Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

When age takes its toll and age-related changes on the face become more noticeable, you can try to slow down this process using modern cosmetology, for example, effective inexpensive pharmacy products – creams for facial wrinkles.

Benefits of pharmacy creams and ointments

Pharmacy products that are purchased for body and face care can be developed for completely different purposes and can be much cheaper than popular wrinkle creams developed by advertised professional cosmetic brands.

However, this does not make them less effective. Their advantage is determined by the characteristics of the composition: they contain useful vitamins and substances that can heal and nourish.

Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews
Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy are dispensed without a prescription

Wrinkle creams from pharmacies affect the deep layers of the epidermis, as their texture is very light and the composition is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Using pharmacy creams and ointments, you can:

  • remove any inflammation;
  • strengthen the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin of the face;
  • accelerate cell regeneration;
  • save the budget on visiting salons and buying other funds;
  • get a quick and noticeable result;
  • Provide 100% safety for facial skin.

To exclude allergies to the drug, a test is carried out by applying a drop of cream on the wrist and waiting 10 minutes. If a reaction in the form of itching or redness does not appear, you can apply ointment to the face.


This drug exists in several forms: nourishing cream and cream around the eyes.

They include vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid and saturated acids.

  1. Due to the content of vitamins A and E, the skin of the face remains young for as long as possible.
  2. Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin with moisture. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

Nourishing cream softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gives the face a peppy look, inhibits the aging of the skin. You need to use it every day. The cream around the eyes with regular use will help increase skin elasticity and fill the crow’s feet.

Based on the reviews, most women are satisfied with the effect of using Libriderm. The cost of face cream on average is $ 8,84.

Hydrocortisone ointment

The composition of this tool includes hydrocortisone acetate. It helps improve skin quality. The ointment inhibits the aging process and is a “Botox without injections”. Since this drug is hormonal, it can not be used without consulting a doctor, otherwise you can damage the skin and bring it to atrophy.

Apply the ointment is recommended no more than 2 weeks in a row. It is best to take a break after 1 week so as not to cause skin addiction.

Women in their reviews say that the drug can cause an allergic reaction or cause hair growth, since it is hormonal. Some really were able to get the expected result, but not everyone came with the ointment. The cost of the ointment varies from $ 0,48 – $ 0,61.

Salicylic ointment

Salicylic ointment is best used in the fight against fine wrinkles. Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the skin, burns damaged cells, and then opens the pores. Salicylic acid works best in combination with other drugs, such as glycerin.

Judging by the reviews, women are satisfied with this ointment, and it really has a rejuvenating effect, but only if wrinkles have just begun to appear. The cost of salicylic ointment in a pharmacy is less than $ 0,41.

Heparin ointment

The ointment is not aimed at combating wrinkles. It reduces blood coagulation and fights blood clots. The composition of the drug contains heparin. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

Also included are:

  • Peach oil;
  • stearin;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • glycerol;
  • nipagin.

These components nourish the skin, protect it, moisturize and smooth, and also relieve swelling, so the ointment can be used to get rid of wrinkles. Heparin during application penetrates deep into the skin, then the remaining components begin to act, so that wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin is nourished with nutrients, and the complexion improves.

In their reviews, women complain of redness of the skin after using this drug, so it is best to use it as directed by a doctor. If the desire to experience this ointment is great, then you need to use it before bedtime, so that redness disappears during the night. Heparin ointment in a pharmacy costs no more than $ 1,36.

Retinoic Ointment

With its help, you can increase the elasticity of the skin and get rid of wrinkles. The composition of the retinoic ointment includes isotretinoin, and auxiliary substances are liquid paraffin, water, glycerin, ethyl alcohol, dibunol and butyloxyanisole.

Isotretinoin is considered a form of vitamin A. Vitamin A accelerates the regeneration of the skin, regulates its oiliness, fights against peeling and treats inflammation. The ointment should be used after 30 years. Thanks to it, the upper layers of the skin are renewed and collagen synthesis is activated.

It is better to apply the ointment no more than 3 times in 7 days after washing, after 20 minutes. If the skin does not irritate and redden, you can increase the intensity of use of the ointment. It can replace a night cream. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

The course of application of retinoic ointment should not be more than 12 weeks. The most optimal duration of use is 8-9 weeks.

While using the ointment, you can not go to the solarium and sunbathe in the sun. It is also forbidden to wipe the skin with alcohol or apply scrubs. Many women in their reviews write that retinoic ointment is very effective, so you can safely use it in the fight against wrinkles, but it is important to ensure that you do not overdo it with its use, since this is a drug.

The cost of the drug in pharmacies varies from $ 3,4 to 450.

Zinc ointment

The active substance of the ointment is zinc oxide. Additional substances – petrolatum and lanolin.

Thanks to zinc oxide, collagen production is stimulated, so the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles are smoothed out. The ointment also protects against ultraviolet rays, which are one of the main causes of skin aging. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

Apply the drug to the skin no more than 3 times in 7 days. You can use it for 3 weeks, no more. Next, you need to take a break for 30 days, after which the repetition of the course is allowed.

Women in the reviews say that the ointment is effective and wrinkles really straighten out, but the composition is best applied in combination with a moisturizer, since zinc ointment dries the skin.  The cost of zinc ointment in pharmacies is not higher than $ 1,36. The average price is $ 1,05.


A wrinkle cream in a pharmacy called Bepanten contains vitamin B5. This vitamin restores the skin from the inside. When using Bepanten, you can achieve rapid healing of wounds, as well as speed up metabolic processes.

