Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video

Norbekov today is considered one of the most prominent fans of non-traditional methods of treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system . His gymnastics for the spine and articular joints is used by patients around the world, which proves the effectiveness and simplicity of the technique. Regular exercise allows you to achieve good results even in the absence of physical fitness.

The essence and basic principles of the method

Mirzakarim Norbekov is the author of his unusual methodology, as well as an academician who in 1998 founded the special “Institute for Human Self-Healing”. The institution offers everyone to learn the basics of therapy without the use of traditional methods.

The essence of Norbekov’s technique is to restore the mobility of articular joints, muscles and the spinal column by performing simple exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular corset.

Moreover, treatment mainly depends on the mood of the patient himself, his desire and aspiration.

The specialist claims that each movement should be carried out consciously and with pleasure. Only in this case can we achieve results . Everyone who has tested the technique on themselves, note that the exercises are simple and do not require physical preparation, that is, a professional athlete and a person who previously had nothing to do with sports can do it.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video
Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video

It is worth noting that before the publication of gymnastics and its results, the academician tested it on himself, was able to eliminate severe kidney pathology and improve the condition of the spinal column.

After that, he conducted another glad test on volunteers who completely trusted their body and health to a specialist. Only the positive experience of all volunteers convinced Norbekov of the effectiveness of the developed methodology. Today, everyone who has problems with the musculoskeletal system knows about it.

It was in 1998 that the tests of the method began, since then the academician managed to cure more than 2500000 people.

The methodology is based on strengthening joints and muscles, improving their mobility, training the vascular system, as well as awareness of their own importance in getting rid of ailments. The author himself claims that 99% of success depends on the person, his mood, harmony with the inner world, and only 1% are correctly selected exercises.

The technique includes complexes designed for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine . Additionally, during execution, the muscle corset and joints are trained. It is worth noting that gymnastics positively affects all organs and tissues, normalizes blood pressure and eliminates pain in various chronic diseases.

Indications for use

Norbekov (gymnastics for the spine is the most effective today) believes that it is necessary to undergo an examination that will help clarify the diagnosis. Only in this case, you can count on a positive result from the classes.

Indication Gymnastics action
Osteochondrosis Exercise improves mobility, stops the progression of the disease, improves blood circulation in the spinal column
Osteoarthrosis Thanks to regular performance, it is possible to significantly improve the condition of the intervertebral discs and vertebrae, stop degenerative-dystrophic changes and stimulate recovery processes
Hernias of the intervertebral discs without prejudice to nerve endings Stimulates blood flow to the affected area, reduces the load on the damaged disk, which is beneficial for the patient
Osteoarthritis and chronic arthritis Improves mobility of joints in the absence of acute symptoms of inflammation, increases the amount of joint fluid
Rachiocampsis Corrects the line of the spine and improves posture, reduces the load on the chest and lumbar
Chronic sciatica Reduces pressure on the roots of nerve endings by training the muscle corset and increasing the lumen between the vertebrae, normalizes blood flow and the passage of a nerve impulse
Muscle weakening Trains muscles, makes them flexible and strong, which helps maintain the spinal column in position
Recovery period after injuries of the musculoskeletal system It allows you to speed up the rehabilitation period, to avoid muscle atrophy and congestion in the spine and joints
Joint mobility impairment It normalizes movements, makes them smooth and clear, eliminates stiffness after a long stay in one position
Elderly age Helps to stop the progression of degenerative-dystrophic changes, which certainly develop in elderly patients. Prevents the development of diseases associated with muscle weakness and increased load on the cartilage of the joints

It is worth noting that the specialist recommends practicing not only for the treatment of any diseases, but also with the aim of preventing their occurrence.


