Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews

If gymnastics and diet could not quickly cope with cellulite, then you need to use an anti-cellulite body massager. This is a simple, inexpensive and effective device that can bring good results with regular use.

Types of anti-cellulite massagers

Anti-cellulite massager for the body is capable of:

  • remove the manifestations of cellulite;
  • increase skin tugor;
  • improve her condition;
  • normalize the work of sweat and sebaceous glands.

The whole variety of modern massagers is divided into 2 large groups:

Massagers Description
Hand held These are simple devices that act on the superficial subcutaneous layers.

They differ:

  • material of manufacture: wooden, rubber, plastic;
  • configuration: tapes, rollers, brushes;
  • method of exposure: mechanical, vacuum.
Hardware Difficult to use and expensive devices. They are able to influence the deep layers of the epidermis.

In accordance with the principle of their work, distinguish:

  • electric massagers;
  • ultrasound massagers;
  • hydro massagers;
  • ultrasound massagers;
  • pneumatic massagers;
  • myostimulants.

The benefits and harms of anti-cellulite massage

The root cause of cellulitis is a slowdown in blood flow and lymph flow in the subcutaneous layers. With insufficient blood supply, the cells receive little oxygen, so the process of splitting fat slows down, it is deposited in adipocytes (fat cells), increasing their size.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsOvergrown adipose tissue prevents the removal of excess fluid, gradually forming tissue edema, which further complicates blood circulation.

Anti-cellulite body massager is able to provide:

  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • lymphatic drainage and elimination of edema;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in cells;
  • restoration of elasticity of connective tissue, which is a layer between fat cells and the surface of the skin.

Among other advantages of massagers:

  • painlessness;
  • safety;
  • efficiency;
  • relative cheapness.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsThe devices are successfully used to eliminate cellulite, they are the best solution for muscle weakness, indispensable for those who are forced to engage in sedentary work for a long time or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

However, there are a number of diseases and conditions in which it is impossible to use a massager.

For handheld devices, these are:

  • any damage to the skin in the treated areas;
  • recovery period after surgery;
  • fragility of blood vessels;
  • clotting problems;
  • skin diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews

With hardware massage, an obstacle to the procedure can be:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • the presence of a pacemaker, metal pins;
  • epilepsy;
  • menstruation;
  • acute gastrointestinal diseases.

General rules for the use of devices

In order for the use of a massager of any kind to be effective, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules for performing anti-cellulite massage, regarding time, the procedure for performing the procedure and the direction of exposure.

Before starting the procedure, the body must be prepared. For this:

  • thoroughly clean by taking a warm shower using scrubs, gels;
  • wipe dry with a towel;
  • apply massage cream or oil with the anti-cellulite effect to the desired areas, which will enhance the effect of the massager, and, ensuring free sliding, will prevent the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Perform a light manual massage (stroking, rubbing), the purpose of which is to warm up the body, improving blood flow.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsAfter preparation, you can proceed to the massage, which is carried out according to the following rules: first, treatment of the limbs is performed, then gradually move to the center of the body. This does not affect the area of the back above the spine, groin, a place under the knee.

All movements are performed strictly along the massage lines:

  • legs are massaged from feet to hips;
  • hands – from hands to shoulders;
  • study of the back begins with the cervical spine, then it should gradually go down;
  • Lumbar massage begins from the back, with a gradual movement to the groin area;
  • at the beginning of the movement procedure, the lungs, the intensity of the exposure increases gradually.

During the massage, the body should turn slightly red; bruising and severe pain are unacceptable. The average duration of a massage session is 20-30 minutes.

The signal to end the procedure is:

  • severe hyperemia;
  • burning;
  • itching
  • discomfort

After the massage, rest is necessary, so it is better to perform it before bedtime.

