Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

The Botox injection procedure on the lips is one of the most popular anti-aging cosmetic procedures in modern aesthetic cosmetology. Botox is a preparation based on purified botulinum toxin type A. “Beauty injections” allow the non-surgical method to achieve excellent results in aesthetic medicine.

Botox efficiency, pros and cons, photos

Injections in the lip area are very popular. The demand for the procedure is explained by the fact that the result after it is comparable with the result obtained with the help of plastic surgery, but is safer and less expensive. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

Using Botox injections eliminate:

  • Facial purse-string wrinkles around the mouth, which are formed due to the constant activity of the circular muscles of the face. Botox injections relax this muscle.
  • Asymmetry of the lips.
  • Fuzzy outline of lips.
  • Insufficient lip volume or disproportionate lower lip relative to the upper.

The dosage of the drug is calculated by the cosmetologist during a full-time consultation by conducting a survey of the patient. Factors that influence the determination of the dose of Botox are associated with individual features of the structure of the face, the severity and number of wrinkles. But there are average statistics that should be guided by.

During each consultation, the doctor prepares an individual Botox administration schedule for each patient and calculates the dose of the drug, depending on the severity of facial wrinkles. Repeated injections are sometimes required.

The number of units of Botox in various parts of the face
Jaw line 35-55 units
Lip corners 3-6 units
Nasolabial fold 5-20 units (depending on the number of points at which the drug will be administered)

Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

Botox advantages:

  • Replacement of plastic surgery for effectiveness, but in the absence of complications.
  • Visible effect after a short time, which is observed immediately after the procedure and reaches a peak in a few hours.
  • Relatively low cost of the procedure.
  • The ability to lead a familiar lifestyle in the absence of a long recovery period.
  • Extensive scope. Injections are used not only for aesthetic purposes in cosmetology, but also for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), neurological manifestations (seizures, various ticks) and in ophthalmology – for the treatment of strabismus.
  • The safety of Botox, proven by scientific research and experience. Negative consequences can occur solely as a result of an improperly selected dose of the drug and the unqualified actions of a cosmetologist.
  • An additional effect of rejuvenation. It is believed that due to the muscle relaxant effect on muscles, the skin begins the intensive production of elastin and collagen, which are beneficial for the skin.

Cons Botox:

  • Sensation of pain during the Botox Lip procedure. Some people have a very low pain threshold, they are given local anesthesia for the comfort of the procedure.
  • The effectiveness of the procedure is only to eliminate facial wrinkles that were formed as a result of muscle tension. Wrinkles resulting from dry skin and caused by physiological features of the structure of the face cannot be corrected using “beauty injections”.
  • Deep wrinkles are not completely removed in this way, but only smoothed.
  • For the Botox procedure, the experience of a specialist is required. Incorrect techniques for administering botulinum toxin, non-compliance with sterility and incorrectly calculated dosage can cause complications in the patient.
  • Temporary effect.

To get the total cost of the Botox Lip procedure, you need to take into account the number of points at which the drug will be administered and the amount of funds for each zone. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

Zone Cost
Nasolabial fold $ 17 – $ 104
To the corners of the lips $ 10 – $ 22
Upper lip $ 15 – $ 28
Around the mouth $ 28 – $ 41
Over the upper lip $ 15 – $ 28

The procedure contains many important points.

The doctor plans an injection zone: 1/3 of the height of the distance from the chin to the corner of the mouth. It is necessary to precisely get into the desired area so as not to “turn off” the muscle supporting the lower lip, otherwise the mouth may become distorted when smiling.

Injections are done superficially, the needle is not inserted deeply. The dose of botulinum toxin for injection should be small – 1-2 units for each side of the lips.

These are average rules. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired effect, you have to do two injections on each side, choosing one point above, the other lower.

Botox to the corners of the lips

Botox injections into the corners of the lips are considered a difficult procedure, despite the small dosage and the minimum number of points for injection. There are many different muscles in the periubabial zone. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

In the process of introducing Botox, a small amount of it can get on neighboring muscles or tissues, which will lead to undesirable consequences.

Therefore, it is important to be careful, calculate the dosage of the substance and give injections to the “right” places.

