Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Many women go to a beauty salon for a deep cleansing of their skin, forgetting that face cleaning can also be done at home, and it will be no worse than a salon. Cleaning cleanses the epidermis from deep impurities that the cleanser does not cope with and removes the surface dead cell layer.

Preparation for the mechanical cleaning procedure

Prior to mechanical cleaning, the skin is cleansed of makeup and is steamed for several minutes. Sensitive skin cannot be steamed. In order for the keratinized layer to soften, cold hydrogenation is applied – applying a special gel.

Before cleaning, the skin is disinfected with a special product that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol closes the sebaceous ducts, so it is not recommended to use it. After cleansing, the face is again disinfected. Tools used must be sterile.

Step-by-step instructions for deep cleansing the face

Deep cleansing of the face at home is not done on sore or damaged skin. First you need to cure skin diseases and only then proceed to cleaning.

Regular cleaning is the prevention of acne.

The frequency of cleaning procedures is related to the type of skin:

  • dry skin is cleaned once a month;
  • normal skin – 2 times a month;
  • oily skin – once a week.

The face cleaning process takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Steaming.
    Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results
    Before deep cleansing, it is necessary to steam the skin to soften the fat
  2. Cleansing.
  3. Applying a sedative.

Make sure to remove makeup before steaming. Steaming will soften the released fat and the surface of the skin.

For steaming, it is useful to use decoctions of medicinal plants or essential oils suitable for this type of skin. The broth is boiled for several minutes and cools down a bit. The face is located above the container with a decoction for 15 minutes. It’s better to cover your head with a towel. After steaming, you should immediately proceed to mechanical cleaning.

Before mechanical cleaning, hands are treated with alcohol. Black dots are squeezed out with light movements of the fingertips. To avoid traces of pressure, fingernail cleaning is not recommended. You need to act quickly: a quarter of an hour after steaming, the skin cools. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

After manual cleaning, the pores of the skin must be closed. For this, a tonic or cold water is suitable. At the end of the procedure moisturize the skin with cream. Upon completion of the cleaning process, do not go out into the open air for 2 hours. In the near future, after cleaning, they use mineral water for washing, do not use soap.

Special means for deep cleansing the face

Special cosmetics for intensive facial cleansing include:

  • peeling;
  • scrub;
  • cleansing mask;
  • cleaning strips.

Peelings distinguish between superficial, median and deep. At home, only surface peeling can be done. Surface peeling is divided into automatic and chemical. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Automatic peeling means cleaning the skin with circulating brushes. The keratinized layer of skin and dirt are cleaned off by the moving villi of the brush. Before cleaning, the skin should be cleaned and steamed, and then a calming cream should be applied to the skin.

Suitable tools for automatic peeling:

  • Silicone brush for cleaning the face Avon Face Wash. Price: $ 3,43.
  • Sonicleanse Gezatone Facial Cleansing Brush. Price: $ 30.
  • The device for cleaning skin PHILIPS BSC201 00. Price: $ 64.

Chemical peeling is carried out by gel or powder, including cleansing components, as well as fruit acids, salicylic acid and vitamins. Before the procedure, it is necessary to free the skin from makeup, wash with a cleanser and apply peeling with massage movements. After the set time, the composition is washed off with water and a face cream is applied. It is important that the peeling matches the type of skin.

Popular and effective remedies:

  • Facial Peeling Shemen Amour. Price: $ 11,86.
  • Peptide Peeling NP Lactic Peel. Price: $ 58.
  • Fermented Peeling Fermented Powder Peeling. Price: $ 42.
  • Peeling Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling. Price: $ 13,45.
  • Soft peeling PRO Clean Soft Facial Peeling. Price: $ 20.

Scrub – a creamy substance with small abrasive particles. It can be particles of apricot kernels, ground coffee, sugar or milled shells of mollusks. The scrub is evenly applied to the skin cleared of impurities, rubbed and washed off. Before applying the scrub, the skin needs to be steamed.

Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

The following tools are used:

  • Facial scrub Natura Siberica Natural & Organic. Price: $ 4,01.
  • Scrub Missha. Price: $ 12,65.
  • Scrub JASON. Price: $ 16.
  • Scrub Sativa. Price: $ 8,81.

You can also clean your skin well with a facial cleansing mask. The composition of these masks includes components that saturate, moisturize, intensively cleanse the skin, protect against harmful effects and narrow pores.

Cleansing masks are applied gently to clean, warm skin, aged 15-20 minutes, and then washed off with water.

The following masks should be preferred:

  • Mask Annemarie Borlind. Price: $ 21.
  • Mask Isvara Organics. Price: $ 12,76.
  • Mask Caudalie. Price: $ 26.
  • Mask Khadi Natural. Price: $ 5,43.