The principle of operation of hand massagers

A massager anti-cellulite for a manual body due to mechanical or vacuum exposure to the subcutaneous layers improves blood and lymph circulation, which leads to an acceleration of the process of fat breakdown and its removal from the body.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsAmong the advantages of these devices:

  • cheapness;
  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • compactness;
  • possibility of use in any conditions.

At the same time, it should be taken into account: a manual massager will require great physical efforts, so the procedure with its use cannot be called pleasant or relaxing. Another significant drawback is the low efficiency in the late stages of cellulite.

Wooden and combined with wood

Wooden massagers conquer:

  • cheapness;
  • variety of forms;
  • the naturalness of the materi

Among the shortcomings are the difficulty of cleaning massagers in combination with the ability of a tree to absorb skin secretions and cosmetics during massage, which subsequently become an ideal nutrient medium for pathogens.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews
The most popular roller wooden massagers, which are a shaft with protrusions, are movably mounted on an axis connected to a handle. They are recommended to be used immediately after a shower, treating steamed skin: exerting a physical effect on the subcutaneous layer, they improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolic processes.

In addition, there is a mechanical effect due to which large fatty grains are crushed, which leads to an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Among the shortcomings are the painfulness of the procedure and the high risk of hematomas.

Often used devices in which the tree is combined with other materials: for example, massage brushes, consisting of a wooden base with a fixed bristle and handles.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsIf you want to use a massage brush for the first time, you should purchase a model with the softest natural pile, then gradually moving to a more rigid model, with bristles made of synthetic materials.


Externally and by the method of use, this type of massager resembles an ordinary washcloth and is a long canvas, consisting of small, movably fixed rollers. For ease of use, the massager is equipped with handles. Rollers can be made of wood or plastic.


The advantage of soft rubber products is their delicate effect on the skin. Rubber massagers are the best option for owners of sensitive, delicate, prone to bruising skin.

Among the advantages:

  • convenience (a rubber massager will never slip out of your hands);
  • light weight;
  • compactness.

Unfortunately, this type of device is able to cope with weak, initial manifestations of cellulite, since it affects exclusively the upper layers of the skin. Another shortcoming is fragility: rubber quickly loses plasticity due to constant contact with the fats that make up massage creams.

Massage rollers

The massage roller is made of foam materials and can have a low, medium or high density, smooth or corrugated surface.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews
A massager in the form of a roller can be used as an anti-cellulite product. It allows you to perfectly work out the back surface of the body: lower back, hips, buttocks.

The massage roller will allow you to easily work out the back surface of the hips, buttocks, lower back, increase blood flow in these areas and help get rid of the most problematic parts of the female body from cellulite.

Massage Mittens

This type of massagers, which are made of plastic or wood, resembles a mitt, equipped with protrusions or bristles on the palm side. The mitt is used in the shower and is designed to massage a wet body in order to remove the dead skin layer, normalize blood circulation, and provide an easy drainage effect.

Jars for massage

Cans are the only type of hand massager that can work out not only superficial, but also deep layers of the epidermis , and cope with the pronounced manifestations of cellulite, edema, sagging skin.

Cans can be made of glass, plastic, rubber. Medical silicone products are popular – flexible, lightweight, easy to care for and durable material that provides the most comfortable and safe massage.

The principle of use is simple: the jar is firmly pressed to the treated area, previously covered with massage cream, and then moves in the right direction.

The best models of hand massagers

The leader in the market for hand massagers is the world famous manufacturer of cosmetic products Oriflame . Under this brand, wooden, plastic, rubber massagers are produced, which deserve a lot of positive reviews. The price of products ranges from $ 8 – $ 14.

The manual type anti-cellulite massager is represented by the following models:

Model Description
Breathleshades HB88 An inexpensive simple model of a tape massager, which is lightweight, so that your hands will not get tired during the massage. Lacquer coating will extend the life of the product and facilitate the care of the product
Masseur wooden tape art. MA3214 It copes well with the study of the waist and hips, establishing blood circulation in areas that are problematic for many women, and allowing them to get rid of cellulite in record time
Masseur wooden tape art. MA3223 It features large rollers and is designed to handle large areas of the body
Massagers “Abacus” They are mainly used to treat large areas of the body: buttocks, back of the thighs.