Norbekov (gymnastics for the spine helps to cope with many diseases) draws the attention of patients to the fact that the technique is not an absolutely safe method of treating pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

There are contraindications to consider:

  • During pregnancy, exercise is contraindicated . They can negatively affect the general condition of the mother and the development of the fetus. Many women at this time have toxicosis and increased blood pressure, which is also a reason for refusing classes.
  • When diagnosing cancer, infectious diseases or uncontrolled hypertension, exer
    cises are contraindicated, especially during exacerbation. Non-compliance with the recommendation will certainly lead to the development of complications. Do not do gymnastics with heart defects, coronary disease or advanced angina pectoris.
  • An absolute contraindication for gymnastics is the recovery period after surgery on the heart or digestive system, as well as rehabilitation after a myocardial infarction or ischemic stroke.
Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video
The acute inflammatory process is a contraindication for gymnastics for the spine according to the Norbekov system

There are also relative contraindications:

  • Acute pain with arthritis and arthrosis. It is recommended to start classes after eliminating the expressed symptoms and completing the course of drug treatment.
  • Chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system during an exacerbation. In this case, classes can worsen the condition, so gymnastics is indicated during the period of remission.
  • The first few weeks after limb injuries are considered a relative contraindication for exercise. During this period, a gentle regime is needed, but after a while the exercises are allowed to be performed. It is important to consult with your doctor first.

For women, the postpartum period is considered a relative contraindication. If the patient feels well and there were no complications during childbirth, it is allowed to perform the most simple exercises that will not provoke a worsening of the condition.

It is worth noting that there are restrictions for patients with any injuries, but without acute pain and other symptoms. Gymnastics is allowed to be performed, but it is worth doing only simple exercises and carefully watching your own condition. If your health worsens, you should stop the lesson and consult a specialist.

Useful recommendations for patients

Norbekov recommends that patients follow simple rules so that spinal exercises bring only benefit:

  • For classes you only need spacious clothing made from natural materials. The best option would be a T-shirt and sweatpants made of cotton. During gymnastics weights or other devices are not used. You can perform exercises on a special rubber mat, it should be purchased at a sporting goods store.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video

  • The classroom should be quiet, well-ventilated and lit. It is better to leave the window wide open during training. The author of the methodology recommends practicing daily for at least 20 minutes. The best time for this is considered to be early morning, but in the absence of the ability to perform exercises after waking up, you can give them time during the day or 3 hours before bedtime. Do not eat food 2 hours before training and 1 hour after it, but be sure to drink water in small sips in moderation.
  • The most important thing in training, according to the author, will be the patient’s psychological state. It is important to perform all exercises with pleasure, feel the movements of the muscles and the whole body, and also feel how the disease leaves every cell. Such visualization is a guarantee of success and significantly speeds up the healing process.
  • It is important to pay attention to the surroundings. Performing exercises is best in solitude and silence. Some people prefer to train to music, but Norbekov insists on complete silence, as music distracts the patient from his own thoughts and does not allow to fully visualize the result. After the lesson, it is recommended that you stay in silence for 5-7 minutes, inhale deep air deeply and realize the benefits of the training. The patient must believe that only he can improve his health.
  • It is also worth remembering that gymnastics performed without desire will not bring results. Only the desire for self-healing will help achieve positive dynamics.

Main complex

Norbekov (gymnastics for the spine from the author is considered the most popular among patients of different ages) includes exercises for warming up in the main complex, after which gymnastics for cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae is performed step by step.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, videoThe warm-up includes several simple exercises that allow you to prepare the muscles for further loads:

  1. Hands clenched into fists, followed by relaxation of the fingers. Hands should be raised in front of you.
  2. Shrug while standing. In this case, it is necessary to round up the upper back as much as possible.
  3. Shoulder rotation while standing with arms down along the torso. In this case, you should try not to move other parts of the body and head.
  4. Try to put one hand back as much as possible after raising it above your head. At the same time, the second hand should be brought back, but do not raise it, but lower it down.
  5. Rotation of the pelvis in different directions. For each side should be repeated at least 10 times. In this case, the palms should lie on the lumbar.

Each exercise is performed 10-12 times. After that, you can proceed to the main complex for each group of vertebrae. To train the cervical spine, exercises should be performed in a clear sequence, which will ensure the correct load and eliminate the likelihood of complications.

