Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment

Women’s lips can dry for a variety of reasons, even from cold weather. It is necessary to determine why this is happening and what needs to be done. When such a problem haunts constantly, it can signal the presence of diseases in the body.

Why do lips dry

Lips dry for several reasons:

  1. Change in air temperature from high to low. In the case when the lip balm is not applied, they become dry and tight.
  2. The presence of an allergic reaction to the drugs used. To understand the reason, you need to restore in memory those products that have been used over the past 4 days. It can be cosmetics, food, toothpaste, medicine or coffee – a large amount of coffee dries the skin of the lips. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  3. Partial dehydration. If the body is deficient in fluid, the lips begin to dry. To normalize the water balance, it is important to drink 0,5 gallon of water per day.
  4. The presence of a virus or disease. With fungal diseases, diabetes, psoriasis or weak immunity, the lips may peel off. If this happens, then the body lacks vitamins A, B and E.
  5. Hot food. It is best to eat warm food, as hot dries the skin.
  6. Unsuitable cosmetics. If cosmetics are improperly selected, they cause discomfort. Lips dry and crack. Unsuitable lipstick needs to be erased and no longer used.
  7. Smoking. From harmful smoke and temperature changes, lips in women also dry.
  8. Lack of vitamins.
  9. Change in hormonal levels. As above, the reason mentioned is observed during pregnancy. That is why pregnant women often complain of dry lips.

Lips dry after 40, 50 years – causes

After overcoming the 40-year milestone, women in the body begin hormonal restructuring, which is why their lips begin to dry. What to do, it is necessary to decide, given not only age, but also possible related causes.

If there is a deficiency of vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, the lips begin to crack and peel. This is due to the fact that blood stagnates in the lips and metabolic disorders.

Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
Take a few minutes a day to make your lips look perfect.

People 40 years and older need to constantly moisturize the skin and periodically take vitamin complexes. It is also important to drink 0,5 gallon of plain water daily. After 50 years, women have menopause, which is accompanied by a change in hormone levels. With a decrease in the level of estrogen and progesterone, dryness and burning appear in the mouth, the same is felt on the lips.

What diseases can cause dryness

The causes of drying lips in women are not always external factors, quite often the causes are pathological. To find out why this is happening and what to do, you need to conduct a diagnosis. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment

Dry lips can occur due to a number of diseases:

  • inherited chronic ichthyosis . With this ailment, the functioning of the integument of the skin is disrupted, which is expressed in peeling of the lips;
  • seborrhea – a malfunction in the sebaceous glands. The skin dries not only on the lips, but also on the head;
  • renal failure . Because of her lips dry and crack;
  • diabetes. The skin from the lips begins to peel;
  • psoriasis . Due to this disease, a dry crust forms on the lips.

When to see a doctor

You need to go to the doctor with:

  • the appearance of purulent crusts on the lips;
  • the occurrence of ulcers and plaque on mucous, painful sensations;
  • limited salivation, difficulty swallowing saliva;
  • malaise, rapid onset of fatigue;
  • jumps in body temperature, its increase or decrease relative to the norm;
  • constant need for fluid intake, frequent desire to go to the toilet;
  • swelling of the tongue, lips, or throat;
  • vomiting or diarrhea.

First of all, you need to visit a therapist. Based on the symptoms, he will refer you to the appropriate doctor. Dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, allergists, endocrinologists and dentists treat lip problems.

What measures to take

To prevent lips from drying out, you can take vitamins A, E, and B, which are necessary for the human body, which are available at any pharmacy today and can provide vitamins through the use of foods rich in them.

Products are sources of the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin A – egg yolk, carrots, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, as well as bell pepper and liver;
  • Vitamin E – soy, almonds, eggs and peas.

It is important to drink 0,5 gallon of water daily. If your lips are already chapped, you should temporarily abandon the use of citrus products and foods with lots of spices and salt. Such food will irritate the skin, from which it will heal for a very long time.

