How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

With complex therapy for weight loss and cosmetic correction of the abdomen and sides, massage is prescribed as one of the procedures. Not being the main treatment, it allows you to make some adjustments to the condition of the skin and the shape of the figure.

The benefits and harms of abdominal massage for weight loss

Massage has always been very popular. As a medical procedure, it has been used since ancient times. Abdominal massage is no exception in this regard, but since the middle of the last century it has become fashionable as a purely cosmetic, anti-cellulite procedure.

 There is no doubt about the benefits of abdominal massage:

  • Increased blood circulation in the massage area.
  • Creation of conditions for the removal of excess fluid from tissues.
  • Improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Improving the condition of the skin.
  • Stimulation of the removal of toxins due to intestinal activation.
  • Acceleration of the process of breakdown and removal of fats.
  • Elimination of local edema in the lower abdomen.

Massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides is useful at any age. For women of childbearing age, in addition to cosmetic value, massage ensures the normal functioning of the pelvic organs and intestines. Older women, these factors are even more significant due to age-related changes, decreased physical activity and sexual activity.

In the absence of contraindications, in the vast majority of cases, massage cannot be harmful. But there are exceptions. So, far from always the procedures are carried out by properly qualified personnel. With vacuum, can and hardware massage methods, the exposure forces do not take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

Massage by itself does not burn fat, but only redistributes fatty tissue and promotes the outflow of fluid from the interstitial space . As a result, after the procedure, the patient loses about a pounds of weight, and the waist volume decreases by 0’4 – 0’4 inch. But after eating, everything falls into place. The patient eventually receives psychological trauma.

In addition, as a result of the discrepancy of the massage technique with established standards, hematomas often occur. First of all, this is a mistake in the work of a massage therapist. But the consequences often arise quite severe. In a short time interval they go unnoticed. Manifest in a much later period.

The fact is that even a small hematoma is a tissue injury and ensures the penetration of fat cells into the deeper layers of the epidermis and to the muscles. This process does not start cellulite, but obesity. With a missed initial stage, the disease subsequently requires serious comprehensive treatment.

Indications and contraindications for massage of the abdomen and sides

Massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides is made for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Indications for the procedures are:

  • Manifestations of local formations of fat.
  • Preventive procedure in the initial stage of cellulite. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage
  • Circulatory problems in the pelvic organs.
  • Disorders of the colon.
  • Comprehensive treatment of obesity.

Massage the abdomen has many contraindications:

Absolute Temporary
  • Malignant neoplasms;
  • skin diseases and injuries;
  • swelling
  • pathology of the lymphatic system;
  • bleeding
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertensive crises;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • endocrine pathologies;
  • any disease in an acute form.
  • Menstruation;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • pathology of the genitourinary system;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation;
  • furunculosis.

Massage techniques and techniques. How to do massage at home With a low pain barrier, you should refrain from vacuum massage, including canning.

Tuifu massage

In essence, the Chinese version of the massage of the abdomen is very similar to the Old Slavonic and is a direct massage of the anterior abdominal wall. According to the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy, it is aimed at correcting the placement of internal organs, as a result of which the functions of the whole organism are improved. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

However, Chinese techniques are not particularly difficult and may well be used at home:

  • With knuckles, clenched into fists, with gentle movements, stretch the rectus and transverse abdominal muscles along the midline from the xiphoid process to the pubic bone.
  • Tap the indicated area with fists (with gentle and unhurried movements).
  • Squeeze to work out the problem areas identified at the first admission.
  • Carry out the pressing of the abdomen, starting from the groin and ending in the hypochondrium (parallel to the midline on both sides).
  • Make a punch in both directions, movements from the midline of the abdomen to the sides and back.
  • Finish by punching, combined with circular movements clockwise around the navel.

Perform each manipulation 15-10 times. Receptions are performed using alternating plucking techniques, plucking with shaking, patting, vibration and stroking. The procedure should be carried out in the morning and before bedtime on an empty stomach. With mastered techniques, massage takes about 10 minutes.

