Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

Nail extension is a complex process. The procedure is carried out in stages and in compliance with certain rules, so as not to damage the nail plate and achieve a lasting result. In the building process, a bonder is used to bond the material to the surface.

What is a nail bonder and what is it for

A nail bonder is such a tool that allows in the process of building up to fasten an artificial plate with a nail, improve the quality of attachment and extend the result of the procedure. The tool is applied to the nail gently, without going beyond and not getting on the cuticle and skin. Otherwise, the process will have to start all over again.

Bonder features include:

  • uniform distribution of the product on the surface of the nail plate due to the sticky helium structure;
  • maximum contact of artificial material with the surface of the nail;
  • smooth connection of the nail and the subsequent material for building. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

The product is thick, in consistency similar to glue, hence the good adhesion effect. Use a bonder as a double-sided tape for durable bonding. When building additionally apply a primer – a protective substance. Both tools complement each other and cannot be used alone or interchangeably.


The result of manicure directly depends on the quality of the product – a bonder should not be cheap.

The specialized composition has important advantages:

  • prevents further peeling;
  • creates a protective layer, thanks to the tool the nails are protected from the negative effects of manicure layers;
  • provides uniform fit of both surfaces;
  • firmly connects the nail plate to the material;
  • Covers the surface evenly thanks to the helium structure.

A nail bonder is such a tool that you cannot do without when building. It has no analogues.

If you do not use a bonder in the process, the result is poor-quality application, peeling and damage to the nail. The durability of the manicure will be minimal.


The bonder has minor disadvantages, but still such a tool is necessary.

The disadvantages include moments:

  • it is not a universal remedy, the bonder cannot be used without a primer, this will lead to the destruction of the nail plate;
  • when using, a special ultraviolet lamp is needed, the bonder does not dry out in the usual way; Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio
  • additional spending on the purchase – many manicurists prefer not to use the tool, but as a result, the savings lead to poorly performed manicure.

Primer and Bonder: differences, similarities

Many beginners, in order to save money, replace the bonder with another tool – a primer. But this is not even an analog, but a means for preparing the nail for subsequent layers of manicure. The primer is responsible for the health of the nail plate, creates a protective film, thanks to which harmful substances do not penetrate inside. Without a bonder, the nails break and peel, and the gel polish, applied later, wears out quickly.

The composition of the bonder is different from the primer, they have different functions and use technique. The very first layer is a primer, it creates a water-alkaline balance, protects the nail from chemical attack. The substance is used as a primer to smooth the nail plate.

Its functions are not only protection, but also purification, disinfection, removal of excess moisture. Without a primer, the manicure will be uneven. In addition, it dries without additional devices, in a natural way.

The bonder prevents further delamination due to its good adhesive characteristics. The tool fixes the material to the nail after the first layer has dried. If you use a bonder without a primer, the nail plate is damaged. After application, the product must be dried under a special lamp.

The distinctive features of these products are as follows:

  • the primer acts as a primer, bonder – glue;
  • the primer has a liquid consistency, the bonder has a sticky gel-like;
  • drying process and time: for the primer – in the natural way, for the bonder – under the lamp. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

You cannot use the funds individually or completely ignore them. Primer is the basis for further application, bonder is a substance for bonding the decorative coating. It is forbidden to replace both products with ordinary glue, since the result will be short-lived, and after removing the manicure, the nail surface will wear out greatly.

Types of Bonder

In building or when using gel polish, one of the types of bonder is used – acidic and acid-free.

 Characteristics Acid Acid free
Which nails suits Damaged, oily. With normal fat content.
Structure Methacrylic acid, butyl acetate, ethanol. Ethyl acetate.
Features It gives the surface a smooth appearance, disinfects, prevents the development of bacteria, degreases, dehydrates. More gentle appearance, forms a good adhesion, degreases, removes harmful bacteria, dries.
What is it used for For acrylic building. For building on tips, shellac, gel polish.
Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio
A nail polisher will help your nail become stronger and not break

Many experts on varieties of bonder include dehydrate – the product cleanses the nail, but does not protect against the effects of fungal infection. It does not affect the color of the further coating, does not deplete the nail plate, and prevents brittleness and peeling. Well suited to people with allergic diseases.

How to use for gel polish

The most common coating for manicure is gel polish. It differs from ordinary varnish in application time, drying method, composition and shelf life of the coating. Gel polish is also applied, but it must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp. A
well-made manicure is able to hold out and maintain a lasting color for 3 weeks.

A nail bonder is such a universal tool that is equally suitable for gel polish, nail tips or other extensions.

