Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

The development of back muscles is facilitated by the pull of one or 2 dumbbells in an inclination towards the waist. For the exercise, you can use shells of different weights.

Beneficial effect on the body and contraindications

Dumbbell traction in the slope to the waist is an exercise considered mandatory for the weight training program.

It contributes to:

  • getting rid of muscle imbalance;
  • uniform functioning by both halves of the back;
  • building the relief and muscles of the back.

Such a thrust is aimed at:

  • high-quality muscle work: due to the fact that only the spinal muscles are involved, the athlete does not need to be distracted by holding the body in the right position and saving the natural lordosis in the spine;
  • muscle building: during systematic training, back muscles increase;
  • the formation of an attractive V-shaped silhouette and an expanded shoulder girdle.

It is important to exercise caution and remember that such a complex belongs to the power and puts a strain on the spinal column. The ban on its implementation applies to those who have hernias, protrusions, hyperlordosis or hyperkyphosis.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

When pulling with 1 hand, there is a risk of worsening existing health problems or new ones. Novice athletes often do not follow the correct technique and intentionally use heavy dumbbells, believing that with their help you can achieve the desired results faster.

In reality, heavy shells put a heavy load on the shoulders and elbows. If the correct technique is not followed, the possibility of getting a spinal injury or pinched nerve endings in its upper part increases.


You can use 1 or 2 dumbbells.

The body position may be as follows:

  • upright, 2 legs on the floor;
  • vertically, 1 knee is placed on a bench;
  • horizontally on an inclined surface.

To pump your back well, you need to perform 3 types of exercises:

Traction exercises Description
To the belt Exercise is carried out using a horizontal or inclined bench. First you need a stretch.
In horizontal position An inclined bench is used for it. The movement is carried out at different angles.
Upright Exercise is similar to the rod pull.

Work with 1 projectile

The draft in a slope to the belt 1 of the dumbbell can be carried out in 2 ways – on a straight surface or inclined.

When performing a stand on a horizontal bench, it is important to consider the nuances:

  • shin and arm (both right or both left) rested on a bench;
  • the pelvis was aligned. The pelvic bones should be in a plane parallel to the floor and without skew. If it is, the arm should be moved around the bench until the pelvic bones are in the same plane;
  • shoulders were located in one plane;
  • the arm with the shell was down.

The execution technology is as follows:

  1. It’s right to take a dumbbell: its bar is parallel to the floor.
  2. Pull the projectile to the belt, trying to pull the elbow up.
  3. Having reached the top point, turn around so that the elbow rises higher. It is important to remember: twisting can cause injury.
  4. Stop for 1 second, then lower your hand.
  5. Take the shell back a little, not allowing it to hang perpendicular to the floor.
  6. In the lower position, stay for about 1 second, relax the hand and shoulder blade a bit, then lift the dumbbell again.

It is recommended to do at least 3 sets of 10 times for each hand. After the necessary number of times is done for 1 arm, you can take the dumbbell in the other hand and repeat the exercise.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

Such a simulator has the following advantages and disadvantages compared to working with a barbell:

Advantages disadvantages
  • Ease of implementation. Work on each side gives a good focus on the muscles being worked out;
  • large amplitude when raising a hand. This option helps the muscles contract productively.
  • 2 times more time costs;
  • after exercise, feeling more tired;
  • possible discomfort in the chest, due to confusion of breath when twisting the body.

With two shells

Working with a pair of dumbbells is comparable to pulling a barbell. If an athlete has learned to perform it, his task will become easier. All that remains to be done is to choose the right weight. Thanks to this exercise, the back is worked out, and the muscles of the lower extremities do not experience too much stress.

The key benefits of traction with both hands include:

  • execution security. This is due to free weight and minimal load on the spine. Such a simulator is a good option for problems with the lower back;
  • accessibility of the exercise due to the lack of sophisticated equipment;
  • the ability to vary the weight of dumbbells. Due to this, the simulator is effective for both beginners and long practitioners;
  • the variability of the exercise. This is possible by choosing a different body position or angle;
  • strengthening and supporting the lower back in tone, correcting stoop.
Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video
The photo shows the correct execution of dumbbell traction in an inclination to the belt.