Botox in the upper or lower lip

Enter to change or correct the shape of the lips. The procedure is similar to Botox injections in the corners of the lips.

Botox around the mouth

It is used to remove purse-string wrinkles, which are formed for various reasons: in smokers – because of the habit of making lips with a tube, with age in many women – due to the loss of skin elasticity. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

Injections are made in several areas around the mouth, 2-3 units per zone. The doctor decides on the number of zones depending on the severity of wrinkles.

Botox over the upper lip

There are certain rules and features of the procedure. They begin with the fact that points for injections are selected. The doctor focuses on the place where the wrinkles are greatest and they are the deepest. Usually, these are 2-4 points above the lip, offset to the center of the mouth.

The dosage of the drug is determined depending on each individual situation. The dose should not be too large, from 2-4 units per 1 injection.

The injection should be done superficially, above the contour of the lip.

The technique of the procedure is quite simple, but requires the experience and skill of a cosmetologist. For injections in the lip area, approximately 6-9 units of the drug are required. This number is divided into 4-6 identical parts.

Lip augmentation with Botox – how to do it, how long the result lasts

Botox to improve the condition of the lips is carried out according to a certain scheme:

  • The beautician marks the areas where injections are required.
  • An anesthetic is applied to the skin around the lips, then the doctor checks whether it has acted.
  • Then, using a sharp thin needle, the drug is slowly introduced into the marked points. It is imperative that the same amount of substance is used on each side, and that symmetry is maintained during administration.
  • The patient should spend some time in the treatment room. The cosmetologist will observe the reaction of the body to the administered agent and give recommendations on what lifestyle is allowed to lead after the procedure in the near future. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

The introduction of Botox into the lip area allows you to observe a noticeable result already on the day of the injection.

A more tangible effect will appear after 3-4 days. Women note that they get rid of wrinkles around the mouth, that the outline of the lips has become smoother and sharper, and injections made into the corners of the lips have improved facial expression, eliminating gloom.

How long the effect of the Botox Lip procedure lasts will depend on the volume of the drug administered and the sensitivity to it. The effect lasts for 4-9 months, then the procedure must be repeated. It should be noted that with repeated administration of Botox, a longer time is valid.

Botox correction of lips – how to raise corners (“smile effect”)

Botox will help to effectively and painlessly get rid of the lowered corners of the lips. A dull facial expression occurs due to wrinkles that are formed with an active facial expression, and it becomes difficult to relax the muscles responsible for it. Botox injections can reduce their contractility, make them more tight.

Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews
Botox lips help lift the corners

The effect of the injection will be noticeable in 2-3 days. Wrinkles in the area of the lips are smoothed out, the corners are pulled up. To enhance the effect, you can do exercises for the facial muscles with a variety of facial movements. It lasts about a year, then the procedure must be repeated.

But before deciding to correct lips using this method, you need to consult a specialist and find out if there are any contraindications for this procedure.

The cosmetologist anesthetizes the area around the upper lip with a special gel with an anesthetic, waits 15-20 minutes, then marks the places where Botox will be injected. The dose is calculated individually, injections are made with a thin sharp needle. In the corners of the mouth do one injection on both sides – this amount is enough to relax the circular muscle.

After the introduction of the drug, the injection sites are covered with ice, then treated with a hematoma remedy. The doctor monitors the patient for half an hour to help in case of side effects. After 2 weeks, a second procedure will be required.

What is possible and what is not possible after Botox. Aftercare

After the patient has been injected with Botox, he needs to follow several rules and restrictions. Fixing the result and prolonging its effect on the body depends on what facial skin care will be in the period after injections. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

The main limitations after the Botox procedure:

  • Avoid overheating. Within 5-7 days after the “beauty injections” it is forbidden to visit the sauna, get a tan in the solarium or on, take a hot bath.
  • It is not recommended to lead an active lifestyle. You can not engage in physical education and heavy physical exertion, otherwise blood, rushing to the face, can form bruises.
  • It is necessary to carefully observe the hygiene of the face , try not to use cosmetic products during this period, as this can cause infection of those areas where the injections were made.
  • You should not massage your face , use scrubs, otherwise the effect of Botox will be less pronounced.
  • It is not recommended to take drugs that affect blood coagulation, antimicrobials (antibiotics), because this can cause edema and general discomfort.
  • Alcohol use should be excluded.
  • No smoking, nicotine can affect the uniform distribution of Botox.

