to a diet, the result guarantees a loss of up to 22 pounds per week, while maintaining the achieved result for a long time. At the time of food restriction, the nutritionist recommends taking a vacation (1200 kcal is not enough for vigorous activity).

Emmanuel and plastic surgery

Emmanuelle Behr (the photo before and after the operation to change the shape of the lips is clearly demonstrated by a film actress to promote the negative effect of medical correction of appearance) performed several plastic surgeries:

  • Cheiloplasty (correction of the shape of the upper lip), aimed at giving the mouth clarity by raising the central part of the upper lip in the shape of a heart.
  • Full adjustment of the mouth. The 2nd operation consisted of establishing a silicone-based biopolymer gel by subcutaneous injection. In the process of surgery, a gross medical error was made, as a result of which the doctor introduced the actress technical silicone instead of the necessary medical counterpart.
  • Two operations to remove a biopolymer gel in order to restore a previously existing mouth shape. During the procedure, hardened silicone was pumped out of the lips of the actress through an incision made on the mucous membrane. Due to the pathological changes (hardening of the chemical preparation), the biogel could not be completely removed. Lip relief was restored, but to achieve a return to naturalness failed.

Bad lip plastic

Possessing an ideal appearance, Emmanuelle Bear suffered an inferiority complex. The actress was constantly dissatisfied with her appearance, trying to achieve perfection. The actress did the first operation to adjust the shape of her mouth at the age of 27 to eliminate the asymmetry that arose after the herpes virus.

Fearing age-related changes and falling under the influence of his friend, Claude Saute, who believed that all outstanding movie stars had pouty and full lips, Emmanuel decided to make a complete correction of his mouth shape. In preparation for the operation, the actress visited a lot of consultations, choosing the right specialist.

Plastic was made as usual. During the intervention, the actress was injected subcutaneously with a biogel based on technical silicone. Hardened, the drug unnaturally protruded the upper lip, completely changing the appearance of the actress. During the plastic surgery at Emmanuelle Bear, a gross medical error was made, costing the beauty actress.

Instead, a biopolymer made from medical preparations, technical silicone was injected subcutaneously into the star. Once in the body, the chemical substance froze, completely deforming the upper lip of the actress.

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

Silicone provoked:

  • The appearance of skin seals caused by uneven distribution of biopolymer.
  • Unnatural enlargement, protrusion, change in the shape of the upper lip, leading to complete asymmetry of the mouth. This side defect is provoked by a strong proliferation of fibrous tissue, which is a natural reaction of the body to the appearance of a foreign element.
  • Violation of facial expressions, articulation.
  • Deformation of facial contours that occurred as a result of gel migration.

Recovering after the operation, the movie star complained to the court and tried to restore the original shape of the mouth.

After a scandal, as a result of which the use of illegal drugs was revealed, the plastic surgeon who conducted the biopolymerization was deprived of a doctor’s license. The desperate actress made several attempts to restore the shape of her lips through surgical removal of the biopolymer, but Emmanuelle Bear was not able to regain her former charm.

A biopolymer based on technical silicone caused an unnatural deformation of the mouth. The appearance of the actress has changed beyond recognition. The movie star’s mouth forever acquired an unnatural size, changing the lower part and giving the face a displeased expression.

Emmanuelle Bear now

Today, the 52-year-old actress still leads an active lifestyle, continues to act in films. In the modern world of the total fascination with plastic surgery, the renewed Bear mouth looks only a little unusual. Very large lips look asymmetrically: the upper one is strongly protruded, disproportionately curved.

The lower one creates the effect of a smirk. The bottom of the face of a movie star is deformed as a result of silicone migration and the growth of fibrous (connective) tissue. After unsuccessful plastic surgery, the actress became an ardent opponent of surgical manipulations with her appearance, no longer trying to resist the natural process of withering.

Today’s Emmanuelle Bear does not fight to grow old and lose his figure. With the help of a psychiatrist, the actress reconciled with her new appearance, got rid of complexes and self-doubt. Bear encourages women to abandon the use of plastic appearance adjustments, resorting to operations only as a last reso

Citing her bad experience as an example, the movie star advises thinking carefully before going under the surgeon’s knife. According to Emmanuelle Beart: “Any operation can cause adverse reactions and lead to irreversible changes in appearance for the worse. It’s necessary to decide on plastic only in cases of emergency. ”

Emmanuelle Bear. Photos before and after plastic surgery, how the French actress has changed

The actress offers to fight aging with the help of cosmetology, good rest and reasonable nutrition.

The weight of 52 year old Emmanuel is about 154 pounds. Possessing a slender figure by nature, the movie star prefers not to exhaust herself with strict diets and sports training. Bear likes herself and loves sweets (especially Turkish delight).

“Blond Angel” is trying to devote as much time as possible to his children, is engaged in political and public activities. The movie star is an active participant in the anti-emigration movement against the adoption by the French government of a law restricting the rights of refugees.

French actress Emmanuelle Beart, who has repeatedly posed nude for men’s magazines, urges women to familiarize themselves with their photographs taken before and after an unsuccessful operation, before deciding on surgical adjustments to their face and body.

Interesting videos about Emmanuelle Bear and her appearance

How did the appearance of Emmanuelle Bear:

Interview with Emmanuelle Bear:

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