In no case should you lick and bite your lips. Saliva is able to digest food, so its contact with the skin will lead to a negative result. Tearing off or biting off dried skin is also not recommended, since its recovery will take a long time and painfully; there is a chance of infection being introduced into the wound.


To improve blood circulation, you can do a small massage. To do this, you must apply petroleum jelly on the toothbrush and treat the skin of the lips with it. The movements can be in different directions: circular and back and forth. Vaseline, which is not absorbed, must be removed with a dry cloth. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment

As a result of the massage, the lips will turn a little red, dry skin will peel off. This procedure needs to be done once, if necessary, then you can repeat it in a week.


A variety of products are used to moisturize the lips, ranging from cosmetic balms to self-made homemade products made from natural products.

  1. Hygienic lipstick . There are different types, sold in any pharmacy and in many stores. Suitable for regular use at any time of the year.
  2. Ice. They need to wipe the skin of their lips in the morning and before bedtime. Thanks to ice, the skin adapts to the cold and will not respond to frost. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  3. Baby cream. Rubbed into the skin
    of the face and lips, the layer should be thin.
  4. Aloe. It helps against small cracks. You need to cut a small leaf from the flower and spread the juice on the surface of the lips. Repeat this process until complete healing.
  5. Fish fat. It is best to take it in capsule form. When used regularly, fat helps to dry out the skin.
  6. Kiwi. A fresh cut of one piece lubricates the lips and wait for the juice to dry.
  7. Goose fat. In the case of severe drying of the lips, such a tool will help from the first use.
  8. Vitamins A and E. They need to be purchased in ampoules. Both vitamins should be mixed and smeared on the skin in 2 layers. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator until next time.

Lip masks – recipes

When lips dry, women have a question what to do with it and why such a problem arose. Most of them prefer to deal with such a nuisance at home.

To do this, use masks:

  1. Take 30 g of sour cream, 0,17 fluid ounce of lemon juice, 1,01 fluid ounce of olive oil. The mixed composition is distributed over the lips and washed off after 10 minutes.
  2. 3,04 fluid ounce of pumpkin juice, 30 g of cottage cheese are mixed and spread on the problem area. After 7 minutes, wash off the mixture with water. During the day, you need to repeat the procedure 3 times.
  3. 1,01 fluid ounce of sage broth, 10 g of honey are mixed, greased lips and rinse off the composition after 15 minutes. During the day, repeat the procedure 3 times.
  4. 10 g of finely grated apple pulp, 0,34 fluid ounce of liquid butter is applied to the surface of the skin, washed off after 15 minutes. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  5. 20 g of dry calendula, 1,69 fluid ounce of linseed oil are mixed and the mixture is removed in a cool place for 24 hours, applied to the lips, after 20 minutes, wash off the composition with water.
  6. 1 teaspoons aloe juice, 1 teaspoons honey, mixed to a homogeneous consistency, applied to the lips. After 15 minutes, rinse with water.
  7. Take 30 g of cranberry berry juice, 20 g of starch. Cranberries are crushed with a spoon or fork, transferred to cheesecloth and squeezed juice from it. The liquid is mixed with starch, applied to the lips. Wash off after 1/3 hours.

Lip peeling

First you need to clean the surface of the lips from cosmetics, and then wipe the skin with a towel so that it becomes dry. A pre-prepared mixture is applied to the lips with your fingers, while doing a small massage for 4-5 minutes. The composition that is not absorbed should be washed off with water. At the end of the procedure, smear the lips with cream. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment

  • Recipe number 1. 1/3 tablespoon sugar, 1/3 tablespoon olive oil is mixed in one container and applied to the skin of the lips with massaging movements. Wash off residues with water.
  • Recipe number 2. 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoon cane sugar is mixed, applied to the lips. After half an hour, wash off the residues with water or a napkin.
  • Recipe number 3. 0.5 teaspoons ground coffee, 1/3 tablespoon olive oil is mixed until smooth and applied to the skin with massaging movements. Wash off the residues after 4 minutes.
  • Recipe number 4. 1/3 tablespoon honey, 1/3 tablespoon soda, 0.5 teaspoons olive oil is mixed and applied for 1/3 hours. Wash off residues with water.