The advantage of the method lies in its simplicity and accessibility for independent execution. The disadvantage is the lack of physiology. Improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs is of a short-term nature and after filling the system goes into the stagnation stage.

Vacuum massage technique

Recently, vacuum techniques have become extremely popular due to the reduction in the time of the procedures and relatively low prices. In addition, they compensate for the lack of proper training of personnel due to the fixed average operating modes. In addition, the availability of vacuum devices allows you to carry out procedures at home.

General procedure for working with a vacuum apparatus:

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. To warm up the rectus, transverse and oblique muscles of the abdomen, first stroking, then squeezing. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage
  3. Apply massage gel or cream.
  4. Place a vacuum bowl on the massage area in the area of
    the right groin.
  5. Gently move the bowl in a circular motion clockwise.
  6. Continue for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Complete the massage by stroking.

The number of procedures is 10-11. Frequency – no more than 1 time in 3 months.

Can massage

By its principle, can massage is a type of vacuum. Its popularity is explained by the extremely low price and availability for independent execution with the help of silicone cans.

The technique of action is absolutely no different from the hardware vacuum massage described above.

The disadvantages of both methods:

  • A large number of cases accompanied by hematomas.
  • Lack of individual pressure adjustment.
  • Zonal study of muscles without taking into account relief.
  • The use of gels, oils and creams that fill the pores.
  • Without the use of manual massage techniques at the beginning and end of the procedure are not effective.

Pinch massage technique

For weight loss, the plucked technique of working out the abdomen and sides is often used, which is one of the elements of classic manual massage. Especially popular, as well as the previous ones, were to use because of the simplicity and accessibility for independent execution. Perform best lying down. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage


  1. Spread cream or gel on the abdomen and sides with stroking.
  2. Using your fingers, starting from the pubis, and moving up, produce a series of kneading folds.
  3. With a significant amount of folds, you should knead them between your fingers and palms.
  4. Then, increasing the impact, move from the right groin up and to the left, clockwise.
  5. Complete 10-15 laps.
  6. After finishing kneading, wipe the sides and stomach with a hard towel.
  7. Wipe vigorously in a circular motion in a spiral from the navel, moving clockwise.

Massage should be intensively, but, avoiding pain. In no case should it be allowed that hematomas remain from strong influences. Best of all, every 3-4 rounds of performing techniques alternated with stroking.

The disadvantage of this technique is the study of only the surface layers of the skin with little pressure on fatty tissue.

Honey massage

Massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides can be combined with wrap elements. For example, one of the methods uses natural honey. Honey massage of the abdomen in itself is not a technical difficulty. But it requires careful preparation and compliance with the rules.

The main features of honey technology:

  1. Take a warm shower, scrub your skin.
  2. Do not wipe the skin dry.
  3. Apply a layer of honey. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage
  4. Wait for it to soak.
  5. To smear a stomach and sides the second time.
  6. Perform circular motions in the form of a spiral unwound from the navel clockwise.
  7. At the end of each turn, sharply remove the palm from the skin and wipe it with a napkin.
  8. At the end of the procedure, take a shower again.
  9. Wipe dry.

Basic tips for preparing and conducting a honey procedure:

  • During the procedure, it is necessary to make smooth and not too strong movements.
  • Use only obviously pure honey without additives.
  • Last year’s candied honey for massage is not suitable.
  • Do not massage in a hot room.
  • When applying the first layer, hold the massage area tightly pressed with your palm: the skin should not “drag” behind the palm of the hand, and the palm should not stick to the body; sliding hands over the body should be only slightly hindered.
  • To wipe the palms, use a dry cloth (to remove wax embedded in the body with dead epithelial cells).

