Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

The use of oils in hair treatments has conflicting opinions. Some experts point to their positive impact, including olive. Others – speak of pronounced side effects on the body.

Elements in the composition

Olive oil is considered a mixture of fatty acid triglycerides with the highest content of oleic acid esters. Esters of glycerol and fatty acids with one or more unsaturated bonds when used internally are positioned as regulators of cholesterol. Their use in local topical application is associated with the restoration of the lipid barrier of cells.

As an example of unsaturated fatty acids, indispensable in the body, that is, not capable of being synthesized by the body, but very necessary for it, omega acids with indices 3 and 6 are isolated.

Their main cosmetic effect is:

  • positive effect on the skin;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • participation in the metabolism, including fat. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

In addition to derivatives of unsaturated fatty carboxylic acids, the composition of olive oil also includes:

  • saturated fatty acids, which are not recommended for food because of their ability to promote the formation of cholesterol plaques, but when applied topically, they moisturize the skin;
  • fat-soluble vitamins K and E have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects;
  • insignificant amounts of choline (Vitamin B4), which is of great importance in the fat metabolism of the body, but its effect on the skin and hair has not been studied;
  • flavonoids, including luteolin, are plant polyphenols with pronounced antioxidant properties that can relieve inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Hair effects

Olive oil for hair has an effect both for internal use and for external procedures due to the presence of vitamin E. It has the main effect of preventing hair loss (alopecia) with daily use with food.

Recommended for hair masks based on olive oil, which lead to the following effect:

  • strengthens the hair, providing them with sufficient nutrition along the entire length;
  • make the scalp moisturized;
  • relieve inflammation on the scalp;
  • protect hair after aggressive procedures;
  • relieve dandruff and peeling;
  • moisturize the hair and give it shine;
  • contribute to the density of hair;
  • prevent the ends of the hair from being cut.

Selection rules

In procedures, oil is valued that has a low acidity, expressed as a percentage, which indicates that the oil contains few free fatty acids, which means it does not decompose.

Such acidity is characteristic of the types of natural olive oil obtained by pressing, without additional purification with chemicals and without heating above 35,6 – 44,6°F. A significant increase in temperature leads to the oxidation of oil components and a change in its properties.

Organic solvents used for the extraction of oil from plant materials by chemical methods significantly affect the deterioration of the product.

Therefore, for procedures, it is worth choosing oil, on the label of which there may be one of the inscriptions:

  • Extra-virgin olive oil is a natural oil with an acidity of up to 0.8%.
  • Virgin olive oil – natural with acidity up to 2%.
  • Pure olive oil and Olive oil are acceptable as a mixture of natural oil with refined, subject to refining. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Crude oil is significantly more expensive and may have a pronounced taste and smell. Blend compositions of the oil are usually odorless.

Application Rules

To prepare masks and wraps with olive oil, it is recommended to slightly warm it in a water bath. It should be remembered that temperatures above 77 – 80,6°F can lead to undesirable destructive processes in its composition.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • moisten hair with warm water and squeeze with a towel;
  • the oil should be rubbed into the scalp, massaging it;
  • distribute the mass, rubbing strands between the palms;
  • comb the curls with a comb single-row or with your fingers;
  • hide hair under a plastic shower cap, and then under a warm diaper or towel;
  • leave at the recommended time according to the recipe, and then rinse.

How to rinse

The sequence of the procedure is as follows:

  • foam some shampoo on your hair and rinse it off with a sufficient amount of warm water; Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night
  • if necessary, repeat washing off until the foam becomes lush;
  • to shine the hair and neutralize the excess shampoo, the hair should be rinsed with slightly acidified water with vinegar or citric acid.

After sour rinsing, additional balms and hair conditioners are not required. Dry the curls and lay as usual.

Pure use

Olive oil for hair (natural) is self-sufficient.

It is used without the addition of other ingredients for:

  • Wraps as described above, when a slightly warmed oil in a bath is rubbed into the skin and distributed over all hair, then wrapped in heat for 2 hours. The effect of a regular procedure up to 2 times a week will reduce hair fragility, shine and strengthen it. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night
  • Dipping the ends of the hair in heated oil, where they can withstand them for no more than 7 minutes. This procedure with a frequency of several times a week will lead to the normalization and hydration of the tips, prevent their delamination.