What medications to use

  • Aevit contains vitamin E and retinol. Due to this composition, this drug fights well with dry lips. Aevit is sold in capsule form. Oil from the capsules should be applied to the surface of the lips no more than 2 times a day throughout the year, this will protect the lips from drying out. If they have already dried up, the oil is applied at least 3 times a day until recovery.
  • Acyclovir is used to treat herpes disease. It is sold as an ointment. It must be applied to the affected area of the skin, without distributing it over the entire area of the lips. The drug is used daily until recovery. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  • Panthenol is sold in the form of hygienic lipstick. Best of all, it helps against cracking the lips. Such lipstick can be used daily until complete recovery. The product contains cocoa, beeswax and shea butter. Also in the composition is vitamin E and provitamin B5.
  • Levomekol is sold as an ointment. It is great for treating angulitis – jamming at the corners of the lips. The ointment helps against inflammation, stops the growth of staphylococcal bacteria and accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Miramistin helps fight cold sores on the lips. It is applied to a cotton pad and applied to herpes vesicles for 10 minutes. The drug is sold in the form of a spray. The more often you use it, the faster it will help. If you use Miramistin 3-4 times during the day, then you can forget about the sore every other day. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  • Syntomycin ointment treats cracks in the lips. It contains chloramphenicol, which has an antibacterial effect. You need to use liniment every day, twice a day. After a few days, the cracks will disappear, and the lips will please with their smoothness and elasticity.
  • Calendula is sold in the form of ointments and oils. It heals and fights inflammation. This tool will help if the lips itch and the skin peels off.

Homeopathic remedies for dry lips

  1. Aconitum is a natural product from the flowers of the buttercup family. He fights well with dehydrated and dry skin of the lips.
  2. Belladonna helps cure lips of extreme dryness and flaking. Belongs to the nightshade family. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  3. Bryonia is used for cracking lips and chapping skin.
    Belongs to the pumpkin family.
  4. Zinnabaris helps in the fight against thirst, dry mouth and lips.

Cosmetical tools

  1. Lip gloss . Such products should contain paraffin, natural oils, vitamins, wax and petroleum jelly. One of those shines is Toitbel Sensitive. It is designed for sensitive lips.
  2. Pomade. It is best to choose one that does not contain glycerin. Such lipsticks usually belong to the middle and premium segments.
  3. Lip balm . Must be wax based. It is better if the composition contains vegetable oils and vitamins. The range of Payot balms moisturizes and protects the skin of the lips. Why do lips dry and crack in women and during pregnancy. Reasons and what to do. Lip skin care and treatment
  4. Hygienic lipstick. The composition should be beeswax, vitamins and oils based on plants.
  5. Lip cream . Must contain lactic acid, oils, caffeine and natural extracts.

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What can not be done

Scientists and doctors have found out why women’s lips dry, what can’t be done, how not to harm and painlessly cure this problem, thanks to numerous studies.

The main prohibitions include:

  1. First of all, you can not let the process go by its own and ignore the problem, because dry lips can signal diseases.
  2. It is impossible to remove dried skin from the lips, as the wounds will heal for a long time, and you can accidentally introduce an infection into them.
  3. Chapped lips cannot be scrubbed, as this will aggravate the situation. It is best to understand the cause of the disease and do the treatment.
  4. You can not lick your lips, as saliva can dry the dermis. Moreover, this should not be done in the cold.
  5. Moisturizers should not be neglected in the cold season. Thanks to them, the lips will be protected from moisture loss.

Lips can dry in everyone, including women. Why this happens and what to do when an ailment occurs, we managed to figure it out. The disease gives uncomfortable sensations, but there are many possibilities for its treatment, the main thing is to correctly diagnose the cause.

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The main causes of dry lips and remedies:

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