Price – $ 6 – $ 7.

Massager “Rolling pin” Outwardly similar to a kitchen appliance, but it has not a smooth, but a ribbed surface of the roller. Cost – from $ 3 – $ 5.
Massage banks Belberg Available in several sizes and are suitable for massage any part of the body. They are used to prevent and eliminate cellulite.

The price of a set of 4 cans is $ 12,92.

Hardware body massagers

Simple mechanical massagers have proven themselves as a means of combating minor manifestations of cellulite. If the problem has occupied significant areas of the body, you should consider purchasing a hardware massager.

Among its advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • ability to act on the deep layers of the epidermis;
  • lack of need to apply considerable physical efforts during massage.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsHowever, with this type of massagers the list of contraindications is much wider than with manual devices.

 Electric massagers with interchangeable nozzles

This type of device generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations that are transmitted to the body surface and, penetrating to great depths, activate lymph and blood flow in the treated area. Due to this, the processes of fat utilization, removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body are accelerated.

The undoubted advantage of the electric massager is the possibility of using several types of nozzles and, accordingly, the study of all possible problem areas. The vibrator massager will cope with cellulite of the initial or middle stage, but in advanced cases it will not give the desired effect.


Tumblers are an opportunity, without tiring training, to make all the muscles of the body work, improve blood circulation in tissues and eliminate stagnant phenomena that cause the appearance of cellulite. The device generates an impulse that is transmitted to the muscles, provoking their contractions in a certain rhythm.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsSince muscles require energy to work, the process of active breakdown of fat cells starts, which allows not only to get rid of cellulite, but also to normalize body weight, reduce swelling and make the skin more elastic.

Among the advantages of the device:

  • compactness;
  • light weight;
  • autonomous power supply;
  • possibility of use at any time.

Ultrasonic Electric Massagers

Like vibratory massagers, ultrasonic devices generate waves that cause vibration, but in this case their frequency is much higher , which makes it possible to process the deepest subcutaneous layers. Ultrasound not only improves blood circulation to tissues, but also, like a tiny hammer, crushes fat grains, contributing to their speedy breakdown.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsRemember: if there are contraindications, inept handling or attempt to force the process, the ultrasound device can cause harm
: use it in full accordance with the instructions, taking breaks of several months between courses. The first sessions should take a minimum of time, the duration of the procedure increases gradually.

Vacuum Models

A vacuum massager is a more advanced analogue of cans , with the difference that in this case a reduced pressure area is created, maintained and controlled automatically, without human intervention.

Compared to can massage, the apparatus vacuum procedure will require less physical effort, and for its competent conduct, minimal knowledge about the direction of massage lines is sufficient. The device is able to cope with extensive cellulite deposits, easy to operate and maintain.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsAmong the disadvantages:

  • high cost;
  • large sizes;
  • a large list of contraindications.

Infrared massagers

The infrared radiation (heat) created by devices of this type penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, providing their soft heating, increased blood flow and activation of metabolic processes. Under the influence of heat, the process of splitting fat into glycerin and water is accelerated several times , and the use of anti-cellulite creams and oils makes massage even more effective.

Pneumatic massagers

By its principle of operation, this type of massagers is similar to vacuum devices, only the pressure created by them is constantly changing due to automatic pumping and pumping of air, performed at regular intervals.

Pneumatic massage is capable of:

  • normalize blood circulation;
  • by improving lymphatic drainage, eliminate edema;
  • accelerate metabolic processes in the cells of the subcutaneous layer;
  • accelerate the removal of fat breakdown products from the body.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsSmall devices equipped with suction cups are intended for home use. Massage can be performed labile: that is, when the nozzles are slowly moving along the massage lines or stably – when the suction nozzle is installed on a certain part of the body for a while.