Creating a manicure using gel polish is carried out sequentially:

  • preparation of nails – deburring, processing of the edges with a file, cuticles;
  • buffering to level the surface;
  • removal of dust residues; Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio
  • primer and bonder application;
  • base coat application;
  • drying under the lamp;
  • application of the first layer and further drying;
  • if necessary – coating the nail with another layer of gel polish, drying under the lamp;
  • coating with a special tool to prevent chips and gloss.

Top best manufacturers: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

Affordable and varied gel polish has good durability. It is used in the salon and at home, the execution technique is not complicated, the main thing is to have all the necessary tools and a UV lamp in the arsenal. Perfect nail alignment, good protection and high adhesion depends on the base.

Among the variety of products, the following bases for coverage are recognized as the best:

  1. “Lisa” – the original name – Venalisa combines affordability and good quality. It dries quickly, retains results for a long time and is easily removable. The product has a dense consistency, there is no pungent odor. The material is almost harmless, thanks to a convenient brush, the base is easy to apply. With a ton of color choices, Venalisa is much cheaper than other analog bases. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio
  2. Kodi is appreciated by manicurists for their decent quality and durability, a wide color palette. The tool is hypoallergenic with a uniform consistency, without impregnations and a pungent odor. The base has a convenient flexible brush, due to which the tool is applied quite simply. One of the most relevant and sought after professional coatings, applied even on nails prone to severe brittleness;
  3. Ingarden is a composition that allows you to achieve the perfect manicure. A convenient brush makes the work pleasant and easy, the consistency is thick, due to which uniform application without spreading is achieved. Almost odorless, does not cause allergies, well aligns the nail plate. Ingarden strengthens nails, preventing the formation of chips and cracks, provides high resistance and is easily removed;
  4. Ibd is an affordable and protective tool that strengthens nails. The assortment has many colors and shades, the product is of high quality and good durability – up to 3 weeks. The coating is odorless, harmless, safe. Equally well used both at home and in beauty salons;
  5. Glenio is an affordable product with good user properties. Evenly applied, provides decent durability, beautiful even color. The coating in the arsenal has a lot of shades, is harmless and does not have an unpleasant odor.

The base for applying gel polish is a must. She prepares the nail for further layers of manicure, leveling it and protecting it from the negative effects of coloring pigments. The base after application hardens in an ultraviolet lamp. Only then can you apply gel polish or another coating.

Review of Bonder Lisa

The Venalisa Bonder in its assortment has 60 shades, thanks to which it can be used in everyday life or for a special occasion. The coating is used as the basis for a plain manicure or a decorated version with subsequent application of paintings, drawings, and rhinestones.

Venalisa smooths the nails well, creating a solid foundation for the subsequent layer. The volume of the bottle is 0,25 fluid ounce, the medium-sized brush with high elasticity distributes the product evenly.

It is best to apply a bonder in 2 layers – multi-layer removes stripes and adds brightness to the color. Dry each layer under a UV lamp.

The tool does not cause allergies, protects nails from ultraviolet radiation and toxic substances contained in manicure products. The procedure takes about an hour, the effect lasts up to 3 weeks. Venalisa, according to numerous reviews, is recognized as the most affordable and good tool for coating gel polish.


The American brand is popular for its many benefits. High quality coating is provided by a unique composition that is odorless and does not harm the nail plate. Use the product at home and in salons.

A nail bonder is a tool that is mandatory for use in the process of creating a manicure. Cody’s base has a volume of 0,2 – 1 fluid ounce. The brush for applying is sufficiently elastic and tough, the consistency of optimal density.

During application, the substance does not spread, but is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the plate. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

The resistance of the drug reaches 3-4 weeks. A rich color palette allows you to experiment and create bright patterns. After coating, you can decorate the surface with rhinestones, apply drawings or apply ordinary gel polish. The tool stays on the nails for a long time, without cracking and without damaging the nails after removal.


The innovative Ingarden coating combines:

  • ease of use;
  • long lasting effect;
  • safety of use.

Using the tool, you can strengthen the nail plate – the composition contains useful components – silicone and resins that contribute to the restoration of the nail. The substance is used even with hypersensitivity, on nails that are prone to brittleness, delamination.

The color palette has 180 shades, so women can choose a gel polish for any mood. The result lasts more than 4 weeks. For saturated color, 2 layers are used. The American tool is recognized as a universal primer for subsequent coating with gel polish, biogel, acrylic, shellac. The volume of the bottle is 0,37 fluid ounce.


An innovative tool used in salons and at home. It is easy to apply thanks to an elastic brush and a thick consistency, it evenly covers the entire surface of the nail. The product does not spread, it adheres well to the subsequent layer, provides a long result.