Honey procedures have a number of specific contraindications:

  • Allergy to beekeeping products and components.
  • Incompatibility with tanning (after sunbathing, at least 1 week should pass).
  • Incompatibility with other procedures for losing weight.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The main goal of lymphatic drainage massage is to restore the normal outflow of lymph from the abdominal organs. Of all the types of massage already listed, this type is the most difficult to perform and has a purely therapeutic focus. In this regard, it is impossible to produce independently, and even more so at home. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

Massage techniques Performance technique
Longitudinal stroking  Produced from the pubic and iliac bones in the direction of the hypochondrium.
Stroking along the colon The master stands to the right of the patient. With the left hand, with the right hand on it, reception is carried out from the right groin to the ribs. After changing the position of the hands, the movement goes to the left hypochondrium, then – down to the left groin.
Longitudinal alternating It is done with both hands simultaneously in the direction from the pubis along the midline of the abdomen with the simultaneous spread of the arms to the sides.
Double ring kneading The masseur’s brushes overlap across the muscles. Each hand produces a single kneading.
Double Vulture The technique of execution is the same as with the double ring, but the hands are shifted as close as possible (to increase effort).

Each technique ends with vibration and stroking, both longitudinal and circular in a spiral around the navel. This type of massage of the abdomen is the most effective in cases of cosmetic effects (anti-cellulite effect). In addition, the same technique is used in the complex treatment of obesity.

This technique has only one drawback – the complexity of execution and high requirements for individual training of a massage therapist. As a rule, its use requires the supervision of a physician.


The technique came to us from France, the first mention of it has been known since the XYIII century. The procedure is simple but effective only for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, it is quite possible to use it at home.

It is more convenient to carry out grinding when standing. Nearby, in a convenient place, put a container of cold water to cool the spoons. According to the heat-conducting qualities, silver or cupronickel spoons are most suitable.

How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage
massage with the help of spoons should be performed with sufficient strength

Technique of execution:

  1. Use a cold spoon to describe concentric circles clockwise around the navel (the second one is cooling at this time).
  2. After 5 movements, change the spoons.
  3. Make 3 instrument changes.
  4. Then, with two spoons, make movements on the sides from the pelvis to the hypochondrium.
  5. After 15 movements, cool the spoons.
  6. Repeat all over again.
  7. Conduct a session for 10 minutes.

Sculpting hand massage

In essence and content, this technique relates to plucking techniques. The difference in technical performance. This type of massage is performed standing. To clearly define the boundaries of the fatty layers, it is necessary to strain the press during the procedure.

Execution process:

  1. Warm the skin with strokes.
  2. Make a capture of the fat folds in the right hypochondrium and tweak to the left.
  3. Sequentially treat the entire abdomen in rows to the very bottom.
  4. Perform stroking.
  5. Knead in the same sequence.
  6. Finish by stroking.

When properly executed, it is more effective than conventional plucking technique.

Old Slavic massage

Massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides in some cases is recommended to be carried out using ancient, and now revived techniques. Old Slavonic or visceral massage has become fashionable relatively recently. In its methods and content, it is practically identical to the Chinese version of tufu. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

The significant difference is that the effects on the stomach are much more intense, long-lasting and strong. So, the punching of each organ takes about 3 minutes. With each procedure, the pressure increases.


  • Palpation to reveal painful areas of the abdomen, as well as areas of muscle spasm.
  • Squeeze the reflex point of the gallbladder (one third of the distance from the navel to the xiphoid process and to the right by 1 finger width).
  • Go to the projection of the pancreas (symmetrical point on the left).
  • In the right hypochondrium, find the zone of the liver, push it at an angle of 45? down and deep (go all the right hypochondrium twice).
  • In the left hypochondrium there is a symmetric reflex zone of the spleen (the technique is the same).
  • Next, work out the entire stomach in a spiral, starting from the right corner of the pelvic bone (repeat twice).
  • Finish by stroking.

In the conditions of the salon, 10 procedures are carried out daily or every other day. At home, you can do it daily, using a plastic bottle for convenience (push points and zones with a cork). Every 10 procedures – rest for 3 weeks.