For salon procedures, special suits are used in which air is pumped (pumped out).


This type of massager works due to the impact of a jet of water that is sent to the skin. Hydromassage is an effective tool for eliminating cellulite, but only if the required water pressure (which is not always present in the water supply system of residential buildings), and the high professionalism of the person who performs the massage.

For proper execution of the procedure, water of a special composition is required:

  • sea;
  • mineral;
  • enriched with certain substances;
  • having a certain temperature.

Without observing all these conditions, hydromassage will be ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous, therefore it is an exclusively salon procedure and is practically not used at home.


Devices of this kind act on muscles, generating electrical impulses of different power, which causes them to contract . Since muscles need energy to work, the body begins to draw it from subcutaneous “reserves”, accelerating the process of splitting the fats stored there.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviewsA muscle stimulator is an excellent solution for those who want to part with cellulite deposits faster, but do not have time for intensive gymnastics, as they provide the muscles with necessary physical activity.

Devices that work on the principle of myostimulation are able to deal with any type of cellulite , are used in home and salon procedures. Salon myostimulants are more powerful and functional, home – compact and easy to use, but less effective. Both that and another type of devices has a number of contraindications.

The best models of hardware massagers

The undisputed leader in the production of low-cost hardware massagers is Philips : compact, lightweight, easy-to-use devices of this brand with high efficiency are affordable. On average, they can be purchased for $ 20 – $ 27.

Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews
Anti-cellulite body massagers: manual, electric. Which is better, reviews

Philips rivals are the Chinese brand “Body Sculptor”, massagers of which can be purchased for about $ 10,88, and “Relax tone”, which offers good anti-cellulite devices, which will cost an average of $ 14.

Anti-cellulite hardware body massagers are represented by expensive models of domestic and foreign production:

Model Description
Massagers “Ultrasound + Miostimulation” Gezatone M380 The simultaneous action of ultrasound and electrical pulses mutually reinforces each other and causes fat to break down at an accelerated pace. At the same time, outflow of lymph becomes more intense, removing all “garbage” accumulated there from the intercellular space.

The average price of the device is $ 82.

Vibro massager Gezatone Vacu Beauty By transmitting vibration to the skin and subcutaneous layer, it normalizes blood circulation and lymph flow in areas affected by cellulite. With regular use, you can not only remove the “orange peel”, but also to normalize weight and increase skin elasticity.

Price – $ 24.

Infrared vibrating massager Meditech KM-914H It is positioned as multifunctional, since the 4 nozzles included in the kit allow you to process the face and any part of the body. It is possible to regulate the force of vibration and heating, and the bendable handle allows you to independently massage your back. The cost of the device is $ 34.
EM 20 Sixpack Exerciser Muscle Stimulator from Beurer It has self-adhesive electrodes and provides a comfortable and safe massage of problem areas, due to the impact on the subcutaneous layers of high frequency currents. It is possible to choose one of 15 possible degrees of exposure intensity and massage time, after which the device will turn off automatically. Price – $ 34.
Infrared vibrating massager “Dolphin” The product of Chinese manufacturers will appreciate the original form (in the form of a dolphin) and the ability to perform with it, vibration massage, IR massage, combined effect. 3 nozzles will allow you to massage any part of the body, and 2 modes of vibration – to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. “Dolphin” is available in several versions.

The price, depending on the model, varies from $ 12 – $ 24.

Buying an anti-cellulite massager for the body can make the dream of smooth elastic skin a reality, you just need to choose the right device, learn how to use it correctly and regularly perform massage.

It is important to remember that massage is only part of the anti-cellulite program, which includes gymnastics, diet and other procedures that, acting together, will help to achieve the cherished goal.

Video on the topic: how to choose an anti-cellulite massager

Which massager is better to choose: an overview of popular models:

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