Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

For some time, frank clothing was considered bad form, but today women are not complex and often go without a bra. At the same time, the low neckline is considered one of the main trends of the new year.

Why has it become fashionable in many countries to go without a bra and in a deep neckline

In women of the XXI century, shyness disappears before a deep neckline. And the most advantageous low neckline looks without a bra. The lack of linen is convenient because you do not need to choose a bra according to the color of the dress and the depth of the neckline. You can refuse silicone straps, which cause a lot of inconvenience, such as painful cutting into the skin and rubbing.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear
Deep neckline without bra. Photo images and clothing options

Good quality underwear is expensive, because the average cost of a bra is about $ 27. At least 3 different bras should be present in the basic wardrobe of women, so refusing to wear this part of the wardrobe can also save the budget.

Reducing the risk of circulatory disorders is one of the main reasons for not wearing a bra in many countries. Incorrectly sized laundry can lead to heart problems and numbness of the limbs.

A deep neckline without a bra gives a woman confidence. This image indicates the absence of complexes.

Who is the frank image

Young girls and women under 30 do not have to worry about being convicted of having no bra. If the chest holds its shape well, then not wearing underwear will not look vulgar and ugly. The most advantageous deep neckline looks on a bust of 1-2 sizes. But even with a large size, you can not wear underwear if the chest does not sag.

A frank image is also suitable for owners of a small bust. With a low neckline, it looks quite intriguing, but less open than larger breasts. The same applies to fragile little girls. In their case, hiding underwear can be difficult, so the easiest way to abandon the bra completely.

Who should refrain from provocative attire

For a deep neckline, too large a breast will not work, both from a medical point of view and for aesthetic reasons. Too magnificent forms will not look neat without underwear and, besides, there is a great chance that such a voluminous breast can fall out of clothes if the tilt is unsuccessful. This also applies to overweight girls.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

Mothers who are breastfed, doctors recommend not to abandon bras. during breastfeeding, milk is excreted constantly and it can ruin clothes.

With age, the breast loses its elasticity and sagging, regardless of size and shape, so women older than 50 years, it is advisable to refrain from provocative attire.

How to level the relief of nipples through clothes

A deep neckline without a bra, unlike wearing underwear, cannot always hide the natural relief of the nipples. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, you should know a number of tricks that will help hide the nipples that stand out under the clothes. The simplest solution to the problem is to choose clothes made of thick material.

Silk and satin fabrics should be avoided, as these materials are very thin. It is necessary to give preference to the dark tones of clothes, since in the sun they absorb light well and are able to muffle the relief of the nipples. Helpers will also be patterns on clothes.

In lingerie stores sell invisible bras. These are silicone overlays which are fixed on a breast and very well hide lack of linen on the woman.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

Invisible bras come in several models:

  • Fly bra. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of perforation, which allows the skin not to churn under the material. The front side is smooth, without seams. At the junction of the cups there is a lacing that allows you to bring the mammary glands closer or leave the breast in its natural form.
  • Invisible bra . Analogue Fly bra. The difference is in connecting the cups to each other. In this model, lacing is replaced by a transparent clasp, which allows you to wear clothes with a deeper neckline.
  • Free bra. Represents 2 silicone cups connected by a transparent fastener. This bra fits snugly to the body, making it truly invisible.
  • Bare Lifts. This model is a semicircular silicone stickers that lift the chest. She has no cups. The lower part of the sticker is attached above the nipple, and the top – at the level at which you want to raise the chest. Included are additional stickers on the nipples.

Options for clothes with a deep neckline for girls that can be worn without a bra

The deep neckline has not very many variations, and not everyone is combined with individual styles of clothing. In order not to look vulgar, it is worth knowing with which neckline one or another model of a dress, blouse or top looks good. Also, not every breast size will fit all forms of the neckline.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

Below is a table of options for the shape of cutouts and examples of clothing that allows you to wear such a cutout without a bra.

Neckline shape Shape Features Clothing option
V-shaped Cutout in the shape of the English letter “V”. This neckline visually slim and well emphasizes small and medium-sized breasts. The depth of the neckline can drop to the waist. Wrap dress made of thick fabric with or without sleeves. Fitted stocking dress. Models of dresses with asymmetric cut or trim on the back.

Cotton, silk, chiffon blouses, tops and body, as well as satin overalls.

“A tear” An oblong cut on the dress, which begins above the chest and can reach up to the navel. The shape may be rounded or elongated. The breast expresses most expressively relative to other forms of the neckline. Fitted pencil dress.

Silk blouses.

Very sharp A more frank variation of the V-shaped neckline, as the neckline may fall below the navel. Such a neckline stretches and slim the silhouette. Any fitted dresses to the floor or to the ankles.

Thick vest with

In the shape of a heart Neckline form best suited for women with large busts. The recess in the center of the neckline does not drop as low as in other forms of the neckline, so that the image is delicate, romantic and slightly piquant. Flared cotton short sleeve dress.

Tight stocking dress.

“Clamp” Cutout “collar” is made of a pleated fabric, which helps to visually enlarge the chest. Cocktail silk dresses.

