Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after

Facial plasmolifting – what is it, interests those girls and women who are unhappy with the condition of their skin. Age-related changes, the presence of scars take away self-confidence and require cosmetic intervention.

Plasma lifting face – what is it

Facial plasmolifting is a cosmetology procedure, which is a therapeutic and anti-aging injection method of subcutaneous injection of own blood plasma enriched with platelets into skin areas that require rejuvenation.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after

In the post-Soviet space, this method appeared in 1975 due to the improvement of facial plasmolifting. What is it, stages, photos before and after, reviews of doctors, contraindications of the American analogue autohemotherapy procedure – injection of venous blood into the muscles by scientists Akhmerov and Zarudiy.

At that time, it was used as postoperative skin rehabilitation, however, later it spread and began to be successful in cosmetology.

How plasmolifting works in cosmetology

The fact that this is a plasma lifting face, experts tell their customers suffering from:

  • scarring
  • blackheads
  • facial wrinkles,
  • damaged epithelium after peeling.

This procedure affects the deeper layers of the skin, improving blood circulation, metabolism and normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to the hydration and nutrition received, the epithelium is smoothed, thereby tightening the oval of the face.

Plasma lifting face – before and after photos

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after
Plasma lift face – what is it in the illustrations from blood sampling, to the introduction of plasma
Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after
Plasma lifting before and after

What is the benefit of plasmolifting

Having resorted to a face plasma lifting procedure, having learned what it is, you can forget about unattractive skin, because this method has many advantages:

  1. Strengthening tissue repair processes.
  2. Restoring skin texture.
  3. Skin saturation with oxygen.
  4. The naturalness of the procedure, the absence of side effects.
  5. Alignment of complexion.
  6. Increased skin immunity ..
  7. Elimination of rashes on the face.
  8. Inhibition of aging processes.

Indications for plasmolifting

This procedure will definitely be recommended to those who have problems such as:

  • damaged skin after laser or chemical peels,
  • deep facial wrinkles,
  • altered face shape
  • cellulite
  • photoaging
  • age-related skin changes,
  • the initial stage of skin ptosis,
  • scars after acne,
  • loss of cheek volume.


Not everyone will be able to use this procedure. Restrictions apply when:

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after
Blood clotting is the main contraindication
  • diabetes
  • blood diseases
  • taking anticoagulants
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • skin diseases (scleroderma, lupus erythematosus),
  • Immunity violation
  • oncology.

Facial plasma therapy is not recommended for poor blood coagulation, because this is a disease that can lead to serious cosmetic complications.

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What effect is observed after plasmolifting: face, neck, decollete


You don’t have to worry about what heavy makeup is and how to use it, because the procedure of face plasma lifting is a sure weapon in the fight against skin imperfections. After carrying out the procedures, the face looks cleaner.

The skin is nourished, moisturized, respectively, takes a more even color, and due to the disappearance of shallow wrinkles and expression lines that are not conspicuous, it looks much younger.

The oval of the face is noticeably tightened due to the fact that the fallen cheeks are in place, thereby aligning the skin below the chin.

The harassing bags under the eyes, as well as the overhanging upper eyelid disappear , thereby making the look more expressive. The structure of the face also improves: it becomes more silky and velvety.

Skin pigmentation is significantly reduced , getting rid of venous strings, the rejuvenation effect is significantly enhanced.


The neck first begins to show signs of aging and catches the eye. However, with the help of the procedure, wrinkles will be smoothed out, the skin will become elastic, thereby the oval of the face will be tightened, made more clear and expressive.


Owners of the decollete, losing their shape and becoming less attractive, plasma injections will also help to achieve a positive result. The chest will look more toned, it will become better to keep in shape, and the skin will be smoothed and will acquire a more even tone.

Plasma lifting of the skin from acne. Reviews

In the treatment of problem skin, plasmolifting of the face is also used. It is important that this is the same excellent tool as professional creams and tablets, but more effective and natural, as many patients of cosmetic clinics have seen.

On the Internet you can find reviews from people who defeated this problem using this procedure. Nevertheless, you should not count on it as a healing pill that helps absolutely everyone and forever.

Often, due to the characteristics of the body, plasma therapy will not give the desired result, or removed acne return earlier than expected. Despite the fact that this rarely happens, the risk still remains, and you need to be prepared for any result.

At what age is it better to do plasmolifting

Depending on the purpose of the procedure,
the recommended age can vary from 18 to 65 years.
Most often, adolescents resort to this method for the treatment of acne, but young people aged 25-29 can begin to use this method as a prevention of skin aging.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after

After 30 years – the time when wrinkles most often appear, and the oval of the face falls. It is worth noting that plasmolifting will not give the desired result already closer to 65-70 years. It is difficult to determine the recommended number strictly, since the skin of each person is individual, and the result can vary greatly in people of the same age.

How to prepare before plasmolifting

Do not forget that the injections injected under the skin contain their own blood, so it is very important to make sure that it is of high quality. A few days before the procedure, the use of alcohol, fatty and salty foods is prohibited.

It is recommended to increase the intake of clean water and reduce physical activity. Since the technique is carried out in the morning, it is better to avoid heavy breakfasts, such as fried eggs and sausages.