Get rid of the black dots will help special cleansing plasters.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed and steamed. The sticker is applied to the problem area of the skin, smoothed, removed with a smooth motion after 15 minutes. An adhesive layer of strips catches the upper part of the black dot and completely removes it from the pore. After cleaning, the skin is treated with a tonic. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Suitable remedies:

  • Pig-nose strips. Price: $ 5,24.
  • Pig-nose Strong Black Dot Removal Kit. Price: $ 3,25.
  • SeaNtree Nose Strips. Price: $ 1,77.
  • Stripes against black dots Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack Paskade. Price: $ 4,76.

Atraumatic facial cleansing at home

Atraumatic facia
l cleansing is a gentle cleansing of the skin without exposure to abrasive traumatic particles.
Such a cleaning is suitable for every skin type. Gentle cleansing removes dirt, closes pores, increases skin elasticity, saturates with moisture, improves complexion.

Atraumatic cleansing is carried out not only in the beauty salon. The result of the independently conducted procedure will exceed all expectations.

The purification steps are as follows:

  • cleansing with a lotion that does not contain alcohol;
  • use of peeling or coffee scrub;
  • steaming using decoctions of herbs;
  • in-depth skin pore cleaning;
  • applying a soothing mask;
  • applying a moisturizer, or better aloe juice.

After the procedure, it is forbidden for several days to apply decorative cosmetics, visit a bath, or be in the sun or wind.

The most gentle self-cleaning face can be called chamomile cleaning. Chamomile has a positive effect on the skin: removes inflammation, evens out skin color, tones.

Cleaning is carried out with a decoction of chamomile flowers: 3 tablespoon. pour a glass of boiling water for 30 minutes. The skin thoroughly cleansed with an alcohol-free product is treated with warm infusion. To achieve the best effect, you need to make a warm compress on the entire face, then moisturize the skin. Such cleaning is completely safe.

Vacuum facial cleansing at home

Deep facial cleansing at home can be carried out with a special device for vacuum removal of contaminants. Vacuum facial cleansing is effective and beneficial.

It exempts a person from:

  • dirt and wrinkles;
  • dead cells;
  • edema.

Vacuum devices rid pores of sebaceous plugs, enrich the skin with oxygen, and improve collagen production.

Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Before vacuum cleaning, make-up is removed and dust is removed using cleaning products, then the skin is steamed with herbal decoction. After steaming, immediately start working with the device.

The movements of the device on the skin should not be quick and sharp. Circular movements are made from the center of the face to its edges. Facial cleaning with the appliance is carried out within 10 minutes. Vacuum devices treat the skin of the neck and decollete.

After the procedure, it is necessary to close the pores. At home, lemon juice diluted with water or an ice cube is used. After the procedure, the skin is moisturized with a cream. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Vacuum facial cleansers:

name price
Gezatone $ 41
Panasonic EH2513 $ 20.
Power Prefect Pore MC0084 $ 14

Masks for deep cleansing the face

Cleanliness and youthfulness of the skin cannot be maintained without the use of cleansers.

DIY deep cleansing masks:

  • mask with succinic acid;
  • gelatin mask;
  • mask of yogurt;
  • mask with clay;
  • mask from bodyagi;
  • mask of chamomile broth.

Home-made skin cleansers do not contain harmful substances, they are inexpensive, and the result after them is no worse than after a professional cosmetologist.

Cleaning with succinic acid

Very useful peels, which include succinic acid. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors, improves the metabolism in cells, restores the activity of the sebaceous glands, fights rashes, tones, relieves swelling and rejuvenates. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Such peeling is suitable even for sensitive skin.

The cleaning procedure is simple:

  • The skin is cleansed by washing and tonic.
  • Then it is steamed with a warm compress.
  • Amber peeling is applied evenly for 15 minutes and washed off.
  • A nourishing mask is applied.
  • Sunscreen is applied.

You can prepare amber peeling yourself. Succinic acid pills are sold in a pharmacy. Powdered 3 pills mixed with 3 tablespoon. boiled non-hot water. The product is ready to use.

Amber mask can also be prepared at home. To do this, 2 crushed pills of succinic acid are mixed with 1 tablet of mumiyo and jojoba, almond and avocado oils, taken in equal proportions. The mask is applied to the face, washed off after 25 minutes.

Calcium chloride cleaning

Deep cleansing of the face with calcium chloride at home is as effective as cleansing the skin with a cosmetologist. Calcium chloride cleansing is recommended for oily skin. A solution of calcium chloride in ampoules is purchased in pharmacies.

The product is applied to a clean face with a cotton pad, the liquid should dry completely. Then apply the liquid 3 more times. When a tingling sensation appears on the skin, the face is treated with soap. Small spools begin to form under the fingers. So calcium chloride removes the stratum corneum of the skin. Next, rinse off the soap with cool water. The person after the procedure is not wiped.