Blouses and T-shirts from satin and silk.

With open back Another type of neckline based on a V-neckline. The straps of the dress are tied around the neck, creating a sharp neckline. Sexuality is given to the image by the back, which remains open. Summer dresses made of cotton.

Sleeveless silk tops.

How to avoid public exposure of the breast

Several methods can be used to prevent public exposure of the chest if the neck is too deep. The neckline can be fixed with double-sided tape. It is necessary to cut off small strips of Velcro and glue them on the inner edge of the cutout, backing off half a inch. Then the dress is put on and the edges of the neckline are attached to the chest at the desired level.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

In the summer, due to the heat, the tape method may not work, as the tape may simply peel off from the body due to sweat. In this case, it is better to use a simple pin and, slightly sacrificing the depth of the cut, fasten the edges of the neckline so that the chest does not have the opportunity to be exposed.

You can also use the Kim Kardashian method, when the chest is fixed in place with adhesive tape, without attaching directly to the clothes. The advantage of this method is that the chest not only remains in place, but also is pulled up to a seductive form.

To fix the bust:

  1. Measure the length of future strips of tape with a inch (measurements are made from the base of the mammary gland, through the nipple, collarbone and to the shoulder).
  2. On measured parameters cut off strips of adhesive tape.
  3. Attach one end of the tape under the chest, closer to the axillary. Tape up the chest, slightly lifting it, and glue the second end of the tape over the shoulder. Next, you must repeat all the steps several times until the bust matches the desired shape.

Where to decently appear in a low-necked outfit without a bra

A deep neckline without a bra often appears when creating an evening look. A sophisticated tailored dress will look appropriate at a private party or fashion show. In this case, the visible outlines of underwear will be considered bad form.

Also, there is nothing wrong with going on a walk in a light dress with a low neckline on a hot day without wearing a bra under it. Doctors recommend in the hot season not to create a greenhouse effect in the chest, but to allow the body to breathe.

Do not go without a bra to business meetings, studies and events with a strict dress code, especially if the chest is large enough and there is no way to hide the relief of the nipples.

How do world celebrities wear a deep neckline without a bra

World stars admit that expressive bust on the carpet is more likely to interfere, because small breasts are easier to fit into a deep neckline than a large one. Angelina Jolie chooses dresses with a deep V-neck. Due to the small breast size of the actress, her bust does not need additional fixation and looks great with a piquant neckline.

The talented young actress Anne Hathaway often sparkles on the carpet in elegant long dresses with a deep neckline. The paparazzi repeatedly caught the star on a little trick, catching with the camera lenses an adhesive tape glued to the edge of the notch.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

Latina Jennifer Lopez is known for all of her curvaceous. On the example of her extraordinary outfits of non-standard cut, the singer and actress shows that a large bust can look seductive and did not go from the neckline of any depth. Such breasts require additional support, and the actress resorted to using silicone pads.

Elegant and fragile Nicole Kidman prefers unusual images. With an asymmetrical cut of dresses and sparkling patterns, she successfully shifts the emphasis from her ajar chest. World-famous stars such as Salma Hayek, Emma Watson, Chloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez also resort to invisible bras.

Ideas for successful looks with a deep neckline

In 2021, the V-neck is the main trend. It visually makes the neck longer, highlights the chest and lengthens the entire silhouette as a whole. Attractiveness and grace are the main advantages of a neckline of this shape.

A low neckline is present in the clothing lines of many designers. Miu Miu introduces a low-necked fashion for dresses in the style of a nightdress from satin, which will successfully look with voluminous short fur coats. Prada prefers fine knit tops worn under a coat, and Zimmermann fashion designers praise chiffon dresses with a neckline to the waist.

A classic shirt or blouse with an interesting cut in combination with skinny jeans can become a variant of a successful look. A black leather jacket and a miniature handbag on one shoulder complete the image. In this way, you can go shopping or walk with friends.

Deep neckline without bra. Photos, who fits, what and how to wear

A low-cut top will be one of the best basic wardrobe items. You can wear it with a classic pencil skirt and an open jacket for a business meeting, and a pleated skirt and thin heeled sandals are suitable for a date. A few decorations also successfully complement the image.

Elisabetta Franchi suggests recalling the fashion for high-waisted flared pants. For trousers, you can pick up a blouse with retro-style patterns and a deep neckline. Shoes and a clutch will help to finish the bow. In this way, the absence of a bra will look modern and fresh.

The skin becomes a hit again. the wardrobe can be replenished with black overalls made of leather. Preference should be given to an unusual cutout. A long jacket and metallic jewelry will complete the look.

For the festive evening, you should choose a velvet dress with a smell. The deep neckline combined wit
h the dense material of the dress is piquantly emphasized by the bust. At cocktail parties, you can feel free to choose models with the deepest cuts. Shoes and light jewelry will help to make the image unsurpassed.

Now the deep neckline is a hit of all fashion shows. Fashion designers and world celebrities are promoting such clothes to the masses. But after a couple of years, dresses and tops that do not involve wearing a bra may not be in fashion.

Video about wearing a deep neckline

How to wear a deep neckline with and without a bra:

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