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To improve growth

Vitamin E in olive oil enhances its effect in the presence of vitamin C, which is sufficient in lemon juice. Therefore, the strengthening effect is shown by the composition with lemon. Dissolve 2 large tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice in 2 cups of olive oil, the mass is heated in a water bath to a temperature of not more than 37,4 – 32°F.

To put in the order specified above. Provide heat and withstand up to 2 hours. Rinse with shampoo. Additional acidification of rinsing water is not required. Lemon juice is enough to make hair color, especially dyed, brighter.

For dry type

Such hair constantly needs supportive procedures, they need hydration and nutrition. The right nutrients are found in egg yolk. The combination of it with olive oil will give silkiness and softness, remove the effect of “straw”. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

A mask is prepared in a ratio of 1 yolk to 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply, rubbing well into the skin and generously lubricating the ends of the strands. Wrap your hair under a warm towel on a shower cap. After 2 hours, rinse with shampoo and acidified rinse.

For the fatty type

In case of nutrition of oily hair, the mask described above can be supplemented with alcohol, vodka or cognac. In this case, the amount of oil should be reduced.

For cooking, take 1 tablespoon, 2 yolks and the same amount of tablespoon of alcohol. The mixture is applied in the usual way and wrapped. Alcohol-containing components will dry oily scalp and normalize lipid metabolism.

With damaged structure

An olive oil mask with ground coffee will help repair damaged hair. To do this, coffee powder is added to the oil preheated in a water bath so that gruel is obtained. It is rubbed into the head and applied to all hair. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

It is necessary to monitor the uniformity of application, as the mask gives a dark shade to the hair. It is not recommended to use it for blondes.

The exposure time of the product from 20 to 40 minutes Washed off with shampoo.

If split

Yolk and olive oil will also help to avoid split ends if half of apple cider vinegar is added to these ingredients, taken in equal parts. The mask is applied in a warm state to the skin and hair. It is aged no more than 30 minutes.

For shine

Shine to hair will give a mask of olive oil and pulp of avocado, taken in equal quantities. Apply the tool along the length of the strands and wait 30 minutes. Wash off using shampoo.

For density

To make the hair thicker, it is necessary to stimulate the follicles. For this, oil-based masks use irritating components. For example, mustard. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Prepare as follows:

  • mustard powder is brewed with hot water;
  • a sufficient amount of olive oil is added to the resulting slurry so that the mass is conveniently applied to the head.

The mask can withstand no more than 30 minutes. Can be wrapped for extra warmth. With a strong burning sensation – immediately wash off with an abundant amount of warm (but not hot) water with shampoo.

When stained

You can protect the color of dyed hair with an olive mask with honey and aloe. To do this, the flesh of 1 branch of the plant is mixed with equal amounts of oil and honey.

Apply the mask only to the surface of the hair for the entire length of 40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Care must be taken – honey and aloe juice can cause an allergic reaction if it gets on the scalp.

Against loss

Onion juice helps with hair loss, especially if combined in masks with other useful components. So, you should mix in equal parts the oil component and onion juice, adding the same amount of honey. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Apply the mask in the traditional way under a hat and a towel. Stand for 1 hour. Remove with warm water with shampoo.

For dandruff

Dandruff is not a simple peeling of the skin, but its fungal disease, which requires special treatment. You can destroy microorganisms on the skin with the help of oil masks, where drops of tea tree oil, famous for its bactericidal effect, are added to the olive.

The mixture is rubbed. Stand for about 1 hour, then wash your hair with shampoo. As a rinsing solution, you can use a nettle broth. Then the effect of the procedure will be more pronounced.

With honey

Honey is a storehouse of nutrients and minerals for the body. Using it in its pure form significantly improves the condition of the hair. And in combination with olive oil, the effect is enhanced at times. It is important to remember that when heated, the beneficial properties of both oil and honey are lost . Therefore, the temperature of the mask should not be higher than room temperature, but not cold. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Honey and oil masks for dry and weak hair are recommended to restore their structure and maintain.