The execution technology is as follows:

  1. Take the initial position, for which it is right to take dumbbells: they should not hang on the fingers, the grip is the same on 2 sides.
  2. Lean forward with the body, the optimum angle is 45 °.
  3. Bend your knees so that your thigh biceps is not stressed.
  4. Flatten the shoulder blades and bring shells to the belt. The elbows are in the same plane as the spine.


The draft of dumbbells in an inclination to a belt, leaning with 2 hands, will demand:

  • supports with the right or left hand;
  • leg forward;
  • laid back pelvis;
  • torso 45 °.

Such a craving can be with a lunge or without.

If preference is given to the first method, it is necessary:

  1. Put forward the right leg and transfer body weight to it.
  2. Take a shell in your left hand.
  3. Rest your right hand on your right knee.
  4. Exhale the right hand with the shell.
  5. On inspiration, lower this hand.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

When exercising without lunge, you should:

  1. Feet apart slightly and bend at the knees.
  2. Place your right hand behind your back.
  3. Take a shell in your left hand.
  4. Pull the left hand to the lower back, stop for 1 second.
  5. Return to starting position.

Lying down

Before performing the deadlift, it is necessary to correctly set the bench, fixing the back so that when bringing the dumbbell to the belt, the broadest muscles are tensed.

In order for the load to be distributed evenly, and muscle development to occur harmoniously, it is necessary:

  1. Tilt 30 °.
  2. Place yourself on the bench with your back up.
  3. Take one shell in the left and right hands and bring them to the belt, trying to pull the shoulder blades to the spine.

Only biceps should not perform weight-lifting work: the rhomboid muscle also gets the load, while the trapezius does not work, since there is emphasis and stabilization.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

The execution technique is as follows:

  1. Put shells on the floor.
  2. Lie belly on the bench, arms hanging.
  3. Position the head just above the back.
  4. Legs apart, toes resting on the surface of the floor. Before taking dumbbells, check the stability of the position.
  5. When raising and lowering shells, carry out work with hands bent at the elbows.

Using a reclining bench

It is difficult for some for a long time to maintain a deflection in the lower back, so instead of a horizontal surface, it is better to take an inclined one.

The bench is installed as follows:

  1. Fix the 30 ° corner for the back.
  2. Raise seat slightly.
  3. Place a knee on the seat.
  4. Bend your arm at the elbow and lean against the back. So the arms and lower back will experience less stress.

Stretching exercise

If the femoral biceps are so stiff that it is impossible to tilt, stretching is necessary. It consists in rolling it on a roller before starting the exercise. However, first you need to take a horizontal position, resting his stomach on a bench.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

It is important to remember: with poor or insufficient stretching it will not be possible to bend or bend correctly.

Breeding elbows

If you want to use the posterior deltoid muscles, it is necessary to use light weight, while not rocking the body.

Tips & Tricks

For people who have achieved success in pumping back muscles, professionals give the following tips and advice:

Aspect of attention Recommendations
Angle Much depends on the angle between the shoulder and the body. By changing this angle, you can pump different muscles.

For instance:

  • the rear deltoids are well pumped if the elbows are widely spaced;
  • if the elbows are in contact with the body, the latissimus muscles function.

These features can be used by distributing the load on different areas of the back. It is recommended to give preference to 2 types of exercises:

  • elbows in the body;
  • the elbows are wide apart.

In this case, you must strive to pull the shells to the belt, otherwise the exercise will not bring positive results.

Dumbbell position If 1 shell is used, the situation is the only one for him, but if the draft is 2 dumbbells, there are more options. The farther the arms are from the torso, the greater the angle of rotation of the shells.
No bench Those who have a good stretch, it is recommended to do thrust to the belt in a slope. You need to take a standing position, without using a bench, lean your hand on something and start the exercise.

