Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics for Creams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology

Solving problems in the field of cosmetology is achieved thanks to the constant development and improvement of the compositions of cosmetic preparations, the introduction of additional active components.

One of these components is arbutin, studies on which cannot be called finally completed. To begin to use the means, which include the substance, should be after studying the information about what they are intended for and what side effects are possible.

What is arbutin

In products whose action is aimed at brightening skin color and evening out tone, arbutin is an indispensable ingredient.

To obtain it, a number of chemical reactions based on interaction with plants are required:

  • a canoe;
  • bearberry;
  • lingonberry;
  • mulberry.

Its soft and safe effect is explained by its natural composition: it can not be classified as a carcinogenic or toxic substance.

Its beneficial properties are explained by the natural origin:

  • It has a calming effect on the skin.
  • It does not cause swelling and does not lead to dry skin.
  • With increased skin pigmentation, it slows down the synthesis of melanin.
  • The substance acquires astringent properties and becomes an antiseptic after it enters the alkaline environment. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology

The funds in which it is included have not only a pronounced whitening effect. Arbutin helps to actively protect the skin from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation, and also helps to increase immunity at the local level. When using it, the degree of appearance of painful sensations is significantly reduced and inflammation is eliminated.

Arbutin Composition

Arbutin (this is for what and how is used, will be described later) has a second name – hydroquinone beta-D . In its pure form, hydroquinone is recognized as a toxic substance, so its addition to various drugs has become banned. Arbutin has become an alternative to this substance in various drugs.

The organic compound is presented in the form of ether, which is obtained by brewing the leaves of plants that contain it. When lead acetate is added, tannins settle.

Arbutin crystals themselves are obtained by isolating them from evaporated hydrogen. After processing using activated carbon and water, arbutin is obtained in crystallized form. The substance arbutin has the chemical composition C12H16O7 •? H2O and is subdivided into structural isomers of alpha and beta arbutin.

Alpha and beta arbutin: properties and differences

When D-glucose bonds with the hydroquinone molecule, two-phase formation of arbutin occurs: with alpha and beta glycosidic bonds. Beta-arbutin has a natural origin and is extracted from bearberry, alpha-arbutin is obtained exclusively in laboratory conditions. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology

Pure alpha-arbutin powder product has a higher cost and better efficiency than many manufacturers often justify high prices for cosmetic products. Differences in the method of D-glucose binding explain the difference in the processes of influence of alpha and beta groups on melanin synthesis.

Alpha-arbutin is a rather expensive component and is able to block the process of biosynthesis of epidermal melanin. According to the results of numerous clinical studies, it was found that beta-arbutin has a milder effect, so the effectiveness of its use is several times lower.

How does it work

When penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin, arbutin acts in an overwhelming manner on the formation of cells that contribute to the production of melanin. Such an action is aimed at preventing the appearance of new age spots and lightening already appeared.

Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology
The action of arbutin on the skin

Its active effect begins immediately after application to the skin, which protects the skin from the active influence of sunlight, which can cause darkening and dryness of the skin. The component is part of some sunscreens, as it prevents the appearance of a strong tan. After its application, the skin will be protected from the harmful excessive effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Arbutin has an antiseptic effect and partially disinfects the skin, eliminating inflammatory processes and reducing the likelihood of rashes.

The safety and effectiveness of its use are proven: the synthesis of melanin is reduced by 76% at high concentrations, and by 40% at lower concentrations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Arbutin (this is why and how it is used, it was described earlier) has many useful properties:

  • Partially reduces the production of melanin, due to which the frequency of the appearance of excessive pigmentation on the skin is several times reduced.
  • Eliminates sunspots, freckles, dark traces of acne and other types of pigmentation.
  • Improves the general condition of the skin.
  • Helps reduce acne scars. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology

According to studies, no negative effect of the substance on the skin was detected. However, it is worth remembering that arbutin is conditionally considered one of the varieties of hydroquinone – a substance that has been banned for use in various drugs.

Some studies prove that hydroquinone contributes to the occurrence of malignant neoplasms. Arbutin does not contain carcinogens, therefore it is not prohibited as a cosmetic supplement.

Indications for use in cosmetology

In the field of cosmetic procedures, arbutin performs the function of inhibiting the synthesis of melanin.

Cosmetic problems that can be solved by using special whitening products:

  • Strong pigmentation.
  • The appearance of age spots.
  • Freckles and sun spots.
  • Spots caused by irritants.
  • Different forms of melasma. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology
  • Pigmented spots resulting from the inflammatory process (traces of acne or wounds).
  • The presence of scars and traces that have been preserved from skin rashes.

