Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

For men, as well as for girls, the most effective exercises for pumping the pectoral muscles are loads using sports equipment, for example, dumbbells, expanders or weights. If a woman’s health does not allow her to use weights, professional fitness trainers recommend turning to more traditional training options (various types of push-ups).

Properly selected load is not only the key to the effectiveness of the exercises, but also minimizes the risk of injury to the athlete.

Exercises for lifting the pectoral muscles with dumbbells

Chest exercises for girls using dumbbells are preferably performed under the guidance of a professional. A fitness trainer will help to correctly determine the working weight, explain the technique of performing loads, and also monitor the correctness of the session itself.

In the vast majority of cases, a training program designed for women who do not have contraindications includes:

Exercise name Description of the technique
Lay-up Exercise pumps mainly the large muscle of the chest. It is its size and relief that determines the appearance of the athlete’s chest area. With proper execution, the wiring in parallel involves the biceps, triceps and deltas (front of the upper limbs).

1. Sit on a horizontal bench, after picking up the dumbbells of the working mass. The back should be firmly pressed against the supporting surface, and the feet should rest against the floor, creating an additional feeling of overall stability of the body.

2. Pull out arms with weighting so that sports equipment is over the athlete’s chest. Take a deep breath.

3. On the exhale, spread your arms to the sides, slightly bending them at the elbows. The hands should be turned upside down with dumbbells. Having formed a straight line in the position of the upper limbs, fix them for 3-5 seconds. and slowly (inhaling deeply through the nose) return to its original position. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

Exercise lying with one dumbbell (bench press with one hand) This is a complicated version of the traditional version of the exercise, which involves the press of sports equipment with both hands at the same time. Working with one limb, a person not only creates an additional load on the muscles of the chest, but also develops the coordination necessary for everyone in sports.

1. To accept emphasis lying on a back (it is desirable to use a horizontal bench, but in its absence, you can use an inclined bench or sit on the floor as a supporting surface). The body should be pressed as tightly as possible against the support.

2. In one hand, take a working sports equipment, bend the limb at the elbow and firmly press the dumbbell to the chest. The second hand should be lowered down or create an additional reference point, being on the side surface of the bench.

3. In parallel with the exhalation, “squeeze” the weighting agent, while straightening the elbow. It is necessary to ensure that at the time of changing the position of the limbs, the athlete’s body remains motionless.

4. Without stopping at the top point, bend the hand as slowly as possible, returning it to its original position (PI).

Incline Dumbbell Press The exercise maximally effectively works out the deep muscles of the sternum, increasing the relief of this area of the athlete’s body. This explains why fitness trainers include this kind of exercise in everyone who is targeting chest muscle pumping.

1. Take the dumbbells of the working mass.

2. Settle down on an inclined bench, making sure that its angle allows you to firmly press your feet to the floor. If there is no possibility to adjust the corner of the bench, then the legs can be put on the surface in front of you, thus providing a reference point.

3. Bend your elbows and press the dumbbells to your chest.

4. Controlling the position of the lower back (should be pressed against the bench), it is necessary to straighten the limbs without jerking, “squeezing” the dumbbells to the point at which they will be strictly above the girl’s chest. The brushes should be directed with their internal surfaces to each other. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

5. Without pausing, bend your elbows and take the PI on inhalation.

Sitting dumbbell lift Exercise can be performed both sitting on a vertical bench (it is convenient to control the position of the back), and on a regular horizontal surface (the back is without support). If the lesson takes place in a hall where there are no special benches, the main part of any simulator can be used as a supporting surface.

1. Take a sitting position and make sure that the legs create additional support (a 90 degree angle should form in the knees). Take dumbbells in your hands and lower them down to the area of the knee joints. Straighten your back, stretch your neck, raise your head.

2. By releasing air through the mouth with a powerful jet, the air drawn into the lungs earlier, it is necessary to raise a sports projectile, while bending the limbs in the elbow joints. At the same time, the brushes must be turned with their inner side to themselves.

3. Without fixing sports equipment at the highest point, take the initial position, following the recommendations of specialists on rhythmic breathing (effort is exhaled, relaxation is inhaled).

If the exercise is performed correctly, the athlete works out the biceps and the main sternum muscle in this way.

U-turn bar 1. Fix dumbbells in the hands (it is recommended to use sports equipment, less weight than usual working weights).

2. Lean on them, while taking a horizontal position on the floor. The emphasis in the lower body should fall on the tips of the toes. Hands when the athlete is in the starting position must be kept straight.

3. After taking a deep breath, rotate the body to the left as slowly as possible, while raising your straight hand above you. The gaze should be fixed on the sports equipment. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

4. Save the position for 5-7 seconds, and then return on inspiration to the IP.

To avoid injuries, it is necessary to use dumbbells with corrugated faces when performing the exercise. Rounded shapes during a U-turn can suddenly change position, thereby swaying the balance of the athlete.

Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise is one of the easiest to perform and has a minimum number of contraindications. It strengthens the pectoral muscles, shoulder girdle, arms and even the back of the athlete. For its implementation it is necessary:

1. Sit on a horizontal bench, securing your feet in special rollers or tightly pressing your feet to the floor. Straighten your back, raise your chin, slightly breast forward. In the hands, fix the dumbbells of the required mass, and press them to the body in the chest area.

2. On the exhale, straighten the limbs by lifting sports equipment overhead. In this case, the hands s
hould be turned forward with the inner sides (the thumbs of both hands are at the smallest distance from each other).

3. Without lingering in the resulting position for more than 3 seconds, slowly bend the limbs at the elbows, returning to the original position.

Push ups

Chest exercises for girls can be performed without sports equipment. The most effective among lightweight types of loads are push-ups. Depending on the area that needs special study, the described exercise is modified by the fitness trainer taking into account the initial data of his “ward”.

Chest Exercise Name Execution technique
Palm squeezing This exercise can be performed while in any upright position (standing or sitting). To achieve the best result, it is recommended to practice such a load at least 2-3 times a day for several approaches. Thanks to the compression, the chest is tightened, the relief of the shoulder girdle is increased and the strength indicator of the athlete’s hands is increased.
Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program
Exercise squeezing the palms on the chest for girls should be done with maximum effort

1. Straighten your back, slightly forward your chest, raise your chin. Place the hands in front of you, placing the back of the palms against each other. Dilute the elbows to the sides so that the upper limbs form one straight horizontal line.

2. Inhale deeply and, releasing the previously accumulated air through the mouth, squeeze the palms as much as possible, without changing the starting position.

3. It is recommended to keep your hands energized for 10 to 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time incrementally.

4. Relax the limbs, while maintaining their original position.

Wide push ups With wide push-ups, you can work out the pectoralis major muscle, triceps and deltoid muscles. During the exercise, it is recommended to monitor the position of the body and make sure that there is no discomfort or pain in the lower back and neck.

1. Set horizontally, facing the floor. The reference points in the IP are the back of the palms and toes (position “on toes”). Draw the belly into yourself and tear it off the floor, while straightening the upper limbs. Look forward. Hands set apart from each other by a distance greater than the width of the shoulders by about 3’9 – 5’9 inch.

2. In parallel with the exhalation, bend the arms at the elbows and stop at the point of formation of a right angle in the joints of the limbs.

3. Hold in this position for 2-4 seconds. Then return to the IP and repeat the above sequence as many times as necessary.

Inclination push-ups A sophisticated form of exercise aimed at a more thorough study of the deep muscle groups of the sternum. During the performance of such loads, it is important to avoid sudden movements, since being in an inclined position, an athlete can provoke a sharp jump in blood pressure in the body.

1. Take a horizontal position of the body. Put your feet on the bench, hands on the floor. Look down. The neck should be a continuation of the straight line of the body. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

2. On exhalation, bend your arms as close to the floor as possible (the easiest version of the exercise involves bending the elbow joint to form a right angle).

3. Without fixing the point, slowly “squeeze” the muscles and return to the PI.

Knee push ups Push-ups from the knees – this is a lightweight version of the exercise, starting with which it is recommended to all athletes seeking to pump the pectoral muscles. This type of load also helps to work out the muscles of the back, abs and buttocks in parallel. In the presence of diseases of the knee joints or in case of discomfort when taking an IP, you must first put a small pillow or piece of dense tissue under the knees.

1. Get on your knees, put your hands in front of you, pull out the body in a horizontal direction. Cross the calf of the limbs with each other in the ankle. Straighten your arms, stretch your neck, look straight ahead.

2. At the time of exhalation, slowly lower to the floor, controlling that the back remains in the most straight position.

3. Without stopping at the bottom point, take the initial position, avoiding jerking and “diving” of the body.

Conventional push ups After push-ups from the knees, you should switch to the classic version of the exercise. To do this, you must:

1. Take a lying position on a horizontal surface face down. Tear the torso off the floor due to the support on the hands and toes of the feet. It is important that throughout the exercise, the stomach is constantly pulled in, and the muscles of the whole body are as stressed as possible. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program

2. On exhalation, it is necessary to bend your elbows and touch the chest of the floor.

3. Straighten the limbs, returning to the original position. As with the push-ups, it is not recommended to “dive” with the body during classical training. Such facilitation of the exercise not only reduces the effectiveness of the exercise, but also increases the likelihood of an athlete getting injured in the lumbar or thoracic spine.