It is better to choose light weights, otherwise the muscles will be at great risk of damage or jerking.

Weight The mass of dumbbells must be selected based on physical capabilities. For example, lightweight shells are more suitable for girls and beginners.
Medium-weight dumbbells are recommended for those who have repeatedly performed such exercises.
The weight of the projectile should not pull the body down when lowering.
Variety of workouts Periodically recommended to make a variety. You can slightly tilt the projectile toward yourself or rotate it when the last 3’9 – 7’9 inch of amplitude is overcome.

The shell itself, dumbbells, is also important for exercises. Their main advantage is that it is an independent and centered projectile that can replace the barbell, while the muscle movements in the exercise will be more natural.

When choosing, you need to look at the following:

  • varieties of dumbbells;
  • material of manufacture;
  • mechanisms used;
  • manufacturer;
  • price.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

Dumbbells can be of 2 types:

Shell Application Features of choice
Collapsible Applicable, if necessary, increase the power indicators. Their minus in periodic untwisting and adding pancakes, plus – variability of the load. Such shells are suitable for beginner athletes. Before purchasing a dumbbell, you must test it in a store.

Pancakes can be made from:

  • rubber – the best match for price and quality, but they have a specific smell;
  • silicone – a wear-resistant, pleasant option in the hand, but expensive;
  • neopen – convenient to work, but wear out quickly;
  • metal – budget functional type.

For the comfort of exercise, a dumbbell bar is important. Its diameter should ensure a tight fit of the hand. It is better if the grip area is rubberized, the metal will be unpleasant in the hands, and the plastic one will slip out.

Fasteners are also important: pancakes in the place of fastening should be well fixed to ensure safety during training. The diameter of their neck should be convenient for any number of pancakes.

Inseparable Suitable for keeping fit. They are suitable for training at home. When choosing them, you need to rely on the individual weight, which is convenient to work with. The dumbbell should be tight in the hand, not too light and not slip out. Use gloves if necessary.

The coating material may be rubber or silicone.

Possible mistakes

The draft of dumbbells in an inclination to the belt is often performed with errors, as a result of which the exercise is ineffective or harmful.

Belt dumbbell pull. What muscles work, exercise technique. Video

It is better not to allow the following situations:

  • Lowering the head. The chin goes down to the sternum, unnecessary tension appears in the neck and the normal position of the ridge is disturbed. As a result, the risk of injury increases.
  • Craving for the chest. If the hand involuntarily pulls the projectile to the chest, it means that it is using too much weight. It’s better to take the shell easier and pull it to the stomach, and not to the chest.
  • Jerk thrust. Raise your hand with the shell you need to smoothly, without sudden movements: this way you can pump muscles well. If the traction is carried out jerkily, injury and useless muscle training are possible. Also, with such an error, a trapezius muscle spasm, pain in the neck, neck.
  • Rounding of the back. This is a sign of insufficient stretching. To avoid it, you must use an inclined bench or use a higher support.
  • Hand shake. It occurs with weak muscles. If the hand begins to tremble, it is necessary to tilt the bench or try other positions of the hands;
  • Biceps force pull. When correctly executed, the projectile must be pulled by the strength of the spinal muscles. If you start with biceps, this excludes the back from work. The hand here seems to perform the function of a “hook”. After the correct traction, the latissimuscular muscles, but not the biceps, should remain tense. If it’s hard not to use your biceps, take dumbbells more easily. You can repeat the exercise, standing in front of the mirror until the desired muscles are felt;
  • Improper breathing ratio. A common mistake is the wrong breathing rhythm. You need to raise it on an exhale, and lower it on an inhalation.

A high-quality simulator that strengthens the spinal muscles and develops correct posture is the draft of dumbbells in an inclination. It is required for training as a complement to vertical rods.

Dumbbell Deadlift Video

Rules for the execution of dumbbell traction in an incline:

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