Immediately (2-3 hours) after the injection is prohibited:

  • located horizontally;
  • perform actions with a tilt of the head;
  • take water treatments (showers, baths).

Botulinum toxin injection correction is one of the safe
st methods of aesthetic medicine and is called the “lunch break procedure”.

In order to make an injection with Botox, preliminary preparation and a long recovery period in a hospital are not required.

The rehabilitation period includes, in addition to limitations, tips for caring for the skin of the lips and face:

  • it is useful to do facial exercises with facial muscles to evenly distribute Botox in the tissues;
  • for disinfection of wounds from a needle, the skin is wiped with a swab with “Chlorhexidine”, “Miramistin”;
  • cold compresses are applied from the edema;
  • for skin regeneration in places of punctures it is necessary to apply ointments or creams with dexpanthenol – “Bepanten” or “Panthenol”;
  • moisturizers and nourishing creams must be used, avoiding warming masks.

Injections are combined with other methods:

  • The use of fillers with Botox is a competent combination. Neurotoxin leads to relaxation of facial muscles, eliminating wrinkles. After 2-3 weeks, you can make injections with hyaluronic acid to even out wrinkles on the skin and give volume to the lips.
  • Botox lips and mesotherapy. Together, these procedures give an excellent rejuvenation effect. Botox eliminates facial wrinkles in a certain area of the lips, and mesotherapy increases the overall elasticity of the skin.
  • Chemical peeling procedure. Botox injections prepare for the procedure – the skin is smoothed, peeling will be easier and more effective on a smooth surface. The technique will remove skin pigmentation, various defects. A break of 14-20 days between procedures is required.

Consequences and side effects of Botox injections on the lips. Reviews

Botox injections, like other medical procedures, have a number of side effects. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

If the administration technique is not followed, side effects occur:

  • In the form of painful sensations and swelling of the area into which the injection was made. Small subcutaneous hemorrhages may appear. Such phenomena pass independently after a short period of time.
  • The presence of individual intolerance to the introduction of the drug can cause serious disorders in the patient’s body. These are: headache, insensitivity of the skin, the manifestation of an allergic reaction (redness, rash).
  • Exceeding the dosage of the drug can cause paralysis of the swallowing muscles and respiratory muscles, which is explained by the relaxing effect of the drug. This can happen due to inexperience and insufficient qualifications of a cosmetologist who incorrectly calculated the dose of the drug or because of the penetration of Botox into the blood.
  • A Botox injection can give a mask effect when a person cannot control his facial expressions due to paralysis of muscles. If the drug is administered in accordance with all the rules, you can reduce the risk of such side effects.
  • Botox can lead to facial asymmetries when the substance is unevenly distributed or goes beyond the desired area.

Reviews about the Botox lip procedure are both positive and negative. Some patients noted an allergic reaction to the introduction of Botox, an uneven distribution of the drug, which caused a distortion when smiling.

Of the positive ones, Botox gave a beautiful shape to thin lips, helped get rid of purse-string wrinkles around the mouth, and got rid of the lowered corners of the lips.

As can be seen from the reviews, Botox injections, subject to the recommendations of a specialist and the absence of contraindications to the procedure, as well as, if they are done by experienced doctors, are a safe method of rejuvenating and correcting lip imperfections.

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Botox or hyaluronic acid

The use of botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine has been widely used. It is used to correct asymmetry, to raise the lowered corners of the lips, to get rid of facial wrinkles. Botox in the lips, corners of the lips, for enlargement and contour. Photos and consequences, reviews

But after the injection, the effect of the increase will be only visual. If the patient wants to give “puffiness” to the lips, it is advisable to combine Botox with the injection of gel with hyaluronic acid, or choose only hyaluron for correction.

Injections give the same result, but for a longer time. At the same time, any of the drugs may not take root, which does not minimize the risk of complications.

You can use Botox if a person by nature is not the owner of a beautiful lip shape or they become unattractive due to age-related changes. Before you make an injection, you should clarify the data on contraindications, as well as get the doctor’s recommendations for the rehabilitation period.

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