Emphasis on the wall Push-ups from the wall are recommended for people with low physical fitness. This is due to the fact that this type of load is the most sparing. But, despite the longer period necessary to obtain a visible result, vertical push-ups are no less effective than their counterparts. In order to work out the shoulders, chest, arms and upper spine, you need to:

1. Located approximately 3’3 foot from the wall with which further work is to be done.

2. Put your palms on the wall and transfer the body weight to the upper limbs, thus placing the body under a slight inclination. Straighten your back, set your chest forward, look in front of you.

3. On exhalation, bend your elbows and approach the wall.

4. Touch the forehead of the supporting surface and, not lingering in this position, return to the original position, slowly straightening the limbs.

Medball Pushups Exercises with a medba
ll have several variations of their performance. The most effective for pumping the pectoral muscles of the girl are the classic push-ups:

1. Take a horizontal position, leaning his hands on a set of medball. Put your feet on your toes, pull your stomach in, straighten your back, look down.

2. Simultaneously with the release of the previously accumulated air, bend your arms at the elbows and lower as low as possible to the sports equipment.

3. Without pausing, smoothly return to the IP.

Work with an expander

Chest exercises for girls using an expander can be performed both in the gym and at home. The key to the effectiveness of such training is the right choice of sports equipment. When buying, you should pay attention not only to the ease of use of the expander, but also to its appearance (the absence of scuffs, tears, cracks).

The classic breast pumping technique involves the following sequence of actions:

  1. Get up straight. Stretch the neck, feed the chest forward, bring the shoulder blades together. Put the legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bend the limbs at the knees. Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program
  2. Place the expander on the back in the area of the lower part of the shoulder blades and withdraw the arms with the arms of the sports equipment in front of you, while making sure that the back of the palms is turned down.
  3. Slowly bend your arms, while spreading your elbows as far as possible so that they form a straight line parallel to the floor.
  4. Pull your elbows back and stretch your pectoral muscles as much as possible. Keep this position for 7-10 seconds.
  5. After the specified time has passed, return to the IP and repeat the sequence of actions as many times as necessary.

Standing chest stretch

Chest exercises for girls should end with a stretch of well-developed muscles. Such complexes contribute to an increase in muscle elasticity, and also minimize pain in the post-training period.

Professional fitness trainers recommend including stretching exercises such as:

  • flattening of hands behind the back; Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program
  • arms raised behind the back;
  • pressure on the wall with a wide setting of hands;
  • breeding the elbows of the hands joined behind the head;
  • breeding hands in the doorway.


The Camel pose is a basic exercise for stretching the pectoral muscles, which is practiced by people doing yoga. It is recommended to perform it at the end of the workout.

It restores breathing, improves blood flow and minimizes stagnation of lactic acid produced during sports.

In order to correctly adopt the “Camel” position, the athlete should:

  1. Kneel on a firm, steady surface.
  2. Put your hands back, bend in the back and put your hands in the ankle.
  3. Tilt your head back and fix the position for the maximum possible time (at least 20 seconds).

During the exercise, it is necessary to observe the periodicity of breathing and feel the stretching of the pectoral muscles, as well as the front surface of the legs.

Weekly Workout Program

To obtain an effective result, it is important to adhere to the following program:

1. Tuesday:

  • walking at a fast pace on a treadmill – 20 minutes;
  • mixing hands in the simulator “Butterfly” – 3 sets of 15 reps (3 * 15);
  • dumbbell bench press from a standing position – 3 * 12;
  • dumbbell bench press lying on an inclined bench – 4 * 10;
  • reduction of hands in a crossover from the knees 3 * 15;
  • “Camel” – 3 to 20 seconds; Chest exercises for girls. Weekly Workout Program
  • riding a stationary bike – 20 minutes;
  • stretching.

2. Thursday:

  • walking in the stepper – 20 minutes;
  • draft of dumbbells in an inclination – 3 * 20;
  • push-ups from the knees – 4 * 20;
  • strip with a turn of the body – 3 * 20;
  • squeezing hands – 5 for 40 seconds;
  • sitting dumbbell press – 3 * 15;
  • sitting dumbbell lift – 3 * 12;
  • running on a treadmill – 20 minutes

The above training program is designed for a girl aged 25 to 35 years, who does not have contraindications to sports for health reasons.

Recommended chest exercises not only improve the appearance of girls, but also strengthen their health. This is due to the fact that during such trainings, other muscle groups are also worked out in parallel, in particular the muscles supporting the spinal column.

Compliance with the technique of performing loads on the chest, as well as the correct selection of working weights will help the athlete achieve visible results in 3-4 weeks of regular training.

Women Breast Exercise Video

10 simple chest exercises for women:

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