For cosmetic procedures, linden honey is considered the best.

  • Prepare a mixture of honey and oil with a thick consistency so that the mass on the head does not “flow”.
  • Distribute on skin and hair.
  • Wind up with a warm cloth.
  • After 0.5-1 hours, rinse with shampoo.

With egg

Olive hair oil is useful in combination with the egg, where nutrients are found.

Such masks are recommended for:

  • loss of gloss;
  • split ends;
  • weakness and malnutrition of hair.

Rules for the preparation of an egg-oil mask:

  • separate the yolk of the eggs from the protein (2 pcs.);
  • mixed with cold water and beat until whitish;
  • with stirring, add oil (4 large tablespoons) and also beat.

Lubricate the skin and hair, wrap for 30 minutes. Wash off in the usual way with shampoo.


Stimulation of blood circulation in the skin with the help of cinnamon contributes to its better absorption of mask nutrients. Therefore, such a tool is recommended for quick and effective restoration of very weakened hair, subjected to aggressive effects. And also to strengthen them. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

The procedure looks like this:

  • to a mixture of honey and oil, taken in equal amounts, add 0.5 parts of ground cinnamon powder;
  • thoroughly mixed and applied to wet hair;
  • wrap up for warmth;
  • withstand about 3/4 hours;
  • washed off with shampoo.

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With lemon

The action of lemon juice is based on the restoration of the environment of the surface of the scalp, the r
emoval of pathogenic microorganisms and the normalization of lipid metabolism of the skin. Means with this ingredient are recommended for people with increased oily skin, with seborrhea and for moisturizing.

For example, to combat dandruff and in the complex treatment of scalp for dermatitis, you can recommend a lemon-vinegar mask with olive oil.

In this procedure, it is very important to follow the stages of its implementation:

  • olive oil is rubbed into the skin and kept for 1 hour;
  • prepare a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts lemon juice;
  • rubbed into the scalp without washing off the oil, and incubated for another 30 minutes;
  • removed with warm water with shampoo.

In the recipe, changing apple cider vinegar to any other is strictly prohibited.

With salt

Salt in cosmetology is a means of normalizing metabolism and the penetration of components through the cell membrane. Therefore, the useful components of the product will better enter the skin if you add salt to it. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

An olive mask with salt is known, where the latter can be used in various forms: from stone to sea. Recommended procedure for people with oily skin and seborrhea. May be suitable as a nourishing mask for normal hair. It is strictly contraindicated to owners of dry hair, which it can harm.

If you use sea salt, then:

  • it must first be crushed, for example, in a blender;
  • mix 3 large tablespoons of salt with 0,3 gallon. oils, gradually adding the first to the liquid;
  • apply the resulting composition to the skin;
  • hold up to a third of the hour;
  • rinse with shampoo.


Cognac, as an alcohol-containing solution, is recommended for use in compositions for oily hair. In addition, the alcoholic drink contains many useful substances, including tannins, because it is an alcoholic extract from the wood of barrels. It is very important that the cognac is natural, and not containing flavorings and colorings.

Such masks nourish the bulbs and regulate the lipid metabolism of the skin.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • prepare a mask of equal amounts of olive oil and cognac;
  • slightly warmed up;
  • rubbed for several minutes into the skin and stretched through the hair;
  • after 1 h, wash off with shampoo, dry in the usual way.

With the addition of burdock oil

Non-edible burdock oil is actively used in formulations to stimulate hair growth. Compositions with a combination of burdock and olive oils are suitable for those who would like to restore the structure of the hair, prevent hair loss and give shine. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

The procedure is very simple:

  • mix equal proportions of oils;
  • apply to skin and hair;
  • exposure time – 1 h;
  • rinse with shampoo, rinse with acidic solution.


For hair, henna is used as a remedy for dandruff, as well as general strengthening. A mask with henna and olive oil is recommended for dry hair, while its use in its pure form is for greasy due to its drying effect. Such a tool will relieve brittle hair shaft and split ends.