An immediate result from the use of drugs, which include a natural component, is not worth the wait. Lightening begins after some time: approximately 25-45 days after the first use of the product.

This is due to the fact that it is this period of time that the skin needs for its deep renewal, after which it will be possible to note the effect of the use of a particular drug. In the field of cosmetology, products with arbutin are considered non-hazardous: they are not able to cause irritation on the skin and do not cause the development of allergic reactions.

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Opinions on the safety of the use of the substance differ and to date there is no single solution. A contraindication to the use of preparations for whitening the skin with the active substance arbutin is individual intolerance and high sensitivity, since the likelihood of side effects will depend on the characteristics of the body.

With caution, it is recommended to use cosmetics for people with dark skin, as this can cause the opposite effect – pigment spots may acquire a blue-black color.

Natural sources of arbutin

The vegetable origin of arbutin allows it to be ranked as a natural component.

The substance is contained in the leaves of such plants:

  • bearberry; Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology
  • Caucasian blueberries;
  • Grushanka
  • lingonberry;
  • mulberry;
  • the incense.

The smaller the age of the plant, the greater the amount of arbutin will be contained there. To obtain the substance, the leaves of the plants should be boiled in water, and then the tannins should be precipitated from the resulting mixture.

After evaporation, the substance forms in crystalline form, in which silky needles are formed . After processing it using activated carbon, a component is obtained, which is then subsequently added to skin whitening products.

Cosmetic products with arbutin

For cosmetic purposes, products with arbutin are used to solve aesthetic skin problems associated with increased formation of age spots. The amount of substance contained in the drug will directly affect the effectiveness and safety of its use.

Excessive arbutin levels can lead to adverse effects in the form of black spots on the skin. When choosing tools, you should pay attention to the composition and the presence in it of additional useful components.

Arbutin (for what this substance is used in cosmetics by dermatologists or a specialist in a beauty salon) is part of a large number of products on the cosmetics market:

  • lotions;
  • cream;
  • serum;
  • soap.

Each of the options should be selected based on individual preferences, as well as the general properties of the product. Most of the funds are developed by Asian firms, where such products are quite common.

The substance can be combined with hyaluronic acid, natural plant extracts and enzymes, vitamin C, and also act as an additional ingredient in the manufacture of hair dye products.

Names and descriptions of creams

Among the wide variety of products in the cosmetic market, creams are often chosen because of their accessibility and ease of use.

The most famous and effective include:

  • Roland Cream. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology The product is intended for use on the skin of the face and is declared by the manufacturer in the form of a product that will suit any skin type. Arbutin and placenta extract are the active substances of this drug, and it is produced from a Japanese manufacturer. The product actively fights against darkening on the face, has a pleasant texture and nourishes well. There is no oily sheen or a sticky film feeling on the skin. The vitamins that make up the cream gently nourish the skin and provide quality care for its condition.
  • Himalaya Herbals Whitening Cream. The tool has a pronounced effect in the form of a noticeable lightening of the skin, and due to the presence in the composition of natural components of plant origin, the skin color is completely leveled. The product has a fairly light consistency and is well absorbed.
  • MelaClear cream for skin whitening. The pigmentation remedy is an innovative development. The content of nano-liposomes in it allows active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the content of a large number of beneficial extracts of plant origin, the product is used for deep hydration. An enriched with vitamins composition allows you to activate cellular processes, improves nutrition and metabolism in cells.

When choosing creams, you should carefully study the composition before use. This will minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Age Spot Serums: Product Overview

Serum differs from cream in a higher concentration of active active ingredients. The intense effect on the skin occurs because in most cases the serum is intended to solve a specific problem.

In the cosmetics market, the most popular products include:

  • Anti-Melasma Serum . Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecologyThe drug is intended for use on skin that has severe problems in the form of rashes, inflammation and partial darkening. The presence of arbutin contributes to a uniform tone with regular use of the product. The drug has a very light texture and is absorbed as quickly as possible.
  • Serum The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% from the Canadian brand Deciem. The composition includes hyaluronic acid, which in combination with arbutin has a good effect and improves skin condition. The consistency is viscous, easy to apply with a pipette and quickly absorbed, leaving a soft film on the face. The tool has a whitening effect, completely aligning the complexion.

Serums are produced in smaller volumes, but due to the consistency different from the cream, they are rather economically consumed.