The benefits of the gel include:

Bonder for nails. What is it, types,difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

  • harmlessness of the substance – it contains only a gel that does not cause allergic reactions. The product is odorless, not hazardous to health;
  • quick drying, which ensures a high speed of the procedure;
  • accessibility – at a cost less than its counterparts, but not inferior in quality;
  • easy application;
  • variety of color palette;
  • saving a long result – up to 4 weeks;
  • strengthening of nails, their nutrition, protection from the effects of subsequent layers and ultraviolet radiation.

Manicurists among all the advantages highlight the main thing – Ibd is removed quickly without injuring the nails.

The material dissolves for 10 minutes, after which a film forms, which easily rolls off the surface. In this case, the nail plate is not damaged.


Glenio is an affordable product with a safe composition and high quality. The assortment has a rich palette of colors, so that you can make a manicure either classic in pastel colors or bright with a summer design.

The standard bottle is 0,24 fluid ounce in volume, a convenient brush allows you to apply the product evenly, and the consistency does not allow to spread over the perimeters of the nail. Glineo is recognized as one of the best foundations for building any kind.

Other brands

Other effective bases are: Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

  1. CND Base Coat – an American brand recognized as the benchmark for building. At a cost more expensive than analogs, but the quality corresponds to the price. Consistency is economical, which can significantly reduce its consumption during application. Thanks to a convenient brush, work is performed quickly and effortlessly.
  2. Beautix UVBase – a French manufacturer provides a durable result up to 2 weeks. Good wear of the material, high adhesion, due to which the base does not exfoliate for a long time from the surface of the nail. The volume of the bottle is 0,51 fluid ounce, the price is lower than that of previous analogues. The only drawback is Beautix UVBase is not recommended for aligning the nail plate.
  3. UNO Rubber Base – the product is intended not only for healthy, but also prone to delamination, thin nails. The base is removed without a grinder or special file. The tool aligns the nail plate, economically, but in the drying process, many women experience discomfort.
  4. Vogue nails – rubber base for further gel polish application. The tool is suitable for French manicure. It is economical due to its thick consistency. The volume of the bottle is 0,34 fluid ounce. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio
  5. KLIO is a base from a American manufacturer with medicinal properties. Thanks to her, the nails are strengthened and nourished, the product is combined with many gel varnishes. The price is higher than that of foreign manufacturers.
  6. Bluesky Rubber Cover is a brand of a Chinese manufacturer with a dense texture. The base is stored for a long time, the result lasts 3-4 weeks. The tool is wear resistant. Its cost is below average, but the bottle is not stored for a long time – its shelf life after opening is no more than 6 months.
  7. Lianail SOBS-02 – the domestic brand does not burden nails, it is well applied due to its fluid structure. The bonder layer is removed with a hard file or mechanical soaking. To align the nail plate, one layer may not be enough.
  8. TNL BASE GEL – a Korean manufacturer offers a product characterized by a medicinal and harmless composition, which contains only natural ingredients. The low price of the product is the main advantage. The only drawback is that the consistency is not thick, with inaccurate application, the product flows further than the nail plate.

Comparison table of the cost of bonders from different manufacturers

The brand

price, usd.

CND Base Coat 1700
Beautix UVBase 900
Kodi 600
UNO Rubber Base 650
Ingarden 600
Vogue nails 550
Klio 650
Bluesky Rubber Cover 320
Lianail SOBS-02 400
Ibd 400
Venalisa 400
Glenio 300

The best brands of bonders according to customer reviews

Bonder for nails – an indispensable tool, without which building is not complete. This is a substance that fastens the material to the nail plate, which has no analogues.

According to numerous reviews, the brands Ingredin and Cody are recognized as the best – these funds are affordable and provide long-lasting results.

  1. Bonder consistency and shape are also important in the building process, brush quality – CND Base Coat, Venalisa and Ingarlen are considered universal, professional brands.
  2. Bonders provide perfect alignment of the nail plate under the brands Kodi, Glineo, KLIO, UNO Rubber Base.
  3. Quick removal of the base with minimal effort is provided by the bases of Lianail SOBS-02, Ibd, Kodi, Ingarden. Bonder for nails. What is it, types, difference with primer, how to use. Best Bonders: Lisa, Cody, Ingarden, Ibd, Glenio

A variety of nail bonders allows masters to translate into reality the most intricate ideas of manicure design.

The tool provides a long adherence of artificial material to the surface of the nail. Therefore, this is such a product, without which not a single extension can do.

Video about nail bonders

Preparation of nails for applying gel polish:

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