  • Pre-brew henna with warm water.
  • Add the required amount of oil to the mass that has cooled to room temperature.
  • Apply liberally to skin and hair, wrap in warmth.
  • After half an hour, rinse with shampoo.

Onion juice

Onions are a popular hair growth product. Masks containing onion juice are recommended for absolutely everyone.

It is important to remember the smell that may remain on the hair after the procedure.


  • chop one medium onion into gruel, wrap it in cotton fabric (you can gauze) and squeeze;
  • mix with 1 large tablespoons of oil, honey and mayonnaise (1 small spoonfuls);
  • apply on skin for 1 h;
  • remove with shampoo.

With vitamin E

Its deficiency in the body leads to a deterioration in the condition of the hair, which is almost impossible to restore by procedures. Therefore, this vitamin must be included in the daily diet. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Masks with additional vitamin E are fortifying. They are recommended primarily for dry hair.

A mixture of oils and vitamin revitalizes weakened hair:

  • equal parts of oils are mixed: olive and burdock with almond;
  • add 0.5 parts of liquid vitamin E;
  • applied to the skin and distributed over all hair;
  • incubated for 1 hour under a hat and a warm towel;
  • rinse with shampoo and acid rinse.

With kefir

Kefir nourishes hair follicles, which means it enhances hair growth and strengthens them. Moisturizes the scalp. Protects an invisible film of a hair core from external factors. It makes hair smooth.

Olive oil kefir masks are recommended for nourishing weakened hair. Suitable for blondes. On dyed hair, an undesirable effect can occur – lightening and leaching of colored pigment.

For the procedure:

  • mix 1 small tablespoons in half a glass of kefir, drive in the yolk;
  • apply to skin and hair, leave for 1 h;
  • rinse off using mild shampoo.

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With caraway seeds

Black cumin has a broad effect in relation to hair:

  • stimulates growth;
  • stops baldness;
  • delays the formation of gray hair. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

Olive oil masks with caraway seeds are recommended for those who have problems with hair loss and premature gray hair.

Olive oil is an extractant for oil from black cumin seeds, therefore:

  • chopped caraway seeds (preferably in a mortar) pour olive oil (1 cup per 1 handful);
  • put in a container of dark glass and tightly clog;
  • insist 2 weeks;
  • to track;
  • apply on the head in at least 30 minutes. before each shampooing.

The course should not be more than 15 procedures. After 1-3 months, you can repeat it.

Hair lightening

You can lighten hair by 1-2 tones without the use of aggressive chemicals at home with products from the refrigerator and with the help of the sun.

The components of the masks, which have a certain effect of lightening, are:

  • lemon juice;
  • kefir;
  • decoctions of chamomile and birch buds. Olive oil for hair: mask recipes, use with honey, egg, yolk, cinnamon. How to apply at night

To lighten the mask with lemon, sunlight is needed that activate the components of the juice:

  • in one glass of olive oil, 1 small tablespoon of lemon juice is stirred;
  • apply the product on the skin (for nutrition) and on the hair (for lightening);
  • it is worth applying, dividing the hair into thin strands of 0’4 x 0’4 inch, combing thoroughly;
  • then at least 2 hours in the zone of exposure to sunlight;
  • rinse off in the usual way.

Softening olive mask with jojoba oil

One of the unique components of cosmetics, including for hair, is jojoba oil. It is added to protective equipment after aggressive staining or curling procedures, used alone or as a component of home masks.

Masks with jojoba and olive oils are recommended to soften the structure of the strands, since the first component envelops the hair shaft, protecting it from the influence of external factors and making it more elastic. This oil also cleans the clogged pores of the scalp.

To carry out the procedure:

  • mix the same amount of olive and jojoba oils;
  • slightly heated in a water bath;
  • rubbed with your fingertips;
  • applied to the hair along the length, carefully rubbing the strands between the palms;
  • wear a mask for 40-60 minutes. under warming;
  • rinse off with shampoo.

The multifunctionality of olive oil in hair products is explained by its rich composition. But it is very important that natural products, as well as high-quality olive oil, are used to make homemade masks.

Hair Olive Oil Video

How to apply olive oil to hair:

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