Body wash

Bodyagi is a drug of organic origin, which consists of dried freshwater sponges. In medicine, the cod foot is used as a remedy for soft tissue injuries and rheumatism. In cosmetology it is used to cleanse and renew the skin. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

Bodyaga will relieve skin from:

  • stretch marks and wrinkles;
  • age spots and blackheads;
  • pale complexion and friability of the skin;
  • swelling and bruising.

Bodyagi is a strong abrasive, therefore it is necessary to use it for cosmetic purposes with caution.

Before using the product, the skin is cleaned and steamed. A greasy cream is applied to sensitive areas. Then the body-stock is diluted with warm water until a thick slurry is obtained. The product is carefully applied to the skin, left for 10-20 minutes and removed with water. Then you should lubricate the cleansed skin with low-fat kefir. Greasy cream should not be applied.

The next day, the skin will begin to exfoliate. This is not necessary to be afraid of: dead cells are arbitrarily separated. Peeling passes after 4 days. After this cleansing, the pores are freed from dirt, wrinkles are smoot
hed out, the oval of the face is tightened and blood circulation improves.

Clay cleaning

Deep cleansing of the face at home is successfully carried out using cosmetic clay. Such clay comes in different colors. For each skin type, a specific clay color is suitable. Red clay is more suitable for sensitive skin.

To tighten wrinkles, pink clay is used. Yellow clay will enrich all types of skin with oxygen, and black clay will deeply cleanse. White clay is used to cleanse oily skin. Blue clay will eliminate acne and small wrinkles. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

The crushed clay is poured with warm water, the resulting mass is applied to the face and waiting for complete drying, washed off with water. When cleansing with clay, the skin receives all the necessary trace elements, as a result of which it looks great.

Activated Carbon Cleaning

Activated carbon is an effective cleanser for the skin. It is an inexpensive and readily available medicine.

The effect of activated carbon on the skin:

  • complete cleansing of dirt and keratinized skin;
  • elimination of excess oily skin;
  • treatment of all inflammatory processes;
  • safety.

Before using activated carbon as a facial cleanser, you need to check your skin for an allergic reaction.

The recipe for a cleanser is simple: the tablets are crushed and mixed with water or milk, you can add clay. The product is applied to clean skin for 15 minutes, then washed off, and the skin is moisturized with cream. To maintain the beauty of the skin, it is enough to clean once a week.

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Yogurt cleaning

For self-cleaning face, you can use regular yogurt. For dry skin, choose oily yogurt, for oily skin, on the contrary, light. Too thin yogurt is mixed with flour. Sugar is added to this mixture and mixed. The composition is applied to clean and warm skin. The mask is kept for 25 minutes and washed off. Then wipe the skin with ice and moisturize with cream. The mask should be done before bedtime.

Gelatin and milk brushing

Gelatin is very beneficial for the skin. It contains collagen, which helps to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the face. It also deeply cleanses the skin. If you include a little milk in the gelatin mask, the result will be better: milk will enrich the skin with vitamins. Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results

The mask is easy to prepare: gelatin is mixed with milk, heated, swells, cools. The product is applied to clean skin and freezes. Next you need to apply another 1 layer of the mask, after hardening, the mask is removed as a film. The effect will be maximal if the powder of the first tablet of activated carbon is added to the gelatin mask.

Contraindications for deep cleansing the face

Some types of intensive facial cleansing have their own contraindications. Dry cleaning is not recommended for women who have problems with the liver, heart, kidneys, stomach, and pancreas . Phenol contained in chemical cleaning agents has a negative effect on these organs.

Contraindications for mechanical cleaning:

  • rash and skin inflammation;
  • viral diseases;
  • herpes; Deep facial cleansing at home from blackheads, acne. How do contraindications, photos, reviews and results
  • pregnancy;
  • allergic rashes;
  • blood vessels close to the skin.

Vacuum cleaning is prohibited on sensitive skin, with acne and dilated vessels.

Facial after brushing

Deep facial cleansing at home can injure the surface of the skin. Rashes and redness appear.

To avoid such troubles, you must first follow the rules:

  • do not use a scrub for a week;
  • Do not expose your face to wind, sun or frost;
  • do not visit baths, tanning salons and pools during the week;
  • daily use anti-inflammatory creams and masks;
  • Do not use makeup.

When the irritation after cleansing passes, you can return to your previous lifestyle.

Carrying out deep cleansing of the skin of the face is not at all difficult to carry out at home. It is important to adhere to the correct dosage of the components, take into account the type of skin and the likelihood of an allergic reaction, contraindications and care after cleansing procedures.

Face Cleansing Video

Deep facial cleansing for 1 procedure at home:

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