The cream comprehensively affects the skin. After application, a chemical reaction occurs, due to which the active component becomes panthenolic acid and regenerates tissues. After a full course of application, collagen structures are strengthened, blood circulation improves, and metabolism is normalized.

Bepanten should be used no more than 3 times a day. Before using it, it is important to cleanse the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.  In the reviews, women confirm the effectiveness of the drug Bepanten and are surprised at the positive result from the use.  Cream in pharmacies costs around $ 10,88.


Wrinkle cream Actovegin is available in various forms – ointment, gel, injection, dragee and cream. All of them can be purchased at the pharmacy. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

The active substance is a complex that is obtained from the blood of calves. Also in the composition are cetyl alcohol, glycerin and other useful substances.

The cream accelerates regeneration due to the activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level and the normalization of the supply of oxygen and glucose .

Before applying the cream to the face, you need to cleanse the skin. Next, Actovegin should be applied in a thin layer, after a small self-massage. After half an hour or an hour, you need to get your skin wet with a dry cloth, saving it from the remnants of the drug.  Use the cream no more than 2 times a day.

Many women talk about the fact that Actovegin can be used in conjunction with other drugs. Thanks to the mixture, higher results are achieved and wrinkles are smoothed out. The cost of Actovegin in pharmacies varies from $ 6,8 to 1500.


The composition of the ointment includes a concentrate from the blood of calves. It triggers regeneration processes thanks to a natural protein that helps deliver oxygen to all cells.

The drug is able to rejuvenate by activating the metabolic processes inside the cells and producing collagen in the skin cells.

Women who share their impressions of the use of the drug say they are very satisfied. They note that after using the drug, the skin becomes velvety, supple and toned. It is best to add Solcoseryl to face masks.  The cost of Solcoseryl on average is $ 3,4.


The manufacturer does not provide for the use of Relief ointment for wrinkles. However, according to the reviews of cosmetologists, even stars use this tool to smooth the skin.

The ointment has a white-yellow hue and has a characteristic aroma, which is determined by its composition. As the ingredients in the manufacture of ointments, oil obtained from shark liver (only in American-made ointments) and phenylephrine hydrochloride are used. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

The oil has a regenerative property, perfectly nourishes the skin, fills it with moisture, as a result of which wrinkles are smoothed, prevents the appearance of black circles under the eyes.

And the main chemical substance constricts the blood vessels, prevents swelling, swelling, and stimulates the blood circulation of the skin.

Of the additional components that also affect the reduction of wrinkles, glycerin, thyme oil, cocoa, vitamins A and E. should be noted. The ointment is applied to the face with massage movements, removing excess tissue. If the wrinkles are deep, then, on the contrary, it is necessary to apply the ointment with a thick layer on the wrinkles and glue this place with a band-aid. After half an hour, the ointment must be removed from the face.

According to reviews, the ointment especially helps if the wrinkles are small, in neglected cases the effect will be, but not so significant.

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This drug, according to reviews, is increasingly being acquired not to eliminate the problems for which it is intended to be treated (the treatment of barley, puffiness of the eyelids, diseases of the eye system), but to combat wrinkles.

It contains aloe juice, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Aloe juice has an anti-inflammatory property, hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, and glycerin additionally moisturizes. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews

The drug should not be used with a tendency to tear, special sensitivity of the skin, skin diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.

Ointment is applied to steamed face skin and monitor the skin reaction. If constriction or itching is felt, it is necessary to wash off the product, as this indicates an allergic reaction to the drug.  It is recommended to apply the gel with massaging movements.  According to reviews, the drug is not suitable for everyone, it can dry the skin. However, those to whom he approached speak with enthusiasm about him.

What ointments to use for the skin around the eyes

Wrinkle cream (a large selection of such products in the pharmacy) is suitable for the skin around the eyes, but not every product can be used, since the skin in these areas is thin and delicate.

Suitable for use:

  1. Heparin ointment.
  2. Retinoic ointment.
  3. Zinc ointment.
  4. Panthenol. Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews
  5. Lyoton gel.
  6. Solcoseryl.

Apply drugs with a thin layer, carefully, without getting into eyes. After some time, the excess should be removed with a dry cloth.

Using wrinkle ointments during pregnancy

During pregnancy, not all ointments can be used. Radevit, retinoic and heparin ointm
ents are strictly prohibited. If there is evidence, you can use Panthenol.


You cannot use wrinkle creams from pharmacies if you have:

  • an allergic reaction to the components of the composition;
  • wounds, ulcers, and skin rashes;
  • oncology;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin; Wrinkle creams in a pharmacy. Rating Top 10 best inexpensive products for the skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead. Reviews
  • problems with blood or with the cardiovascular system;
  • chronic liver or kidney disease;
  • problems with the pancreas.

Side effects of wrinkle ointments

Wrinkle cream (you can choose an inexpensive remedy in the pharmacy) is not suitable if there is a burning sensation or a feeling of tightness. Such reactions can go away on their own.

If the skin is very sensitive, an allergy to the skin appears. Acne, itching, redness, and peeling may also occur. If you feel a burning sensation after using the ointment, and the skin turns red, it is important to quickly wash it off with water. Such a reaction means an allergy to the drug.

In the pharmacy you can buy any wrinkle cream, the main thing is to pay attention to its composition and contraindications.

If, after applying the medicine, a reaction in the form of peeling, redness or itching appears on the skin, you must stop using it, since most likely, the ointment is not suitable and can have a negative effect.

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