How does the plasmolifting procedure of the face and neck

This technique takes about an hour and is easy to tolerate. It goes as follows:

  1. A few days before the procedure, a biochemical blood test will be performed to exclude the possible presence of diseases.
  2. The patient’s skin is completely cleansed of impurities and cosmetics.
  3. An anesthetic cream / gel covered with a film is applied to the treated surface.
  4. About 0,7 – 1,4 fluid ounce of blood is drawn from a vein into a special test tube.
  5. The tube is inserted into a medical centrifuge, with which a yellow platelet-rich plasma is released.
  6. A doctor injects a patient’s face into the patient’s face with a syringe containing the fluid according to a pre-compiled scheme.
  7. After the procedure is completed, the skin is wiped with a special solution and a soothing gel is applied.

How many procedures are needed to achieve the effect

As mentioned earlier, everyone will have their own reaction to the technique, depending on the body. On average, a course of 2-3 procedures is carried out with an interval of 3-4 weeks. If the skin is young, the effect will be more noticeable in the early stages, and the treatment of age-related changes may require more time and number of procedures.

How often do plasmolifting – how much is enough

During the treatment of skin diseases, the effect can last from a couple of months to several years: it all depends on the degree of the disease, the period of remission and lifestyle. When using this procedure to combat age-related changes, the result will last from 6 months to two years.

How much is plasmolifting – price

Not everyone can afford plasmolifting of the face, because this, of course, is not such an expensive procedure as plastic surgery, but it still requires considerable investments:

  • Person – $ 61 – $ 163.
  • Neck – $ 41 – $ 109.
  • Neckline – $ 48 – $ 136.

It is strongly recommended that you choose a good clinic with qualified professionals, as the result will depend on the quality of their work.

What procedures does plasmolifting go with and does not go with

The positive side of plasmolifting is that it is combined with almost all procedures, and sometimes it can even give a more effective result. Particular attention should be paid to joint use with:

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after
The drug for butolinotherapy
  • mesotherapy
  • biorevitalization
  • contour plastic
  • threadlifting
  • butoline therapy,
  • photoplasmotherapy.

For several days, it is recommended to abandon cosmetics, visit the pool and sauna, and also try to avoid the sun.

Plasma lifting face at home

Despite the fact that plasmolifting of the face is not such a serious intervention as, for example, plastic surgery, it can only be performed in clinics with absolutely sterile conditions and with the help of specialists who have undergone some training.

Carrying out this technique at home is extremely dangerous and fraught with unpleasant consequences, such as blood poisoning or badly damaged appearance.

Plasma lifting machine – how much it costs where to buy

The plasma lifting procedure is carried out using special equipment, including:

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after
Test tube centrifuge
  • centrifuge (for separating rammers),
  • different needle sizes
  • test tubes
  • thermostats (for storing received materials).

The apparatus for the procedure must be certified, produce at least 4000 revolutions / min. and centrifugal force acceleration should be about 1100-1500 gr. It is worth paying attention to the regulator, its rotation speed cannot exceed 100 rpm. Good brands are:

  • EBA
  • Armed
  • CM-12.

Prices may vary depending on the characteristics of the device. The average price will be $ 204 – $ 408.

Test tubes for plasmolifting: which are better

The material for the tubes should be heat-resistant and contain a special gel filler capable of preserving the natural mineral balance and blood quality at 15,8 – 32°F.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after

Also, the tubes should be easy to use, not leak and do not crack upon impact.

Possible side effects and complications

Despite the fact that the technique is considered hypoallergenic, negative reactions can still occur in certain cases: on metal needles or on a drug added to the blood.

Passing the procedure from an unqualified specialist, the patient runs the risk of getting blood poisoning. Some diseases can worsen up to a month after plasmolifting.

It is worth noting that immediately after the procedure, reporting, redness and small bruises can appear, but do not worry, as the skin will return to its previous state after a few days.

Facial care after the procedure

To achieve a
lasting result, it is recommended to adhere to a healthy lifestyle: eat right and minimize bad habits, and if possible completely eliminate them.

The person does not require special care, but in rare cases, the cosmetologist can prescribe hematoma ointments and anti-allergenic drugs.

What can not be done after plasmolifting.

In order to avoid the appearance of age spots, you should refuse to visit the solarium and bath for 3-4 days. The sun can also have a negative effect on skin color after plasmolifting.

The opinion of doctors

Experts hold a neutral point of view, noting that for all the benefits of the technique, it still has disadvantages, such as discomfort from the injections and the likelihood of contracting viruses. Doctors also believe that the most effective and lasting plasmolifting will be combined with other procedures.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, reviews, how is it carried out, stages, photos before, after

You can find out about the procedure for face plasmolifting – what is it, why is it performed and whether it is suitable for a particular patient by consulting a cosmetologist. Among all modern techniques, it is the most natural and safe. If serious intervention is not required, plasma lifting will be a great solution.

Video clips on the subject of plasma face lifting. What is it and why is it needed

Plasma lifting face – what is it, the pros and cons of the procedure:

What is plasmolifting:

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