Exercises for training the cervical spine:

  1. Tilts the head to the sides. In this case, try to touch the earlobe of your shoulder. Repeat in each direction 10 times. After that, try to hold your head near the shoulder for a few seconds to stretch the muscles of the neck.
  2. Tilts the head forward. The patient must try to reach his chest with his chin, while the head should also follow him. Run 10 times.
  3. Tilts the head back with the aspiration of the chin up. Run 10 times.
  4. Head rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. Movements should be slow, smooth, careful. Rotate for 15 seconds in each direction.
  5. Maximize the chin in the chest, and then carefully turn the head to the right and left. Do 10 times in each direction, trying not to tear your chin off your chest.
  6. Tilting the head back while relaxing and tightening the muscles of the neck. After tipping over, the patient should feel the muscles of the neck, strain them with care and relax gradually. Perform 20 sec.

All exercises are performed in a standing position with legs spread apart at shoulder width and arms spread out along the body. Do not help yourself with your hands or try to facilitate the exercise.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video

After that, you can go to a set of exercises for the thoracic vertebrae. They are also performed step by step, do not break the sequence.

Exercises for the thoracic vertebrae:

  1. Put your hands together in front of you in the lock, and then try to push your hands against each other. In this case, the patient should feel tension i
    n the thoracic vertebrae. Perform 20 sec.
  2. The connection of the hand in the castle behind the body at the level of the buttocks, followed by the maximum reduction of the shoulder blades. It is necessary to carefully reduce the shoulder blades and relax the thoracic spine, but do not open your arms. Repeat for 10-15 seconds.
  3. The omission of one shoulder while raising the second. Repeat for each shoulder 10 drops and rises.
  4. The body turns in different directions so that only the shoulder and thoracic spine are involved. Perform in each direction 12 times.
  5. Tilts the chassis forward from a standing position. In this case, the patient should not bend the knees, but should try to reach the floor with his hands. The legs are shoulder width apart. Make 10 slopes.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, videoAfter completing the basic complex, you need to rest for 2-3 minutes, and then go to the exercises for the lumbar spine. All movements should also be performed sequentially, carefully and without excessive stress.

Exercises for the lumbar:

  1. The body turns to the sides. The pelvis should be stationary, but the entire body rotates smoothly to the right and left. Repeat in each direction 10 times.
  2. Relax as much as possible, then lower the body, relax your hands. The legs should be straight, and the body as if hanging from the pelvis. In this case, it is necessary to feel how the muscles in the lumbar relax.
  3. Get on all fours and lower your head, and then maximally arch your back in an arc, trying to stay in this position for 3-5 seconds. After that, bend down, and face up. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Lie on your back. Get up and grab your arms bent at the knees. Swing in this position back and forth for 10 seconds.
  5. Take a position – sitting on the floor with legs extended and connected. Maximize the torso to the legs, stretching arms in front of you. Perform 10 slopes. The patient should feel how the muscles of the lower back are stretched, the tension is leaving the whole body.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video
Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine, joints. Complex exercises, video

After completion, you should just lie on the rug in the pose of a “starfish” for at least 7 minutes It is necessary to feel every muscle and the benefits that classes bring. All exercises should be performed smoothly and carefully.

Result fixing

Norbekov (gymnastics for the spine from the author is often the only method for treating pathologies of the spine at the initial stage) draws the attention of patients to the fact that it is important to exercise daily to consolidate the result. In addition, it is necessary to tune in to the positive effect of classes.

The specialist also recommends fixing the result from training with proper nutrition, especially if you are overweight. The menu should increase the number of vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is useful to use fermented milk products, dried fruits, first courses.

Confectionery, smoked meats, pastries and fatty foods should be excluded from the diet. In addition, portions should be small and meals frequent. Drink more fluids, but exclude alcohol, soda, and coffee.

When to expect an effect

The effect of the exercises should not be expected a few days after the start of classes. The minimum course duration should be 4 weeks. But the author of the technique claims that a lasting result can only be obtained with regular training and observing the diet.

Norbekov is the author of a unique technique, thanks to which many patients get rid of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Norbekov’s gymnastics for the spine and joints is today considered the most popular and effective, therefore it is used by patients around the world.

Video on the topic: Norbekov’s gymnastics for the spine

Exercises for the spine according to Norbekov:

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