Whitening soap

Arbutin (for which this component is included in the composition of cosmetic products can be read on the packaging of some products) is often used in the manufacture of soap, with which you can also get rid of:

  • age spots;
  • freckles
  • traces of rashes.

The most effective products include the following products:

  • Therapeutic soap for face Dr Yanhee Soap made in Thailand. In addition to arbutin, the composition includes additional active ingredients: collagen, vitamin C and the natural papaya enzyme. It has a whitening effect, eliminates pigmentation, acne, and evens out the tone of the face.
  • Natural soap Madame Heng cleanses the skin and whitens it gently. Due to the presence of vitamins, amino acids
    and plant extracts in the composition, the soap relieves inflammation, helps to narrow the pores, evens out skin tone and structure. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology
  • Soap Lab Dee alpha arbutin. The product is made in Thailand and is designed to even out face tones and get rid of dark spots. The natural ingredients that make up the soap have a mild effect: the skin is not overdried, deeply cleansed, has an even tone without pigmentation.

More often, the soap is proposed to be used in conjunction with other products to lighten the skin: previously the skin is cleaned with a special soap with the addition of arbutin, and then a cream, serum or lotion is applied.

Face lotions

Among the wide variety of cosmetic products with age spots, special lotions with arbutin can cope.

Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology

The most famous and effective of them are:

  • Cosmetex Roland.  In addition to equalizing skin color, he actively nourishes it and saturates it with useful components. The composition contains vitamin C and the placenta, thanks to which the skin becomes velvety to the touch and noticeably hydrated. The pleasant texture allows the lotion to be quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky layer. The product is hypoallergenic.

  • Japanese-made Hana Lotion . To combat darkening of the face by Japanese manufacturers, a special product was developed, which also includes hyaluronic acid. This component makes the skin noticeably softer in sensations, moisturizes and prevents its aging.
  • HADA LABO. The lotion is suitable for use on various skin types and is available in two variations. When using the product, you can evaluate its complex effect: the components actively eliminate darkening on the skin, hyaluronic acid slows down the aging process, vitamin C allows the walls of blood vessels to strengthen. Artificial dyes, alcohol, perfumes and mineral oils are absent in the product.

To achieve a visible effect, you should regularly use funds. The products are suitable for use as a standalone product, and can also be used in combination with other drugs.

How to use arbutin in gynecology for women

Arbutin (this is why and how it is used in medicine, will be described later) has various useful properties that may be important not only in the field of cosmetology. It is for this reason that the substance is used to create drugs. Arbutin is one of the constituent components of the boron uterus – a perennial herb, which is often called female.

In the field of gynecology, the benefits of using a substance are explained by its many properties.

The table provides a brief summary of diseases in which arbutin products will be especially useful:

Basic properties Diseases
  • vulvitis;
  • vaginitis;
  • thrush;
  • adnexitis;
  • fibroids;
  • polyps;
  • fibromas.

The boron uterus, which includes arbutin, helps to normalize the hormonal background and restore the menstrual cycle.

Side effects

The occurrence of various side effects will depend on the individual characteristics of the skin:

  • Skin irritation in the area of application – most often occurs when used by a person who is highly likely to develop allergic reactions. Arbutin. What is it in cosmetics forCreams, mask for age spots, properties, application in gynecology
  • The appearance of blue-black spots in the area of hyperpigmentation. This phenomenon can be observed when using highly concentrated products, as well as in people with dark skin color.

If a rash or redness occurs after using the product, rinse the affected area with plenty of water. Whitening products should be selected in which the arbutin content does not exceed the recommended dosage (2-4% of the total number of components).

How often can arbutin products be used

The main properties of arbutin-based products are: protection against ultraviolet radiation, whitening the skin, eliminating inflammation and reducing pain on the skin after rashes.

Manufacturers recommend using the drugs twice a day, morning and evening. The entire course will be from 25 to 45 days, after which it is recommended to take a break. During this time, the upper layer of the skin will have time to renew, which will assess the effectiveness of the product used.

Arbutin is an effective substitute for hydroquinone and does not contain toxic substances. Numerous studies have shown that drugs with arbutin are harmless when the dosage is observed.

According to reviews, many people familiar with the problem of hyperpigmentation of the skin were able to evaluate the qualitative effect of arbutin-based products. Before using any drug, you should study the composition, as well as information about what it is intended for and how to use it.

Video about Arbutin

How do whitening procedures with arbutin work:

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