Hardware massage at home

In most cases, because of lack of time and high prices for professional massage procedures, women use various devices.

A special case of such is the family of vibratory massagers. For example, the belt for the abdomen Gezatone iShape m175. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the creation of mechanical vibrations transmitted to the body, and has not changed for many decades. When using such devices, it is enough to establish a comfortable vibration mode. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

The effect of pulsed myostimulants was constructed on a different principle (examples of foreign and domestic series are the biolift4 Abdominal M11 PRO myostimulator belt, manufactured in France, and the American-made Mercury neuromuscular stimulation device). All analogues use the method of electromagnetic stimulation of muscle contractions.

Order of use:

  1. Apply gel to electrodes.
  2. To put on a belt (or to fix electrodes on a body in the established order).
  3. Select a program.
  4. Gradually increase the power of impacts.

If available, you can enable the warming function.

Water massage of the abdomen and sides

Massage with a water jet is not only a pleasant, but also extremely useful procedure. Do not just confuse the hydromassage and the Sharko shower (or circular shower, it is also a jacuzzi). During hydromassage, a technique based on movements with classical manual massage is used.

The water pressure should be at least 3 atmospheres, which is often unattainable in modern residential buildings. At a pressure of 1 atmosphere, the procedure can be carried out, but it is no longer so effective. For home use of a hydromassage, instead of a shower head, screw in a garden hose divider with a flat and wide nozzle. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage

How to massage:

  • Adjust the desired pressure and water temperature.
  • Aim the jet at the stomach and describe the circles in a clockwise direction.
  • After 5 revolutions, work out the sides with vertical movements (each 5 times).
  • The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes. in a day.
  • With each cycle of 5 repetitions, change the temperature of the water.


Acupressure, like all types of reflexology, is a separate integrated treatment system.

Many sources offer various options for biologically active points to influence the process of losing weight. However, it must be understood that by acting on individual points it is impossible to achieve a result. Treatment methods for reflexology, as a rule, are developed individually.

To correct the condition at the beginning of procedures for burning excess fat on the abdomen and sides, you can recommend massage from the following set of points:

  • Da-lin – localized in the middle part of the wrist folds of the hands. How to make a massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: vacuum, Chinese, visceral anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage
  • Zu-san-li is located 3 tsun below the knee joint, on the lateral surface of the lower leg.
  • Zhong-wan – located in the midline of the abdomen at a distance of 4 inches above the navel.
  • Yang-lin-chuan – is located on the inner side of the lower leg, 1 inch below the knee joint.
  • Shang-ju-shui – it is easy to find 6 tsuns below the knee between the lateral surfaces of the tibial and soleus muscles.
  • Xian-gu – between the second and third metatarsal bones.

When searching for points, it should be borne in mind that the recommendations for localizing points are taken from traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike the eastern peoples, Europeans have 30% less biologically active points. Accordingly, some of their displacement may take place.

Search is carried out with index fingers. With a circular stroking of the zones of the alleged location of the points, it is important to feel a slight depression in the size of a 10-kopeck coin. This will be a signal that the point is found.

Massage is done by circularly screwing a finger into the BAP. Since it is necessary to activate the point and give it a high electric potential, the movement of the finger should be weak, rather even gentle. (With strong pressure, the activity of organs associated with BAP is inhibited). The impact is within 1-3 minutes Then follows the transition to the next point.

What should not be done categorically:

  • Use techniques not agreed with the reflexologist.
  • Take water procedures 1 hour before the massage and 1 hour after it.
  • Perform procedures in the presence of an intrauterine device.
  • Wear magnetic bracelets before and after applying the massage technique.

As a practical guide to all types of abdominal massage, a comprehensive examination of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs can be recommended. Many of these procedures, in the absence of one, very often result in severe complications.

Techniques for weight loss of the abdomen and sides with the help of massage are serious medical procedures that require the supervision of a doctor.

Video about massage for losing weight

An overview of abdominal slimming massages:

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